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Who you
When Tue, Feb 25th 2020 - 20:00 until Tue, Feb 25th 2020 - 23:00
Where NODE Institute, Wipperstr. 13, 12055 Berlin, Germany


It's 4th tuesday of the month again!

That means the next edition of our monthly vvvv-meetup is just around the corner.

This time a a a a, readme and maxs will showcase a project called beathoven and take us on a journey to the technical details.

joreg will be showing the Contribution Manager for vvvv beta and give and update on the progress of the vvvv gamma HelpBrowser.

Contribution Manager
As always, you are invited to show and tell about your projects, tools or tasks: If you have something to show or talk about, please do so! Bring your projects, demos, works-in-progress and show us what you're patching with!

If you feel like, please rsvp on our Gettogether page!

yes, we try to stream the presentations ;-)

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Who you
When Sun, Mar 1st 2020 - 20:00 until Sun, Mar 1st 2020 - 23:00
Where Hang'art, 61-63 Quai de la Seine, 75019, Paris, France

Paris mon amour!

Je m'appel schoreg and I will come visit and wanted to ask if you'd be up for a date. The wonderful sebescudie is currently looking for a space but we already have a time and date: March 1st, 8pm

So please save the date and prepare your patches. It would be great to have some of you show what you're working on. We'll have dottore giving insights into his latest works and I'll be having latest VL.Xenko with me for a sneak peak.

If you feel like, please RSVP on the GetTogether announcement.

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Who sebescudie, joreg
When Tue, Mar 3rd 2020 - 19:00 until Thu, Mar 5th 2020 - 21:00
Where SUPERBIEN, 14 rue Crespin du Gast, (M Ménilmontant - Rue Saint Maur), Paris, France

D'accord Paris,

while I'm in town for a vvvv meetup on March 1st and a presentation at Ircam on March 6th, I thought we could fit in some workshops. So together with local hero sebescudie of SUPERBIEN we'll run two workshops. Here is for you to choose:

Getting started with the all-new vvvv gamma

Are you a creative coder, interaction designer, media artist, maker or scientist and want to add a new tool to your toolbox? Are you afraid of coding and want to try visual programming instead? Have you heard of vvvv before but never found the time to get started? Or are you just lazy and want to get your things done more efficiently? This workshop is for you!

vvvv is a visual programming environment that allows you to realize ideas involving things like 2d/3d animation, computer vision, MIDI, OSC, DMX, Kinect, Leap,... quickly without the need to write any code. But if you want, you can also write C# code for it and use any .NET library with it!

In this 3 hour hands-on workshop we'll give you an idea of how it feels to work with vvvv. You'll learn the fundamentals that you need to be able to follow further workshops or take the next steps on your own.

When: Tuesday, March 3rd, 7pm-10pm
Where: SUPERBIEN - 14 rue Crespin du Gast (M Ménilmontant - Rue Saint Maur).
Signup: It is free but seats are limited, please signup via: ping@sebescudie.fr

vvvv gamma for vvvv beta users

If you're a user of vvvv beta and want to up your game by learning about VL and moving on to vvvv gamma, this workshop is for you! Here we'll assume you're familiar with the terms of vvvv and know how to handle a 3 button mouse.

We'll take you by the hand and try to convince you that VL and vvvv gamma are your best friends moving forward. You'll learn about the basics and benefits of using an object-oriented approach to solve certain problems and get an overview of all the improvements vvvv gamma offers over what you're used to with vvvv beta.

When: Thursday, March 5th, 5pm-9pm
Where: SUPERBIEN - 14 rue Crespin du Gast (M Ménilmontant - Rue Saint Maur).
Signup: It is free but seats are limited, please signup via: ping@sebescudie.fr

Oui oui, hope to see some of you there. And please spread the word to anyone who could be interested in this!

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When Wed, Mar 4th 2020 until Fri, Mar 6th 2020

Looking forward to presenting vvvv at this years Ircam Forum. With Ircam being the birthplace of both Max and PD, which quite inspired vvvv initially, it will be a great honor to hopefully give some inspiration back.

Here is what it is generally about:

Whether you are a musician, sound engineer, designer; Whether you work in research and development on new technologies; Whether you are a teacher or student, professional or just an aficionado, you are welcome to join us at this annual meeting at IRCAM, Paris.

My talk is on Friday, March 6th, 11h45 - 12h15 and and here is the full list of this years speakers.

