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previously on vvvv: vvvvhat happened in December 2015

ich sag einfach helo again,

another month has passed and with the following lines i want to wrap up the vvvv-jannuary for you.


you may have noticed recently that the download-counters for contributions are broken. we're aware of that and are only waiting for our web-admin to have time to fix that. anyway, again we've all been presented with a few goodies last month:

Oldies but goldies

not the cleanest contribution i must say (in fact beyon warns us about it in the description) but still better than nothing and a good starting-point if you need to read the content of a midi-file all at once: Midi File Reader


apparently this is a 2 years old bachelor thesis project for the Information Design program at FH JOANNEUM (Graz, Austria) by Stefan Kernjak. still impressive:

then i found schnellebuntebilder and klingklangklong in a report on arte tv demoing one of their collaborative works.

IntoLight produced an advertisment for their DX11.PointCloud contribution.

and it seems vvvv has been discovered by Netural.


microdee organized two more vveekend vvorkshops on the topics "Emeshe", which he did himself and "Everything DMX" which was presented by vjc4. as usual you can watch them in the vveekend vvorkshops youtube channel.

and i don't understand a lot of what's going on here but it seems to be a good thing (if you're japanese): http://vvvv-jp.tumblr.com


mrboni asked in the shoutbox about blogs reporting about the world of digital arts and i thought it would be good to again list what we found:

anyone got any more stuff like those?

in eigener sache

it always takes me ages to figure out all the details and put them into some prose. don't let this go to waste and please take your time and read vvvv in numbers 2015.

also robotanton has recently updated the main documentation section on everything you need to know about patching and boygrouping. i am sure most of you can find something new in there..

ovvvver and out. let us know if i forgot to mention something in the comments. looking forward to this coming months contributions. surprise us!

joreg, Monday, Feb 1st 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Anyone looking for a job? There is an open position for an "Interactive Media Professor" at the New York University in Abu Dhabi at the moment. The description reads like this:

NYU Abu Dhabi is currently inviting applications for full time non-tenure track multi-year positions in the Interactive Media program, to begin Fall 2016. While technical fluency in computer programming and physical computing is a must, we are looking for someone who recognizes the aesthetic, cultural, and ethical implications of working with new technologies. Candidates must be able to continually engage with new tools and modes of expression and inspire students to do the same. We are looking for someone who will continually re-invent the curriculum and its integration into the NYUAD liberal arts experience as an ongoing part of their own research in interactive media.

Find this and other open positions here: http://nyuad.nyu.edu/en/about/careers/faculty-positions.html

joreg, Monday, Jan 25th 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 7 comments  

SPOILER: this whole thing here... it seems to be getting somewhere..

helo again everyone, thanks for tuning in to this series of annual blogposts about quantivying vvvv. we're meeting here for this occasion for the fifth time in consecutive years which i think does qualify as an anniversary. so..horray. if at this point you have no idea what's going on or if you just want to remind yourself of what happened so far, you might want to click yourself back to: vvvv in numbers 2014.


you know how it goes, first what we know about you from our webservers logs. the following numbers show visitors to vvvv.org per country. so last year japan, this year china: out of the lower ranks onto spot 3, displacing russia. with germany and usa apparently close to peaking:

2012 2013 2014 2015
germany (+) 16.99% germany (+) 17.02% germany (-) 13.81% germany (+) 13.85%
usa (-) 10.72% usa (-) 9.87% usa (+) 10.74% usa (+) 10.90%
uk (-) 6.31% russia (+) 5.78% russia (+) 7.39% china (+) 5.44%
russia (+) 4.98% uk (-) 5.64% uk (-) 5.37% russia (-) 4.77%
italy (+) 4.97% france (+) 4.93% japan (+) 4.85% japan (-) 4.76%
france (-) 4.92% italy (-) 4.56% france (-) 4.12% uk (-) 4.51%

not that we think in those terms (at all) but... regarding "world domination" i'd like to point your attention to the following illustration:

vvvvorld domination

according to googleanalytics in 2015 you accessed vvvv.org from all countries in the world except 4. but even of those 4 countries vvvv.org was accessed in the past years. we count 3 sessions from north korea in the last 10 years (no license though).

top five most interested cities worldwide:
1. Berlin (thats probably just my personal 5min autoreload)
2. London
3. Moscow
4. Frankfurt
5. New Delhi (anyone know where that even is? अद्भुत!)

again the number of unique users has increased quite steadily. and analytics even tells us that 43% of those were returning and 57% were new. good. good!

