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@metrowave: contrary to popular belief that M really does matter ;) http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=GeForce+GTX+770M&id=2534 i'd still go with it instead of the quadro..

m4d, Sunday, Jan 5th 2014  

@karistouf: looks like gtx770 is better value for the money http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=GeForce+GTX+770&id=2531

metrowave, Sunday, Jan 5th 2014  

@joreg: Great stuff :)

Curveau, Sunday, Jan 5th 2014  

@karistouf gtx 770m from benchmark http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html

Noir, Sunday, Jan 5th 2014  


karistouf, Sunday, Jan 5th 2014  

sorry, quadro K1100M

karistouf, Sunday, Jan 5th 2014  

new laptop to buy... GTX 770M or GTX 670MX or Quadro 1100M ?

karistouf, Sunday, Jan 5th 2014  

@io, this is unreal, nothing beats nature!!

Westbam, Saturday, Jan 4th 2014  

@io : Excellent !

DigitalSlaves, Saturday, Jan 4th 2014  

@joreg: that's wonderful, thanks for the link!

metrowave, Saturday, Jan 4th 2014  

@joreg saw mind+ at 30c3, its really nice.

skyliner, Saturday, Jan 4th 2014  

visual programming for the #arduino http://www.mindplus.cc/

joreg, Saturday, Jan 4th 2014  

Avalanche of quads

io, Saturday, Jan 4th 2014  

@sibujacob: use texture transform node

Urbankind, Saturday, Jan 4th 2014  

How to output video or texture to a specific portion of the screen

sibujacob, Saturday, Jan 4th 2014  

The hobbit's perspective

io, Friday, Jan 3rd 2014  

New update : THE COLLECTION. 100% CloneMixer business : http://vjloops.com/index.php?search=The+Collection&svideo=on

lecloneur, Friday, Jan 3rd 2014  

I thought so, that's why they are cheaper on ebay, Evomouse seems to be better in video, it would be interesting to use in vvvv!

metrowave, Thursday, Jan 2nd 2014  

@metrowave & evvvvil: I tried one of those keyboards, it had a mouse mode included, but there was a huge delay, not very useable.

avaos, Thursday, Jan 2nd 2014  

@evvvvil: I don't think Evomouse is out yet... but their keyboards are sold on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_sacat=0&_sop=1&_nkw=celluon&_frs=1

metrowave, Thursday, Jan 2nd 2014  

Anyone used this? Turn any surface into mouse pad... could be cool in v4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yT-jy9FS-c

evvvvil, Thursday, Jan 2nd 2014  

@sibujacob re capturing see faq rendering#how to capture the output of a renderer

joreg, Thursday, Jan 2nd 2014  

Procedure on how to capture a video file from the screen monitor into the VVV program

sibujacob, Thursday, Jan 2nd 2014  

Please advice location where the video file is stored in the VVV directory for the VVV program to access. thanks

sibujacob, Thursday, Jan 2nd 2014  

All the best 4 this neVVVV Year

psylion, Wednesday, Jan 1st 2014  

3dof manipulation/levitation of small objects: http://youtu.be/odJxJRAxdFU

tonfilm, Wednesday, Jan 1st 2014  

happy 201vvvv....!!!!

dannielmach, Wednesday, Jan 1st 2014  

Happy new year vvvvolks!

microdee, Wednesday, Jan 1st 2014  

happy new YEA!!!

tonfilm, Wednesday, Jan 1st 2014  

2014 vvvv

Noir, Wednesday, Jan 1st 2014  

happy new yeah!

sohya, Tuesday, Dec 31st 2013  


sohya, Tuesday, Dec 31st 2013  

happy new year !!!

jannis, Tuesday, Dec 31st 2013  


DiMiX, Tuesday, Dec 31st 2013  

Bet you all already saw this, but:http://libdrc.org

pechart, Tuesday, Dec 31st 2013  

auguri fibo

Noir, Tuesday, Dec 31st 2013  

@fibo: Happy Birthday!!!

robe, Tuesday, Dec 31st 2013  

Nodebased AudioEngine for the browser: http://webaudioplayground.appspot.com/

timpernagel, Tuesday, Dec 31st 2013  

node.vvvv.org down?

mino, Tuesday, Dec 31st 2013  

@drehwurm: use a Select node

Gareth.Griffiths, Monday, Dec 30th 2013  

Is there something like AvoidNIL for Nodes like Textures?

drehwurm, Monday, Dec 30th 2013  

aka the patch your dx11 hlsl .fx http://www.shaderfx.com/2013_08_30_archive.html

jannis, Monday, Dec 30th 2013  

@tianjin thanks alot for your work on the chinese translations. i couldn't really tell but it looks proper..

joreg, Sunday, Dec 29th 2013  


ddf, Sunday, Dec 29th 2013  


metrowave, Sunday, Dec 29th 2013  

The Code of Technical Images: Functionally complex systems are a challenge to creative thought. > http://youtu.be/lyfOcAAcoH8

ventolinmono, Saturday, Dec 28th 2013  

New Year's resolution: exercise

guest, Saturday, Dec 28th 2013  

Little Christmas gift :) mini-christmas-pack-few-nodes-and-samples

vux, Saturday, Dec 28th 2013  

Lo unico bueno de la cena navidad: Russian Xmas salad

Abduct, Saturday, Dec 28th 2013  

vvvvans @ 30c3?