Hope to see some of you there!

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 18th 2020 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Previously on vvvv: vvvvhat happened in December 2019


work continues as per the usual on our quest to release a smooth vvvv gamma 2020.1 within Q1. Previews are coming out about once a week now. Most recently we introduced another improvement for help patches.

We have a progress report on VL.Xenko out and in parallel, we're also working on a ContributionManager for vvvv beta, which is ready for a test-drive now.

Into numerology? You may be interested in last year's numbers and figures.

And if you're up for meeting your fellow patchers in real-life, make sure not to miss our upcoming intro workshops, meetups and patching circles in Berlin. Here is the stream of our most recent meetup where we heard news from ur-patcher sunep.


A new one:

An update:

And there's been some action in the work-in-progress section on the forum:


Refik Anadol: “Latent Being” - Trailer

And also make sure to check out this little gem by Juan Hurle: Fractal Armor


Some more on dasauge.de

That was it for January. Anything to add? Please do so in the comments!

joreg, Thursday, Feb 6th 2020 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  


One of the most requested features for VL ever since was the support for help-patches. Obviously they had to come back, but it took us a while to figure out how exactly. One of the brainstorming sessions at LINK was especially helpful to sort out the details. Thanks everyone for your input...

Help Patches

So for the user it is just as before: Press F1 on a node that you need help for. Now what happens is:

  • If a help-patch is found, it is opened and a bubble indicates the node you were looking for
  • If no help-patch was found, a bubble indicates that no help-patch was found
Help patch was found...
No help patch available...

In both cases, you can now optionally opt-in for more help: Click the bubble to open the help browser showing the nodes Node Info.

Node Info

Shows some info about the node plus 3 lists of how-to patches this node is used in:

  • most relevant (the dedicated help-patch)
  • still relevant
  • list of other patches using this node (automatically generated)

This should increase the chance of finding good info about how a node can be used in different scenarios.

When "follow mode" is active, you can click around in the patch and always get the node info to the last selected node.

Help Flags

Creators of libraries who want to provide help patches now use help flags to indicate relevance for a node. Read all about using help flags in the graybook.

Available for testing in latest previews!

joreg, Friday, Jan 31st 2020 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  

Moments later,...

...we're announcing the immediate availability of the vvvv gamma 2019.2 series of previews, finally including one of the more anticipated features in vvvv history: Executable Export.

This means we are now in the final stage of the preview leading up to a proper initial release after the waves introduced by the new features in this series have been smoothed out.

Her majesty... at your service.

What's new compared to the vvvv beta series


  • Trivial installation via an installer
  • The overall performance is much improved
  • Projects can be exported as executables
  • All your work is automatically backuped
  • A help browser: press F1 without any node selected
  • Helppatches opening when pressing F1 with a node selected
  • You have quick access to your recent sketches
  • By default projects are now handled in one file
  • There are central settings per user, overridable per project
  • You can pause and step your patches frame by frame
  • Extensibility: Write plain C# to extend vvvv with custom nodes
  • Simply use almost any .NET library available e.g. on nuget.org
  • Proper scope and dependency handling
  • Structured documentation for your patches. Add summary, remarks, help to elements
  • Being close to C# allows for VL help to be found on msdn/stackoverflow


  • Patches are now zoomable
  • You can use frames to structure your patches visually
  • UI runs in its own thread
  • Tooltips show help and errors
  • IOBoxes allow for much faster configuration
  • You can doubleclick a link to insert a node or finish a link with a doubleclick to create a node
  • Patch your own pingroups
  • The color theme is now customizable and defaults to dark


Besides staying true to its nature of being a an easy to use and quick prototyping environment, vvvv is also a proper programming language with modern features, combining concepts of dataflow and object oriented programming:

  • Define your own datatypes (Classes and Records)
  • Composed Datatypes (Spread of Spread,..)
  • No more binsizes needed!1!!
  • Loops to iterate within one frame
  • Recursive patches
  • Generics
  • Delegates
  • Reactive programming
  • Async data processing (multi-threading)
  • Easy caching of expensive operations

Node Library

While for now the number of libraries we ship is limited, the fact that you can essentially use any .NET libary directly mitigates this problem at least a bit. Besides there is already quite some user contributions available in the wip forum and here is what we ship:

  • A thorough core library for all your basic needs
  • State of the art 2d drawing with VL.Skia
  • Effortless computervision via VL.OpenCV
  • Support for Midi, OSC, ArtNet, Serial,...

