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Dear nodes,

this is it! Below you find the list of workshops you'll be able to attend during NODE17. Not all, obviously, because 7 of those are typically running in parallel but still noone should get bored. Thanks everyone for their great proposals! We tried to realize as many workshops as we possibly can but i hope everyone understands that we do have limitations of different kinds that didn't allow us to have all of the proposed workshops.

Good news: NODE17 will offer a format (called "unconference") where any participant can host ad-hoc talks/demos/workshops in the lunch and evening breaks. So if your workshop was not chosen but you're coming to node anyway, you'll still have the chance to share your skills with a bigger audience.

Next: the workshop schedule will follow in a new blog-post soon and then the website where you can book your seats, horray!


vvvv for beginners
by kathi & pantha_rhei

vvvv für Anfänger
by marwi & geloescht

How to use a StateMachine - AutomataUI
by u7angel & miik

Introduction to vvvv-Message Awesomeness
by velcrome & ndrv

VVVV.js 2.0 and how to use it as VVVV’s companion
by sagishi & tekcor

The Ultimate Guide to Game Developement with vvvv and vvvv.js
by sagishi & tekcor

Structured Programs
by Martin Zrcek & motzi

vvvv for programmers
by motzi & veevee

VL for vvvv users
by joreg & robotanton

VL Concepts and Patterns I
by tonfilm & elias

VL Concepts and Patterns II
by tonfilm & elias

Developing nodes and libraries for VL
by joreg & gregsn

Developing a project with VL
by gregsn & robotanton

Animation & Graphics

by motzi & Martin Zrcek

Triangle, TetGen, Dope
by digitalwannabe & knaif

Bullet Physics
by u7angel & tgd

Box2D Physics
by tgd & u7angel

Advanced Directx11 Shading
by vux & idwyr

Procedural Noise: Everything your parents didn’t tell you
by everyoneishappy & eps

Instance Noodles
by everyoneishappy & evvvvil

Marching Rays amongst shit jokes
by princemio & evvvvil

PBR rendering in vvvv with FBX4V and mp.dx
by stix & microdee

Introduction to DX11 Rendering
by readme & woei

DX11 Shaders upper-intermediate
by antokhio & dottore

Compute Shader by example
by vux & idwyr

by tmp & velcrome

3D Basics & Building Interaction
by pantha_rhei & onur

Projection Mapping
by dominikKoller & manuel

Videoeffects and Compositing
by robotanton & anra

Supershiny motion graphics with superphong
by mburk & sebl & a_a_a_a

Realllly vvvvirtual
by moco & sableRaph

Forward+ or how bring thousands of dynamic lights to VVVV
by kopffarben & mburk

Hardware & IO

Cutting and folding paper
by lasal & ceeyaa

DMX programming on VVVV, DMX basics, Artnet, v4 & GrandMa2, Pixelmapping
by andresc4 & manuelgonzalvez

Hacking sex with vvvv
by sabrinaverhage & dominikkoller

Why Firmata? How to make better use of Firmata with VVVV
by jens.a.e & laserlars

Introduction to 3d printing
by Victor Sardenberg & elektromeier & jens.a.e.

Ceramic Realtime 3D Printing
by jens.a.e. & laserlars

3D printing instance noodles
by elektromeier & ?

Connecting Things to vvvv
by Theron Burger & Maria Yablonina

Silly Machines - Basic Electronics & Hardware Prototyping
by Theron Burger & Maria Yablonina


Kinect Beginners
by lucidlien & Marta Soto

OpenVR Beginner
by mburk & sebl & a_a_a_a

Multi-user vvvvr
by lucidlien & sabrinaverhage

Automotive user interface prototyping
by hrovac & Stefan Beckmann

Radical Bodies: Dance in VR
by mino & shunK & djjj


VAudio basics
by sunep & wisp

3d immersive audio basics
by wisp

3d immersive audio creative session
by wisp

joreg, Saturday, May 13th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

dear patchers,

i hereby want to invite you to join us in our chat-channel on matrix.org:

 #vvvv on matrix.org

wonder why not skype, whatsapp, telegram, slack, xmpp, ..or similar? glad you asked. here is what i think makes matrix the best choice for a community like ours:

  • no need to register, click the link above and you are joined as a guest
  • see full history (even as a guest)
  • access via any device that has a browser
  • access via fancy apps for all platforms: http://riot.im
  • get proper notifications, on desktop, mobile, even via email if you want
  • start your own (private) channels
  • share files
  • open source from tip to toe: server, protocol, client apps
  • client sdks for the language of your choice

so does that replace ##vvvv on IRC?
nope, matrix is so ingenious that instead of trying to be a replacement for one of the existing chat networks, it integrates with them. so with a few clicks we were able to bridge to our existing ##vvvv channel on irc, meaning that you can now join either via IRC or matrix to be part of the conversation.

and bridges are available for many other chat systems (gitter, slack, telegram,..) if someone likes to set one up.

so if there is anything you need help with or want to discuss, this is most likely the quickest way to get in touch with us and your fellow patchers.

hope to see you there..

joreg, Wednesday, May 10th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  

woohoow, how quad is that?

the HOPE Lab came up with this thing called NODESurfing: frankfurt locals are asked to share their couch with a node-visitor in exchange for an event-ticket.

