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Who refik anadol, schnellebuntebilder, lasal, analognative, kerim karoglu, robert thomas & many more.
When Thu, Sep 27th 2018 - 22:00 until Tue, Oct 2nd 2018 - 22:00
Where walt disney concert hall, Los Angeles, United States

Walt Disney Concert Hall,


kleinkariert, Friday, Sep 28th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  
UPDATE: There is also a similar tool that is open source, see this blog post: debug-dx11-frames-with-renderdoc

Just a quick one found today and everyone should know about. Nvidia Nsight Graphics works just fine with vvvv and dx11. This can help to profile your graphics performance and find bottlenecks.

The steps are pretty simple:

  • Start the application, click "Quick Launch" and you should see this screen:
  • Add your vvvv.exe and press "Launch"
  • Load any patch/scene with dx11 and you should see some Nvidia HUD in the renderer
  • Press CTRL+Z and then SPACE to capture the latest frame and bring up Nsight
  • Now you can inspect your frame like this:
  • Or have more details, timeline, API calls, timings etc. in the Nsight application:

That's it, just so you know.
Yours, devvvvs

tonfilm, Thursday, Sep 20th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 6 comments  

Who maarja, id144
When Mon, Sep 17th 2018 - 10:00 until Sun, Sep 23rd 2018 - 17:00
Where Centro de Cultura Digital, Paseo de la Reforma S/N, Mexico City, Mexico

Me and Andrej Boleslavský are happy to invite you to experience our VR project DUST at Centro de Cultura Digital in Mexico City soon.

The exhibition will take place during Connecting the Dots festival featuring lots of other interesting talks, discussions, round tables and workshops.

Connecting the Dots fb pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pg/connectingthedotsmx/about/?ref=page_internal
Dust websitehttp://vrdust.org.uk/
Dust trailerhttps://vimeo.com/210757167

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council

maarja, Saturday, Sep 15th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Who maarja, id144
When Fri, Sep 28th 2018 - 10:00 until Sun, Sep 30th 2018 - 17:00
Where Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Dr. Mora 7, Mexico City, Mexico

I am pleased to invite you to the exhibition of our VR project Camouflage at Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City soon.

Me and Andrej teamed up with former Rambert choreographers Renaud Wiser and Patricia Okenwa to playfully explores the ways digital technologies enrich and/or suppress our senses

Project websitehttp://camouflage.org.uk/

maarja, Saturday, Sep 15th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Who vvvv/vl
When Fri, Sep 28th 2018 - 10:00 until Fri, Sep 28th 2018 - 17:00
Where PRAXIS Berlin, Oranienstrasse 10, 10997 Berlin, Germany

helo evvvveryone,

we're happy to announce that we'll be hosting a Retune 2018 satellite on September 28th.

wanna take your first simple steps with vl? this is your chance: we'll be hosting 2 (identical) workshops. you can choose between:

  • one from 10 to 13h
  • the other from 14-17h

the workshop will walk you through examples using the only recently released 2d graphics library (Skia) and the OpenCV library for computervision. you'll learn how with only a few clicks you can achieve quite complex results using vl.

being part of retune, this workshop requires a Retune Ticket which means you also have access to the following:

The Retune Festival is a biennial event at the intersection of Art, Design, and Technology. Happening from September 27 – 28, 2018 in Berlin. In its fifth edition, the Festival will bring together over 250 creative pioneers across 2 days.

Day 1 / Thursday, Sep 27th
A full conference day with international keynotes, talks, discussions and performances. Taking place at Silent Green, a former crematorium and now a beautiful event space in Berlin-Wedding. Speakers include Kimchi and Chips, Evan Roth, Ralf Baecker, and Banz & Bowinkel.

