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~9min ago

tekcor: entracne of the turm venue

~10min ago

tekcor: for tonigth performances at node you have to get a ticket at the entrance until 4 pm. also for artists who will get the ticket free

~17h ago

fjen: @catweasel … they start at 10!!!

~17h ago

Gareth.Griffiths: Looking forward to joining the Node crew on Thursday which is also Vux's bday yeah!

~17h ago

skyliner: @StiX: Ask your ticketing questions here: ping@node-forum.org

~17h ago

idberend: any vvvvisitors of NODE at the jugendherberg?

~18h ago

catweasel: Workshops start at 8am???!!! Whaaaat!!!??

~24h ago

StiX: Hey #node15 Is it ok to have ticket in electronic form?

~1d ago

sunep: first hacker in hack space :)

~1d ago

metrowave: warm weather in Frankfurt :)