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Text Rendering

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Text as a layer

Related nodes

Text (EX9)
Billboard (Transform)
TypoSpread (Spreads)
TextMetrics (String)
GlyphInfo (String)

The simplest way to draw text is using Text (EX9) which returns a layer that can be directly connected to the Renderer. Note how the nodes Size by default does not actually change the texts size but rather its resolution. See the nodes helppatch in order to learn how to specify the size in pixels.

Examples in your vvvv\girlpower\ directory:

  • Graphics\DX9\Text

See also:

Text as a texture

Related nodes

Text (EX9.Texture)
Text (EX9.Texture Source)

The Text (EX9.Texture) has almost the same functionality as the native Text (EX9) but returns texture with a text drawn on transparent background. This texture can then be applied to any geometry or primitives like Quad (DX9) in order to be rendered.

The Text (EX9.Texture Source) is also a simple text to texture renderer.

These nodes are contributed by woei and unc and are coming with the addonpack.

Examples in your vvvv\girlpower\ directory:

  • Graphics\DX9\Text

Text as 3d geometry

Related nodes

Text (EX9.Geometry)

Text (EX9.Geometry) returns text as geometry. But note that since 45beta32 this node is no longer available by default.

Read more about the /dx9ex commandline parameter to understand why and learn how to make the node work again.

Rendering HTML & Flash text

Related nodes

HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture String)
HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture URL)
Renderer (Flash)

A text layout made in HTML or Flash can be rendered to a texture using HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture URL). Note that you don't need the Renderer (Flash) because HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture URL) renders it all..

HTMLTexture nodes are coming with the addonpack.

Examples in your vvvv\girlpower\ directory:

  • Graphics\DX9\Text
  • IO\Web\07_Transparent Flash

See also:

Rendering SVG text as a texture

Scalable Vector Graphics
Inkscape a free vector graphics editor

Related nodes

Text (SVG)
Renderer (SVG)
SVGTexture (EX9.Texture)
Reader (SVG)
Join (SVG)
AsDocument (SVG)

Another way to layout and render the text is to use SVG.

SVGs can be created on the fly using the nodes from the SVG category or be prepared beforehand in your favorite Vector-based editing program and then just loaded as SVG-files using the Reader (SVG).

Examples in your vvvv\girlpower\ directory:

  • Graphics\SVG

See also:

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