Tutorials and HowTos

A growing number of video tutorials is available on youtube.


We've announced the pricing model of vvvv gamma in a separate post. Until further notice, the previews of vvvv gamma are free of charge but due to its preview-nature we don't recommend using it in commercial scenarios yet.


Here you go: vvvv gamma 2019.2 preview 236



236 18 02 20

  • added ShowOrigin setting
  • More type inference fixes
  • Fixed primitive types not having any super types like IComparable (was reported in chat by sebl)
  • Fixed type constraints on higher order region with one single patch not properly generated should the name of the inner patch have changed
  • Fixed "auto connect to signature" of patches like CreateDefault which have a fixed set of pins
  • Fixed output pin groups of type Dictionary<string, obj> not working anymore when pin on application side was annotated
  • Fixed compiler crash when having a generic type annotation in a patch
  • Fixed CLR array types not being mapped to type symbols
  • Removed Spread.Pin/Unpin - same functionality is available through much safer TryGetMemory/Pin -> MemoryHandle.Dispose path
  • Fixed pixel format being swapped from R8G8B8 to B8G8R8A by SKImage.FromImage node
  • Fixed null pointer when trying to navigate into patches of completely broken documents
  • Fixed higher order regions not working when definition added an inner pin
  • Added a few convenience nodes for resource providers useful when opening and polling devices. Even though not yet released they already look promising for devices like Kinect or Astra.
  • Fixed minimal changes on solution made by compiler getting discarded (pin order somtimes not updating on application side)
  • Fixed pin group builder (ModifyPinGroup) changing the model when it shouldn't
  • Fixed repeat loop not working on inputs of type T where T : IReadOnlyList

211 07 02 20

  • Don't use BOM in UTF8Encoding
  • Backend generates new lines on its own without having to rely on super heavy NormalizeWhitespace function. This should get rid of very long compile times when traversing deeper into a library. Debugging the generated C# code with Visual Studio will only work properly when running with -debug and -nocache flags
  • improved type unification cleverness and stability
  • Helpbrowser: chat language buttons added
  • AppExporter "Export" button gives immediate feeedback

0193 31 01 20

  • fixed pin-reordering in signatures as reported here: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/2019-2-0081-pin-reordering-buggy-behavior/18132
  • Removed private flags between our package dependencies as it caused msbuild to skip copying certain assemblies coming from VL.CoreLib as well as making our packages smaller.
  • Fixed parts of patches being grayed out and when traversing inside becoming all good - compiler was missing one iteration in recursive blobs -https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/lazy-type-inference/18066
  • improved support for helppatches
  • Reworked error handling of CreateDefault and RegisterServices operations
  • Extended the general renaming code path to handle all cases and removed obsolete rename commands
  • The Micorsoft Build Tools 2019 are now optional. If not installed the Export menu entry will be disabled
  • Removed the .vl suffix on generated executable and fixed Run button

0169 22 01 20

0140 09 01 20

  • Fixed ToObservable (Switch Factory) - used by many reactive nodes - not calling the factory after the element type changed due to a hotswap
  • Added HighDPI awareness to App.config for exported apps
  • Fixed stack overflow when patching a CreateDefault - system will now generate an error as long as the output is not connected
  • The default value of a record will again be cached in a static field
  • Fixed serializer serializing auto-generated fields
  • OSCMessage (Split) now returns timetag
  • CTRL+Shift+F now also finds interfaces
  • updated VL.OpenCV to 0.2.133
  • fixed problem with pin-editor for serializable types like Rectangle
  • Splash screen shows up in taskbar and has proper icon
  • Counter Clamp/Wrap/Mirror reset under/overflow correctly
  • NodeBrowser now has a TextBox that can select/copy/paste
  • Fixed regression that bang and press IO boxes would sometimes stick to true

0081 16 12 19

0026 10 12 19

0015 06 12 19

  • Patch drawing is antialiased and icons are showing again
  • Fix for drawing transparent PNGs
  • Fixed regression that delegate regions wouldn't create their pins anymore
  • Emit exception will show first error now as it's message
  • Fixed specialized operations not being marked as unused if there containing type was - seehttps://discourse.vvvv.org/t/gamma-x-2-breaking-not-opening-old-patches/18036