Day 2 / Friday, Sep 28th
On the second day, we take the Festival into the city. Satellite events in art and design studios all over town offer workshops, talks, exhibitions, and open-studios. We are closing the Festival with a performance and club night at STATE Studio.

hope to see some of you there!

joreg, Friday, Sep 14th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

Release Highlights

This release comes with a cleaned up VL core library. We also made sure that the node set feels more explorable just by making basic nodes more visible than others. Advanced, experimental or obsolete nodes now don't hide in different packages but can be opted into the list of nodes, while browsing the library.

But this release also comes with features for you to clean up. Frames help to structure VL patches in a visual way, groups, and categories in a structural way. You even can tweak the visibility of your nodes in the node browser and by that distinguish rather advanced or still experimental nodes from the daily node set. Library developers will also love the feature to make certain helper nodes internal so that they are free to change or delete them at any time in the future.

A lighter VL

Less VL documents get opened by default, leading to a faster startup and making the navigation menu more meaningful. Less ".Net Packages" get shipped leading to a smaller download and a lighter ".Net Packages" dependency menu. Process nodes now are lighter in terms of memory allocation.

Entry points and document management

We introduce a new way of making a VL patch run. Up to now you always had to drop a VL node into vvvv to make it actually run.
Now you can define an "entry point" in VL, leading to one running instance of that patch.


This is the first release that supports the VL.Skia library.
It comes with a huge stack of example patches.


Debugging should feel much more intuitive, as it now allows to inspect the exact state of the patches for the moment when something went wrong.

Baby, don’t make me spell it out for you

All in all this release makes VL easier to learn, use and develop for.


HTMLTexture now for DX11 and more


VL: Corelib Cleanup
VL: Frame Your Patches
VL: Groups and Categories
VL: Serialization
VL: Improved File IO
VL: Patch Your Own Mainloops

gregsn, Wednesday, Sep 5th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

HTMLTexture is available for DX11 and more: link

gregsn, Wednesday, Sep 5th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  


Тебе трудно с vvvv, потому что у тебя не очень с английским? Ничего. Теперь мы об этом позаботились. У тебя появилась возможность задавать вопросы, получать ответы и разбираться с проблемами в русском vvvv-чате.

Вот полный список языков, которые мы теперь поддерживаем: https://riot.im/app/#/group/+vvvv:matrix.org
Здесь каждый канал ведет давний пользователь vvvv, готовый помочь на родном языке. Если ты говоришь на языке, который все еще отсутствует в нашем списке и хочешь помочь другим vvvv-пользователям на твоем родном языке - просто дай об этом знать в одном из чатов и мы поможем тебе настроить новый канал. Ну или просто - присоединяйся к любому каналу, на языке которого ты говоришь - и вперед.

Боимся ли мы, что эта наша затея с языками только расколит всех пользователей, потому что все будут писать только на родном языке, и все знания, и интересные проекты так и будут оседать на разных каналах? Наоборот. Так как каналы всех языков полностью доступны для всех, каждый сможет видеть что где происходит. Это сделает нас ближе. И мы надеемся, что каналы притянут пользователей, профессионалов и целые группы интересных людей о существовании которых сейчас мы даже и не догадываемся. Ведущие каналов будут служить мостами и будут стараться перекидывать дискуссии между языками, если это будет полезно. Ок, давайте попробуем!


Findest du es schwer mit vvvv zu arbeiten, weil dein Englisch nicht ausreicht die Dokumentation zu verstehen oder im Forum fragen zu stellen? Dann haben wir etwas für dich: komm in den deutschen vvvv Chat, wo du alle deine vvvv Fragen auf deutsch beantwortet bekommst.

Für die komplette Liste an unterstützen Sprachen, siehe: https://riot.im/app/#/group/+vvvv:matrix.org
Jeder der Chaträume wird von einem langjährigen Mitglied der vvvv-community geleitet, das bereit ist Fragen in seiner Muttersprache zu beantworten. Wenn du eine Sprache sprichst, die auf unserer Liste noch fehlt und du anderen vvvv-usern in dieser Sprache helfen willst, sag uns einfach in einem der Räume bescheid und wir helfen dir, einen neuen Chatraum anzulegen. Ansonsten bist du natürlich auch in jedem der Räume willkommen um anderen Usern zu helfen.

