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@dottore maybe woei's MigrateFolder: tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1525

bjoern, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@nissdiss, any chance of a look-see?

catweasel, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

dottore cmd.exe :D

hierro, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@dottore you can use Robocopy utility via ShellExecute node.

alg, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

is there a module around that makes a copy of a folder with all its contents (also subfolders)?

dottore, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@catweasel :D yes

nissidis, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

anyone made a player texture dx11 yet? ;)

catweasel, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  


metrowave, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@pechart: scrolling, the background and the ajax part is made with vvvv.js

microdee, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@microdee - what of that is actually vvvv? Is it possible to build the whole page with vvvv.js?

pechart, Wednesday, Jul 9th 2014  

@bo foowhat?

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 8th 2014  

@joreg trolling football? #5-0

bo27, Tuesday, Jul 8th 2014  

pushing #svg to your browser with #posh posh-an-svg-based-flat-ui-framework-targeting-browsers #crazyshit

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 8th 2014  

@microdee: nice

r4dian, Tuesday, Jul 8th 2014  

website revamped and decluttered with vvvv.js: http://mcro.de/ ;)

microdee, Tuesday, Jul 8th 2014  

i usually use it as a great 720 recording device. but the handling is great, couldn't be simpler. push the button, done.

Grandchild, Tuesday, Jul 8th 2014  

@evvvil: yeah it's pretty great. however before people buy it for 1080 - it does record 1080, but there are visible artifacts.

Grandchild, Tuesday, Jul 8th 2014  

If you're sick of FRAPS & other screen grabbers this is the device you need. Gives you 60mbps 1080p H264 videos. 18mbps on sd-card

evvvvil, Monday, Jul 7th 2014  

Just got AVERMEDIA Live game portable. Device records full screen 1080p 30fps & can record on SD CARD too, it's fucking amazing.

evvvvil, Monday, Jul 7th 2014  

or flat eric

Noir, Monday, Jul 7th 2014  

kinect v2 buyable at 15. july

skyliner, Monday, Jul 7th 2014  

@u7 you should contact vux or sven

tonfilm, Monday, Jul 7th 2014  

if someone wants to look inside the magic: http://www.symbioticcube.com/index-SC-PlayerOn.html#edit/patches/SC-PlayerOn.v4p

tekcor, Monday, Jul 7th 2014  

We have now a #VVVVJS based iframe embedable player - it switches albums with hashtags. http://www.symbioticcube.com/

tekcor, Monday, Jul 7th 2014  

thanks gareth

u7angel, Monday, Jul 7th 2014  

Proper particles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9KZ3jgbbmI#t=99

guest, Monday, Jul 7th 2014  

@u7: May be of interest: states

Gareth.Griffiths, Sunday, Jul 6th 2014  

@u7: Vux made something for vvvv and his Flare.

Gareth.Griffiths, Sunday, Jul 6th 2014  

i use qfsm, but there was a screenshot about something new, i'm sure ;)

u7angel, Saturday, Jul 5th 2014  

@u7angel: not as a plugin, but with QFSM iirc.

sebl, Saturday, Jul 5th 2014  

wasnt there a graphical automata approach as a plugin? any news on that ?

u7angel, Saturday, Jul 5th 2014  

@joreg: CEF3 alpha ROCKS! mucho faster, no more "immediate" renderer, no more three.js crashes so more stuff works! Woohoo!

mediadog, Saturday, Jul 5th 2014  

if you're not in london... epilog-–-light-and-shadows

sebl, Friday, Jul 4th 2014  

londoners go see: http://www.barbican.org.uk/digital-revolution

joreg, Friday, Jul 4th 2014  

@joreg: sorry I know I wasn't that helpful. I'm using pretty large patch which I can't share. Will try to reproduce another way

mrboni, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

@everyoneishappy that's the one, thank you!

catweasel, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

@joreg my phone can download it :) - seems that something is wrong in this network here - thx

CeeYaa, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

@CeeYaa: works for me. anyone else with that problem?

joreg, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

@joreg try to download Alphas - browser say: can't establish a connection to the server at vvvv.org:8111

CeeYaa, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

videoadjust from bjoerns link does the job, probably worth throwing into the addonpack or contrib

u7angel, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

@mboni can you please back this up with a specific demo-case in the forum so we have a chance to reproduce?

joreg, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

@u7 also iirc there is one in the vvvv.packs.image

joreg, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

@u7 there is some erode effect attached in that post. haven't tried it though. first-shader-some-problems

bjoern, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

re: gui slowdown, for me 32.1 is MUCH slower than 31.2 when multiple windows, nodes, ioboxes etc are visible

mrboni, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

@liquid: done

joreg, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

@CeeYaa whats exactly not working there?

joreg, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

its color ;)

u7angel, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

@u7: for bw-pics a blur-unsharp combi should work, no?

hrovac, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

does vvvv has an erode / dilate filter ? can't find it

u7angel, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

@joreg,there're two Mandarin translation for Installation page,can you remove the fourth one?cheers

liquid, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

Downloads alpha - not working!?

CeeYaa, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

@cat Maybe StreamOut_Rebind.v4p in dx11 girlpower

everyoneishappy, Thursday, Jul 3rd 2014  

jo be a bit nice to the devs the latest versions are so smooth and bugfree like never before. maybe your projects got bigger?

tekcor, Wednesday, Jul 2nd 2014  

is there any HW solution for feeding 12 cameras into vvvv for mixing?

StiX, Wednesday, Jul 2nd 2014  

whats the dx11 example using cylinders as wireframes?

catweasel, Wednesday, Jul 2nd 2014  


mino, Wednesday, Jul 2nd 2014  

@joreg: I'll do some tests with older versions, feels like it's become more of an issue with latest release.

