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Remoter is typically useful for boygrouping scenarios where a bunch of clients are being treated from a server. It is basically just another GUI for PsTools optimized for the needs in large client/server installations.

A simple standalone GUI lets you specify a list of clients that are to be controlled. You can WakeOnLAN/Reboot/Shutdown clients and start/restart/stop processes on them. Also basic WatchDog functionality is implemented that watches processes on remote clients and restarts them or the whole client in case the process cannot be found.


get the latest version of RemoterSA from its contribution page: RemoterSA
plus get the following:


Remoter, PsTools and the mirror tool don't need to be installed, just put them in a nice place on your harddisk. UltraVNC comes with its own installer.

If Remoter fails to start make sure you have .net2.0 installed!



Here you specify the path where Remoter finds the PsTools and Username/Password for an admin account on the systems to remote. Note that all clients you wish to remote need that same Username/Password account. An empty password is not allowed!

With the little plus button to the left you can add a remot process that will then be available for selection in the comboboxes on the Commands tab. Specify a remote process with its full path in the first edit field. Note, that this same path needs to exist on the PC that runs RemoterSA!. Commandline arguments to start this process go in the second edit field.

Getting PsTools to work is a bit tricky. The following seem to be the most important settings to check on your remote/target PCs:

  • on win XP: click Start -> My Computer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View. There scroll to the bottom of the list of advanced settings and un-check Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended).
  • on win Vista/7: via regedit set: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Policies\system\LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy to 1 (no reboot necessary).

edit: i just tested it with two win7 machines and it worked right out of the box. so just try before you change any settings!

  • on win 8:When the Utilities Won’t Connect Because of Remote Registry

Some of these utilities, including PsInfo, PsList, PsLogList, PsKill and PsLoggedOn require the remote registry service to be enabled on the remote computer, and it isn’t enabled by default on modern versions of Windows.

This information is taken from the pstools forum threads:Please READ Before POSTING and Guide for enabling PsExec on VISTA where you should start looking for more informations if you are still having trouble. But also check our own thread PsTools


Here you specify the path to where you installed UltraVNC. Note that you need to install a vnc-server on all the clients you wish to vnc to. And set them all the same vnc-password.


Specify the path to where you put mirror.exe. In the Source Path you specify your projects root path, like:


The Target Path must be a directory that is shared on the clients. Specify it without the clients name or ip-address, just like:


The Ignore Pattern has to be filled with entries separated by semicolon. You can specify filemasks as well as directory names, like

  • .v4p; *~.xml; .svn


Add IPs to the list by entering them in the box and pressing ENTER or the + button. You can also enter a range of IPs by typing something like:

Remove IPs from the list by pressing their X button. Pressing the VNC button opens a VNC viewer to that client, pressing the EXP explores the clients Target Path as specified in the mirror-settings.

Select an IP with a left-click, deselect it with a right-click. Note that you can also select/deselect multiple IPs using click-drag.

The first color-field indicates whether the IP can be pinged. The second one indicates whether a watched process (via a Task, see below) is running or not.


Allows you to define (even overlapping) groups/selections of IPs to select/deselect at once and to operate Tasks on (see below). Enter a group name and press enter or the + button. Then click on the groups E button to edit its name and IPs.

Add a single IP or a range of IPs (as mentioned above) per line, then press the groups S button to save the changes.

Select a group with a left-click, deselect it with a right-click. Note that you can also select/deselect multiple groups using click-drag.

The first color-field indicates whether all of the groups IPs can be pinged. The second one indicates whether a watched process (via a Task, see below) is running or not.


All commands are always executed on all selected IPs.

Start/Stop processes

The first section features 3 buttons to start, restart and kill processes. Select one of the processes you have configured in the Settings tab from the combobox. Now you can start, restart or kill that process on all selected IPs.

Start/Stop PCs

The next section lets you start, reboot and shutdown PCs. WakeOnLan only works for PCs that have a MAC address associated to their IP. (To retrieve a PCs MAC addresses press Get a MAC + Hostname while the PC is running - this may take a while!). Note that for this operation the Username/Password as specified under Settings\PsTools are used where a non-empty password is mandatory.


The Mirror Now button does just that. Using your specified source-, targetpath and ignore pattern as commandline arguments it mirrors the specified directories. With the Test Only checkbox checked you can see (in the console) what the mirror would do, without actually changing anything.


Last is the Task section. Enter task description in the EditBox and klick Add Task. Then clicking on the E button (rightmost) you can edit the task. First is the description, followed by a group (to operate on) and a process. The Timout specifies the number of seconds before an attempt to start a remote process is canceled, if the remote PC cannot be reached.
If you check the Watch checkbox you can also specify what is supposed to happen, if the process cannot be found remotely: do nothing, restart the process, or reboot the PC.

On remote PCs this can only detect processes that completely vanished. Hanging processes will not be detected! In order for processes to better vanish on fail make sure to disable windows error reporting:

 My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Error Reporting->Disable (no notify!)

For local processes Remoter can also detect if they are hanging and restart them or reboot accordingly. Still it is reccommended to turn of error reporting as mentioned above.


This is for the common case to simulate a thirdparty mediacontrol software that typically sends simple strings via udp/tcp to control a boygroup.

Set your target PCs IP and port and press the Connect button. Then add simple strings to the list by entering them in the upper edit-field and pressing ENTER or the plus sign.

Left-click a string to send the command. Right-click a selected command to remove it from the list.

Change Log

beta6 31 03 11

  • small fix for windows 7

beta5 08 12 09

  • GUI overhaul
  • added the concept of tasks
  • can now also display hostname of clients
  • IPs are now always sorted from lowest to highest
  • added button to start VNC viewer on IP that is not added to the list
  • added new default groups: show all offline/online IPs
  • fixed problem with adding a new group

beta4 10 09 09

  • multiple remote(watch) processes can now be preconfigured with commandline arguments in the settings tab
  • paths with spaces are now handled correctly
  • new mirror "test only" option
  • mirror returns full loginfo

beta3 26 08 09

  • now pings and watches remote processes in a separate thread
  • added GUI to deal with groups of IPs (for very large boygroups)

beta2 10 04 09

  • debugged in a realworld boygroup
  • added basic MediaControl Simulator (TCP only)

beta1 - 22 03 09 - initial release

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