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Notui is improving, will be officially released soon! https://youtu.be/BMgigQvwPWs

microdee, Tuesday, Mar 6th 2018  

@marlonossiliere have a look at the HTMLTexture node.

tonfilm, Monday, Mar 5th 2018  

Hi there! How to push hashtags social post (fb, instagram, twitter) into v4 renderer?

marlonossiliere, Monday, Mar 5th 2018  

monday morning brings one more candidate: beta36-release-candidate if all goes well, this should be the final one! please test #vvvv

joreg, Monday, Mar 5th 2018  

Anyone in Geneva for the motor show? Maybe we can organize a meeting!

avaos, Monday, Mar 5th 2018  

Free vvvv workshop by Fibo in Milan https://www.facebook.com/events/191661844769072/ see you!

guest, Saturday, Mar 3rd 2018  

vvvvebruary happened: vvvvhat-happened-in-february-2018

joreg, Friday, Mar 2nd 2018  

@bjoern, very entertaining :)

u7angel, Friday, Mar 2nd 2018  

@bjoern: hillarious!

tgd, Friday, Mar 2nd 2018  


bjoern, Friday, Mar 2nd 2018  

2night at Schaubude Berlin: Das Buch der Schatten (https://www.schaubude.berlin/spielplan/03/abendprogramm/das-buch-der-schatten) und Zeifenster v2 (Prototyp v1: http://benju.net/zeitfenster)

benju, Thursday, Mar 1st 2018  

Hey Guys, are you a Freelancer in Interaction Design or/and VVVV in Germany? give me a call 071155066201 www.17k.de

Lrinke, Thursday, Mar 1st 2018  

as you may have noticed, we try to take this seriously: please check the latest candidate for b36 & report: beta36-release-candidate #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, Feb 28th 2018  

@m9dfukc: afaik it's 'just' moltenVK which translates a subset of vulkan to metal. so no real vulkan on mac

woei, Wednesday, Feb 28th 2018  

m9dfukc: in fact you already "can": https://github.com/FacticiusVir/SharpVk good luck

microdee, Wednesday, Feb 28th 2018  

Vulkan now available (for free) on macOs! Will we see a Vulkan Renderer in a future version of vl? https://www.anandtech.com/show/12465/khronos-group-extends-vulkan-portability-with-opensource

m9dfukc, Wednesday, Feb 28th 2018  

@joreg, cool! the making-of is insane alright!

metrowave, Tuesday, Feb 27th 2018  

@joreg: nice! I am retrieving a 360 camera

fibo, Tuesday, Feb 27th 2018  

patching challenge for @fibo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcRW3FMuttY also watch the insane making-of!

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 27th 2018  

@eno : yes it is possible your way (as yearly version).

vux, Monday, Feb 26th 2018  


metrowave, Monday, Feb 26th 2018  

intermediate engineering (hamburg) is hiring: Programmer for Media Installations https://dasauge.de/jobs/stellenangebote/fest/e488192

elio, Saturday, Feb 24th 2018  

one more release candidate for beta36: beta36-release-candidate please test and report #vvvv

joreg, Thursday, Feb 22nd 2018  

we are offering a permanent position for a vvvv programmer. Main focus is on interactive exhibits. mail: stephan@grosse8.de

stephan_grosse8, Thursday, Feb 22nd 2018  

@eglod: if not, we're doing something wrong... but did you check any of the other timeline options? animation

joreg, Wednesday, Feb 21st 2018  

Sometimes people finalize a project and can donate a good amount that month, but nobody knows what will happen on the next one :D

andresc4, Wednesday, Feb 21st 2018  

@vux as @eno say, I think a 1 time payment of any given value its a good option also

andresc4, Wednesday, Feb 21st 2018  

@ggml : binary-search-for-your-keyframes ?

sebescudie, Wednesday, Feb 21st 2018  

where id the vl search algorythm implementation discussion?

ggml, Wednesday, Feb 21st 2018  

@ catweasel, o.k. may be, I have to learn vl. Thank You catweasel! Is this possible with 84 years, what think You?