Compared to the 2019.1 series

  • Export to executable
  • Faster startup and less memory consumption due to precompiled libs
  • Recursive operations and datatypes
  • Runtime errors: marked node is now always correct
  • Generated C# code can be debugged using Visual Studio
  • Help patches (where available) open when pressing F1 on a selected node
Breaking Changes

Unfortunately this preview introduces some breaking changes. This means that projects that were working fine with 2019.1 previews may no longer work correctly with 2019.2 previews! If you encounter such a situation and cannot resolve it on your own, please get in touch via forum or chat! Here is a list of possible problems you may encounter:

  • Existing patches may need additional type annotations due to changes in the type unification
  • Execution order of nodes may be different if it wasn't explicitly expressed before
  • Generic type parameters in an interface patch will now always belong to that defined interface (and not any of its operations)
  • Not really breaking, still a change: Runtime errors: no values in tooltips when in pause state

For technical details please see the blog post about the New Roslyn based backend.

We'll update this blogpost with new preview-releases regularly. Please check back often and report your findings in the chat, forum or a comment below!

Yours truely,

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Who luna, david, joreg
When Tue, Jan 28th 2020 - 20:00 until Tue, Jan 28th 2020 - 20:00
Where NODE Institute, Wipperstr. 13, 12055 Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Image Copyright: Luna Nane

I a short notice:

berlins vvvv heads are meeting for a show and tell with drinks. Everyone is welcome! This time we have a presentation by:

luna nane about her work with vvvv and shaders

Update: Luna got a massive pack to patch until tommorrow. So she won't make it! Instead Sunewill be there via skype tellig uns about his lates projects and ideas..

We'd also love to hear from you: If you have something to show or talk about, please do so! Bring your projects, demos, works-in-progress and show us what you're patching with!

If you feel like, please rsvp on our Gettogether page!

david, Monday, Jan 27th 2020 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 5 comments  


is probably not exactly the word you'd use to describe vvvv's 2019 numbers. If you can't handle bumpy roads, please set your Damper to ~2s before reading on... Not sure what this is all about? Check out last year's numbers of 2018 to make yourself familiar with this vvvvery tradition. Then pull yourself together:


While we still don't have any new numbers from vvvv.org itself we do have what the forum tracks. It shows us different statistics regarding user engagement over time that are generally, how can I put this... not improving recently. The most uplifting I found was this:

DAU/MAU - daily divided by monthly active users

According to the description of the graph, this indicates your stickiness in % and 30% is to be aimed at. Even though overall fewer things are happening on the forum you keep sticking around. Who could blame you, after all, it is rather cozy around here. Here is another one that doesn't look all too bad:

Page Views

Ignore the red ones (crawlers) but see the rather constant number of logged-in users (dark blue) and the curious spikes at the end of December from anonymous users (light blue). Are these already the harbingers of numbers to expect when we finally will have an official 1.0 of vvvv gamma out? (hums) Dreams are my reality...

Not really numbers, but still interesting, here is a listing of top forum search terms in order of your priority:

realsense, kinect, image compare, orbbec, dx11, ndi, kinect2, arduino, opencv, zgl, osc, gamma, particles, dmx, addflow, superphysical, midi, /logstartup, fbx, audio, face, skia, touch, dds, projector, text, scroll bar, firmata, fieldtrip, ilda, linux, leap, point cloud, camera, csv, yolo, artnet, tracking, html, mac, fluid, svg, texture, laser, leap motion, contour, gif, websocket


2010 2011 2012 2013* 2014* 2015* 2016* 2017* 2018* 2019*
vvvv beta releases 4 3 5 5 5 4 1 4 8 1
core 45.700 32.100 36.000 45.000 42.500 38.000 29.300 32.600 61.700 22.000
addons 10.700 14.400 18.800 29.000 28.500 25.200 19.400 21.400 38.800 11.000

* x86 and x64 combined

What can we say? Only 1 release was really lame. But was it? Ok, yes, it was, but the way I'd like to whitewash these numbers a bit is that they are only reflecting vvvv beta, when obviously most of our work (to some of your's concern) went into VL and vvvv gamma. And inconveniently we don't have any numbers for vvvv gamma downloads at all. But then again those wouldn't be high numbers also because as you know we're still keeping a rather low profile with vvvv gamma, mostly advertising it to you as long as it is still in preview. So anyway, nothing to be particularly proud of here. Moving on...


