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Who kld4
When Tue, Oct 13th 2015 until Thu, Oct 15th 2015
Where COC Centro de Ocio Contemporáneo de Badajoz, Badajoz, Spain

Artes Escénicas: Iluminación, Sonido y Vídeo Todo en Uno

En el campo profesional de la luz, el sonido y el vídeo los fabricantes nos ofrecen maquinas con muchas posibilidades técnicas, que rara vez sabemos aprovechar al cien por cien; ni siquiera en los montajes más espectaculares, pues en estos eventos se multiplican los medios técnicos en vez de profundizar con eficacia el rendimiento individual de cada aparato.

Hemos encontrado una formula para reventar esto y dar un cambio radical a los conceptos de hardware y software que se utilizan en la industria del espectáculo actual.

En este workshow se enseña en profundidad como interceptar la señal DMX para poder incluir sensores y controladores en tus eventos.

Con estos conocimientos tus espectáculos contaran con una capacidad creativa que ningún fabricante de equipamiento técnico te ofrece actualmente.

Resumen del programa:
Día 1: Instalar vvvv en los ordenadores de los alumnos y familiarizarse con el entorno del programa.
Día 2: Nos centramos en las herramientas de vvvv para utilizar DMX y repaso de los devices que podemos conectar al DMX (Android, Wiimote, Arduino...).
Día 3: Cómo trabajar con esta tecnología en el entorno real de las instalaciones técnicas. Propuestas sobre la intervención de la señal DMX.
El curso esta dirigido a técnicos inquietos que quieran sacar más partido a los equipos que manejan diariamente en su trabajo.
Este curso tiene un carácter practico/teórico por lo cual, al finalizarlo, el alumno estará dotado para hacer intervenciones técnicas en los equipos con los que trabaja que ni siquiera se podía imaginar antes de tener contacto con esta tecnología.

kld4, Wednesday, Sep 23rd 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Hi vvvv users.

We are vvvv community of Japane.

In Japane, vvvv is not well known.

so We take action for spreading vvvv in Japane.


We have joined Maker Faire Tokyo 2015 joined.
titel is "Interactive videos by vvvv "


We used kinect v2, Leap Motion, sound and voice for interactions Trigger.

many people coming our booth who is Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.

Some people who have an interest us, know Pure Data, Touch Designer,Max and Processing.

but they have konwn vvvv, or have known the only name vvvv.

We will try to join Maker Faire in next year.

Maybe.people more knows vvvv than now at that time.

Because we do.

about vvvv Japane Comunty
A Japanese community of vvvv.
There are a programmer, a nurse and a dietician by our community.
We are thinking vvvv is used by various backgrounds.

Community Page

Faire Tokyo 2015

Murata, Wednesday, Sep 9th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

When Thu, Sep 3rd 2015 - 16:06 until Mon, Sep 7th 2015 - 16:06
Where Post City, Linz. u19 Festival, Bahnhofplatz 12, Linz, Austria


For all of you who are at the Ars Electronica Festival:

A part of the Festival, called U19 Create Your World, will exhibit (among other cool things made by young creative people) the winners of the Prix Ars Electronica u19 category.

My workhttp://dominikkoller.net/UnknownFormsOfFace will also be there! It's been awarded an honorary mention.
You'll see it running live, right on the spot, patched in vvvv.

See you there!

vvvvpraxisintern dominikkoller

Random Face
dominikKoller, Wednesday, Sep 2nd 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

dir lovvvvers of visual programming,

we've not talked about our progress on VL for a while. So here is what happened since its initial public release at the NODE15 keynode.

What the VL?

VL is our next generation visual programming language that (for now only) integrates with vvvv as you know it and allows you to patch plugins for vvvv making use of its object oriented language features. You can test it by using the latest alpha build and following the VL quick reference as an introduction. If you encounter any problems, please get in contact using the VL alpha forum.

In the future VL will be available in a standalone development environment with which you'll be able to deploy .net executables and .dlls that can be consumed by any other .net application.

What happened since node15


A lot of work has been done in the library. We first tried to focus on getting the basics complete. And I'd say we're about 90% there. Here is an overview of what you can now use:

  • String/Char: more functionality than vvvv except a RegExpr node
  • Color: more functionality than vvvv
  • Math: more functionality than vvvv except an ExpressionParser node
  • 2D: everything plus datatypes for Point, Size, Rect and Circle with all kinds of intersection utilities
  • 3D: everything plus datatypes for Plane, Box, Sphere with all kinds of intersection utilities
  • Transform: about 90% of all nodes known from vvvv
  • DateTime nodes
  • Animation/Logic nodes: about 80% of all nodes known from vvvv
  • Serialization: nodes to de/serialize (if not too advanced) datatypes
  • Collections: more spreading functionality than known from vvvv plus other collection types, like e.g. a Dictionary

As a bonustrack: quite a bit of the above functionality is patched, meaning you can inspect/change its functionality if needed and since everything is compiled the fact that something is patched is not slowing it down. Only the most basic stuff is imported from .net libraries and close to none of the functionality has been written by our hands!

So what's missing is mostly:

  • Audio/Video/Graphics/Physics
  • IO (File, Networking, Rs232, specific devices...)
  • Databases

Those are arguably the big chunks indeed, but since we have plenty of those in vvvv already it should not be that big of a dealbreaker for a start. And anyway we're moving..

