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node reference

name category type help author
* (3d Cross) 3d native
* (3d Dot) 3d native
* (3d Vector) 3d native
* (3d) 3d native
* (4d Vector) 4d native
* (4d) 4d native
* (Color) Color native
* (Complex) Complex native
* (Differential ConstantScale) Differential native
* (Differential) Differential native
* (Octonion) Octonion plugin
* (Octonion) Octonion plugin
* (Quaternion) Quaternion native
* (String) String native
* (Transform Priority) Transform plugin
* (Transform Priority) Transform plugin
* (Transform) Transform native
* (Value Spectral Advanced) Value plugin
* (Value Spectral Advanced) Value plugin
* (Value Spectral Vector) Value plugin
* (Value Spectral) Value native
* (Value) Value native
+ (Color) Color native
+ (Complex) Complex native
+ (Differential) Differential native
+ (Raw Spectral) plugin
+ (Raw) plugin
+ (String Spectral) String native
+ (String) String native
+ (Value Spectral Advanced) Value plugin
+ (Value Spectral Advanced) Value plugin
+ (Value Spectral Vector) Value plugin
+ (Value Spectral) Value native
+ (Value) Value native
- (Color) Color native
- (Complex) Complex native
- (Spreads Sets) Spreads native
- (String) String native
- (Value Cyclic) Value module
- (Value) Value native
/ (Complex) Complex native
/ (Differential) Differential native
/ (Octonion) Octonion plugin
/ (Octonion) Octonion plugin
/ (Value) Value native
< (Value) Value native
<= (Value) Value native
= (Color) Color module
= (Raw) plugin
= (Spreads Sets) Spreads native
= (String) String native
= (Value Cyclic) Value module
= (Value) Value native
> (Value) Value native
>= (Value) Value native
AABBQuery (Box2d) Box2d plugin
About (VVVV) VVVV native
Abs (Complex) Complex native
AbsolutePath (File) File native
Accelerometer (Devices Phidget) Devices plugin
ActiveWindow (Windows) Windows native
Address (EX9.SamplerState) EX9.SamplerState native
ADSR (Animation FrameBased) Animation vl
ADSR (Animation TimeBased) Animation vl
ADSR (Animation) Animation native
Align (Transform FromTo) Transform module
Align (Transform) Transform module
AlignToPath (Transform) Transform module
AlphaLevels (EX9.Texture Filter Legacy) EX9.Texture module
AlphaLevels (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
AlphaTest (EX9.RenderState) EX9.RenderState native
Anaglyph (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
AnalogMappingDecoder (Firmata Internal) vl
AnalogRead (Firmata Integer) vl
AnalogRead (Firmata) vl
AnalogWrite (Firmata Integer) vl
AnalogWrite (Firmata) vl
AND (Boolean Spectral) Boolean native
AND (Boolean) Boolean native
Angle (2d) 2d module
Angle (3d) 3d module
APF (Bass) Bass plugin
AppendAnchor (Bullet DX9) plugin
AppendAnchor (Bullet) plugin
ApplyForce (Box2d) Box2d plugin
ApplyForce (Bullet DX9) plugin
ApplyForce (Bullet Node DX9) plugin
ApplyForce (Bullet Node) plugin
ApplyForce (Bullet SoftBody DX9) plugin
ApplyForce (Bullet SoftBody) plugin
ApplyForce (Bullet) plugin
ApplyImpulse (Box2d) Box2d plugin
ApplyImpulse (Bullet DX9) plugin
ApplyImpulse (Bullet) plugin
ApplyModifiers (String Legacy) String plugin
ApplyModifiers (String) String plugin
ApplyNearAndFar (Transform) Transform module
ApplyTorque (Box2d) Box2d plugin
ApplyTorque (Bullet DX9) plugin
ApplyTorque (Bullet) plugin
ApplyTransform (Mouse) module
ApplyTransform (Transform Direction) Transform module
ApplyTransform (Transform Vector) Transform native
ApplyTransform (Transform) Transform native
ArbitraryPoint (Transform Vector) Transform native
ArbitraryPoint (Transform) Transform native
Architecture (VVVV) VVVV plugin
ArcLength (2d BezierSpline) 2d vl
ArcLength (2d) 2d vl
ArcLength (3d BezierSpline) 3d vl
ArcLength (3d) 3d vl
Arduino (Devices StandardFirmata 2.x Legacy) Devices module
Arduino (Devices StandardFirmata 2.x) Devices module
ArduinoFirmata (Devices Legacy) Devices plugin
ArduinoFirmata (Devices) Devices plugin
Area (2d) 2d module
AreEqual (Test String) module
AreEqual (Test Value) module
Arg (Complex) Complex native
Args (VVVV) VVVV native
Arm (Leap) vl
Arrow (EX9) EX9 module
ArtDMXDecode (Network Internal) Network vl
ArtDMXEncode (Network Internal) Network vl
ArtNet (Network Receiver Internal) Network vl
ArtNet (Network Receiver Legacy) Network module
ArtNet (Network Receiver) Network module
ArtNet (Network Sender Internal) Network vl
ArtNet (Network Sender Legacy) Network module
ArtNet (Network Sender) Network module
ArtNetDecoder (Network Internal) Network vl
AsASCII (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture module
Ascii (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
AsColor (Raw) module
AsColor (String Hex) String native
AsColor (String) String module
AsDocument (SVG) plugin
AsElement (XML) XML plugin
AsKeyCode (String) String plugin
AsKeyName (Value) Value plugin
AspectRatio (Transform) Transform native
AspectRatioGridSplit (2d) 2d native
AsPolygonEditor (XElement) module
AsRaw (Color) Color module
AsRaw (EX9.Texture Photoshop) EX9.Texture module
AsRaw (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture native
AsRaw (Firmata Value 7bit) vl
AsRaw (Leap) vl
AsRaw (Photoshop) module
AsRaw (String Hex) String module
AsRaw (String) String native
AsRaw (Transform) Transform module
AsRaw (Value) Value plugin
Assert (Test) module
Assets (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
AssignController (Box2d) Box2d plugin
AsString (Color Hex) Color native
AsString (Color) Color module
AsString (EX9.Texture Legacy) EX9.Texture native
AsString (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture native
AsString (Object) plugin
AsString (Photoshop) module
AsString (Raw) native
AsString (SVG) plugin
AsString (Value) Value native
AsSVG (String) String plugin
AsTexture (Photoshop Pixmap) module
AsTexture (Photoshop) module
AsTexture (Raw) plugin
AsTransform (Raw) module
AsValue (Raw) plugin
AsValue (String) String native
AsVideo (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture native
AsXElement (JSON) plugin
AsXElement (PolygonEditor) module
AsXElement (XML) XML plugin
Attractor (2d) 2d native
Attractor (Value Self) Value native
Attractor (Value) Value native
Attractor3d (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
AttractorSpread (Spreads) Spreads native
Attribute (XElement Join) plugin
Attribute (XElement Split) plugin
Attribute (XML Join) XML plugin
Attribute (XML Split) XML plugin
Attributes (File) File plugin
AudioAnalysis (DShow9) DShow9 module
AudioIn (Bass Asio) Bass plugin
AudioIn (DShow9) DShow9 native
AudioMixer (System Legacy) System native
AudioMixer (System) System native
AudioOut (Bass Asio) Bass plugin
AudioOut (Bass) Bass plugin
AudioOut (DShow9) DShow9 native
AudioRecordSelector (System Legacy) System native
AudioRecordSelector (System) System native
AutoColor (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Automata (Animation Legacy) Animation native
Automata (Animation) Animation native
AutoSkinWeights (Skeleton) Skeleton plugin
AutoWah (Bass) Bass plugin
Average (EX9.Texture Analysis) EX9.Texture module
AviParser (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture native
AvoidEmpty (String) String module
AvoidNIL (Color) Color module
AvoidNIL (Node) Node module
AvoidNIL (Spreads) Spreads module
AvoidNIL (String) String module
AvoidSpecialNumbers (Value) Value plugin
Axis (DX9) DX9 module
AxisAndGrid (DX9 2d) DX9 module
AxisAndGrid (DX9 Legacy) DX9 module
AxisAndGrid (DX9) DX9 module
AxisAngle (Quaternion Get Vector) Quaternion native
AxisAngle (Quaternion Get) Quaternion native
AxisAngle (Quaternion Set Vector) Quaternion native
AxisAngle (Quaternion Set) Quaternion native
B-Spline (2d) 2d module
B-Spline (3D Surface Normals) 3d module
B-Spline (3D Surface) 3d module
B-Spline (3D Wryly OldSchool) 3d module
