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~26min ago

sonostrano: anybody tcp and grandma?

~1h ago

alex qbit: @joreg thanks i think i'm ding something really wird but i like the results , just i'm not able to save it by capture node :S

~1h ago

joreg: @alex qbit: individually using a Preview node.

~11h ago

evvvvil: Any Leicester City fan noding in trepidation of what foxes could be? Come on das blue.

~12h ago

alex qbit: ther's a way to monitor all my textures hierarchys?

~12h ago

alex qbit: i'm doing loop between render, texture,group ,render,texture.. x3 to have infinite shader mirror fx, why can't capture my render?

~18h ago

uvvvve: Google Doodle today \o/

~1d ago

zepi: same goes for sunday night @ shooshh/brighton

~1d ago

zepi: anyone up for some drinks @fabric/london saturday night? pm me 4 gl.

~2d ago