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
244.010 313.075 335.056 350.650 408.173 448.556

overall user-engagement on vvvv.org seems on a decline though. all curves (except the shouts) point down. sob. so here is how i'm gonna do it: put only the growing numbers in a shiny diagram to make it look good for the majority of you who only skim over the images and mention the sad truth no further.

is it because our like-button is not tracking you? you wanna see banner-ads in the forums? sponsored content in the documentation? bigger headlines? (shouting desperately) what is it?

(acting cleverly) or is it really on a decline? lets have a look at some other numbers i've always been neglecting so far:


in the end i'm afraid we'll again probably have to blame it on our improved documentation on Patching, Spreads and Graphics that just leaves less questions for beginners.


hm..anyone wanna explain this? more people visiting the website but less total downloads. so is it that they come here to see but then don't find the download button? or just the fact that we've had one release less? anyway it seems a least the ratio of people also getting the addonpack is still growing.

2010 2011 2012 2013* 2014* 2015*
releases 4 3 5 5 5 4
core 45.700 32.100 36.000 45.000 42.500 38.000
addons 10.700 14.400 18.800 29.000 28.500 25.200

* x86 and x64 combined

also if you do the math "average downloads per release" you'll see a more positive image..


what the flattr? ok, first the good news: it makes us money, real money! check this:

2014 2015
income via flattr 74.60€ 216.22€

i do see a trend there, and i like it. very much, because.. you see that's people who want to support the development of vvvv even when they do not use it commercially. imagine that! just like so..

but flattr isn't only there to support us. it is also the simplest way to support your fellow patchers and contributors. in 2014 we had 17, at the moment of this writing we have 40 vvvv users using flattr. but who to flattr? glad you asked: just have a look at the amazing contributions that pop up all the time. if you like one of those -> flattr it. or in the forum, if someone takes the time to help you out, boom -> flattr. see?

the new flattr logo

so what are you still doing here? head over to the flattr-site and get an account, you don't want to be the last to join the party!

OR! and here is the other thing: the flattr-people are in the process of rebuilding everything and the whole service a bit shacky at the moment. e.g. last year i was able to show you a listing of flattrs received by vvvv users which is not possible right now. so let's give them some time. i'm following their work on it and will update you in a separate blogpost once the woes over there have calmed down.


remember when i was posing the businessman at our node15 keynode? talking about our income curve (around minute 32++)..i just watched that again and saw there was a little mistake in the slide (and also in what i said) regarding the times of the node festivals. here is a fix plus latest data:

so thanks everyone involved for making my prediction come true. oh you're so predictable! but you know..in a good way! and now how about this coming year you surprise us and do not follow that up/down pattern?!

and also this one, my favorite:

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
countries 19 18 17 17 21
companies 52 61 69 81 102

this table shows the number of different countries and companies that licenses were bought from. if you prefer to understand that fat number in percentages then let me tell you that this means a whopping +20% companies using vvvv commercially.

then again another view: licenses bought per country. sad to see last years shootingstar japan drop out of the ranks. but hey it is a tough business to compete in the top vvvv-using countries. counters have been reset, there is another chance for everyone this year..

2011 2012 2013 2014 2014
germany 48% germany 65% germany 55% germany 48% germany 55%
italy 27% uk 10% uk 25% uk 14% uk 15%
uk 12% switzerland 8% austria 3% switzerland 6% switzerland 6%
usa 3% russia 5% japan 2.8% japan 5.6% us 3.52%
austria 3% austria 3% russia 2.5% aut, aus, usa 4.22% austria 3.22%
switzerland 2% spain 2% france 2.5% russia, norway, czech 2.8% russia 2.93%

so allinall, very well done everyone. thankyouthankyouthankyou. you're an amazing audience and the show is going on! how you ask? well, if i may remind you of that next big thing called VL we're working on. this is the way forward. this is what we're going to sell you in the coming months. where with selling i mean metaphorically, you know..we'll try to make you want to have it really bad. we're still not happy with some things so we're sorting those first before pushing it more. but once we're there the plan is to show you how you can slowly integrate VL into your patching-routine so that at some point you'll look back and will not even have noticed when you started working with probably the most modern visual programming language around (your mileage may vary).

so lets just take things slowly as we did the last ~15 years. because, as they say, apparently good things take a while..

and once again thanks everyone who contributes to vvvv all this would look very different without you.

anda haaaaapyyyy new yeeaaaar.

joreg, Thursday, Jan 21st 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 9 comments  

as the Scripter contribution title describes - for your ultimative hacking comfort in vvvv...

two reasons this might be interesting for you:

  1. you are new to this textual c# stuff but are eager to get into it
  2. you hack around vvvv a lot, know c# and want to get things done quickly

1) for the curious

let's say your new year's resolution was to start to extend your vvvv skills with coding power (since you noticed that doing more advanced stuff mostly requires some kind of textual addition to patching).

