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vvvv Specialists Available for Hire

Do you need a vvvv specialist?
Here is who is available for hire right now!

This is a wiki, feel free to add yourself. To ensure this list stays up-to-date, it is purged monthly: If you're on the list you'll receive an email once a month that you need to reply to. If you don't reply, we'll remove your entry. You can always add yourself back at any time.
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Björn Schwarzer (bjoern)

Media Systems Designer, wearing many hats.

Part of a network of skilled individuals such as christian, david and woei.

Working for (amongst others) Meso, Nsynk, madhat and Tamschick Media+Space, planning and realising diverse projects for a multitude of clients. Some of which are listed here

Available for: Commercial freelance work
Location: Frankfurt / Germany
Up for travels: Yes. Don't mind staying abroad for longer periods of time.
vvvv skills: 15+ years of experience using vvvv. VL (Gamma) for ~6 years. Some HLSL, a bit of C#.
Other skills: jack-of-all-trades
References: Website GitHub
Contact: mail at plain-vanilla dot net, bjoern, @bj-rn:matrix.org

Abraham Manzanares (colorsound)

Dance lasering
Available for: Humble or Big scale Projects, Personal teaching or workshops,Consulting,Research Mockups..
Location: Granada
Up for travels: Could be.
vvvv skills: 14 years of experience using vvvv beta, DX11, HLSL ,Boygrouping...
Other skills: All sorts of tracking and electronics,VR,AR,Big scale systems,Temporary or fixed installations, Odd multiscreen mappings, Custom lighting and lasering.
References: http://www.colorsound-ixd.com/en, https://vimeo.com/colorsound , businesses/colorsound-ixd
Contact: Send mail via userpage,website or skype: colorsound skype:colorsoundvj

Pavel Karafiat

I work as an independent freelancer with agencies. I´m working mostly for Lunchmeat Studio, I also did projects for Waltz Binaire, Madhat, 2realistics, Signalcreative. I also do my own digital art projects.

Available for: Commercial freelance work
Location: Prague / Worldwide
Up for travels: Yes
vvvv skills:
More than 10 years of experiences – vvvv + shaders + external scripts, commandline tools and APIs.
Other skills:
Many backgrounds: Realtime 3D graphics, Web technologies, Graphic design, UX, Photogrammetry, Custom app development, R&D
Contact: pk at pavelkarafiat dot cz

Anya Maryina

I'm a freelance generative artist and developer. I've been working for Smartlight, Ivan Raster, Videofabrika as well as doing my personal art projects.
I usually do both art and programming within a project while I'm open for making just one of these parts separately. Also I'm super enthusiastic about music-related projects which require a connection between sound and visuals.

Available for: Commercial freelance work (interactive installations, multimedia content for music concerts/shows/immersive spaces, vj-ing)
Location: Cyprus / Worldwide
Up for travels: Yes
vvvv skills: 6 years of experience using vvvv beta, a bit of vvvv gamma
Other skills: UE4/5, Notch, Ableton, motion design and editing
References: website,insta
Contact: anyamaryina.cg@gmail.com

Dominik Jančík (domj)

Schema used to control Chapeau Rouge LED installation using 3D Pixel Mapping

An experienced, versatile visual programmer, software engineer, and educator with a passion for integrating art with technology. I do not shy away from complex integrations and challenges.

I started exploring the power of vvvv in 2016 to drive lights and visuals in the budding Prague warehouse party scene together with the XYZ project.

Since then I've come to know it intimately, using it for everything from simple experiments to large scale interactive art installations and complex tools, such as Hlidka 2,1/18 featured at Signal Festival 2018, the Schéma Integrated Creative Environment or the recent Video Sampling Companion which integrates seamlessly with music production systems.

I am also the author of some popular VL Nugets:

In addition to these, I have been involved in a myriad of projects across visual art, music, web systems, games, lighting and more. Find out about my diverse range of work at domj.net and my LinkedIn profile.

Available for: Personal tutoring, consulting, and small to medium scale freelance work
Location: Prague
Up for travels: Yes
vvvv skills: Extensive experience with vvvv beta and gamma, specializing in hardware and software integration and library authorship
Other skills: Software engineering, DMX/LED lighting, systems design and integration, 3D modeling & motion design (Blender, After Effects), Ableton (incl. Max For Live), React, educational workshops
References: Schéma, Jacques Video Sampling Companion and other portfolio projects
Contact: hi at domj dot net

Randall Vásquez (ravazquez)

Software developer by trade with over 22 years of experience. Creative-coder for about 11 years.

I specialize in system architecture and development, usually focusing on the back side of things (stability, networking, state management, logging, integration, keeping things clean, documentation, etc.)

I have authored and/or worked on the following libraries/projects:

and have worked professionally for studios and companies such as m-box, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Studio Brüll, naut, A&E and YR, as well as the vvvv group

Available for: Commercial freelance work, consulting, workshops, personal tutoring, public speaking
Location: Costa Rica
Up for travels: Yes, don't mind staying abroad longer term
vvvv skills: 11+ years of experience using vvvv beta, gamma early adopter, C#, VL, OpenCV, Kinect, Stride
Other skills: 22+ years of programming experience, system architecture and deployment, educational workshops, real-time 3D graphics, web technologies, research and development, library design and development, technical documentation, devops, VR, AR
References: GitHub
Contact: ravazquez at gmail dot com, @ravazquez:matrix.org


Available for: Personal tutoring, commercial freelance work
Location: Berlin
Up for travels: yes/no/part of world
vvvv skills: X years of experience using vvvv beta, DX11, HLSL, C#, VL,...
Other skills: dmx lighting, sewing, ...
References: website, vimeo, github
Contact: Send mail via userpage: user

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