Man könnte jetzt befürchten, dass mehrere Räume die Community schwächen werden, weil jeder nur noch in seiner Sprache sprechen wird und somit interessante Gespräche in verschiedenen kleineren Räumen untergehen. Aber wir denken im Gegenteil: Dadurch, dass wir öffentlich zugängliche Räume erstellen, die jeder auf einen Blick sehen und ohne Anmeldung betreten kann, haben wir die Hoffnung, die gesamte Community näher zusammenzubringen. Das Ziel ist, dass wir dadurch eine noch diversere Gruppe an Leuten erreichen können, ganze Usergruppen, von denen wir bisher noch gar nicht wussten, dass sie existieren. Ausserdem haben wir die Raummoderatoren, welche als Kommunikationsbrücken zwischen den Räumen dienen. Also lasst uns das versuchen!


vvvvに興味はあってもなかなか手を出せないのは、日本語の情報が少ないことが原因ではありませんか?vvvvについてわからないことを日本語で聞いてみたいと思いませんか? そんなあなたのために、新しいチャットルームを用意しました。こちら に参加して、言葉の問題にとらわれることなく、自由にvvvvについての議論を交わしましょう。

現在サポートしている言語の一覧はこちらで確認できます。 https://riot.im/app/#/group/+vvvv:matrix.org

もしかしたら、これによって誰もが自分の母国語が通じるメンバーだけで情報共有をしてしまい、他のルームの興味深いトピックに気づかなかったり、vvvvのコミュニティが弱くなってしまうのでは、と思いますか? そうではありません。全てのルームは公開されており、誰もが自由に閲覧できます。この取り組みによって我々はより親しくなり、今まで出会うことのなかったより多くの人々が交流する場となるでしょう。そして、ルームモデレーターはルーム間のやりとりをサポートする役割を担ってくれるでしょう。さあ、みんなで始めましょう!


Ha vannak kérdéseid vvvv-vel kapcsolatban de kényelmesebb lenne magyarul kérdezni akkor csatlakozz a vvvv-hu riot.im szobához és tedd fel kérdésedet magyarul, nyelvi korlátok nélkül.

A teljes lokalizált szoba lista a https://riot.im/app/#/group/+vvvv:matrix.org oldalon található.
Összes chat-szobát egy-egy veterán vvvv felhasználó kezeli a saját anyanyelvén. Beszélsz egyéb nyelveket amik még nincsenek a listában és szeretnél segíteni? Csatlakozz bármelyik szobához, beleértve az eredeti vvvv szobát és segítünk létrehozni egy csoportot az adott nyelvhez. Ha már létezik az adott szoba, egyszerűen csatlakozhatsz ezzel is támogatva a multikultúrális ökoszisztémát.

"Hogy marad egységes a vvvv közösség ha különböző nyelvű szobákban folynak párhuzamos diskurzusok?" Ezzel a lépéssel reméljük hogy olyan emberek is csatlakozni fognak a vvvv közösséghez akik eddig nyelvi okok miatt ódzkodtak tőle. Terv szerint a szobákban elinduló mélyebbre ható párbeszédeket a moderátor összefoglalja angolul a vvvv.org-on vagy egyéb angol nyelvű platformokon. Próbáljuk ki!


فکر می‌کنید یادگرفتن vvvv سخته چون انگلیسی زبان اول‌تون نیست؟ دوست دارید سوال‌هاتون رو درباره‌ی vvvv به زبان اصلی‌تون بپرسید؟ ما هواتون رو داریم: عضو اتاقِ گفتگوی فارسی بشید و به راحتی سوال‌های مربوط به vvvvرو بدون دشواری های زبانی طرح کنید.

