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Depending on where you come from you can approach vvvv in different ways. The following provides an overview of vvvvs main capabilities and features conveniently grouped by buzzwords.

vvvv is your favorite multipurpose toolkit.
It is a hybrid visual/textual development environment. Free for non-commercial use.
Commercial use requires a license.

Hybrid Visual/Textual Development Environment

Above all vvvv is targeted at the lazy developer and offers four things in one:

  • a topnotch development environment
  • a nextgeneration visual programming language
  • an extensive node/code library
  • a runtime environment

Besides its own visual language the environment is also host to the two textual languages hlsl and c#.

Regardless of the language used vvvv knows only one mode: runtime. Thus turning the notion of stopping a program to recompile it into a footnote of the early days of programming. Where necessary compilation happens behind the scenes and doesn't interrupt your flow of work.

Extending vvvv with your own set of nodes is a breeze using the vvvv-sdk. In fact many parts of vvvvs node library are contributed by users via the addonpack and Contributions.

2D/3D Animation

dottore: Partitura #000

Interactive realtime 2d/3d animated cyber particles. vvvv has it all. Featuring 3 distinct fully blown industry standard rendering engines
SVG, DirectX9 and DirectX11* vvvv leaves no eyes dry. Load/animate/generate 3D models and apply textures/shaders/lightning to your liking. A built-in timeline and the worlds smoothest filters animate your creations over time. Top that with topofthepops physics engines Box2D/Bullet* and you be the next multimedia rockgod.

Entry points:
Documentation on Graphics
Documentation on Animation

Multiscreen Setups

TAMSCHICK: IFA Berlin 2012

Designed from the ground up to handle massive multiprojection installations vvvv drastically lightens the effort involved in such setups. Using a technique dubbed boygrouping™ you can make a cluster of client PCs render to the beat of a server PC and distribute content to them n'sync. Synchronized video playback, softedge, warping and blending are all just limited by your imagination.

Entry points:
Documentation on Boygrouping

Motion Graphics

unc: TextureFX

Loving the likes of Photoshop and AfterEffects but loathing their rendering times and lack of interactivity? vvvv is just for you. With its plethora of professional grade texture effects* and a timeline that has no rival you shop your compositions at any resolution. In realtime.

Entry points:
Video effects and Compositing Tutorial
Documentation on Animation

Projection Mapping

Michael Höpfel: Lightstrive

Need to project on an irregular surface while preserving the intrinsic shape of your content? By providing tools that let you load/create meshes resembling your projection surface and ways to place textures on them vvvv is extremely versatile when it comes to the needs of any projectionist. Have a lot of money and need an autocalibration system? vvvv can handle that.

Entry points:
manual: How to project on 3d geometry
auto: BSM Auto Alignment with vvvv
Projection Mapping Contributions

Data Visualisation

tekcor: Human Genome

Need to get a better view on endless lists of data? vvvv is a pro in helping you do just that. Read from disk, database (MySQL, PostgreSQL/SQLite/SQL/Odbc/OleDb*) or the network (HTTP, UDP,..), parse (xml, json, csv, regexpr,...), transform and draw (SVG, DirectX) large amounts of data with just a few clicks. Export your visualisations as vector graphics, still images, movies or just lists of even more data. With its paradigm called spreads™ vvvv makes it a childs play to handle large amounts of data.

Entry points:
Documentation on Spreads
Parasitic Design Tutorials

Physical Computing

Prototyping Interfaces

Wii*, Leap, Kinect*, Oculus Rift*, Arduino*,... vvvv does them all. And even more by offering readers/writers for most common standard protocols like MIDI, OSC, TUIO, DMX, HTTP, TCP, UDP to name only the hottest. Plug and Play at its finest. And also multitouch.

Entry points:
book: http://prototypinginterfaces.com
Documentation on Inputs and Outputs


Multichannel audio playback, FFT analysis, ASIO and whatnot. While vvvvs audiocapabilities can not compete with the likes of PD and MaxMSP it covers a wide range of applications that you'll come across in your daily multimedia needs.

Entry points:
Documentation on Audio

Computer Vision

Motion and face detection, color, blob, face and skeleton tracking, gesture recognition... you choose. With easy access to devices like the Kinect* and the Leap and libraries like OpenCV* vvvv is your perfect companion when it comes to quickly prototyping computer vision applications.

Entry points:
The Image Pack
Documentation on Video

* several parts of vvvvs node/code library are user contributed:
vux: DirectX11 (via DX11 pack), Box2d, Bullet, Bass, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL, Odbc, OleDb (via addonpack)
elliotwoods: OpenCV (via ImagePack)
unc, lecloneur: texture effects (via addonpack)
woei: advanced spread operations (via addonpack), GPU splines (via contributions)
dottore: MRE - Multipass Render Engine (via contributions)
These are only the biggest contributors, many more are contributing smaller bits.

You might also want to check the Galleria to get an impression of what people do with vvvv.

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