B-Spline (3D Wryly) 3d module
B-Spline (3D) 3d module
B-Spline (Value) Value native
Background (EX9) EX9 module
Background (EX9.Layer) module
BackgroundSubtraction (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
BandedSwirl (EX9.Texture Mixer) EX9.Texture module
Barcode1d (Spreads) Spreads native
BarcodeReader (String) String vl
BarSpread (Spreads Legacy) Spreads module
BarSpread (Spreads) Spreads native
BeatDetector (Bass) Bass plugin
BeatDetector (Value) Value module
BeatScanner (Bass) Bass plugin
Beep (Windows) Windows native
Bell (Devices TAPI) Devices native
BezierEditor (2d) 2d module
BezierEditor (3d) 3d module
BezierEditor (EditingFramework 2d Internal) vl
BezierEditor (EditingFramework 3d Internal) vl
BezierEditorControls (EditingFramework Internal) vl
BezierEditorState (EditingFramework 2d Boygroup) module
BezierEditorState (EditingFramework 3d Boygroup) module
BezierEditorState (EditingFramework Join 2d Internal) vl
BezierEditorState (EditingFramework Join 3d Internal) vl
BezierEditorState (EditingFramework Split 2d) vl
BezierEditorState (EditingFramework Split 3d) vl
BezierEditorView (DX11 2d) module
BezierEditorView (DX11 3d) module
BezierEditorView (DX11 Internal) module
BezierEditorView (DX9 2d) DX9 module
BezierEditorView (DX9 3d) DX9 module
BezierEditorView (DX9 Internal) DX9 module
BezierKnot (2d Join Controls) 2d vl
BezierKnot (2d Join) 2d vl
BezierKnot (2d Split) 2d vl
BezierKnot (3d Join Controls) 3d vl
BezierKnot (3d Join) 3d vl
BezierKnot (3d Split) 3d vl
BézierLine (GDI) GDI native
BézierLoop (GDI) GDI native
BezierPatch (BezierPatch Join) vl
BezierPatch (BezierPatch Split) vl
BezierPatch (EX9.Geometry 2d) EX9.Geometry module
BezierPatch (EX9.Geometry 3d) EX9.Geometry module
BezierPatchEditor (2d) 2d module
BezierPatchEditor (3d) 3d module
BezierPatchSpread (BezierPatch) vl
BezierSegment (BezierSegment 2d Join) vl
BezierSegment (BezierSegment 2d Split) vl
BezierSegment (BezierSegment 3d Join) vl
BezierSegment (BezierSegment 3d Split) vl
BezierSegmentSpread (BezierSegment 2d) vl
BezierSegmentSpread (BezierSegment 3d) vl
BezierSpline (2d Join) 2d vl
BezierSpline (2d Split) 2d vl
BezierSpline (3d Join) 3d vl
BezierSpline (3d Split) 3d vl
BézierSpline (Value) Value plugin
BezierSplineView (DX11 2d) module
BezierSplineView (DX11 3d) module
BezierSplineView (DX9 2d) DX9 module
BezierSplineView (DX9 3d) DX9 module
BezierSpread (2d BezierSpline) 2d vl
BezierSpread (3d BezierSpline) 3d vl
BézierSpread (Spreads Advanced) Spreads plugin
BézierSpread (Spreads) Spreads native
Bicubic (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
Bilerp (2d) 2d plugin
Bilerp (Transform) Transform plugin
Billboard (Transform) Transform native
Bit (Value) Value module
Bjorklund (Collections) vl
Blackbox (VVVV) VVVV native
Blend (Color) Color native
Blend (EX9.RenderState Advanced) EX9.RenderState native
Blend (EX9.RenderState) EX9.RenderState native
Blend (EX9.Texture Mixer) EX9.Texture module
Blinds (EX9.Texture Mixer) EX9.Texture module
Blinker (Animation) Animation native
Blobs (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
Blood (EX9.Texture Mixer) EX9.Texture module
Blur (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
BlurDirectional (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
BlurFlow (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
BlurGlow (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
BlurPerfector (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
BlurRadial (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
BlurRadial3D (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
BlurWarp (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
BoardConfig (Firmata) module
Body (ODE) ODE native
Bone (Leap) vl
Bone (Transform LookAt Vector) Transform module
Bone (Transform Vector Legacy) Transform module
Bone (Transform Vector) Transform module
Boost (VVVV) VVVV native
BoundingBox (EX9.Geometry Mesh) EX9.Geometry native
BoundingBox (PolygonEditor DX9) module
Bounds (Spectral Advanced) Spectral plugin
Bounds (Spectral Vector) Spectral plugin
Bounds (Spectral) Spectral native
BoundsResize (PolygonEditor Internal) module
BoundsResize (PolygonEditor) module
Box (Box2d) Box2d plugin
Box (Bullet DX9) plugin
Box (Bullet) plugin
Box (EX9.Geometry) EX9.Geometry native
Box (ODE) ODE native
BoxDynamic (ODE) ODE module
BoxStatic (ODE) ODE module
Boygroup (VVVV Client) VVVV native
Boygroup (VVVV Server) VVVV native
Brake (Bullet Vehicle DX9) plugin
Brake (Bullet Vehicle) plugin
Browser (Devices TobiiEyetracker) Devices plugin
Brush (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
BubbleNoise (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
Buffer (Color) Color plugin
Buffer (Enumerations) Enumerations plugin
Buffer (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture native
Buffer (Raw) plugin
Buffer (Spreads) Spreads plugin
Buffer (String) String plugin
Buffer (Transform) Transform plugin
Buffer (XElement Attribute) plugin
Buffer (XElement Document) plugin
Buffer (XElement) plugin
Bump (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Buoyancy (Box2d Controller) Box2d plugin
Button (3d Mesh Legacy) 3d module
Button (3d Mesh Multitouch) 3d module
Button (3d Mesh) 3d module
Button (3d Quad Legacy) 3d module
Button (3d Quad Multitouch) 3d module
Button (3d Quad) 3d module
Bvh (Bullet DX9) plugin
Bvh (Bullet) plugin
Byte (String) String native
Calibration (Devices TobiiEyetracker) Devices plugin
Calibration (TheEyeTribe) vl
Camera (Assimp Transform DX9) plugin
Camera (Assimp Transform) plugin
Camera (EditingFramework 2d Internal) vl
Camera (EditingFramework 3d Internal) vl
Camera (EX9.Geometry Collada) EX9.Geometry plugin
Camera (SVG Join) plugin
Camera (SVG Split) plugin
Camera (Transform 2d Legacy) Transform module
Camera (Transform 2d) Transform module
Camera (Transform Collada) Transform plugin
Camera (Transform Orbit Legacy) Transform module
Camera (Transform Orbit) Transform module
Camera (Transform Softimage Legacy) Transform module
Camera (Transform Softimage) Transform module
CameraCone (EX9) EX9 module
CameraMotionBlur (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
CameraPreview (EX9) EX9 module
CameraPreview (Transform DX9) Transform module
CameraState (EditingFramework Join 2d Internal) vl
CameraState (EditingFramework Join 3d Internal) vl
CameraState (EditingFramework Split 2d) vl
CameraState (EditingFramework Split 3d) vl
CameraState (Transform Collada) Transform plugin
CamShiftTracker (FreeFrame DShow9) freeframe
CapabilityDecoder (Firmata Internal) vl
CapabilityQuery (Firmata) vl
CapabilityResponse (Firmata) module
Caps (String) String native
CAR (Color Bin) Color plugin
CAR (Color) Color native
CAR (Enumerations Bin) Enumerations plugin
CAR (Raw Bin) plugin
CAR (Spreads Advanced) Spreads plugin
CAR (Spreads Vector) Spreads plugin
CAR (Spreads) Spreads native
CAR (String Bin) String plugin
CAR (String) String native
CAR (Transform Bin) Transform plugin
CAR (XElement Attribute Bin) plugin
CAR (XElement Bin) plugin
CAR (XElement Document Bin) plugin
Cartesian (2d Vector) 2d native
Cartesian (2d) 2d native
Cartesian (3d Vector) 3d native
Cartesian (3d) 3d native
Cartoon (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Case (Value) Value plugin
Cast (XElement Attribute) plugin
Cast (XElement Document) plugin
Cast (XElement) plugin
CCylinder (ODE) ODE native
CDR (Color Bin) Color plugin
CDR (Color) Color native
CDR (Enumerations Bin) Enumerations plugin
CDR (Raw Bin) plugin
CDR (Spreads Advanced) Spreads plugin
CDR (Spreads Vector) Spreads plugin
CDR (Spreads) Spreads native
CDR (String Bin) String plugin
CDR (String) String native
CDR (Transform Bin) Transform plugin
CDR (XElement Attribute Bin) plugin