برای دیدن لیست کامل زبان‌های پشتیبانی شده به اینجا سر بزنید: https://riot.im/app/#/group/+vvvv:matrix.org
هر اتاق زیر نظر یکی از کاربرهای بلند مدتِ vvvv اداره می‌شه که حاضره تا به سوالات شما به زبانِ اصلی جواب بده. اگر مسلط به زبانِ خاصی هستید که اینجا لیست نشده و مایلید که کمک کنید؛ به راحتی عضو یکی از گروه‌ها بشید و ما رو در جریان بذارید تا براتون یک اتاق جدید راه بندازیم! اگر هم نه، فقط عضو گروه‌هایی که زبان‌شون رو میشناسید بشید و بقیه کاربرها رو پشتیبانی کنید.

فکر می‌کنید این کار انجمن آنلاین رو ضعیف می‌کنه، چون هرکسی فقط به زبان مادریش با vvvv همکاری و کمک می‌کنه و محتواهای جالب و به درد بخور توی اتاق‌ها و گرو‌های مختلف گم می‌شه؟! در عوض راه‌اندازیِ اتاق‌هایی که دسترسی عمومی دارند و هرکسی میتونه به راحتی بهشون نگاهی بندازه، همه رو به هم نزدیک‌تر می کنه و امیدواریم طیف‌های مختلف از کسایی که حتی از حضورشون باخبر نبودیم رو بهمون بشناسونه. کاربرهایی که اتاق‌ها رو اداره می‌کنن اونجا هستن تا محتوا و مطالب جالب رو بین زبان‌های دیگه رد و بدل کنن. بیاین امتحانش کنیم!


¿Te resulta difícil aprender vvvv porque el inglés no es tu primer idioma? ¿Te gustaría hacer preguntas sobre vvvv en tu propia lengua? Tenemos la solución para ti: únete al chat en español donde puedes preguntar libremente sobre vvvv sin barreras de lenguaje.

Para una lista completa de los muchos otros idiomas disponibles, visita https://riot.im/app/#/group/+vvvv:matrix.org
Cada canal es moderado por un miembro conocido de la comunidad de vvvv que está listo para ayudar en su idioma nativo. ¿Hablas un idioma que no está disponible y quieres ayudar? Simplemente únete a cualquiera de los canales existentes y háznoslo saber, así podremos ayudarte a crear un nuevo canal. En cualquier caso, siéntete libre de unirte a cualquiera de los canales cuyos idiomas hables para que puedas ayudar al resto de usuarios en ese idioma.

¿Que si nos preocupa que esta iniciativa debilite a la comunidad porque todos van a segregarse y colaborar solamente es sus idiomas nativos provocando que se pierda contenido en distintos canales? Por el contrario: Al crear canales accesibles públicamente que todos los usuarios pueden ver en un único lugar, estaremos uniéndonos bajo un mismo techo y ojalá atrayendo a un grupo más diverso de personas que hasta ahora no sabíamos que existía. Los moderadores de los canales estarán ahí para servir de puente entre los distintos lenguajes como mejor les parezca. ¡Intentémoslo!


Vous avez du mal à vous mettre à vvvv car l'anglais n'est pas votre langue maternelle ? Vous voulez demander de l'aide dans votre propre langue ? On a ce qu'il vous faut : connectez-vous au salon francophone et posez toutes vos questions !

Cliquez sur le lien suivant pour trouver la liste des langues supportées : https://riot.im/app/#/group/+vvvv:matrix.org
Chaque salon est tenu par un membre de longue date de la communauté prêt à vous venir en aide dans sa langue maternelle. Vous parlez une langue qui ne figure pas dans la liste et avez envie d'aider ? Rejoignez un des salons et faites-le-nous savoir pour que nous vous aidions à créer votre propre room. Sinon, n'hésitez pas à rejoindre un salon dont vous parlez la langue pour vous aider les uns les autres.

