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Privacy Policy


For any questions we can be reached via groupӘvvvv.org
In case you reach us be email we will store your mails in order to process the request and in case of follow-up questions. We will not share any information without your consent.

Your Data

All data we have about you is what you enter voluntarily to share with other members of the vvvv community. The sole purpose of allowing you to share information is to allow members of the community to get in touch with like-minded people on this website. We're not using your data for any other purposes.

You can always update your information here:


and in your user preferences in the forum:


This is also where you can set your preferences for receiving notification emails from the website or the forum.

You can see an overview of all your contributions to vvvv.org here:


and an overview of your activity on your userpage in the forum here:


The data is hosted on a server in germany.

Other users can contact you via the "send email" option on your userpage if you have enabled this option in your settings. By sending a message to a user via this form, beware that your own email address will be visible to the recipient!

When using the shoutbox, note that everything you shout is also publicly visible on the @vvvvshoutbox twitter account.

Deleting Your Account

In case you want to delete your account please get in touch with us via the contact provided above and prepare to choose between two options:

  • deleting all your contributions and then deleting your account
  • anonymize all your contributions (blog posts, shouts, wiki entries, forum posts) by changing their author to anonymous and then deleting your account

As you can see, the latter option preserves your data for others to see, while still removing your association with it. This may often be the nicer option as it doesn't rewrite history completely and keeps conversations (eg. in the forum) readable. So in case you want to remove your traces from vvvv.org we'd prefer you to choose this second option but ultimately of course you'll decide which one you prefer.


This website sets a session cookie to store some information for your convenience. This allows you to stay logged in over time and get the same view-configuration (eg. selected tags on pages like the Blog and Activities) everytime you visit.

We're not using those cookies for any kind of user tracking!

Third party trackers

On the user map page this website is using a google-maps embed which may send information to google without your consent.

On some pages of this website you'll encounter embedded videos. In case of youtube those embeds are using the "extended privacy" mode for which google claims it will not phone home unless you actually play the video. In case of vimeo videos we are not aware of any specific "privacy" mode for their embeds at the time of this writing. Vimeo may therefore send data to their servers without your consent.