CDR (XElement Bin) plugin
CDR (XElement Document Bin) plugin
Centroid (2d) 2d module
Change (Animation Spectral) Animation module
Change (Animation) Animation native
Change (Color) Color module
Change (EX9.Geometry Mesh) EX9.Geometry native
Change (Raw) plugin
Change (String) String native
ChangeFormat (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture module
ChannelData (Bass) Bass plugin
CharacterBrightness (String) String module
Charcoal (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Cheater (DShow9) DShow9 native
Checksum (String) String native
CheckTangents (DX11.Geometry) module
Chess (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
ChooseBoundsResize (PolygonEditor Internal) module
ChooseBoundsResize (PolygonEditor) module
Chorus (Bass) Bass plugin
ChromaKey (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Circle (Box2d) Box2d plugin
Circle (GDI) GDI native
Circle (SVG) plugin
CircleGesture (Leap Legacy) plugin
CircleGesture (Leap) vl
CircleReveal (EX9.Texture Mixer) EX9.Texture module
CircleSpread (Spreads 2d) Spreads vl
CircleStretch (EX9.Texture Mixer) EX9.Texture module
CircularSpread (Spreads) Spreads native
Circumference (2d) 2d module
Clamp (3d) 3d native
Clean (String Advanced) String plugin
Clean (String) String native
ClientSocket (Network Legacy) Network module
CliffordAttractor (Animation) Animation plugin
Clip (EX9.RenderState) EX9.RenderState native
Clipboard (Windows String Get) Windows native
Clipboard (Windows String Set) Windows native
ClippingEar (2d) 2d plugin
Clock (Network Boygroup) Network plugin
Clock (VVVV) VVVV native
Clone (Bass) Bass plugin
ColladaFile (EX9.Geometry) EX9.Geometry plugin
ColorChannel (EX9.RenderState) EX9.RenderState native
Colorize (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
ColorKey (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
ColorRamp (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
ColorTracker (FreeFrame DShow9) freeframe
ColorWaveShaper (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Combinations (Color) Color plugin
Combinations (Enumerations) Enumerations plugin
Combinations (Raw) plugin
Combinations (Spreads) Spreads plugin
Combinations (String) String plugin
Combinations (Transform) Transform plugin
Combine (File Path) File plugin
Compare (String) String native
Comparer (2d Angle) 2d plugin
Comparer (2d Length) 2d plugin
Complement (Color) Color native
CompoundShape (Bullet Group DX9) plugin
CompoundShape (Bullet Group) plugin
CompoundShape (Bullet Spread DX9) plugin
CompoundShape (Bullet Spread) plugin
Compress (DShow9) DShow9 native
Compressor (Bass) Bass plugin
ConfigSwitcher (Firmata Internal) vl
Conjugate (Complex) Complex native
Conjugate (Quaternion) Quaternion plugin
Connect (2d) 2d native
Connect (Spreads) Spreads plugin
Connect2d (Facebook) Facebook plugin
ConnectAll (2d) 2d native
ConnectAll (3d Vector) 3d plugin
Cons (2d) 2d plugin
Cons (3d) 3d plugin
Cons (4d) 4d plugin
Cons (Color Legacy) Color native
Cons (Color) Color plugin
Cons (Enumerations) Enumerations plugin
Cons (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture native
Cons (Firmata) vl
Cons (Raw) plugin
Cons (Spreads Legacy) Spreads native
Cons (Spreads) Spreads plugin
Cons (String Legacy) String native
Cons (String) String plugin
Cons (Transform) Transform plugin
Cons (XElement Attribute) plugin
Cons (XElement Document) plugin
Cons (XElement) plugin
Constant (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
ConstantAcceleration (Box2d Controller) Box2d plugin
ConstantForce (Box2d Controller) Box2d plugin
ConstantOnScreen (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
ConstantVC (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
ConstantVCWrapU (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
ConstantVP (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
ConstantWrap (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
ConstantWrapped (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
Constant_2.0 (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
Contour (FreeFrame DShow9) freeframe
Convert (String Legacy) String native
Convert (String) String native
ConvexHull (2d) 2d native
ConvexHull (3d) 3d plugin
ConvexHull (Bullet DX9) plugin
ConvexHull (Bullet SoftShape DX9) plugin
ConvexHull (Bullet SoftShape) plugin
ConvexHull (Bullet) plugin
Convolution (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Copier (File Async Legacy) File native
Copier (File Async) File plugin
Copier (File) File native
Copy (String) String native
Count (2d) 2d module
Count (3d) 3d module
Count (Color) Color native
Count (Enumerations) Enumerations native
Count (EX9.Geometry Mesh) EX9.Geometry native
Count (Node) Node native
Count (String) String native
Count (Value) Value native
Counter (Animation Legacy) Animation native
Counter (Animation Raster) Animation native
Counter (Animation) Animation native
CountIndices (Spreads) Spreads native
CPULoad (Debug) Debug native
CR (String) String module
CreateBody (Box2d) Box2d plugin
CreateBody (Box2d.Persist) plugin
CreateDefault (DirectX.DynamicBufferDescription) vl
CreateDefault (DirectX.DynamicRawBufferDescription) vl
CreateDistanceJoint (Box2d) Box2d plugin
CreateEnum (Enumerations) Enumerations native
CreateJoint (Skeleton) Skeleton plugin
CreateLineJoint (Box2d) Box2d plugin
CreateMouseJoint (Box2d) Box2d plugin
CreateNode (VVVV) VVVV native
CreatePrismaticJoint (Box2d) Box2d plugin
CreatePulleyJoint (Box2d) Box2d plugin
CreateRevoluteJoint (Box2d) Box2d plugin
CreateRigidBody (Bullet DX9) plugin
CreateRigidBody (Bullet Persist DX9) plugin
CreateRigidBody (Bullet Persist) plugin
CreateRigidBody (Bullet) plugin
CreateShape (Box2d) Box2d plugin
CreateSoftBody (Bullet DX9) plugin
CreateSoftBody (Bullet) plugin
CreateVehicle (Bullet DX9) plugin
CreateVehicle (Bullet) plugin
CRLF (String) String module
Crop (DShow9 Meraka) DShow9 native
Crop (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture module
Cross (2d Bin) 2d module
Cross (2d) 2d native
Cross (3d) 3d native
Cross (Spectral legacy) Spectral plugin
Cross (Spectral) Spectral plugin
CrossStitching (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
CrossToCube (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture module
Crumble (EX9.Texture Mixer) EX9.Texture module
CubeMap (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
CubeTexture (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
CubeToCross (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture module
CubeToPano (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture module
Cull (EX9.RenderState) EX9.RenderState native
CurrentTime (Astronomy) Astronomy native
Cursor (DX11 EditingFramework) module
Cursor (DX9 Boygrouped Legacy) DX9 module
Cursor (DX9 Boygrouped) DX9 module
Cursor (DX9 Legacy 2) DX9 module
Cursor (DX9 Legacy) DX9 module
Cursor (DX9) DX9 module
Cursor (System Legacy) System native
Cursor (System) System native
CursorType (Enumerations Legacy) Enumerations module
CursorType (Enumerations) Enumerations module
CutSpheres (3d Three) 3d plugin
Cycles (Value Degrees) Value module
Cycles (Value Radians) Value module
Cylinder (Bullet DX9) plugin
Cylinder (Bullet) plugin
Cylinder (DX9) DX9 module
Cylinder (EX9.Geometry) EX9.Geometry native
Cylinder (ODE) ODE native
CylinderDynamic (ODE) ODE module
CylinderStatic (ODE) ODE module
Damper (Animation Jump) Animation module
Damper (Animation) Animation native
Database (MySQL Network) MySQL plugin
Database (Odbc Network) Odbc plugin
Database (OleDb Network) OleDb plugin
Database (PostgreSQL Network) PostgreSQL plugin
Database (SQL Server Network) SQL Server plugin
Database (SQLite Network) SQlite plugin
Database (SQLServer Network) plugin
Date (Astronomy) Astronomy plugin