dynamic plugins are a powerful feature and probably the way to go. you clone the template and start changing the code and don't worry about nugets, referencing assemblies, compiling as you would have to in any other IDE.

however, the slight hassle starts once you decide you want more pins. maybe even a bin sized one. at this point you have to wrap your head around the overall spreadcount, how to write the loop around the thing you want to do, when to access which slice or which bin, etc...

this is where scripter might ease away the learning pain since it takes care of your Spreads and does the structural In-Out part (creating pins and reading or assigning values). it attempts to keep you focused on the functionality only.

now it is a little bit more true, that you can google some code snippets and just paste them in vvvv to see what it does:

copy pasting super formula

copy pasted superformula frompaulbourke.net

2) for the hacker

aside from the structural stuff mentioned already mentioned above you can really hack here. meaning not giving thoughts about proper filenaming (when versioning stuff). simply test some code snippets without files cluttering your harddrive as dynamic plugins have. scripter stores the code in a config pin. no more portability issues.

the first public static method is parsed for IO. you can of course have as many methods you like. think recursion...

and the config pin solution brings another advantage: scripter works per instance

multi instance binsize whatever

multi instance binsize stuff accessing loop index

about the guts

scripter inserts the string you provide into a template c# file and compiles it in memory. it reflects the first public static void method and creates the pins for each parameter.
each frame the plugin loops over the maximum spreadcount, passes the values to the method and writes the out parameters to the out pins.


since the feedback i got so far was always the question about missing code-completion...

  • either modify the internal vvvv codeeditor to be usable with this concept (and benefit from all the features it has already). might take some time


  • or go on the hard way with the current texteditor (avalonedit) and (re)implement everything from scratch. will take even more time

other ideas would be:

  • multiple methods: think different methods per slice, or selection via enum
  • give access to usings and references
  • a version without or just a flag to not use the automatic spreadmaxloop, but still with automatic pin creation
  • ...


feedback and discussion welcome
and have fun with the little new years present

woei, Sunday, Jan 10th 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 6 comments  

Who elliotwoods, ales9000
When Sat, Jan 16th 2016 until Sun, Jan 17th 2016
Where OpenDot, Via Tertulliano 70, Milan, Italy

A workshop on spatial calibration using Rulr, an open source standalone tool for offline calibration task, created to work with realtime graphic environments such as VVVV (and shared many ideas with VVVV!).


Ti interessi di Video Mapping? Vieni a conoscere Elliot Woods, guru mondiale del Video Mapping e creatore di Rulr!

Rulr è un nuovo sistema ideato per calibrare in tempo reale dispositivi tecnologici, quali macchine fotografiche, proiettori, Kinect e Motion Tracking System, per facilitare il dialogo con lo spazio circostante e creare esperienze visive sempre più immersive ed interattive. La calibrazione può essere esportata su framework di sviluppo grafico come openFramework, VVVV e Processing.
Il workshop intensivo della durata di due giorni sarà preceduto da una OpenTalk venerdì 15 gennaio presso il nostro fablab.

Costo: 190€ iva inclusa (sconto studenti 15%)

Guarda un po’ di video qui e scopri qui tutte le magie di Elliot Woods e del suo studio www.kimchiandchips.com

Iscrizioni a questo link.



elliotwoods, Friday, Jan 8th 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 4 comments  

After Spreads we now bring to you an update to the documentation on all things Patching. It shouldn't have too much new info for the pro but is meant to be a complete reference to all we know about vvvv ourselves. and we added a lot of patch-selfies for your viewing pleasure, like this:

patch selfie

Please make sure to point to these pages when running a workshop. Speficically the Patching Concepts should give every noob an idea of how to work with vvvv.

Know an old-school programmer who needs convincing that patching is the new coding? Point them to the Programming Concepts page where we tried to offer an introduction for those folks.

See the main table of content below but also don't miss those 3 new pages:

Patching pages

We're aware that this comes ridiculously late but still hope that it can help to ease the learning curvvvve for future users. Feedback welcome.

