» Breaking: VL.Audio approaching stable
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Breaking: VL.Audio approaching stable

Dear audiophiles!

Here is to announce some long-overdue work on the VL.Audio pack with the goal to finally release a stable version of it. There are still some pending todos, but the main things are done. So in its latest previews, please find the following partly breaking changes:

Driver and Timing Configuration

The singleton AudioEngine node is gone and replaced by 2 simpler singleton nodes

  • DriverSettings
  • TimingSettings

But the idea is to mostly only use those when exporting applications. Because usually, you'd now simply use the new Audio Configuration extension (Alt+C). The UI for the extension is still missing at this point, but you get the idea. Meanwhile, you can manually modify \AppData\vvvv\gamma\VL.Audio.Configuration.xml (requires a restart of vvvv).

A third alternative is to use the new SettingsFromFile node that allows you to specify such a configuration.xml that you may want to check into a git-repo with your project.

Still, to get any audio out, you'll need either the dedicated ASIO driver of your sound device or one of the generic ASIO drivers installed.

Buffer nodes

A new set of nodes allows you to record/play and save/load audio, using buffers. For now these nodes are still marked with the experimental aspect, because we may still apply breaking changes, but the idea is ready for testing. Create a Buffer node and then work it with the following:

  • BufferRecorder
  • BufferPlayer
  • BufferWriter
  • BufferReader
  • WavReader (Buffer)
  • WavWriter (Buffer)
  • WaveForm (Buffer)


  • WaveForm: returns a spread of floats you can use to draw a WaveForm
  • WavWriter: for recording live audio to a .wav file on disk
  • StereoMixer, MatrixMixer
  • ValueSequence

Fixed issues

So please give the latest preview a spin and report your findings!

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lev 10/02/2022 - 22:05

That's super cool! Can't wait to see it in stable!

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