Specifically we're in the process of importing a bit larger .net libraries to learn how we can work with them. The first tests resulted in a patched node for the EyeTribe eyetracking and the 3dConnexion spacemouse devices, all open for you to inspect. This is how in the future you will integrate any device. More to come..


UK, so now that we're getting confident with the library what we're also working on is patchability.

Here is the biggest recent changes:

  • a simple Typebrowser now assists you with annotating pads
  • nodes with dynamic pin-counts, like the + node are now adding a new pin automatically when it has no more input free.
  • use Ctrl+M to annotate your documents/types/operations. This info is used in both the vvvv and vl nodebrowsers.
  • renaming a patch or an operation will also update all nodes referencing it.

And yes, much more to be done..


Also languagewise a few things have happened. Here are some of the highlights:

  • loops now understand a special "Alive" outlet. Should the "Alive" outlet evaluate to false the slice will not make it into the output spread...
  • if-regions now have inlets. They provide the region with the value connected to the default input.
  • the targetcode quality has been improved improving the overall runtime performance.

The road ahead

We're quite happy with what the integration of VL into vvvv brings us and therefore instead of the VL standalone we now first concentrate on making VL a first-class language inside vvvv, ie. combining the powers of the two. Therefore we're now working towards beta35 which will be the first vvvv release that officially includes VL, expected around new-year. So take this time to check out the latest alphas and feed us back with your thoughts. The main question being: Are you able to express yourself within VL? Show us your patches and lets discuss where you meet limits. You know where to find us: IRC and alpha forum. We're very much looking forward to your input.

Then with beta35 we'll expect you to gradually incorporate VL into your projects. Implement parts of new projects in VL and still do the rendering parts in vvvv. While you'll be doing that we'll have some time to prepare the standalone release that at some point should finally convince you to completely move to the next generation of visual programming. But no need to rush it..one step at a time..

If you want to support our work we're happy about every single flattr:

joreg, Tuesday, Sep 1st 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 9 comments  

Who robotanton
When Sat, Sep 5th 2015 - 10:00 until Sat, Sep 5th 2015 - 19:00
Where The House of Polish Culture, Naugarduko str. 76, Vilnius, Lithuania

The talk at CG Event will be about "Building Interactive Installations with vvvv". I'll start with a short overview of projects realized with vvvv and will then move on to show how to build an interactive demo from scratch.

Anyone in Vilnius?

robotanton, Tuesday, Sep 1st 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

When Thu, Sep 10th 2015 - 21:00 until Thu, Sep 10th 2015 - 22:00
Where Live Cinema Festival, Piazza dell'Immacolata, Roma, Italy




ddf, Thursday, Aug 27th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  
Computer Art (improved)

helo again,

just moments later we give to you: 45beta34.1
Basically the same as before but definitely the one you'll want to use from now on since it has a few more buggers fixed.

In case you have a minute check out the revamped helppatch of the division node that explains the newandimproved behavior for division-by-zero situations. Otherwise just keep on patching as usual..

Also note: this may be actually the final version running on XP.

Like it? Flattr it!:

joreg, Monday, Aug 24th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 3 comments  


this is just a minor bugfix release with 2 things in it:

  • the OneDollarRecognizer helppatch is now fixed
  • all Assimp nodes now got a version DX9 in order to no longer be confused with their DX11 counterparts

Please also make sure to read the beta34 release notes: Addons 45beta34-01

joreg, Monday, Aug 24th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  
Looking for a vvvv developer able to join m box in a projection mapping project
  • you work with a team of vvvv developers for installiing the projection mapping
  • you should be located in Frankfurt am Main or nearby
  • you should be available full time for the first two weeks in september

Please write to michi@m-box.de


michi, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

In order to run the current alphas (34.100 and up) a .NET 4.6 installation will be required. The setup.exe will already check for that.

For our dear developers using the vvvv-sdk a Visual Studio Community 2015 installation (which is free) should provide you with all the tools required, for those who prefer SharpDevelop 5.1 the .NET 4.6 targeting pack and the Microsoft Build Tools 2015 should get you up and running.

A nice overview of all the different .NET downloads can be found here.

For a list of changes in .NET 4.6 have a look here.

Elias, Wednesday, Jul 29th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

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~2h ago

~2h ago

joreg: open call to #audiovisual artists and developers for 5 residencies http://www.laboralcentrodearte.org/en/r/convocatorias/ii-convo-encac by #ENCAC

~12h ago

joreg: vveekend vvorkshop on #machinelearning with #vvvv live now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtYRMjJcrwA

~1d ago

sonostrano: anybody tcp and grandma?

~1d ago

alex qbit: @joreg thanks i think i'm ding something really wird but i like the results , just i'm not able to save it by capture node :S

~1d ago

joreg: @alex qbit: individually using a Preview node.

~2d ago

evvvvil: Any Leicester City fan noding in trepidation of what foxes could be? Come on das blue.

~2d ago

alex qbit: ther's a way to monitor all my textures hierarchys?

~2d ago

alex qbit: i'm doing loop between render, texture,group ,render,texture.. x3 to have infinite shader mirror fx, why can't capture my render?

~2d ago

uvvvve: Google Doodle today \o/