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 6th 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

previously on vvvv: vvvvhat happened in November 2015

happy new,

and stuff... a lot of! now if everything went according to plan you're just gaining back consciousness from the last days and have come to your favorite website to learn about what you missed last month. glad you made it. you should now have a cosy weekend ahead to dive into all those presents:


first a big horray for some updates of goodies we already know and lovvvve:

then for all the crazy new stuff:

Oldies but goldies

working with QRCodes? yes there is QRCode (EX9.Texture) to create QRCodes but how about reading them? well, already two years ago kiilo provided a QRCode Reader he based on the great ZXing library. sources included. very handy!


always good for a surprise this tekcor guy. if i am not mistaken he claims this video to be made entirely with vvvv. chapeau for the unique style:

also worth mentioning this latest work by refik anadol which features some vvvv: Virtual Depictions: San Francisco comes with some more details in this article on creativeapplications.

and while on that site i spotted at least three projects among the 10 most memorable projects of 2015 realized with vvvv:


In the Eyes of the Animal – Marshmallow Laser Feast:

483 Lines – Projecting analogue video picture on 483 nylon threads:

and remember the guy who did the smooth cloth animation for node15? i found him on instagram:


microdee is really meaning it. he continued his series of vveekendvvorkshops nearly every week. even had some guest lecturers over. what a great idea and realization. now everybody go and click the flattr button on his userpage to show your support. if you want! no pressure. OR you go to the vveekendvvorkshops page on patreon and show your appreciation there. either way is fine.

if you're not convinced yet just follow the vveekendvvorkshops youtube channel for a start.


and of course VL our next-generation visual programming language is in active development and did some nice steps forward as you can read in the devvvv blog:

VL autumn update

that's it again. take your time when going through all the new addons and keep up the good work everyone!

joreg, Friday, Jan 1st 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 12 comments  

Been a little while before update, but here we are.

So now changelog is hosted in github, so you can see all updates here:

Of course let's see some of the little highlights (apart from the usual bug fixes and perf improvements):

  • For people who build from git, build system has been improved and properly copies all dependencies, so it's much easier to have a fully functional Zip from checkout (msbuild deploy.targets, and you're done). Since text still uses some mixed mode c++ that's the only last annoying one, but that will change soon.
  • Versioning has been updated not to be tied with 4v releases, since both are never out at the same time it doesn't make sense anyway. Minimum build is in the contribution page (Please note for this build it still works on 33.7).
  • Issue with standard renderer performance has been fixed, this was a simple change which should have had a bug fix release on it's own, but now it is here finally.
  • Text now has the right enumeration, courtesy of SharpDX (window font names and DirectWrite are different, so you should not revert to default). Also you should check Advanced TextLayout node (just saying...).
  • SharpDX is now also used to compile shaders, which means it will automatically pick up latest version of D3DCompiler available on your OS.
  • Decent amount of new Layer nodes (Type "layer order" for an overview), offers lot of new possibilities to control rendering priority.

Also, for people writing plugins, please read:

Since next builds will have interface breaking change.
This is not ideal, but next builds plans is to allow better multi device handling and performance improvements, so this is a necessary step.
Please note it's not a difficult change to do but will require a recompile.

And as usual , please report issues here (and not in the forums), small patch to reproduce is also appreciated ;)


Small update (30/12/2015):
Since a small issue was preventing startup on windows 7, small 0.6.1 bug fix release has been out), please check in downloads (old 0.6 is removed to avoid getting wrong download).

Download here:

Merry christmas,

vux, Tuesday, Dec 29th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 8 comments  

Today tune in for a not the most professionally organized "vveekend" vvorkshop about Emeshe. Because of christmas I visited family in Hungary however I've left my beloved PC in London (there's no picture because of that). But fear not and say big thanks for KX for letting me use his PC so you guys won't miss vvvv powa during christmas either.
About the actual topic Emeshe is an advanced deferred rendering engine capable of doing let's say real-time realistic renderings with a lot of noise. More info here:


So this workshop will start at 1PM GMT or 2PM CET on

microdee, Wednesday, Dec 23rd 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 7 comments  
Instance Noodles in Emeshe

Hi y'all! Do you want to have a nice warm pot of noodles made out of your favorite vertices and triangles? Check out the next vveekend vvorkshop tomorrow. Now because everyoneishappy is 10 hours ahead of London we decided to have the workshop streamed at 23:00 GMT on Saturday or 00:00 CET on Sunday and that will be 9:00 AM Sunday morning for everyoneishappy.

So tune in on
23:00 GMT Saturday
00:00 CET Sunday
09:00 AEST/PGT/MAGT Sunday

phew timezones...

microdee, Saturday, Dec 19th 2015 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 3 comments  

anonymous user login


~1d ago

sunep: @rrrr perhaps duration, even though it hasn't really been maintained for some time: https://github.com/YCAMInterlab/Duration

~1d ago

rrrr: @ARTEKLAB yeah thx, but hmm it's not quite a good timeline tool

~1d ago

rrrr: Anything like Vezér available for Windows these days? http://imimot.com/vezer/

~2d ago

antokhio: brightsign is ok

~2d ago

beyon: Anyone worked with BrightSign hard/software? Was it a positive experience? https://www.brightsign.biz/