Craignons-nous que la communauté en sera affaiblie parce que tout le monde n'échangera plus que dans sa langue maternelle, ou bien que du contenu intéressant sera éparpillé dans différents salons ? Bien au contraire : en créant des salons accessibles par tous et visibles d'un seul coup d'oeil, nous nous rapprocherons les uns les autres et dans le meilleur cas entrerons en contact avec des gens dont nous ne connaissions même pas l'existence. Les modérateurs seront là pour faire le pont entre les différents salons quand ils le jugeront nécessaire. Essayons !

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 5th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 4 comments  

I've updated my deployment workflow yesterday solving a major issue which I wonder if anybody else met actually. If you're and you were using vpm nothing changes for you. Except 2-3 more entries in the license agreement page. If you are installing them manually well, you might want to switch to vpm, or edit xml files.

The problem

So the problem was that all my packs depend on md.stdl and mp.pddn which are both swiss army knifes when it comes to dealing with everyday coding issues. So far I just delivered them next to my packs. However this created an issue when 2 packs delivered a different version and vvvv loaded the older one first, it might have broke the pack with the newer version.


So I found the simplest way to deal with this is patch the vvvv.exe.config file to look for referenced assemblies in another folder (in this case vvvv\packs\md.core) and put my supporting libraries there. This is what it looks like:

    <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">
      <probing privatePath="lib\core;packs\md.core" />

This also means my packs won't deliver these libraries with them. I'm improving these libraries as persistent as possible so old API's should stay the same while up to date packs can be guaranteed to use new API's.

During this process I also got rid of the 100 .NET core System.*.dll's you might have noticed them recently, that was just the result of some misunderstanding

So if you're using them, install or keep installing my packs from https://vvvvpm.github.io

microdee, Tuesday, Sep 4th 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 0 comments  

previously on vvvv: vvvvhat happened in July 2018

what a summer...

you missed link? well..you were missed too. so what happened? basically: patch, lake, food. to get a bit of a glimpse, check the final presentations of the focus groups.

next chance to meet your fellow patchers in the realworld is our 4th berlin vvvv meetup on september 5th.

we've still not released our candidate for beta37 since we had a few buggers to fix thanks to your feedback. if no unexpected events occur, this should drop really soon now.

and the latest big news is that we've announced to have started work on a 3d-pack for vl with all bells and whistles. it is a lot of fun to play with and looking really smooth so far. if all goes well, we should be able to show something before the end of this year...

if you're looking for a job, check this announcement by intolight.


we got one new contribution this month:

and then, as a direct outcome of a discussion at link, to boost the "work in progress" section on our forum, there are a lot of new things to find here, mostly for vl. again, the idea is to show what you're working on early, even before you have something useful to share. like this we're hoping to prevent that folks start working on the same things in parallel. so be sure to check out these:

and we got two teasers: one and two


and a nice little physical game by kbln: Trolleys

That was it for August. Anything to add? Please do so in the comments!

joreg, Monday, Sep 3rd 2018 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 1 comments  

anonymous user login


~15h ago

ravazquez: @catweasel it was late when I wrote that, it's probably not the case, will test and report

~15h ago

catweasel: @ravazquez in separate instances of vvvv? Awesome if so!

~3d ago

ravazquez: @karistouf you can use my Global S&R contribution for this purpose

~4d ago

joreg: yes, no S/R. OSC is one way to communicate btw. instnces.

~4d ago

karistouf: @joreg: between 2 differents instances of VVVV on same computer,no S and R (values) possible ? only OSC way ?

~6d ago

tonfilm: glad to share the second update on the #vl #xenko #3d library: #vvvv #visualprogramming #creativecoding vl-xenko-3d-engine-update-2

~8d ago

joreg: rather toot then tweet? follow the hype and us on mastodon: https://mastodon.xyz/@vvvv #vvvv

~8d ago

ggml: any recommendation for renting visuals-grade pcs in berlin ?

~8d ago

metrowave: Structure Sensor Core now for Windows: https://store.structure.io/buy/structure-core cool features, could be useful in vvvv