HOPELab said
Artists, designers and developers are traveling from all over the world to #NODE17 and are looking for a place to stay. Since Frankfurt is quite expensive, NODE17 offers a hosting program similar to “CouchSurfing”. Hosts that offer one or more sleeping opportunities will not only get free entry to the festival, but also the chance to get in touch with the vibrant, international festival community through the guest.

what a fine idea... so here is what you can do:

  • if you have a couch on offer or are looking for a couch, scroll down here: NODESurfing
  • if you just like the idea and want to help spread the word, please go to your social media of choice and tweet something in the line of:
hallo #frankfurt hat jemand eine couch frei und will sie für ein #node17 #event ticket eintauschen? https://nodeforum.org/journal-entries/nodesurfing/

because good ideas need spreading!

joreg, Friday, May 5th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

previously on vvvv: vvvvhat happened in March 2017

helo everyone and welcome to this past months recap.

NODE17 is heavily in the making. the list of workshops is nearly complete and festival passes are already on sale! vvvv and vl are getting ready for their big appearance..

fresh from our labs you got vvvv50beta35.5 whose most important changes i summarized for you in this video. if you're more the reading type and into vl make sure you don't miss those three blogposts:

we're planning one more release early june that we'll want everyone to use at node. not sure yet, if it will include the promised vl-node-importing features but we'll definitely have those available at least in alpha-builds.


in contribution land we had one new:
Trinamic Stepper Motor Motion Control which is the second contribution by zepi

and two updates:

and here is some work in progress:

vvvvery physial by polyrhythm

if you've also got some hidden vvvv-projects on github please tag them with "vvvv" so we can all get a good view on them, like so: vvvv related repositories on github


april saw three gallery entries:

Paul Prudence got a feature on midi.org.

and Marshmellow Laser Feast won the Tribeca Storyscapes Award for their latest project:


Anything to add? Please do so in the comments.
Gut Patch!

joreg, Thursday, May 4th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  
NODE17 is calling for photographers!

Dear nodes,

we are looking for a Photographer (m/f) who loves to push creative boundaries and that together with a highly creative editorial & marketing team wants to contribute to inspiring & engaging stories.

You're fascinated by expressing your ideas in a huge imaginative power?
You have an eye and feel for aesthetics?
Do you have basic or advanced experienced with photography
and post production and you're a team player?

Perfect! Get involved!
Be part of our team and please send us an email with your previous work experience or portfolio to photo@nodeforum.org.

Click here: https://nodeforum.org/journal/node17-call-for-photographers/

your NODE team

nodeforum, Monday, Apr 24th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Dear nodes,

Get your week pass for the full festival programm from 26 June - 02 July 2017
with artists talks, a full-day symposium, an international exhibition, performances, party nights,
the vvvv Keynode - with or without vvvv coding workshop program included!
You would rather get a day pass?
They are coming soon, so stay tuned!


Looking forward to see you this summer in Frankfurt (Main),

your NODE team

NODE17 festival passes finally on sale!
nodeforum, Friday, Apr 21st 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Basically a maintenance and bugfix vvvv release, wouldn't there be so much new VL stuff in it.

VVVV Highlights

  • window layout changes don't lead to a changed patch file anymore.
  • r nodes don't forget last sender when sender got deleted
  • s/r channels sorted in pop up
  • improvements and additions for the EditingFramework
  • improved error-logging in case a ~temp file is written (please report!)

VL Highlights

Upcoming Highlights

As mentioned previously the main topic we are working on at the moment is importing .NET DLLs into VL. Think drag'n'drop and easy wrapper patches all in visual programming style. This needs some deeper changes in the code base and was deliberately not included in this release but will find it's way into alpha builds soon for everyone to try it out. After that we'll polish the VL workflow and libraries a bit more to have a shiny version for NODE17.

And of course more bits and pieces are waiting in line, keep your eyes on the devvvv blog.


tonfilm, Wednesday, Apr 19th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 3 comments  

No changes to the previous version here. Just fresh bits.

tonfilm, Wednesday, Apr 19th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  
NODE is calling for volunteers!

Dear nodes,

right now, we're looking for volunteers to help in this process, to run this year's festival edition and make NODE17 awesome!

Volunteers are an integral part of NODE. What about you, your friends, colleagues, digital enthusiasts and others? Want to get involved? Be part of our team, get a look behind the scenes, discover your skills, contribute your energy and enjoy the festival!

Click here for more information: https://nodeforum.org/journal/node17-call-for-volunteers/

Please send us an email with your area of interest or the duties that you would like to get involved with to

We are really excited to hear from you!

your NODE team <3

nodeforum, Tuesday, Apr 18th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

As you may have noticed, we are back in our every 2 month release cycle and a new beta is up on the horizon.

As we have noticed, not many of you use alpha builds to test it against your latest an greatest projects. So here is a particular fine alpha version that is our release candidate for beta35.5 scheduled for Monday.

Please give it a test run with a few patches and send us reports on any bug or problem you encounter. Testing is also the perfect excuse to miss any Easter obligation.

New VL nodes

Also try out some new goodies that you can find here:
Event based MIDI
Reactive Programming
And even more: Change Log

Temp file issue

Some have reported that they are seeing ~temp files being written on save. We could not reproduce the error here, but we have now an error pop-up to inform you when something goes wrong and the exception that caused the problem will be copied into the clipboard. Open the projects that have that issue and paste the exception message into a new forum thread to help us tracking it down.




tonfilm, Thursday, Apr 13th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 6 comments  

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~2d ago

joreg: here we go: complete list of 49 workshops for #NODE17 node17-workshops-announced schedule still to come #vvvv

~2d ago

velcrome: @superflysiNZ it is pretty cool, and works solid. but you need #m4l

~4d ago

skyliner: i see some potential here

~6d ago

remony: @evvvvil send your bio for NODE17 please I don't know how to reach you!!

~7d ago

~8d ago

guest: Can someone please upload a built version of the htmlrenderer DX11 64 bit which works with the new DX11 pack?

~9d ago

StiX: the second .xml save feature just saved my life today. Bless you devvvvs