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Gamma Launcher

tool standalone
Credits: dottore for the Elementa lib


hello all,

This is GammaLauncher, a simple application that allows to launch vvvv gamma instances with specific arguments from a simple GUI.


When the application first starts, it generates a config.xml file next to it. This file contains path to your gamma insatallations (should be C:\Program Files\vvvv), as well as your repositories folder, if you're using that feature. You can customize those paths if needed by editing the config file.

Then, simply pick the specific gamma version you wanna start from the dropdown menu, and tick the options you wanna use :

  • Allow multiple : allows to start more than one vvvv.exe at once
  • Use repositories : this will overwrite packages from vvvv's package folder with the ones in your repositories folder, if you specify one. This is only useful if you're building libraries for gamma.


As the build exceeds max file size for upload, I could not upload it directly. So please read along..

Get the latest version here, or clone the repo and build the app yourself. If want to build yourself, don't forget to copy the ico.ico file to your output dir, otherwise the app won't start.


25/10/2020 : 3.4.0

  • Pressing CTRL+, when the app is focused now opens the app's folder, allowing you to quickly access your settings file

23/10/2020 : 3.3.0

  • Dropdown mennu now discards installed vvvv beta versions, if they happen to be on the same folder as gamma
  • You can now interact with the dropdown menu by hovering it and using the mousewheel, kinda like vvvv beta enum IOBoxes

19/10/2020 : 3.2.0

  • Application now remembers its previous state on startup : anything you pick (vvvversion, startup arguments) will show up again "as is" when you start the application next time
  • As a consequence, got rid of the PreferStable flag in the configuration. Did anybody care for this one?
  • And also as a consequence, fixed the annoying bug in which the started vvvversion would not match what the UI says
  • Updated to Elementa 4.0.4

29/08/2020 : 3.0

  • Completely re-written using Model Runtime Editor pattern
  • Uses Elementa 4.0 preview
  • New command line arguments : nocache and debug
  • CTRL+R allows to rescan installed Gamma versions so you don't have to close and re-open the app if you wanna use a newly installed vvvvgamma
  • When minimized, the app goes to the system tray. From there, you can quickly perform the usual actions : show nugets, show package folders, start a new instance and kill vvvv. Achtung, closing vvvv from the system tray won't show a confirmation prompt, vvvv will instantly shut down

21/04/2020 : 2.0

  • Uses Elementa 2.0
  • Renderer now uses DIPs instead of pixels
  • Repos quick-access button : opens your package-repositories folder
  • Nugets quick-access button : open gamma's nuget folder (equivalent to Quad Menu/Nugets/Show Installed). Prefers gamma over gamma-preview (but opens the latter if the first does not exist)
  • Kill vvvv quick button : kills all instances of vvvv (but displays a confirmation prompt before!

17/04/2020 : 1.2

  • Dropdown menu now shows both preview and stable gamma releases

12/01/2020 : 1.1

  • App now checks if repositories package path exists and shows popup if not (used to throw exception)
  • Toggles are now grey when unchecked, feels a bit less ambiguous

11/01/2020 : 1.0

  • Initial release


Please don't hesitate to report bugs, fork, or shout for suggestions if you vvvvish.



tonfilm 11/01/2020 - 16:47

congrats for uploading the first app created in vvvv gamma! but why not distribute the binaries/exe? building/exporting from source is not everyone's piece of cake:


sebescudie 11/01/2020 - 17:01

thanks for the feedback!

unfortunately, the output dir weighs ~150Mb, which I cannot upload here. I still provided a link to download a build in the description, should be more visible I guess :)

tonfilm 11/01/2020 - 17:48

oh indeed, thanks for uploading it. you can also do that as a GitHub release.

sebescudie 11/01/2020 - 17:56

indeed, done!

tonfilm 11/01/2020 - 18:06

great, works nicely!

motzi 12/01/2020 - 12:06

nice, thanks!
just a usability remark: whether or not a checkbox is active or not is quite ambiguous when using only colors. to me, using this for the first time, having the checkbox "colored" would mean it is "selected" and white to be "not selected" (i guess this assumption comes from the colored application start button below).
in this app it is the other way round and resulted in an exception being thrown because the c:\repos dir did not exist. (this probably should also be handled more gracefully as less development affine users might be scared by the exception :)

a more clear "selected" visualization would be great! (probably this belongs to the elementa issues, not here...)

sebescudie 12/01/2020 - 17:22

hey motzi,

thanks for the feedback! i just pushed a new release that solves the path issue by displaying a popup if the folder does not exist, and makes the toggles a bit less ambiguous by setting unchecked color to a soft grey.. this is not ideal of course, I guess it would be better to have some sort of icon, but Elementa does not allow this for now :)

mburk 18/11/2020 - 10:17

Hey. Thanks for this great contribution.
Two remarks:
The list of gamma version should be scrollable. I have more versions installed, than can be displayed.
And I would sort the list the other way around, so that the newest versions are on top.

sebescudie 19/11/2020 - 11:18

hey there!

sebl also reported this issue that the dropdown does now work well if you have too many gamma versions, but we don't have a proper scrollbar thingy in elementa for now (working on it...).

solution I came up with for now is to have the dropdown menu scrollable when it's closed : simply hover it and use the scrollwheel to cycle through installed versions (kinda like beta enums). that was added in 3.3.0.

regarding ordering, i'll definitely reverse that so that newer versions are on top, makes much sense indeed. also, note that when you re-open the launcher, it will be in the same state as when you left it, including the version displayed in the dropdown.

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~2d ago

guest: @Luper, you'll probably need to make the PhongDirectional etc node have one of the pins → NoTexture, and then voilà!

~3d ago

Luper: hey guy, just reinstalled VVVV and text(DX11.Geometry) not working, any idea why?

~4d ago

joreg: Reminder: Show us what you're patching on: #vvvv meetup tomorrow, Tue, Feb 23, 8pm CET: 8.-worldwide-meetup

~8d ago

vux: Hey all, we now in Berlin with @idwyr, say if you want to catch up :)

~11d ago

joreg: @mediadog got it thanks!

~11d ago

mediadog: @joreg Sorry, thought is was obvious from the path: Documentation -> Learning -> Tutorials -> IOBoxes

~11d ago

joreg: @mediadog pls tell us where you found the broken link so we can fix it..