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vvvv Specialists Available for Hire

Do you need a vvvv specialist?
Here is who is available for hire right now!

This is a wiki, feel free to add yourself. To ensure this list stays up-to-date, it is purged monthly: If you're on the list you'll receive an email once a month that you need to reply to. If you don't reply, we'll remove your entry. You can always add yourself back at any time.
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Björn Schwarzer (bjoern)

Media Systems Designer, wearing many hats.

Part of a network of skilled individuals such as christian, david and woei.

Working for (amongst others) Meso, Nsynk, madhat and Tamschick Media+Space, planning and realising diverse projects for a multitude of clients. Some of which are listed here

Available for: Commercial freelance work
Location: Frankfurt / Germany
Up for travels: Yes. Don't mind staying abroad for longer periods of time.
vvvv skills: 15+ years of experience using vvvv. VL (Gamma) for ~6 years. Some HLSL, a bit of C#.
Other skills: jack-of-all-trades
References: Website GitHub
Contact: mail at plain-vanilla dot net, bjoern, @bj-rn:matrix.org

Christine Mayerhofer (ravel)

I am a system developer and media artist. I fell in love with vvvv in 2011 and are working with it ever since.

In the past I had the chance to realize a drone show as an art director, to hang massive light installations above the heads of the audience (interactive and audio-reactive), to write the software for interactive installations for museums or fairs, to build light sculpture for clubs and festivals, to realize projection mappings on historical buildings, to program a augmented reality presentation tool or to teach in collages.

I love my work and I am looking forward to new challenges. I am interested in new technologies and all kinds of exotic ideas.

Among others I have been workting together with blubb.media, Atelier Markgraph or Meso.

Available for: commercial freelance work, art direction, light-installations custom manufacturing, light art, multimedia producer, teaching
Location: Offenbach am Main, Germany
Up for travels: yes
vvvv skills: 11 years of experience using vvvv beta and 3 years with gamma
Other skills: LED light manufacturing, programming microcontrollers, 3D light control
References: my website
Contact: mail at christinemayerhofer dot de

Abraham Manzanares (colorsound)

Dance lasering
Available for: Humble or Big scale Projects, Personal teaching or workshops,Consulting,Research Mockups..
Location: Granada
Up for travels: Could be.
vvvv skills: 14 years of experience using vvvv beta, DX11, HLSL ,Boygrouping...
Other skills: All sorts of tracking and electronics,VR,AR,Big scale systems,Temporary or fixed installations, Odd multiscreen mappings, Custom lighting and lasering.
References: http://www.colorsound-ixd.com/en, https://vimeo.com/colorsound , businesses/colorsound-ixd
Contact: Send mail via userpage,website or skype: colorsound skype:colorsoundvj

Pavel Karafiat

I work as an independent freelancer with agencies. I´m working mostly for Lunchmeat Studio, I also did projects for Waltz Binaire, Madhat, 2realistics, Signalcreative. I also do my own digital art projects.

Available for: Commercial freelance work
Location: Prague / Worldwide
Up for travels: Yes
vvvv skills:
More than 10 years of experiences – vvvv + shaders + external scripts, commandline tools and APIs.
Other skills:
Many backgrounds: Realtime 3D graphics, Web technologies, Graphic design, UX, Photogrammetry, Custom app development, R&D
Contact: pk at pavelkarafiat dot cz


Available for: Personal tutoring, commercial freelance work
Location: Berlin
Up for travels: yes/no/part of world
vvvv skills: X years of experience using vvvv beta, DX11, HLSL, C#, VL,...
Other skills: dmx lighting, sewing, ...
References: website, vimeo, github
Contact: Send mail via userpage: user

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~2d ago

joreg: Workshop on 30.11: Strategies for Sound Reactive Graphics: How to control everything through sound Signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ws23-vvvv-02-how-to-control-everything-through-sound/

~12d ago

joreg: The vvvv winter semester course program is out, starting with a free course on November 23rd: https://thenodeinstitute.org/ws23-vvvv-intermediates

~12d ago

LCA: ravazque, this guy is working on this v3 since ever. check: https://nuitrack.com/

~23d ago

~1mth ago

karistouf: done with vvvv beta :) https://vimeo.com/872242439

~2mth ago

joreg: Mapping festical call for projects: https://mappingfestival.com/en/call-for-projects

~2mth ago

joreg: Starting October 16: vvvv beginner class winter 23/24 Sign up here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ws23-vvvv-beginner-class/