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Who tonfilm, joreg
When Thu, Oct 6th 2016 - 10:00 until Thu, Oct 6th 2016 - 16:00
Where GlogauAir, Glogauer Str. 16, 10999 Berlin, Germany

A detailed workshop on the possibilities of vvvv for creating VR experiences. Within the # Immersed Narratives track of the Retune Festival 2016 in Berlin.

Tickets & Info:

Retune Main Venue
Glogauer Str. 16
10999 Berlin

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Who DOK Hackathon Leipzig
When Mon, Oct 31st 2016 - 10:00 until Wed, Nov 2nd 2016 - 10:00
Where Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany


Auf dem DOK Leipzig Dokumentarfilmfestival findet vom 31.10. bis 2.11. dieses Jahr ein Hackathon und eine Prototype-Jam statt für die noch Programmierer gesucht werden!

Es geht um die Entwicklung von Prototypen interaktiver Projekte in Teams von ca. 4-5 Personen innerhalb von drei Tagen. Die Teams bestehen aus Filmemachern, Designern & Programmierern. Entwickelt werden z.B. Prototypen interaktiver Webseiten, Apps oder VR-Experiences. Die Prototypen werden am Ende der drei Tage einem Fach-Publikum präsentiert und bekommen Feedback von einer Jury.
Kleine Preise wird es geben, in drei Tagen entsteht ein Prototyp und am wichtigsten - es macht Spaß!

Detaillierte Infos gibt es unter folgendem Link:

Bei Interesse & Fragen gerne direkt melden:

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Who KinocirKus
When Thu, Oct 13th 2016 - 12:00 until Sun, Oct 16th 2016
Where SIGNAL FESTIVAL 2016, Prague, Czech Republic

Signal festival 2016 (www.signalfestival.com/2015/en/) is the largest cultural event in the Czech Republic. But there is even more to discover beyond the official program - the SIGNAL OFF!

We are inviting VJs and VideoArtist to join us in Prague - please check the 3 calls and submit your application!

13.10 BYOB - One night DIY exhibit hosting VJs+Projectors
Open call ► http://bit.do/BYOB_call
14.10 MOSAIK - Collective site-specific video-installation
Open call ► http://bit.do/MOSAIK_call
15.10 VJ CONTEST- Prove yourself!
Open call ► http://bit.do/VjContest_call

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Hello Dear v4 fellows,

We are happy to public announce our long waiting Store http://www.corzotech.com/en

Our Aim is to provide the most useful utilities for your Interaction and prototyping pieces, together in the same place.

We will be constantly trying to find and add those goodies, so far :

Sensors,Arduinos,Raspberry,Adafruit,Teensy,DFrobot,Bareconductive,Computer Vision,Infrared,KinectV2 cables and fiber,Multitouch,Led strips,DMX,Arnet,Laser,SPI controllers ...

And for the v4 community 15% discount in all products using this VVVVDTO15 coupon till 15th of November.

Keep on Rocking ¡¡

Kind regards

Corzotech Team


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Who Wisp
When Fri, Nov 18th 2016 - 10:00 until Sun, Nov 20th 2016 - 20:00
Where Gieszer '16, Gieszerstraße 16, Leipzig, Germany

Date: 18. - 20. November '16
Location: Bermudadreieck, 04229 Leipzig-Plagwitz, Germany

The „Wisp – Festival for Digital Arts“, from 18th - 20th of November in Leipzig, welcomes submissions on this year`s theme „The stranger within us“.

Under the theme "The stranger within us", based on a lecture of the german psychoanalyst Arno Gruen in 2009, the exhibition will invite the guests to experience several interactive artworks from international artists with all senses and to reflect the loss of empathy in our society with the consequently personal and political consequences.

You are welcome to submit media art projects, installations/sculptures, video-art and performance art works, according to the theme of the festival and/or to share your knowledge about a special hardware/software tool and/or working techniques with it. The festival appreciates beginner and professional workshops for "vvvv beginner/professional workshops" and "VR Basics.

