» ILLUMINARIUM 2021 -- 360 Pinball - Zurich
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ILLUMINARIUM 2021 -- 360 Pinball - Zurich

credits Landesmuseum,Illuminarium,thingshappen,projektil,colorsound

During the Christmas Season Illuminarium show takes place in the Zurich National Museum.
For that occasion a 360 degrees mapping was custom created, with its Interactive Multi player Pinball game.


Cliente: Illuminarium Zurich -- https://illuminarium.ch/

Dirección de arte y producción: Ivan Val
Diseño: Itziar Arriaga https://www.thingshappen.es/work/tracking-7g28c
Programación y hardware: www.colorsound-ixd.com Abraham Manzanares, Paqui Castillo
Desarrollo gráfico 2D: Javier Burgos, Ignacio Méndez
Desarrollo gráfico 3D. Mario Jimenez, Alberto Vega
Sonorización: Sergio Geval

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