eglod, Wednesday, Feb 21st 2018  

I guess part of the issue, is payment is $ which means transaction fees on every payement will add up!

catweasel, Wednesday, Feb 21st 2018  

@eno, it is a hassle for us too but its worth it i think.

u7angel, Wednesday, Feb 21st 2018  

@vux @u7angel, of course, but an annual fee would be much more convenient for the accounting.

eno, Wednesday, Feb 21st 2018  

@eno, the idea is to generate a steady income to motivate continious development.

u7angel, Wednesday, Feb 21st 2018  

@vux I'd like to become a patreon, but is there a possibility for a onetime donation? I'd rather pay 1x 1000 than 20x50.

eno, Tuesday, Feb 20th 2018  

There's a really nice 3D text demo with the text being made from lines, anyone remember the name?

Gareth.Griffiths, Tuesday, Feb 20th 2018  

@eglod, thats why many of us are working on timelines in VL...

catweasel, Tuesday, Feb 20th 2018  

Is there any possibility to copy and paste tracks in timelinerSA. I need it very much, is it very difficult to program this?

eglod, Tuesday, Feb 20th 2018  

wanna make sure your projects will run with upcoming beta36? test them against the release candidate and report: beta36-release-candidate

joreg, Monday, Feb 19th 2018  

@vux thanks a lot for the update , my eternal gratitude.@ andresc4 @skyliner very happy you liked it. Big scale coming soon ;D

colorsound, Monday, Feb 19th 2018  

I just gave my 2 cents tu Vux. BTW Laser things made by colorsound and dominikkoller are amazing!!!

andresc4, Monday, Feb 19th 2018  

thanks vux

dottore, Sunday, Feb 18th 2018  

https://www.patreon.com/mrvux/overview lets show some gratitude

u7angel, Sunday, Feb 18th 2018  

big up vux

Noir, Saturday, Feb 17th 2018  

New DirectX11 build, now on version 1.2 directx11-1.2-update

vux, Saturday, Feb 17th 2018  

@colorsound: voll laser wie du abgehst!

skyliner, Friday, Feb 16th 2018  

better resolution here https://www.facebook.com/colorsoundixd/posts/2016144105080679

colorsound, Friday, Feb 16th 2018  

and more good news: binary-search-for-your-keyframes

tonfilm, Thursday, Feb 15th 2018  

thanks to reports so far we were able to fix quite some bogus. here is another candidate: beta36-release-candidate please test. #vvvv

joreg, Thursday, Feb 15th 2018  

NDI in vvvv: Is the only option to convert to or from Spout? Is it a real "conversion" or does it add latency or not?

welovemedia, Thursday, Feb 15th 2018  

especially @meso: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdOaGU04MyM

skyliner, Thursday, Feb 15th 2018  

@mediadog SkeletalMesh from mp.dx by mighty microdee

matka, Wednesday, Feb 14th 2018  

@sebescudie Bingo! Thanks! Now to do it for DX11...

mediadog, Wednesday, Feb 14th 2018  

adam thanks for the flovvvvers..

joreg, Wednesday, Feb 14th 2018  

@mediadog : Mesh (EX9.Geometry Collada) ?

sebescudie, Wednesday, Feb 14th 2018  

vvvv is an incredible tool, if any developers see this, thank you for saving my creative life. godspeed and herzlicher Dank

anonymous, Wednesday, Feb 14th 2018  

I know I saw an Astroboy animated walking help patch somewhere, but where?

mediadog, Wednesday, Feb 14th 2018  

beta36 release candidate nr 6 is out: beta36-release-candidate please test and report #vvvv

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 13th 2018  

someone in vienna this wednesday/thursday wants to meet up?

elektromeier, Tuesday, Feb 13th 2018  

Blackmagic 10.9.10 desktop video now lets you set default Pal ect on starup... At last..

stulloyd, Tuesday, Feb 13th 2018  

@ysap try the 'set' nodes, a set is a collection in which every element can be only once.

