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  • Learn C#: links to sources for learning the c# language
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~6h ago

sebl: cool, thanks. comes time, comes a solution :)

~10h ago

tekcor: All fine sebl.

~10h ago

keftaparty: @sebl in dx9 it was solved (last betas work out of the box) & dx11 never had problems I think

~10h ago

sebl: is optimus (one external display + built in screen) still a big issue?

~1d ago

metrowave: @shual: original and fun!

~1d ago

shual: link: vimeo.com/105599411

~1d ago

shual: Small proof of concept:https://vimeo.com/105599411

~1d ago

benju: Anton robotanton is cloning himself @ Cinema Vertigo Workshops @ http://schmiede.ca