DebugReporter (Firmata Internal) vl
Decay (Animation) Animation native
Decode (Raw Base64) plugin
Decode (String File) String plugin
Decode (String HTML) String plugin
Decode (String URL) String plugin
DecodeODETransform (Value ODE) Value module
Decompose (Transform Quaternion) Transform plugin
Decompose (Transform Vector Legacy) Transform module
Decompose (Transform Vector) Transform plugin
DeCons (Color) Color plugin
DeCons (Enumerations) Enumerations plugin
DeCons (Spreads) Spreads plugin
DeCons (String) String plugin
DeCons (Transform) Transform plugin
Decrypt (Raw 3DES) plugin
DeformByCurve (3D B-Spline) 3d module
Degrees (Value Cycles) Value module
Degrees (Value Radians) Value module
Delaunay (2d Triangle) 2d native
Delaunay (2d) 2d native
Delaunay (3d) 3d plugin
Delay (Animation) Animation native
DelayRGB (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Delete (MySQL Network) MySQL plugin
Delete (MySQL) MySQL native
Delete (Odbc Network) Odbc plugin
Delete (OleDb Network) OleDb plugin
Delete (PostgreSQL Network) PostgreSQL plugin
Delete (SQL Server Network) SQL Server plugin
Delete (SQlite Network) SQlite plugin
Delete (SQLServer Network) plugin
DeleteNode (VVVV) VVVV native
DeleteSlice (Color) Color plugin
DeleteSlice (Enumerations) Enumerations plugin
DeleteSlice (Raw) plugin
DeleteSlice (Spreads) Spreads plugin
DeleteSlice (String) String plugin
DeleteSlice (Transform) Transform plugin
DeleteSlice (XElement Attribute) plugin
DeleteSlice (XElement Document) plugin
DeleteSlice (XElement) plugin
DeNiro (Animation) Animation native
DensitySpread (Spreads) Spreads module
Depth (Kinect Microsoft DX9) plugin
Depth (Kinect Microsoft) plugin
Depth (Kinect OpenNI) plugin
DepthToWorld (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
DeSerialize (PolygonEditor XElement) module
DestroyBody (Box2d) Box2d plugin
DestroyBody (Bullet DX9) plugin
DestroyBody (Bullet) plugin
DestroyConstraint (Bullet DX9) plugin
DestroyConstraint (Bullet) plugin
DestroyJoint (Box2d) Box2d plugin
DestroyShape (Box2d) Box2d plugin
DetectObject (FreeFrame DShow9) freeframe
Device (EX9 Auto) EX9 native
Device (EX9 Manual) EX9 native
DeviceInfo (Leap) vl
DFT (Value) Value native
Dial (Devices Custom) Devices native
Dialog (File Open) File plugin
Dialog (File Save) File plugin
Diff (String) String native
Differential (Spreads Advanced) Spreads plugin
Differential (Spreads Legacy) Spreads native
Differential (Spreads Vector) Spreads plugin
Differential (Spreads) Spreads plugin
DigitalRead (Firmata) vl
DigitalWrite (Firmata) vl
Dir (File Advanced) File plugin
Dir (File) File native
Directory (File) File plugin
Disperse (Spreads) Spreads plugin
Displace (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
DisplaceEcho (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
DisplaceMB (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
DisplacementMap (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
DisplacementMap (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
Dissolve (EX9.Texture Mixer) EX9.Texture module
Distance (2d) 2d module
Distance (3d) 3d module
Distinct (String) String vl
Distorsion (Bass) Bass plugin
Distort (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
DistortFlow (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Distortion (DShow9) DShow9 native
DistortWarp (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
DMX (Devices ecue Butler) Devices native
DMX (Devices ecue Texture) Devices native
DMX (Devices Soundlight USBDMX) Devices native
DMX (Devices Sunlite SLESA) Devices native
DMX (Network Artnet Receiver) Network native
DMX (Network Artnet Sender) Network native
Dongle (VVVV) VVVV native
DoQuit (VVVV) VVVV native
DotPainter (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Dots (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Drag (2d) 2d module
Drag (Value) Value module
DragVertex (PolygonEditor Internal) module
DragVertex (PolygonEditor) module
DrawFixed (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect native
DrawVertexID (EX9) EX9 module
DropDown (Color) Color plugin
DropDown (String) String plugin
DropFade (EX9.Texture Mixer) EX9.Texture module
DropShadow (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
DScaler (DShow9) DShow9 native
DualQuaternion (Quaternion Join) Quaternion plugin
DuffingOscillator (Animation) Animation plugin
Dummy (VVVV) VVVV native
Dump (DShow9) DShow9 native
DVDPlayer (Devices Pioneer) Devices native
DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture native
DynamicMerge (Differential) Differential native
DynamicStream (Bass) Bass plugin
DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture Color) EX9.Texture native
DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture Raw) EX9.Texture native
DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture String Legacy) EX9.Texture module
DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture String) EX9.Texture native
DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture Value) EX9.Texture native
Echo (Bass) Bass plugin
Echo (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Edge (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
EdgeChain (Box2d) Box2d plugin
EdgeGlow (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
EditableBezierKnot (EditingFramework Join 2d Controls) vl
EditableBezierKnot (EditingFramework Join 2d) vl
EditableBezierKnot (EditingFramework Join 3d Controls) vl
EditableBezierKnot (EditingFramework Join 3d) vl
EditableBezierKnot (EditingFramework Split 2d) vl
EditableBezierKnot (EditingFramework Split 3d) vl
EditablePoint (EditingFramework 3dFrom2d Internal) vl
EditablePoint (EditingFramework Join 2d) vl
EditablePoint (EditingFramework Join 3d) vl
EditablePoint (EditingFramework Split 2d) vl
EditablePoint (EditingFramework Split 3d) vl
EisensteinPrimes (Spreads) Spreads plugin
Eject (Windows) Windows native
Elektricity (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
Element (XElement Join) plugin
Element (XElement Split) plugin
Element (XML Join) XML plugin
Element (XML Split) XML plugin
Ellipsis (String) String module
Ellipsoid (Bullet DX9) plugin
Ellipsoid (Bullet) plugin
Emboss (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Encode (String Base64) String plugin
Encode (String File) String plugin
Encode (String HTML Attribute) String plugin
Encode (String HTML) String plugin
Encode (String URL) String plugin
EncodeODETransform (Value ODE) Value module
Encoder (Devices Phidget) Devices plugin
Encrypt (Raw 3DES) plugin
eNet (Devices ecue Config) Devices native
eNet (Devices ecue Info) Devices native
EngineForce (Bullet Vehicle DX9) plugin
EngineForce (Bullet Vehicle) plugin
Enqueue (Raw) vl
Entry2String (Enumerations) Enumerations plugin
Enum2Ord (Enumerations Explicit) Enumerations native
Enum2Ord (Enumerations) Enumerations native
Enum2String (Enumerations Explicit) Enumerations native
Enum2String (Enumerations) Enumerations native
Epsilon (Value) Value module
Equals (XElement Attribute) plugin
Equals (XElement Document) plugin
Equals (XElement) plugin
Escape (String MySQL) String module
Euler (Quaternion Set Vector) Quaternion native
Euler (Quaternion Set) Quaternion native
Except (String) String vl
ExecBatch (MySQL) MySQL native
Exists (File) File native
Exp (Complex) Complex native
Exp (Quaternion) Quaternion plugin
Expr (Value Advanced) Value plugin
Expr (Value Legacy) Value native
Expr (Value) Value native
EyeTracker (Devices TheEyeTribe) Devices vl
Eyetracker (Devices TobiiEyetracker) Devices plugin
Face (Kinect Microsoft DX9) plugin
Face (Kinect Microsoft) plugin
FaderBox (Devices CM MotorMix) Devices native
FaderBox (Devices Peavey FaderMaster) Devices native
FFT (Bass NRT) Bass plugin
FFT (Bass) Bass plugin
