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vs2ps VS(
    float4 PosO  : POSITION,
    float4 TexCd : TEXCOORD0)

这里我们的兴趣点转移到 PosO向量,它是当前顶点的位置。我们要根据它的垂直位置(y坐标)来决定x坐标的偏移:

PosO.x += sin(PosO.y);


PosO.x += sin(PosO.y * Frequency + Phase) * Amplitude;


float Frequency = 10;
float Phase = 0;
float Amplitude = 0.01;
vs2ps VS(
    float4 PosO  : POSITION,
    float4 TexCd : TEXCOORD0)
    //declare output struct
    vs2ps Out;
    //offset x coordinate
    PosO.x += sin(PosO.y * Frequency + Phase) * Amplitude;
    //transform position
    Out.Pos = mul(PosO, tWVP);
    //transform texturecoordinates
    Out.TexCd = mul(TexCd, tTex);
    return Out;


mr wiggle patch

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TOC: Of Effects and Shaders

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