vvvv.org income through licenses and dongles sold

Phew, not as bad as the declining number of downloads would have suggested. Certainly not an upwards trend but still the 4th best result so far. So let's see what this number is composed of:

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
countries 19 18 17 17 21 19 22 19 17
companies 52 61 69 81 102 90 80 77 63

Mkay, so according to the number of individual commercial users we're basically thrown back to 2012. Quite a bummer but to be expected when you put most of your resources into R&D for the shiny new product that just still isn't there yet to make its own money. We were certainly hoping to keep a few more of you with our advances in VL but we know that before making any new friends, VL needs to grow out of vvvv beta and get a 3d engine...

That was it? Far from! This year we held by far the largest number of workshops for onboarding new users. These included a series of 8 free introductory workshops and 8 full-day workshops on various topics in Berlin. Further, we toured Kiel, Linz, Timișoara and Moscow. Also, we held 10 meetups and 3 patching circles in Berlin, one meetup in Hamburg and one in Moscow. Finally, we even held a dedicated Teaching Patching mini-conference to better understand the needs for vvvv in education.

All these activities will see a continuation in 2020 and culminate in NODE20 in October. Until then, the road to NODE is filled with some precious gemstones:

  • The first official release of vvvv gamma that you can finally own for money, already available for preview
  • Initial release of 3d engine for vvvv gamma, still work-in-progress
  • Polished libraries to support your basic needs
  • More workshops and learning opportunities

Is 2020 finally the year of the future of visual programming or is the world not ready for VL yet? Stay tuned, spread the word and become part of a truly wonderful new numbers blog post next year! You know what to do...

We wish you what!

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Helo evvvveryone,

We're starting into 2020 with a couple of activities, culminating in the recently announced NODE2020 happening in October. So leading up to that, here is what we got for you in the first quarter of this year:

Intro vvvv gamma workshops

Every fourth Tuesday a month we're running a vvvv gamma intro workshop for total beginners. It goes for 2 hours and gives participants an idea of how it feels to work with vvvv gamma. Here you learn the fundamentals that you need to be able to follow further workshops or take the next steps on your own, continuing with online learning resources. Spread the word, send your friends and family!

Available dates:

  • January 28, 6-8pm
  • February 25, 6-8pm
  • March 24, 6-8pm
  • April 28, 6-8pm

The workshop costs 5€ and you can sign up here.


Right after every intro workshop, meaning also every fourth Tuesday a month, starting 8pm, we're running a vvvv meetup. Here we count on you: Have a project, demo or new library to show? Just come with your laptop and present. Low profile, no pressure. Doesn't need to be polished, rough around the edges is very welcome! Or just grab a drink and lean back...

Patching Circles

The patching circle is a vvvv support group. Once a month, every second thursday, we're meeting to help each other out and find collaborators for our projects. So please join us for patching and drinks if you...

  • are stuck in your patches and could use some advice
  • want to help others with your experience
  • just want to click yourself away in a patch-friendly atmosphere

If you feel like coming to a meetup or patching circle, please announce your participation in our getogether events.

All the above are happening at the cozy NODE Institute, Wipperstrase 13 in 12055 Berlin/Germany. If you're running a similar event, be sure to also post an announcement here in the blog to get the attention of your local vvvvriends.

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~5h ago

~1d ago

tonfilm: Creative coder wanted: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/creativvvve-coder-in-residence-2020/18283 vvvv visualprogramming #creativecoding #xenko #dotnet #berlin #internship #residency

~2d ago

metrowave: Collection of replicable research: http://www.replicabilitystamp.org/

~2d ago

~6d ago

joreg: @ravazquez always trying to diversivvvvy...

~6d ago

ravazquez: I did not know you were making plates as well: http://www.clairewan.com/

~10d ago

evvvvil: "Pounding Aldebaran" raymarching shader live coded on Twitch. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/tt3SWB

~10d ago

~11d ago

joreg: Tomorrow Thrs, Feb 12: #vvvv Patching Circle: We're there to help! https://gettogether.community/events/3965/vvvv-berlin-patching-circle-5/ No excuses, it's free and there are drinks!

~16d ago

evvvvil: "The reaper's gallows" shader live coded on twitch. Abrasive comments back by popular demand. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/ttcSD4