Please send your works`submissions with some still images (for video-art), links of videos and pictures of artworks via email to festival@wisp-kollektiv.de or call 0170 4014232 for further questions or a brief talk.

We look forward to your submissions,
Your Wisp Team

Deadline for applications is September 20, 2016

The number of works you can submit is unlimited

Email Adress: festival@wisp-kollektiv.de

wisp, Saturday, Sep 10th 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Future Center Europe

Volkswagen Design Center Potsdam

1. Creative Coders

You can:

  • find new interactions and create experiences with code
  • quickly prototype screen based interfaces
  • tinker tangible interfaces
  • build reliable interactive prototypes
  • work with VVVV (C# experience appreciated), Python, JavaScript, Arduino...

You have:

  • knowledge about networks
  • an interest in arts and design, enjoyed working in creative teams

2. Creative Technologists

You can:

  • design pcb prototypes to test new tangible interaction concepts
  • transform tinkered setups in reliable prototypes
  • follow loose guidelines in a creative environment

You have:

  • the flexibility to make fast prototypes
  • a strong background in electric engineering
  • an interest in arts and design, enjoyed working in creative teams

3. Interaction Designers

You can:

  • develop holistic user interactions
  • design and code interactive prototypes
  • create UX concepts beyond web and app design

You have:

  • a strong design or visual background
  • worked in iterations to reach a high level of experience


We offer:

  • a highly creative team that designs holistic experiences in and around the car

We are:

  • on a journey to the future – we envision the impossible –
  • we push the boundaries of technology and progressive digital workflows: for the best user experience


Please send your application and portfolio to: future@volkswagen-edp.de and refer to Job ID 201607-EDPX and let us know when you can start the position.

robotanton, Friday, Sep 9th 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Who joreg
When Sun, Sep 11th 2016 - 11:00 until Sun, Sep 11th 2016 - 14:00
Where Education Lab at PostCity, Linz, Austria

Click, click, click,... VL in action

On short notice,

anyone at Ars Electronica this year up for learning something new? I'll be doing a 4h introduction to VL.

What the VL?

VL is our next-generation visual programming language that combines dataflow with features known from object-oriented programming. Language features include but are not limited to:

  • datatypes and operations
  • loops
  • delegates
  • generics
  • observables
  • interfaces

As a proof of concept VL is now embedded into vvvv before it will later be available in a standalone development environment. In the workshop you'll learn how you can take your patching skills to the next level using the new features that distinguish VL from vvvv.

Workshop Requirements:

  • Know your vvvv basics
  • Bring your windows laptop with the latest vvvv alpha installed and running, if you want to patch along

Starts at 11h sharp, limited seats, first come first served. No festival ticket needed, just show up eager to learn and patient with alpha-grade software.

Know of any other vvvv related things during the festvial? Let us know in the comments. Looking forward to this very much!

How to find us in the PostCity
joreg, Thursday, Sep 8th 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 4 comments  

What we looking for?

  • interactive installations
  • light art objects

Date & Place


nocturn | berlin leuchtet

Hi VVVVolks,
this year we (kopffarben) organize an Media-Installation-Exhibition in the course of the "berlin leuchtet" festival. So we are looking for interactive-Installations, light-art objects or just people who want help us.

We have an really nice gallery for that (FORUM Factory). There is a lot space to play with.

Hopefully we can provide a small amount of service charge.
So maybe berlin based artists are preferred.

If you want be part of this project just comment here or better write us an Email.

CU Johannes from kopffarben

kopffarben, Wednesday, Sep 7th 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

previously on VL: VL Spring Update

Here we are now,

right when you wouldn't believe it could happen anymore: the cumulative changes on VL, which we've been talking about for months in previous updates (about an 80% rewrite of what we demoed at node15 - shall we even say something like this out loud?), have just landed in your belovvvved daily alpha builds.
In other words: No big deal.

What does that mean for you?

Get it, use it and please help us by reporting problems in our alpha forum. But always remember this is still alpha-grade code, we're still aware of quite some buggers. If you try it and still think it is too annoying to work with, fair enough, it is definitely not for everyone yet. But we are confident enough with the current state that we thought some of you will be able to handle it.