FFT (DShow9 4Channels Win7) DShow9 module
FFT (DShow9 4Channels WinXP legacy) DShow9 module
FFT (DShow9 4Channels WinXP) DShow9 module
FFT (DShow9 4Channels) DShow9 module
FFT (DShow9) DShow9 native
Fibo (Spreads) Spreads plugin
FiducialTracker (FreeFrame DShow9) freeframe
FileName (File Split) File native
FileStream (Bass) Bass plugin
FileStream (DShow9 Boygroup) DShow9 module
FileStream (DShow9 Local Master) DShow9 module
FileStream (DShow9 Local Slave) DShow9 module
FileStream (DShow9) DShow9 native
FileStream (EX9.Texture VLC) EX9.Texture plugin
FileStream (Irrklang) plugin
FileStream2 (DShow9 Boygroup) DShow9 module
FileStream2 (DShow9) DShow9 native
FileTexture (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture native
Fill (EX9.RenderState) EX9.RenderState native
Filter (EX9.SamplerState) EX9.SamplerState native
Finally (VVVV) VVVV native
Find (String) String native
Finder (HDE) plugin
Finder (VVVV) VVVV plugin
Finger (Leap) vl
FirmataBoard (Devices) Devices module
FirmataBoard (Firmata Internal) vl
FirmataConfig (Firmata Internal) vl
FirmataDecode (Devices 2.x Legacy) Devices plugin
FirmataDecode (Devices 2.x Legacy2) Devices plugin
FirmataDecode (Devices 2.x) Devices plugin
FirmataDecoder (Firmata) vl
FirmataEncode (Devices 2.x Legacy) Devices plugin
FirmataEncode (Devices 2.x Legacy2) Devices plugin
FirmataEncode (Devices 2.x) Devices plugin
FirmataEncoder (Firmata) vl
FirmwareDecoder (Firmata Internal) vl
FirmwareQuery (Firmata) vl
FirmwareResponse (Firmata) module
FitCircle (2d) 2d plugin
FitEllipse (2d OpenCV) 2d plugin
Flanger (Bass) Bass plugin
Flash (EX9) EX9 plugin
FlatCameraControls (EditingFramework) vl
FlatDirectional (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
FlatPoint (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
FlipFlop (Animation) Animation native
Fly (Sandbox) dynamic
FMRadio (Devices GemtekSerial) Devices native
Fog (EX9.RenderState) EX9.RenderState native
Format (String) String plugin
FormatValue (String) String native
FourRooms (Transform Viewport Legacy) Transform module
FourRooms (Transform Viewport) Transform module
FourRooms (VVVV Legacy) VVVV module
FourRooms (VVVV) VVVV module
Frac (Value) Value native
Frame (Leap) vl
FrameBytes (Raw) vl
FrameCounter (Animation) Animation native
FrameDelay (Animation Legacy) Animation native
FrameDelay (Animation) Animation native
FrameDelay (Color Legacy) Color native
FrameDelay (Color) Color plugin
FrameDelay (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture native
FrameDelay (Raw) plugin
FrameDelay (String Legacy) String native
FrameDelay (String) String plugin
FrameDelay (Transform Legacy) Transform module
FrameDelay (Transform) Transform plugin
FrameDelay (Value) Value plugin
FrameDelay (XElement Attribute) plugin
FrameDelay (XElement Document) plugin
FrameDelay (XElement) plugin
FrameDifference (Animation) Animation native
FrameDifference (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
FrameVelocity (Animation) Animation native
FromRaw (Leap) vl
FrontFacing (3d) 3d module
Frost (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
FullscreenQuad (DX9) DX9 module
Function (Complex Inverse) Complex native
Function (Complex Special) Complex native
Function (Complex) Complex native
FXAA (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
GameController (Devices Analog) Devices native
GameController (Devices JoyWarrior) Devices native
GameController (Devices MSFreeStylePro) Devices native
Gamma (Value) Value native
Garbage (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
GaussianSpread (Spreads) Spreads native
GaussJordan (Value) Value native
GCD (Value) Value native
GDITexture (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture native
GEL (Debug) Debug native
GeometricMean (Spectral Vector) Spectral plugin
GeometricMean (Spectral) Spectral native
Gesture (Devices Window) Devices plugin
Gesture (Kinect OpenNI) plugin
Gestures (Leap Observable) vl
Gestures (Leap) vl
GesturesView (Leap DX11) module
GesturesView (Leap DX9) module
GetAttributes (XElement ByName) plugin
GetAttributes (XElement ByXPath) plugin
GetAttributes (XML ByName) XML plugin
GetAttributes (XML ByXPath) XML plugin
GetBodyDetails (Box2d) Box2d plugin
GetBytes (Raw) module
GetCircles (Box2d) Box2d plugin
GetContactDetails (Box2d Spreaded) Box2d plugin
GetContactDetails (Box2d) Box2d plugin
GetContactDetails (Bullet DX9) plugin
GetContactDetails (Bullet) plugin
GetContactPointDetails (Bullet DX9) plugin
GetContactPointDetails (Bullet) plugin
GetEdgeChains (Box2d) Box2d plugin
GetElements (SVG) plugin
GetElements (XElement ByName) plugin
GetElements (XElement ByXPath) plugin
GetElements (XML ByName) XML plugin
GetElements (XML ByXPath) XML plugin
GetEnvironmentVariable (Windows) Windows plugin
GetGammaRamp (Windows) Windows native
GetJoint (Skeleton) Skeleton plugin
GetJointDetails (Box2d) Box2d plugin
GetJointTransform (Skeleton) Skeleton plugin
GetMatrix (Transform) Transform native
GetPatch (VVVV) VVVV native
GetPatchMode (VVVV) VVVV native
GetPath (SVG) plugin
GetPolygons (Box2d) Box2d plugin
GetRigidBodyDetails (Bullet DX9) plugin
GetRigidBodyDetails (Bullet) plugin
GetRigidShapeDetails (Bullet DX9) plugin
GetRigidShapeDetails (Bullet) plugin
GetShapeIndex (PolygonEditor Internal) module
GetShapeIndex (PolygonEditor) module
GetSlice (Color) Color native
GetSlice (Enumerations) Enumerations plugin
GetSlice (Node) Node native
GetSlice (Raw) plugin
GetSlice (Spreads) Spreads native
GetSlice (String) String native
GetSlice (Transform) Transform plugin
GetSoftBodyDetails (Bullet DX9) plugin
GetSoftBodyDetails (Bullet) plugin
GetSpread (Color Advanced) Color plugin
GetSpread (Color) Color native
GetSpread (Enumerations) Enumerations plugin
GetSpread (Raw) plugin
GetSpread (Spreads Advanced) Spreads plugin
GetSpread (Spreads) Spreads native
GetSpread (String Advanced) String plugin
GetSpread (String) String native
GetSpread (Transform) Transform plugin
GetSpread (XElement Attribute Bin) plugin
GetSpread (XElement Bin) plugin
GetSpread (XElement Document Bin) plugin
GetWindowBounds (Windows ClientArea) plugin
GetWindowBounds (Windows) Windows plugin
girlpowercameracontrols (help) module
Gizmo (EditingFramework 3d Internal) vl
GizmoControls (EditingFramework Internal) vl
GizmoModel (EditingFramework Split Internal) vl
GizmoState (EditingFramework Split Internal) vl
GizmoView (DX11 3d) module
GizmoView (DX9 3d) DX9 module
GlobalRenderState (EX9) EX9 native
Glow (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
GlyphInfo (String) String native
GouraudDirectional (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
GouraudPoint (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
GrabView (Leap DX11) module
GrabView (Leap DX9) module
Gradient (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
Gradient (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
Grain (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Graph (Debug) Debug native
Gravity (Box2d Controller) Box2d plugin
Gregorian (Astronomy Join) Astronomy native
Gregorian (Astronomy Split) Astronomy native
Grid (DX9) DX9 native
Grid (EX9 Test legacy) EX9 module
Grid (EX9 Test) EX9 module
Grid (EX9.Geometry) EX9.Geometry native
GridEditor (EX9 Boygrouped Legacy) EX9 module
GridEditor (EX9 Boygrouped) EX9 module
GridEditor (EX9 Legacy) EX9 module
GridEditor (EX9 Sandwich Legacy) EX9 module
GridEditor (EX9 Sandwich) EX9 module
GridEditor (EX9) EX9 module
GridPick (2d) 2d native
GridSegment (DX9) DX9 native
GridSplit (2d) 2d native
GridSpread (Spreads 2d) Spreads module
GridSpread (Spreads 3d) Spreads module
Group (EX9 Priority) EX9 native
Group (EX9) EX9 native
Group (GDI Priority) GDI native
Group (GDI) GDI native
Group (SVG) plugin
Group (TTY Priority) TTY native
