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C'est par là que vous êtes sensé commencer. Les tutoriels se suivent, donc il est recommandé de les lire dans cet ordre:

Hello World
Spread de Données I
Les IOBoxes
Spread de Données II

Tutoriels Avancés:

Morphing de Géométries
Projeter sur une Géométrie en 3D


Après avoir exécutés les tutoriels listés à gauche, vous pourrez trouver des d'avantage d'informations détaillées dans la section manuel:

Comment Trouver de l'Aide?

fr.DX9 Rendering
Affichage EX9 des Effets, Shaders et Géométries

Boygrouping Groupement Client/Serveur pour le rendu

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~2h ago

joreg: Release Candidate 3 for #vvvv beta39 is out: beta39-release-candidate Please test and report your findings!

~7h ago

young47: Will visit Köln and Düsseldorf this week. I'm an artist from Moscow, would be happy to meet someone! If you will be there, reply :)

~9h ago

microdee: vpm got a clean-up update. Download here: https://github.com/vvvvpm/vpm/releases/tag/1.3

~2d ago

joreg: @udo2013 please note that bass is only available with x86 builds!

~2d ago

aeckheim: Can't find the visual c++ runtime 2008. setup.exe link leads to nowhere. try to setup newest beta version

~4d ago

joreg: More #vvvv workshop dates for the coming months are announced: upcoming-full-day-vvvv-gamma-workshops-in-berlin

~5d ago

mburk: @synth can confirm crashes with instance noodles. studio drivers fixed it.

~6d ago

synth: @nissidis: So i am not crazy! Thanks for confirmation :) These are the things i do have problems with as well.

~6d ago

nissidis: @synth I do with Instance Noodles and FieldTrip (RTX 2080) I rolled back to Studio Drivers (instead of GameReady ones)