Gareth.Griffiths, Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014  

@lecloneur: if you're talking about other bugs then the IO one as always please tell us in the forum (screenshots alone don't help)

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014  

@gareth: not sure it got more but yes IO problem is still the same.

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014  

@mrboni: a processing app of a few lines of code. Anotherway is to launch a firefox profile in fullscreen with "about:bank" as url ;-)

seb, Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014  

Indeed,vvvv gui is worst than ever,totally crazy.Sorry dev but the community might help you a bit on this one, ask us or read us?

lecloneur, Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014  

I haven't been using 4v much lately, but recently it seems that the refresh is terrible! IO box content constantly gone

Gareth.Griffiths, Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014  

in osx btw

mrboni, Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014  

anyone know a way to blank an ext display connected to a macbook pro? either native shortcut or other app

mrboni, Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014  

@tekcor: it's on preorder in the ms store http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msde/de_DE/pdp/productID.299209200 they talked about sending out beta boxes in july..

m4d, Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014  

is it possible to buy kinect 2 somewhere?

tekcor, Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014  

@joreg - Woohoo CEF3! Thx MESO!

mediadog, Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014  

also timeliner 0.13 codenamed "almost there" now available for testing on irc

joreg, Monday, Jun 30th 2014  

in case you missed fridays news: htmltexture-node-using-cef-3-now

joreg, Monday, Jun 30th 2014  

Dear users, we've been having database problems and had to roll back our system by 5 hours. We're very sorry about this.

dave, Monday, Jun 30th 2014  

@joreg Ahh, so close! Flights already booked. Im around till mid Aug :)

AndyC, Monday, Jun 30th 2014  

@geometrica Barcelona os queda lejos?

matka, Monday, Jun 30th 2014  

Download content from Contributions are missing...

psylion, Monday, Jun 30th 2014  

@AndyC come a day earlier: http://www.meetup.com/opentechschool-berlin/events/190207362/

joreg, Monday, Jun 30th 2014  

Does anybody know how to find a vvvv workshop in/near freiburg (breisgau) or the region of south-germany (not bavaria)???

udo2013, Sunday, Jun 29th 2014  

I'm going to be in Berlin from the 5th July for a while, anyone round for beers?

AndyC, Sunday, Jun 29th 2014  

looking for vvvvj around madrid...

geometrica, Saturday, Jun 28th 2014  

For a conference in Berlin in Sep we're looking for a live digital art performance while guests have dinner. tom.mueller@triad.de

guest, Friday, Jun 27th 2014  

@joreg: sounds awesome!

Gareth.Griffiths, Thursday, Jun 26th 2014  

@digitalwannabe, @fusion: have loads of vvvvun over there! I got stuck doin vvvvisuals for a dance piece in Salzburg this year :P

blausand, Wednesday, Jun 25th 2014  

latest timelinerNG 0.10 up for testing on IRC: fixes some undo issues and now saves/loads all settings

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 24th 2014  

oh and sorry @guest, no rooms at fusion at all ;)

digitalwannabe, Tuesday, Jun 24th 2014  

@grandchild/u7angel: cool, we're here since sunday, but only active at night ;) @skyliner: give me a call when you're here!

digitalwannabe, Tuesday, Jun 24th 2014  

@sunsui - what Artnet controllers did you use? Great work!

mediadog, Tuesday, Jun 24th 2014  

@digitalwannabe see you tomorrow

skyliner, Tuesday, Jun 24th 2014  

@digitalwannabe when will you be setting up? wednesday night?

Grandchild, Tuesday, Jun 24th 2014  

@digitalwannabe cool, i'll come by and say hi and be obnoxious about node alignment ;)

Grandchild, Tuesday, Jun 24th 2014  

will visit u at querfeld

u7angel, Tuesday, Jun 24th 2014  

got xtra room for another patcher at Fusion? ;)

guest, Tuesday, Jun 24th 2014  

any patchers at fusion festival? we're @querfeld setting up a laser installation /w mirrrrors....come by + say hi :)

digitalwannabe, Monday, Jun 23rd 2014  

High level depth-cam .Net SDK: http://www.metricam.net/

mediadog, Monday, Jun 23rd 2014  

vvvv's prospective topics: Robotics ;)

mino, Monday, Jun 23rd 2014  

¡Muy buen trabajo @vjc4, gracias!

ravazquez, Monday, Jun 23rd 2014  

vvvv spanish tutorials online! vvvv-spanish-tutorials

vjc4, Monday, Jun 23rd 2014  

@stix - tmp is hosting a friendly #gergha screening in his garden. check pm

velcrome, Saturday, Jun 21st 2014  

someone in dresden tonight? i am here with theater and have one evening free, so we can have a beer and share vj stories :3

StiX, Saturday, Jun 21st 2014  

timelinerNG 0.9 now available for testing on irc: now all menues via rightclick

joreg, Saturday, Jun 21st 2014  

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~8min ago

zeos: sequence for two @ http://vimeo.com/103391836

~8h ago

phlegma: @aivenhoe yes, just one directory per node

~10h ago

aivenhoe: Directory pin of Dir (File Advanced) does not allow spreads as input?

~10h ago

timpernagel: cern.ch/go/tN15T #cernopendata

~15h ago

~16h ago

lecloneur: faster vvvvisuaaaal : https://vimeo.com/112374966

~19h ago

udo2013: my first-really compsed-particle visual-using dottores gpu_library as a base_quality declined from upload_enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tvz5qZIoPk