» Mixed Data over that same Ol Pin
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Mixed Data over that same Ol Pin

There's been a plugin programming feature request by VVIPP vux to get a custom node pin that could also accept value/color/string/transforms which got resolved a while ago. As there were no further complaints about the way it got implemented in the API we now will commit us to the following changes:

  • All pins are now based upon the rather abstract node pins implementing different data interfaces.
  • You now can create an unspecific node input that just asks for different interfaces dynamically and by that can work with different types of data of the builtin pins.
  public INodeIn FX; // unspecific regarding the expected data

later on you then can ask for a handle on the data via:

FX.GetUpstreamInterface(out myData);
  • test for specific data by asking if myData supports IValueData, IStringData, IColorData, IRawData

As a side node: Making all pins compatible might help users at times. All data can now flow over GetSlice (Node) and Switch (Node) nodes.

See "girlpower\VVVV Plugin API\VariantPins" for an example for a Switch that is connected to colors, strings, values and whatnot at the same time.

various data over one connection

original request: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/plugin-interface-feature-request/12639

gregsn, Sunday, Dec 11th 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 5 comments  
microdee 12/12/2016 - 15:07

"Oi! Pin! Move your bloody arse over here!"
(there's a typo in the title)

sorry discovered that that I (upper case i) is actually an l (lower case L)

Grandchild 13/12/2016 - 16:54

Getting an error trying to load this in latest alpha34.106_x64:


Happens when loading the example patch, and as well when dropping the .csproj file into 0.v4p.
Have addons and DX11 installed, Win10.

Elias 13/12/2016 - 22:07

@Grandchild You sure you're using the most recent alpha version? The error you see was indeed present but fixed two days ago.

Grandchild 16/12/2016 - 11:51

Sorry, hectic days...

I copied the version number from the install folder, I think I clicked the link at the top, but I don't know the commit hash. Anyway, I updated to latest now, alpha34.107_x64, a7fc71ebb9, and it does indeed work. So, sorry for the noise. :P

sebl 20/12/2016 - 13:56

nice thing, thanks!

one minor thing:

the ouput pin says 'mixed types' when hovered, but when connecting an iobox it always says 'any type ok'

anyway, when playing around with switch(node) for example, i figured out this annotation is not reliable...

  • a fresh created node says 'any type ok' on its output
  • as soon as any input is connected, it switches to 'mixed types'
  • when disconnecting the inputs it stays at 'mixed types' until the node is hard resetted

imo best would be if it tells us the real type like 'color' until the types are mixed. then it should display 'mixed types'

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