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Renderer (Flash)

Help Flash Renderer Window
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Here you are supposed to see an image (rendered with SVG) describing the pins of this node. However, this does not work with Internet Explorer. You may want to consider using another browser, like FireFox, Chrome, Safari or Opera that do support SVG.


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How do i control Flash variables from outside?

Inside Flash you have to make sure that the object that you want to control has a name, so that it can be accessed through actionscript. you do this by setting its behaviour to "movie clip" in the property inspector (it has to be a symbol) and then assigning a name to it. i chose "shape" in this case. there's no actual actionscripting necessary, just giving the flash shape a name like so:

My Flash stops working if its render window isn't active

Somehow Flash renderer falls asleep if its window is not the active one. To avoid lazy movies just feed in a variable and do something unimportant with it inside your Flash script/file. Flash is busy then and keeps its output working, even if its not the active window.

Flash renderer window is annoying how to hide it?

It isn't possible not to show Flash renderer, because it will stop working then. VVVV grabs the texture out of Flash renderer, so no renderer no texture. But you can set your desired pixel size in Flash renderer and resize this window to just some mini pixels. Then you can move it into some screen corner where it will be not seen anymore - its possible to set position value by hand if you open ".v4p"-file with notepad and write it there.
Because of your fixed pixel size your rendered texture is the size you want and can use in your later DX renderers.

Is there a possibility to set the background of the flash transparent?

This seems to be a limitation of the Flash ActiveX. There is no way to use a flash movie with alpha in vvvv.
We once worked around this with two flash movies, one for the alpha and one for the content which were combined in a shader. If you can spare some colors, you could also use a chromakeying shader. Easiest way would be simply using the Add mode of the Blend node for that - but it will sure look different.

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