Group (TTY) TTY native
GroupInfo (Facebook) Facebook plugin
Grow (2d NonUniform) 2d module
Grow (2d) 2d module
Growth (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Halo (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
Hand (Kinect OpenNI) plugin
Hand (Leap) vl
HandleFromCaption (Windows) Windows native
HandleFromPoint (Windows) Windows native
HandView (Leap DX11) module
HandView (Leap DX9) module
HarmonicMean (Spectral Vector) Spectral plugin
HarmonicMean (Spectral) Spectral native
HasContact (Box2d) Box2d plugin
HatchCrossed (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
HatchDot (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
HatchFromTexture (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
HatchLine (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
HatchSquare (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Headbox (Devices TobiiEyetracker) Devices plugin
Heading (Animation) Animation native
HeightField (Bullet DX9) plugin
HeightField (Bullet) plugin
HeightField (EX9.Geometry 2d) EX9.Geometry plugin
Hexagonize (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
HexGridSpread (Spreads 2d) Spreads vl
HID (Devices) Devices native
HIDDecode (Devices) Devices native
HIDEncode (Devices) Devices native
Hinge (Bullet Constraint.Single DX9) plugin
Hinge (Bullet Constraint.Single) plugin
Histogram (EX9.Texture Analysis) EX9.Texture module
HitPoint (PolygonEditor Internal) module
HitPoint (PolygonEditor) module
HitPolygon (PolygonEditor Internal) module
HitPolygon (PolygonEditor) module
HitTest (2d Circle) 2d plugin
HitTest (2d Polygon) 2d plugin
HitTest (2d Quad) 2d plugin
HitTest (2d Segment) 2d plugin
HitTest (2d Superformula) 2d plugin
HLine (GDI) GDI native
Homography (Transform 2d Quad) Transform native
Homography (Transform 2d) Transform native
HSCB (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
HSL (Color Join) Color native
HSL (Color Split) Color native
HSL (Transform) Transform native
HSLA (EX9.Texture Join) EX9.Texture module
HSLA (EX9.Texture Split) EX9.Texture module
HSLtoHSV (Color) Color native
HSV (Color Join Picker) Color module
HSV (Color Join) Color native
HSV (Color Split) Color native
HSVA (EX9.Texture Join) EX9.Texture module
HSVA (EX9.Texture Split) EX9.Texture module
HSVtoHSL (Color) Color native
HTMLTexture (DX11.Texture String CEF) module
HTMLTexture (DX11.Texture URL CEF) module
HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture String) EX9.Texture module
HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture URL) EX9.Texture module
HTMLView (Image String) plugin
HTMLView (Image URL) plugin
HTTP (Network Get Legacy) Network native
HTTP (Network Get String Legacy) Network module
HTTP (Network Get String) Network module
HTTP (Network Get) Network native
HTTP (Network Post Legacy) Network native
HTTP (Network Post String Legacy) Network module
HTTP (Network Post String) Network module
HTTP (Network Post) Network native
HTTP (Network Receiver) Network native
HTTP (Network Server) Network native
HTTPGet (Network String) Network module
HTTPGet (Network) Network vl
HTTPPost (Network String) Network module
HTTPPost (Network) Network vl
Human (Skeleton) Skeleton module
HWND (Windows) Windows native
Hysteresis (Animation) Animation native
I (Spreads Legacy) Spreads module
I (Spreads) Spreads native
I2CDecode (Devices 2.x Legacy) Devices plugin
I2CDecode (Devices 2.x) Devices plugin
I2CDecode (Firmata 2.x Legacy2) plugin
I2CDecode (Firmata 2.x) plugin
I2CDecoder (Firmata) vl
I2CEncode (Firmata 2.x Legacy2) plugin
I2CEncode (Firmata 2.x) plugin
I2CRead (Firmata Continuous) module
I2CRead (Firmata) module
I2CReadEncoder (Firmata Internal) vl
I2CWrite (Firmata) module
I2CWriteEncoder (Firmata Internal) vl
IceCast (Bass) Bass plugin
Icon (Windows) Windows native
IconView (DX9) DX9 module
Identicon (Spreads) Spreads module
Ikeda (Animation) Animation plugin
IKSolver (Skeleton) Skeleton plugin
Image (Leap DX11.Texture) module
Image (Leap EX9.Texture) module
Image (Leap) vl
Indices (Spectral) Spectral native
Infinity (Value) Value plugin
Info (Enumerations) Enumerations native
Info (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture native
Info (File) File plugin
Info (System Codec) System plugin
Info (System ComPorts) System plugin
Info (System Device) System plugin
Info (System Drive) System plugin
Info (VVVV Startables) VVVV plugin
Info (Windows Services) Windows plugin
Initialize (PolygonEditor Internal) module
Initialize (PolygonEditor) module
InputMorph (Color) Color native
InputMorph (Skeleton) Skeleton plugin
InputMorph (Value Advanced) Value plugin
InputMorph (Value) Value native
Insert (MySQL Network) MySQL plugin
Insert (MySQL) MySQL native
Insert (Odbc Network) Odbc plugin
Insert (OleDb Network) OleDb plugin
Insert (PolygonEditor Internal) module
Insert (PolygonEditor) module
Insert (PostgreSQL Network) PostgreSQL plugin
Insert (SQL Server Network) SQL Server plugin
Insert (SQLite Network) SQlite plugin
Insert (SQLServer Network) plugin
Insert (String) String plugin
InsertSlice (Color) Color native
InsertSlice (Spreads Legacy) Spreads native
InsertSlice (Spreads) Spreads native
InsertSlice (String) String native
Inspektor (VVVV) VVVV native
Integer (Value Legacy) Value plugin
Integer (Value) Value plugin
Integral (Spreads Advanced) Spreads plugin
Integral (Spreads Legacy) Spreads native
Integral (Spreads Vector) Spreads plugin
Integral (Spreads) Spreads plugin
Integrate (Differential) Differential native
Intersect (3d Mesh Ray Legacy) 3d native
Intersect (3d Mesh Ray) 3d native
Intersect (3d Mesh Subset Ray Legacy) 3d native
Intersect (3d Mesh Subset Ray) 3d native
Intersect (3d Quad Line Legacy) 3d native
Intersect (3d Quad Line) 3d native
Intersect (EX9.Geometry Mesh) EX9.Geometry native
Intersect (EX9.Geometry Quad) EX9.Geometry native
Intersect (Spreads Sets) Spreads native
Intersect (String) String vl
Interval (Spreads) Spreads native
Intro (VVVV) VVVV module
Inverse (Transform) Transform native
InverseKinematics (2D 2Bone) 2d native
InverseKinematics (3D 2Bone) 3d module
Inversion (2d) 2d plugin
Inversion (3d) 3d plugin
Invert (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Invert (Quaternion) Quaternion plugin
IO (Devices BMC meM-PIO) Devices native
IO (Devices Cinetix Sensorbox) Devices native
IO (Devices IOWarrior40) Devices native
IO (Devices Phidget Accelerometer Legacy) Devices plugin
IO (Devices Phidget Accelerometer) Devices plugin
IO (Devices Phidget CircularTouch Legacy) Devices plugin
IO (Devices Phidget CircularTouch) Devices plugin
IO (Devices Phidget Encoder HighSpeed Legacy) Devices plugin
IO (Devices Phidget Encoder HighSpeed) Devices plugin
IO (Devices Phidget InterfaceKit 888 Legacy) Devices plugin
IO (Devices Phidget InterfaceKit 888) Devices plugin
IO (Devices Phidget Manager Legacy) Devices plugin
IO (Devices Phidget Manager) Devices plugin
IO (Devices Phidget) Devices plugin
IO (Devices Wiesemann+Theis Digital-EA) Devices native
IOBox (Color) Color native
IOBox (Enumerations) Enumerations native
IOBox (Node) Node native
IOBox (String) String native
IOBox (Value Advanced) Value native
IP (Network v4 Join) Network plugin
IP (Network) Network native
IRC (Network Open) Network native
IRC (Network Private) Network native
Irrklang (Sound Legacy) plugin
Irrklang (Sound) plugin
IsActive (VVVV) VVVV module
IsEmpty (Test String) module
IsFalse (Test) module
IsTrue (Test) module
IsValid (XML DTD) XML native
IsValid (XML RelaxNG) XML plugin
IsValid (XML) XML native
IsWellFormed (XML) XML native
Join (Quaternion) Quaternion native
Join (SVG) plugin
Joint (Skeleton Join) Skeleton plugin
Kaleidoscope (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Kalle (VVVV) VVVV native
Keep (Leap) vl
Keyboard (Devices Desktop) Devices plugin