tonfilm, Monday, Feb 12th 2018  

@ysap I think your question can be interpreted in multiple ways, please make a forum post with your question & a patch 4 illustration

sunep, Monday, Feb 12th 2018  

how could i check for double XYZ positions?i know i can check each value for its own, but a sequence of values seems to crack my brain

ysap, Monday, Feb 12th 2018  

wanna make sure your projects will run with upcoming beta36? test them against the release candidate and report: beta36-release-candidate

joreg, Monday, Feb 12th 2018  

@tonfilm I added the help patch here https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/primes-number-rhythm/16097?u=fibo

fibo, Saturday, Feb 10th 2018  

@tonfilm: it is a joke, just because it sounds better if you use primes to generate a rhythm (see the help patch linked below)

fibo, Saturday, Feb 10th 2018  

@fibo https://youtu.be/IQofiPqhJ_s?t=1m12s

tonfilm, Saturday, Feb 10th 2018  

IMHO number one is prime: https://github.com/fibo/vvvv-IsPrime

fibo, Friday, Feb 9th 2018  

@andresc4: there were possibly 100 different a35.12 releases.. it is not good to rely on those. whats your problem with latest?

joreg, Friday, Feb 9th 2018  

where are old alphas to download? I need vvvv_50alpha35.12_x64 + addonpack

andresc4, Friday, Feb 9th 2018  

@SuperflysiNZ I did some years ago. Message me or make a forum post with your questions

sunep, Friday, Feb 9th 2018  

Anyone imported kml into vvvv? I'm currently converting to CSV and manipulating...

SuperflysiNZ, Friday, Feb 9th 2018  


bjoern, Friday, Feb 9th 2018  

finally: release candidate 4 for beta36 is out! please give this a spin and report your findings: beta36-release-candidate #vvvv #vl

joreg, Thursday, Feb 8th 2018  


metrowave, Thursday, Feb 8th 2018  

openpose is 2-5 fps on a high-end consumer PC. researchers achive 15-30 fps with 2 Titan V cards. I guess densepose is similar

microdee, Wednesday, Feb 7th 2018  

and another pose: https://github.com/CMU-Perceptual-Computing-Lab/openpose

joreg, Wednesday, Feb 7th 2018  

http://densepose.org/ next Pose :)

CeeYaa, Tuesday, Feb 6th 2018  

@vueno the video is in the link below, the patches are all in the pack's girlpower folder

everyoneishappy, Tuesday, Feb 6th 2018  

@vueno not here what you are looking for I guess?: node17-workshop-material

welovemedia, Monday, Feb 5th 2018  

@marlonossiliere: we don't #slack, we #riot see chat

joreg, Monday, Feb 5th 2018  

slack server for vvvv?

marlonossiliere, Monday, Feb 5th 2018  

does someone know where i can find the node17 instance noodles workshop files? thanks a lot! ♦︎

vueno, Monday, Feb 5th 2018  

didn't you ever want to send data from VL to your GPU? now you can! dynamic-dx11-buffers-in-vl

tonfilm, Sunday, Feb 4th 2018  

Hello guys! I am new to VVVV, looking for working experiences. First project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Xmrz0gZPSI More on instagram @flpdias85 Thanks!

anonymous, Saturday, Feb 3rd 2018  

@evvvvil 360 video please! My head needs that.

mediadog, Friday, Feb 2nd 2018  

@evvvvil: ohhh yeah

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Feb 1st 2018  

@evvvvil: mind bending!

skyliner, Wednesday, Jan 31st 2018  

@evvvvil: GREAT!!

sinus, Wednesday, Jan 31st 2018  

hello world! :)

anonymous, Wednesday, Jan 31st 2018  

Thankx a lot guys, heart-warming comments, wicked brohs.

evvvvil, Wednesday, Jan 31st 2018  

@evvvvil: that is by far your best raymarching work ;)

microdee, Tuesday, Jan 30th 2018  

something for the mind and the body https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/standard/parallel-programming/introduction-to-plinq

microdee, Tuesday, Jan 30th 2018  

@evvvvil, vvovv!

metrowave, Tuesday, Jan 30th 2018