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vvvv Specialists Available for Hire

Do you need a vvvv specialist?
Here is who is available for hire right now!

This is a wiki, feel free to add yourself. To ensure this list stays up-to-date, it is purged monthly: If you're on the list you'll receive an email once a month that you need to reply to. If you don't reply, we'll remove your entry. You can always add yourself back at any time.
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Arístides García (lasal)

I work as a freelance with agencies artists and companies, in the field of generative & interactive design. Available for: Personal tutoring, commercial freelance work
Location: Berlin
Up for travels: yes
vvvv skills: Immersed in the VVVV ecosystem since 2008, DX11, HLSL, VL,...
Other skills: Parametric design, Lasers, Shower singing...
References: Website, Vimeo, Gitlab
Contact: aristides_job(at)hotmail.com or Mail via userpage: lasal

Chris Plant (catweasel)

Chris Plant is long term vvvv user, and has worked on projects from live visuals and art installations to architectural interactive media facades and TV shows.

Available for: Personal tutoring, commercial freelance work and art work
Location: Durham UK
Up for travels: yes
vvvv skills: 15+ years of experience using vvvv beta, DX11, HLSL, VL,...
Other skills: dmx lighting, Cinema4d, After FX, various media servers, Notch, finding solutions for weird problems ...
References: Website Instagram Vimeo
Contact: info at colour-burst.com via userpage: catweasel

Johannes Lemke (readme)

Johannes Lemke is a freelance designer and developer for interactive installations and experiences with an emphasis on realtime 3D and motion graphics.

He was involved in projects for international trade shows, points of sale, museums and public space, among them touch tables, multiscreen walls, projections and light control.

For the past 10 years he has been working for MESO Digital Interiors in Frankfurt and is now available for hire.

Available for: Commercial freelance work, collaborative art projects, workshops, personal tutoring
Location: Berlin
Up for travels: Yes
vvvv skills: 10+ years of using vvvv. Generalist tackling complex applications, writing shaders (HLSL), VL and some C#
Other skills: Broad knowledge of general 3d workflows, basic Cinema 4D/3ds Max (preparing and exporting assets)
References: Website GitHub
Contact: mail at jhnnslmk dot de, Skype: jlemke_, readme

David Brüll (david)

Studio Brüll is a studio specialised in producing vvvv based interactive installations. With more than 10 years of experience in the professional field we consult, direct and produce your interactive media systems. No fears of managing a bigger team of devvvvelopers. Available for: Personal tutoring, consulting, commercial vvvv freelance work, production and project management
Location: Berlin/Frankfurt
Up for travels: yes
vvvv skills: 10 years+ of experience using vvvv beta, AR, Tracking, video, live shows, multi-client setups... you name it..
Other skills: tool pipeline development, content development, controlling, creative direction
Contact: Send mail viahttp://studiobruell.de, Skype: davidbruell, david

Dominik Jancik (domj)

I'm a developer, maker, tinkerer and a visual artist with a focus on light design. I have been involved in a wide variety of multimedia projects since 2013 including multiple Signal Festival installations.

I like to experiment with various technologies and solve problems in creative ways.

Let me know if you're stuck on something :)

Available for: Personal tutoring, consulting, commercial vvvv freelance work and collaborative artworks
Location: Prague, CZ
Up for travels: yes, after the world reconnects
vvvv skills: 4 years of experience using vvvv beta, mostly in the context of live performances and interactive installations. VL, C#, Skia, DX11.
Other skills: DMX lighting, ILDA lasers, LEDs, Arduino and electronics, Blender (asset creation, handling, visualisation), Autodesk Inventor, 3D printing, Adobe Suite, Resolume, Unity, web technologies, photography, game development, quick learner
References: schema.scenic.tools, xyzproject.net, Showreel
Contact: hi at domj dot net, Skype: pan_anonym, domj

Abraham Manzanares ( colorsound-ixd Studio )

Dance lasering
Available for: Humble or Big scale Projects, Personal teaching or workshops,Consulting,Research Mockups..
Location: Granada
Up for travels: Could be.
vvvv skills: 13 years of experience using vvvv beta, DX11, HLSL ,Boygrouping...
Other skills: All sorts of tracking and electronics,VR,AR,Big scale systems,Temporary or fixed installations, Odd multiscreen mappings, Custom lighting and lasering.
References: http://www.colorsound-ixd.com/en, https://vimeo.com/colorsound , businesses/colorsound-ixd
Contact: Send mail via userpage,website or skype: colorsound skype:colorsoundvj


Available for: Personal tutoring, commercial freelance work
Location: Berlin
Up for travels: yes/no/part of world
vvvv skills: X years of experience using vvvv beta, DX11, HLSL, C#, VL,...
Other skills: dmx lighting, sewing, ...
References: website, vimeo, github
Contact: Send mail via userpage: user

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david: vvvv meetup 3. new stream link. again youtube made us nuts.. please send everybody to https://youtu.be/pa3HRQ7kj6w

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joreg: Reminder: Join us this evening, 8pm CET for the 3rd worldwide #vvvv meetup: 3.-worldwide-vvvv-meetup

~4d ago

sinus: @evvvvil: very impressive stuff! keep on marching the rays!You´ll never walk alone!

~5d ago

evvvvil: @mediadog, thankx for pointing it out broski. Wicked.

~6d ago

domj: Catching up with the Midweek Patch Therapy excerpts, expect more videos over the week. https://youtu.be/36r8LnHaS7g

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mediadog: @evvvvil hey you made the webgl-dev-list cool stuff list: http://gfxprose.blogspot.com/2020/05/cool-webgl-stuff-2020-05-21.html

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evvvvil: Yo I'm live doing a VJ set made in vvvv for OUTLINE demoparty with OddJohn DJing! Come see us play here: https://www.twitch.tv/outlinedemoparty/

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domj: A blast to read with great references. Thoughts on how to make programming more learnable and understandable. http://worrydream.com/LearnableProgramming/

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gegenlicht: @evvvvil damn. - missed it. Such unique styles, others would create 1000 twitter loops from one of ur sessions. :3 #bobrossmarch