Keyboard (Devices Window) Devices plugin
Keyboard (System Global Legacy) System module
Keyboard (System Global Legacy2) System plugin
Keyboard (System Global) System plugin
Keyboard (System Window Legacy) System module
Keyboard (System Window Legacy2) System plugin
Keyboard (System Window) System plugin
KeyboardState (System Join Legacy) System plugin
KeyboardState (System Join) System plugin
KeyboardState (System Split Legacy) System plugin
KeyboardState (System Split) System plugin
KeyEvents (Keyboard Join) plugin
KeyEvents (Keyboard Split) plugin
Keying (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
KeyMatch (Keyboard) plugin
KeyMatch (String) String plugin
KeySort (Spreads) Spreads native
KeyStates (Keyboard Split) plugin
KeyTabGesture (Leap Legacy) plugin
KeyTabGesture (Leap) plugin
KeyTapGesture (Leap) vl
Kill (Windows) Windows plugin
Kinect (Devices Microsoft DX9) Devices plugin
Kinect (Devices Microsoft) Devices plugin
Kinect (Devices OpenNI) Devices plugin
KMeans (2d) 2d plugin
Kommunikator (VVVV) VVVV plugin
Kontrolleur (Network) Network plugin
LastFrame (Leap) vl
LastFrame (TheEyeTribe) vl
Lava (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
LCM (Value) Value native
LD2000 (Devices) Devices plugin
Leap (Devices Legacy) Devices plugin
Leap (Devices) Devices vl
LED (Devices Phidget) Devices plugin
Length (2d Vector Spectral) 2d plugin
Length (2d) 2d module
Length (3d Vector Spectral) 3d plugin
Length (3d) 3d module
Length (Raw) native
Length (String) String native
LensBlur (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
LensDistort (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Levels (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Levin (Animation 2d) Animation vl
Levin (Animation 3d) Animation vl
Levin (Spreads Legacy) Spreads plugin
Levin (Spreads Simple Legacy) Spreads native
Levin (Spreads Simple) Spreads native
Levin (Spreads) Spreads plugin
LF (String) String module
LFO (Animation) Animation native
LFO (Differential) Differential native
Light (EX9 Direction) EX9 module
Light (EX9 Point) EX9 module
Lights (DX11.Layer PBR) module
Limiter (Animation) Animation module
LinBus (Devices) Devices plugin
Lindenmayer (Spreads) Spreads plugin
Line (EX9 2d) EX9 module
Line (EX9 FromTo) EX9 module
Line (EX9 legacy) EX9 module
Line (EX9) EX9 module
Line (EX9.Geometry) EX9.Geometry native
Line (GDI) GDI native
LinearFilter (Animation Advanced) Animation native
LinearFilter (Animation) Animation native
LinearSolver (Value) Value plugin
LinearSpread (Spreads) Spreads native
LineReveal (EX9.Texture Mixer) EX9.Texture module
Liquish (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
ListEmails (Network POP3) Network plugin
Ln (Complex) Complex native
LoadSkeleton (Skeleton) Skeleton plugin
LocalInfo (Windows) Windows native
Log (Test) module
Log (Value) Value native
LogFile (VVVV) VVVV native
Logger (VVVV) VVVV plugin
Lomograph (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
LookAt (Transform Vector) Transform native
LookAt (Transform) Transform native
LorenzAttractor (Animation) Animation plugin
LPF (Bass) Bass plugin
LTP (Value) Value plugin
LumaKey (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Lumax (Devices) Devices native
LuminanceMatrix (Transform) Transform native
M3UParser (File) File native
MAC (Network) Network native
Magnify (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
MainLoop (VVVV) VVVV native
MakePath (String) String plugin
Manager (Devices Phidget) Devices plugin
Mandelbrot (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
Mantissa (Value) Value native
Map (Value Interval Advanced) Value plugin
Map (Value Interval) Value native
Map (Value) Value native
MapRange (Value) Value native
Match (String) String native
Material (Assimp DX9) plugin
Material (Assimp) plugin
MaterialPropertiesPBR (DX11.TextureFX) dynamic
MathRound (Value Legacy) Value plugin
MathRound (Value) Value plugin
Max (Value) Value native
MD5 (File) File plugin
MD5 (String) String plugin
Mean (Spectral Vector) Spectral plugin
Mean (Spectral) Spectral native
MeanSquare (Spectral Vector) Spectral plugin
MeanSquare (Spectral) Spectral native
Median (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
MediaPlayer (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
Memory (Debug ex9) Debug native
Memory (Debug) Debug native
Merge (Differential) Differential native
Merge (Mouse) plugin
Mesh (EX9.Geometry Assimp DX9) EX9.Geometry plugin
Mesh (EX9.Geometry Assimp) EX9.Geometry plugin
Mesh (EX9.Geometry Collada) EX9.Geometry plugin
Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join VVVV) EX9.Geometry native
Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join Subsets) EX9.Geometry plugin
Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join) EX9.Geometry native
Mesh (EX9.Geometry Split) EX9.Geometry native
MeshEditor (EX9 Legacy 2) EX9 module
MeshEditor (EX9 Legacy) EX9 module
MeshEditor (EX9) EX9 module
MessageBeep (Windows) Windows native
Metaballs (EX9.Geometry) EX9.Geometry plugin
Metallica (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Metronom (Animation) Animation module
MidiAllNotesOff (Devices) Devices module
MidiBend (Devices) Devices native
MidiBendOut (Devices) Devices module
MidiClock (Devices) Devices native
MidiController (Devices Endless) Devices native
MidiController (Devices Legacy) Devices module
MidiController (Devices Relative Legacy) Devices module
MidiController (Devices Relative) Devices native
MidiController (Devices) Devices native
MidiControllerOut (Devices) Devices module
MidiCtlOut (Devices) Devices module
MidiFile (Midi) vl
MidiNote (Devices Legacy) Devices module
MidiNote (Devices) Devices native
MidiNoteOut (Devices Bang) Devices module
MidiNoteOut (Devices) Devices module
MidiOut (DShow9) DShow9 native
MidiPgmOut (Devices) Devices module
MidiProgram (Devices) Devices native
MidiProgramOut (Devices) Devices module
MidiShort (Devices) Devices native
MidiShortOut (Devices) Devices native
MidiShortOutput (Devices) Devices native
MidiSysex (Devices) Devices native
MidiSysexOut (Devices) Devices native
MidiSysexOutput (Devices) Devices native
MidiTimeCode (Devices) Devices native
MidiTrack (Midi) vl
Min (Value) Value native
MinimumAreaRect (2d OpenCV) 2d plugin
MinimumBox (2d) 2d plugin
MinimumCircle (2d) 2d plugin
MinimumSphere (3d) 3d plugin
MirrorDrag (PolygonEditor Internal) module
MirrorDrag (PolygonEditor) module
Mix (EX9.Texture Mixer) EX9.Texture module
Mixer (Bass) Bass plugin
MixPose (Skeleton) Skeleton plugin
MJpegStream (EX9.Texture Receiver) EX9.Texture module
MJpegStream (EX9.Texture Sender) EX9.Texture module
MoCapDecoder (Network EyesWeb) Network plugin
Mod (Value) Value native
ModificationDate (File) File native
MonitorPower (System) System native
MonoFlop (Animation Framebased) Animation plugin
MonoFlop (Animation) Animation native
Moon (Astronomy) Astronomy native
Morph (EX9.Texture Mixer) EX9.Texture module
Mosaic (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
MotionKey (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Mouse (Devices Desktop) Devices plugin
Mouse (Devices Window Cyclic) Devices module
Mouse (Devices Window) Devices plugin
Mouse (System Global Legacy) System module
Mouse (System Global Legacy2) System plugin
Mouse (System Global) System plugin
Mouse (System Window Legacy) System module
Mouse (System Window Legacy2) System plugin
Mouse (System Window) System plugin
MouseEvents (Mouse Join) plugin
MouseEvents (Mouse Split) plugin
MouseMatch (Mouse) plugin
Mouseover (PolygonEditor Internal) module
Mouseover (PolygonEditor) module
MouseState (System Join Legacy) System plugin
MouseState (System Join) System plugin
MouseState (System Split Legacy) System plugin