One important thing: As mentioned in the previous update, the file-format of .vl documents has changed, meaning: It can still open all old files but once you save them, your files are in the new format and will no longer load in older versions. Just so you know..

More new things

Apart from the changes mentioned previously here are some more things you should know:

  • Reach the Document Patch via ALT+P
  • Create new patches in the Document Patch via NodeBrowser: type Patch (for utility operations), Record (immutable datatype) or Class (mutable datatype)
  • Add Inputs/Outputs for operations via NodeBrowser typing Input or Output or by doubleclicking while making a connection
  • What was Reader/Writer is now Pad via NodeBrowser or: add a property via the explorer and give it a name, then find it as a pad in the NodeBrowser under its own name
  • Also create IOBox, Loop, ForEach, Operation, Delegate via NodeBrowser
  • Make comments in a patch by typing anything in the NodeBrowser that is not a node (just like in vvvv)
  • Add/Remove pins to/from nodes like + by pressing CTRL+/-
  • Nudge selected nodes using the cursor-keys and nudge them more by holding down CTRL while you do

Regarding Pins, we already mentioned the separation into "implementation" and "signature" for utility-operations in the last update. Here is how this is looking now:

Ordering pins in the signature of a utility operation

The signature (which defines the order of input- and output pins) is now hidden by default. You can bring it up with a click on the little triangle to change the order of pins as they will show up on the respective node.

What we forgot to mention last time, is that we got completely rid of the pin-bars for member-operations. In order to manipulate the signature of a member-operation just head over to the explorer and interact with the signature there.

Ordering an operations pins in the explorer

Next Steps

By having those major changes back in the alpha-builds we're finally in a position again to have quicker release-cycles for bug-fixes and features which we'll happily provide on our road to beta35, which will be the first vvvversion that includes VL as a first-class patching language.

We'll need to put out a preliminary video-tutorial and update all documentation to show you how to work with those latest changes.

And of course we don't forget about that library-thing where at some point we'll have to tell you how you can import/create your own nodes for VL. Pending... Just in case you missed it, the Arduino Second Service was our latest big addition to the VL library.

If you want to get started right now, here is what you do:

Diving into VL

If you want to let us know that you like anything you just read...we're always up for a comment or even a flattr:

joreg, Tuesday, Sep 6th 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  

Fresh release from github, with a decent amount of changes, bug fixes, new bits and bobs.

For full details, please checkout:

Still here are some of the most notable parts:

  • VideoIn (DShow), contributed by (user:gumilastik). I think title speaks by itself, no need for more explanation.
  • Render space nodes are behaving nicer when they are disabled.
  • Text (DX11.Layer Advanced) had a nasty crash bug in some spread situations, this is now a thing of the past.
  • Many new DirectWrite nodes, specially to retrieve Metrics.
  • Font Enum for Text nodes uses the DirectWrite enum, so no more revert to default font in many cases.
  • Depth stencil reference and blend factor are part of render state (and each got a node), to allow more interesting combinations.
  • WithinProjection has boolean options so it can preserve crop/aspect, and then behave like all the within from dx9, but all in one node.
  • TextureFX properly works with default size and a texture In connected.

And as usual , please report issues here (and not in the forums), small patch to reproduce is also appreciated ;)


Download here:

Have fun,

vux, Friday, Sep 2nd 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 5 comments  

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aaa: VIP Visual Patch: pure vvvv & DMX: another way to get index http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhpUk6BtBZw

~3d ago

kleinkariert: Anyone interested in a 10-15 days Job starting now? It will be a simple touchscreen interface, trip to turkey included...

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joreg: @quaddro please see using addons then start a forum thread if you still have problems

~4d ago

quaddro: still fighting with contributions in subfolders. if i link root directly to the subfolder evvvvrything's fine. else not. ideas?

~4d ago

tonfilm: @guest should be a 5 minute action: clone the dynamic plugin template, copy the code into it, adapt template code, done.

~4d ago

pechart: very, very nice, @everyoneishappy! Is this all realtime vvvv stuff? Those strands look great!