skyliner, Saturday, Dec 28th 2013  

Patching 50 years ago: http://youtu.be/KS1q3Fb1HCM (Real time simulation on analog computer.)

ventolinmono, Saturday, Dec 28th 2013  

Feliz navidad colors.... ;) Hugs.

geometrica, Thursday, Dec 26th 2013  

Feliz navidad for all of you ;D

colorsound, Thursday, Dec 26th 2013  

Merry Xmas to everyone!

lanvideosource, Wednesday, Dec 25th 2013  

Merry Xmas!!

vasilis, Wednesday, Dec 25th 2013  

YO :o)

kiilo, Wednesday, Dec 25th 2013  

and a vvvvery merry Xmas to all!

metrowave, Wednesday, Dec 25th 2013  

merry VVVVmas!

robe, Wednesday, Dec 25th 2013  

merry xmas !!

geometrica, Wednesday, Dec 25th 2013  

yay, merry xmas to all you guys too! :)

m4d, Wednesday, Dec 25th 2013  

Merry Xmas everyone! Thanks for the pressy tonfilm :D

catweasel, Wednesday, Dec 25th 2013  

merry christmas

bo27, Wednesday, Dec 25th 2013  

to twitter: #vvvv #audio merry ymas

tonfilm, Wednesday, Dec 25th 2013  

10 Seconds of high-frequency stock trading in Blackberry: http://youtu.be/NRUCWIosL_k (Windows GDI calls)

ventolinmono, Tuesday, Dec 24th 2013  

Yes, Merry Christmas! xx

Curveau, Tuesday, Dec 24th 2013  

Merry Christmas all

everyoneishappy, Tuesday, Dec 24th 2013  

@joreg, sounds interesting

u7angel, Tuesday, Dec 24th 2013  

@tekcor i was not referring to QC itself but those origami additions..

joreg, Monday, Dec 23rd 2013  

not realy joreg. left to right makes pin names readable all at once but that produces only clutter for the brain. less text is bettr

tekcor, Monday, Dec 23rd 2013  

@Meierhans: Ceephax is tha bollox! That made my night.

mediadog, Monday, Dec 23rd 2013  

that any good? http://facebook.github.io/origami/

joreg, Monday, Dec 23rd 2013  

http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/kinectforwindowsdev/newdevkit.aspx Kinect 2.0 Dev program new slots opening. Just so you know.

synth, Monday, Dec 23rd 2013  

ceephax acid crew!

elektromeier, Monday, Dec 23rd 2013  

Merry chrismas everyone: http://goo.gl/DKAG44 (make sure to watch in 720p.. ;)

Meierhans, Sunday, Dec 22nd 2013  

competition will close on sunday. hurry up! info

mino, Sunday, Dec 22nd 2013  

@elliotwoods agreed; almost no data conveyed in it, but so many data/node types it's a tough problem. But worth tackling!

mediadog, Sunday, Dec 22nd 2013  

+1 @Urbankind

nissidis, Sunday, Dec 22nd 2013  

agree that the VVVV user interface is slack. has had some incremental improvements but needs a big beautiful functional rethink

elliotwoods, Sunday, Dec 22nd 2013  

may be old, but still nice: http://imgur.com/a/3okOb

ravazquez, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

A great 3D Gerber Viewer, drop your gerber file in here: http://mayhewlabs.com/webGerber/

metrowave, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

@lecloneur, that's a thing? Selling/buying vj-clips?

purf., Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

google in the 60: http://www.masswerk.at/google60/

fibo, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

I think the @remotepresence article is kinda fair, offers one of many possible views about programming

io, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

@joreg, very entertaining article, i want more :)

u7angel, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

The #vvvv GUI works nice, good selection of shortcuts. If @remotepresence was referring to using 4v with #touch I'd agree, but he's not

Gareth.Griffiths, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

quote tekcor

Noir, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

Feels very offended after reading the review @remotepresence. ignorant

Urbankind, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

vvvv is the interface of art, design and elegance:)

dannielmach, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

"starts implementing skins" ...

manuel, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

probably a mac user

tekcor, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

"I don’t understand the reasons why anyone would stick to the old-fashioned UI design..." a bias, naive review @remotepresence!

metrowave, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

harsh words and lots of wrongs @remotepresence #vvvv review

tekcor, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

@joreg: 2 sentences before: "...it’s a waste of time waiting on a port to Linux or OSX"

sebl, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

"vvvv’s user interface is not the most intuitive version of a visual programming toolkit" http://remotepresence.org/?p=547 #vvvv

joreg, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

crazy cubi!

circuitb, Saturday, Dec 21st 2013  

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~11h ago

StiX: hey guys would it be possible to grab DX9EX from ... lets say half life?

~11h ago

m4d: http://scenesat.com/video for revision stream. pc 4k compo has just begun..

~1d ago

dottore: @Curveau: thanks

~1d ago

~2d ago

Gareth.Griffiths: @martin: hell yeah!

~2d ago

Urbankind: @martin: Thats awesome!

~2d ago

dottore: do you know any good OSC monitoring free software?

~3d ago

mediadog: Search broken: sez solr search not available, clicking tags does not limit search - ideas?

~3d ago

lecloneur: cheers m4d !