MouseState (System Split) System plugin
MouseStates (Mouse Join) plugin
MouseStates (Mouse Split) plugin
MoveMouseJoint (Box2d) Box2d plugin
Mover (File) File native
MoveVertex (PolygonEditor Keyboard Internal) module
MoveVertex (PolygonEditor Keyboard) module
MovingTriad (3d Vector) 3d native
MovingTriad (3d) 3d native
MovingTriad (Transform Vector) Transform native
MovingTriad (Transform) Transform native
MP3Parser (File) File native
MTRotarySlider (GUI Multitouch) plugin
MTSlider (GUI Multitouch) plugin
MTSliderXY (GUI Multitouch) plugin
MTToggleButton (GUI Multitouch) plugin
Muffy (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
MultiCons (Spreads Advanced) Spreads plugin
MultiFlipFlop (Animation Advanced) Animation plugin
MultiFlipFlop (Animation) Animation native
Multiply (2d Vector) 2d module
MultiScreen (EX9 Dualview) EX9 module
MultiScreen (EX9 Spanmode Legacy) EX9 module
MultiScreen (EX9 Spanmode) EX9 module
MultiScreen (EX9) EX9 module
MultiToggle (Animation) Animation native
MultiViewport (EX9) EX9 module
MyProfile (Facebook) Facebook plugin
NamespaceResolver (XML) XML plugin
NaN (Value) Value plugin
NearestNeighbour (2d) 2d plugin
NearestNeighbour (3d) 3d plugin
NearestNeighbour (4d) 4d plugin
NearestNeighbour (Value) Value plugin
NetReceive (Network String) Network module
NetReceive (Network Value) Network module
NetscapeColors (Color) Color native
NetSend (Network String) Network module
NetSend (Network Value) Network module
NetworkStatus (Debug) Debug native
Newsfeed (Network) Network native
Newton (Animation) Animation native
NIL (Color) Color module
NIL (Node) Node module
NIL (Spreads) Spreads module
NIL (String) String module
NineSlice (DX11) module
NineSlice (DX9) DX9 module
NineSlice (Transform) Transform vl
Node (Assimp DX9) plugin
Node (Assimp) plugin
NodeBrowser (VVVV) VVVV plugin
NodeInfos (VVVV) VVVV plugin
NodeList (VVVV) VVVV plugin
Noise (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
NormalAndDepth (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
NormalGlow (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Normalize (2d Vector) 2d module
Normalize (3d Vector) 3d native
Normalize (3d) 3d native
Normalize (Quaternion Vector) Quaternion native
Normalize (Quaternion) Quaternion native
Normalize (String) String native
Normalize (SVG) plugin
NormalizeBinSize (2d) 2d module
NormalizeBinSize (3d) 3d module
NormalizeBinSize (Color) Color module
NormalizeBinSize (Raw) module
NormalizeBinSize (String) String module
NormalizeBinSize (Transform) Transform module
NormalizeBinSize (Value) Value module
NormalMap (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Normals (EX9) EX9 module
Normals (EX9.Geometry Mesh) EX9.Geometry native
NoSymTex (Transform) Transform module
NOT (Boolean) Boolean native
NULL (Enumerations Legacy) Enumerations native
NULL (Enumerations) Enumerations native
NURBS (2d) 2d module
NURBS (3d) 3d module
NWTouchData (Devices NextWindow) Devices plugin
OccupationRate (2d) 2d plugin
Occurrence (2d) 2d plugin
Occurrence (3d) 3d plugin
Occurrence (4d) 4d plugin
Occurrence (Color) Color plugin
Occurrence (Enumerations) Enumerations plugin
Occurrence (String) String plugin
Occurrence (Transform) Transform plugin
Occurrence (Value) Value plugin
Occurrence (XElement) plugin
OctTree (3d) 3d plugin
ODE_collisions (help) module
ODE_more (help) module
ODE_rigid_bodies (help) module
OGGEncoder (Bass) Bass plugin
OnActivate (VVVV) VVVV native
OnDeactivate (VVVV) VVVV native
OneDollarRecognizer (2d) 2d module
OneEuroFilter (Animation) Animation plugin
OneSided (Transform) Transform native
OnlyOneTrue (PolygonEditor Boolean Internal) module
OnlyOneTrue (PolygonEditor Boolean) module
OnOpen (VVVV) VVVV native
OnQuit (VVVV) VVVV native
OnResume (VVVV) VVVV native
OnResume (Windows) Windows native
OpenFileDialog (File) File plugin
OpenURL (Network) Network module
OptimalCosineDistance (2d) 2d plugin
Optimize (EX9.Geometry Mesh) EX9.Geometry native
OptimusMini (Devices) Devices native
OR (Boolean Spectral) Boolean native
OR (Boolean) Boolean native
OrbitCameraControls (EditingFramework) vl
Ord (String) String native
Ord2Enum (Enumerations Explicit) Enumerations native
Ord2Enum (Enumerations) Enumerations native
Ortho (Transform OffCenter) Transform native
Ortho (Transform) Transform native
OSCDecoder (Network String Legacy) Network module
OSCDecoder (Network) Network native
OSCEncoder (Network String Legacy) Network module
OSCEncoder (Network) Network native
Oscillator (Animation Advanced) Animation native
Oscillator (Animation) Animation native
OSD (EditingFramework DX11) module
OSD (EditingFramework DX9) module
Pad (String) String native
Pairwise (2d) 2d plugin
Pairwise (3d) 3d plugin
Pairwise (4d) 4d plugin
Pairwise (Color) Color plugin
Pairwise (Enumerations) Enumerations plugin
Pairwise (Spreads) Spreads plugin
Pairwise (String) String plugin
Pairwise (Transform) Transform plugin
Pairwise (XElement Attribute) plugin
Pairwise (XElement Document) plugin
Pairwise (XElement) plugin
Palette (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
PanEvents (Gesture Split) plugin
PanoToCube (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture module
PanState (Gesture Split) plugin
ParallelEpiped (Transform Vector) Transform native
ParallelEpiped (Transform) Transform native
ParametricEQ (DShow9) DShow9 native
Particles (2d Field) 2d plugin
Particles (2d ForceField) 2d plugin
Particles (3d Field) 3d plugin
Particles (Spreads) Spreads plugin
Patch (Bullet DX9) plugin
Patch (Bullet) plugin
PatchAlias (VVVV ActivePatch) VVVV native
PatchAlias (VVVV Name) VVVV native
PatchAlias (VVVV) VVVV native
PatchState (Test) module
PatchState (VVVV) VVVV native
Path (SVG) plugin
PBKDF2 (Raw) plugin
PBR (DX11.Effect) dynamic
PBRInstanced (DX11.Effect) dynamic
PBRTextured (DX11.Effect) dynamic
PBRTexturedInstanced (DX11.Effect) dynamic
PeakSpread (Spreads Legacy) Spreads module
PeakSpread (Spreads) Spreads native
Penthacoron (EX9.Geometry) EX9.Geometry plugin
Percent (Value) Value module
PerfMeter (Debug) Debug module
Perlin (2d) 2d native
Perlin (3d) 3d native
Perlin (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
Permutations (Spreads) Spreads plugin
Permutations (String) String plugin
Perspective (Transform FOV) Transform module
Perspective (Transform Kinect Legacy) Transform module
Perspective (Transform Kinect) Transform module
Perspective (Transform OffCenter) Transform native
Perspective (Transform) Transform native
PerspectiveLookAtRect (Transform ViewProjection) Transform module
PerspectiveLookAtRect (Transform) Transform module
PhidgetRFID (Devices) Devices plugin
PhongDirectional (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
PhongPoint (EX9.Effect) EX9.Effect effect
PhotoFilm (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
Photoshop (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture module
Photoshop (Network Receiver) Network module
Photoshop (Network Sender) Network module
Pi (Value) Value module
PickPoints (3d Vector Legacy 2) 3d module
PickPoints (3d Vector Legacy) 3d module
PickPoints (3D Vector) 3d module
PictureStack (EX9.Texture Legacy) EX9.Texture module
PictureStack (EX9.Texture Position Legacy) EX9.Texture module
PictureStack (EX9.Texture Position) EX9.Texture module
PictureStack (EX9.Texture) EX9.Texture module
PID (VVVV) VVVV plugin
PID (Windows) Windows plugin
Pillow (DX9) DX9 native
Pillow (EX9.Texture Source) EX9.Texture module
Pinch (EX9.Texture Filter) EX9.Texture module
PinchView (Leap DX11) module
PinchView (Leap DX9) module
Ping (Network) Network native
PinInfo (VVVV) VVVV plugin
PinSettingsManager (Firmata Internal) vl
PinsState (Firmata Debug) vl
Pipet (EX9.Texture Legacy) EX9.Texture native
Pipet (EX9.Texture Simple) EX9.Texture