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~25min ago

antokhio: dxt slow as hell, but I like that quality alot :;]

~5h ago

vux: @antokhio there's some benefits from hap over dxt1/5 image sequence (extra compression+data locality)

~5h ago

ggml: not sure what you mean.. new thread ?

~6h ago

graphicuserinterface: @antokhio, so we had years ago a similar tech, only not applied to video?

~6h ago

defetto: hehehe are you questioning the benefits of visual programming over text? ;)

~7h ago

microdee: @defetto: learning HLSL can save you 90 bucks ;)

~8h ago

circuitb: @anto Hap Alpha should be DXT5?

~9h ago

antokhio: hap = dxt1 dds seq

~14h ago

ggml: @antokhio, hap: how does this relate to the question about a possible hap release ?