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audio-reactive graphics made w/vvvv: https://vimeo.com/126097935

witkacy, Monday, Apr 27th 2015  

entracne of the turm venue

tekcor, Monday, Apr 27th 2015  

for tonigth performances at node you have to get a ticket at the entrance until 4 pm. also for artists who will get the ticket free

tekcor, Monday, Apr 27th 2015  

just cancelled ws realtime physics in 3D on Tuesday morning due to my arrival time at Frankfurt ... if someone is interested

photoni_, Monday, Apr 27th 2015  

@catweasel … they start at 10!!!

fjen, Sunday, Apr 26th 2015  

Looking forward to joining the Node crew on Thursday which is also Vux's bday yeah!

Gareth.Griffiths, Sunday, Apr 26th 2015  

@StiX: Ask your ticketing questions here: ping@node-forum.org

skyliner, Sunday, Apr 26th 2015  

any vvvvisitors of NODE at the jugendherberg?

idberend, Sunday, Apr 26th 2015  

Workshops start at 8am???!!! Whaaaat!!!??

catweasel, Sunday, Apr 26th 2015  

Hey #node15 Is it ok to have ticket in electronic form?

StiX, Sunday, Apr 26th 2015  

first hacker in hack space :)

sunep, Sunday, Apr 26th 2015  

warm weather in Frankfurt :)

metrowave, Sunday, Apr 26th 2015  

someone driving from stuttgart to node tomorrow morning? skype:meierhansmobil

Meierhans, Sunday, Apr 26th 2015  

ah thanks and sorry I should read things

tekcor, Saturday, Apr 25th 2015  

@tekcor and node15 website you cannot login

joreg, Saturday, Apr 25th 2015  

@tekcor login data for framed submissions are mentioned here: node15-x-framed-call-for-submissions

joreg, Saturday, Apr 25th 2015  

just login as NODE15Artist

bjoern, Saturday, Apr 25th 2015  

no need to register as explained here: node15-x-framed-call-for-submissions

bjoern, Saturday, Apr 25th 2015  

and Framed page. I want to submit something for framed but both pages i miss 'register'

tekcor, Saturday, Apr 25th 2015  

Sorry but how can I login to NODE webpage as a workshop host^^

tekcor, Saturday, Apr 25th 2015  

just cancelled a bunch of workshops on theweekend ifinterested.Anyone leaving from berlin sunday,monday wants to share a helicopter?

levi, Saturday, Apr 25th 2015  

Going \/\/\/\/ #nowseriously So if anyone has a seat to frankfurt from/through cologne, let me know <3 node15

blausand, Saturday, Apr 25th 2015  

i am leaving to frankfurt right now! if anybody wants to meet today/tommorow let me know :3 first time flying hah

StiX, Saturday, Apr 25th 2015  

So im going to miss tocotronic live in cologne for node... now joreg will have to open the keynode with his guitar :)

gegenlicht, Saturday, Apr 25th 2015  

someone was asking for an occulus rift for node. could bring one but cant remember who asked for.

elektromeier, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

@drehwurm please ask the host of the workshops if it is ok to record.

joreg, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

will it be ok to bring my videocam to record some of the workshops at node?

drehwurm, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

will it be ok to bring my videocam to record some of the workshops at node?

drehwurm, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

too lazy to learn stuff yourself? let your computer do the thinking with the new Machine Learning Pack

motzi, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

Anyone has seats to frankfurt from/through cologne?

blausand, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

Anyone from Hamburg in need of a ride to node? Have free seats on monday morning.

tgd, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

and still five at our workshop: http://node15.vvvv.org/program/workshop/3d-printing-vvvv-and-openscad

elektromeier, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

a single seat free in the vvvv.audio http://node15.vvvv.org/program/workshop/vvvvaudio workshop at #node15 #vvvv

joreg, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  


skyliner, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

just updated metaio plugin. support CAD model tracking! see you at #node15

mino, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

there isnt any AvoidNIL or NIL i n the lastest version

NamDang, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

ok , i was doing it wrong , i get it now , thanks i didnt think about the helppatch

LineKernel, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

@LineKernel have you checked its helppatch?

joreg, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

is the mapping pin of the node map value working ? or am i just doing it wrong ?

LineKernel, Friday, Apr 24th 2015  

m9dfukc please try ping@node-forum.org

joreg, Thursday, Apr 23rd 2015  

Mrboni In my opinion, contrast/curve controls are equivalent to a compressor. Blur/sharpen is more or less equivalent to eq/filters

sunep, Thursday, Apr 23rd 2015  

mrboni, I'd say curves

catweasel, Thursday, Apr 23rd 2015  

@mrboni whats in yr opinion an equivalent? spatial fr'y or wavelength? FFT?

chmee, Thursday, Apr 23rd 2015  

mrboni colorramp lets you remap individual channels

ggml, Thursday, Apr 23rd 2015  

anyone know of a process equivalent to image as a parametric eq would be to audio?

mrboni, Thursday, Apr 23rd 2015  

Fixed, thnks!! see noders by streaming!

ARTEKLAB, Thursday, Apr 23rd 2015  

Having some problems to publish a date on blog, type & Title always wrong?

ARTEKLAB, Thursday, Apr 23rd 2015  

is it possible to transfer my node ticket to somebody else? Unfortunately I won't make it.

m9dfukc, Thursday, Apr 23rd 2015  

if somebody needs a ride to frankfurt this sunday along my route, i have free seats. singen, sindelfingen, karlsruhe,frankfurt

elektromeier, Thursday, Apr 23rd 2015  

just updated #vvvv #audio to V8 with many new goodies... please test till #node15! thanks: vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

tonfilm, Thursday, Apr 23rd 2015  

Please help me on Bug: "Zip (String) doesn't update if spread count changed". Thanx a lot, Marf

marf, Wednesday, Apr 22nd 2015  

please note the new deadline for the #node15 #framed call for submissions: node15-x-framed-call-for-submissions #vvvv

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 21st 2015  

>boplbopl: great stuff.

readme, Tuesday, Apr 21st 2015  

hey! Here are some personal experiments with vvvv https://vimeo.com/125489633

boplbopl, Tuesday, Apr 21st 2015  

six days to #node15 reminder: remaining workshop seats: node15-worshops-remaining-seats #vvvv

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 21st 2015  

Guys I will be travelling to Node next week, and I would love to buy a OculusDK2... anybody can sell me one ? I paid new price for it

vjc4, Tuesday, Apr 21st 2015  

A little patch, not really worth going in contributions : http://www.svdk.fr/realtime-montage-experiment/

svdk, Monday, Apr 20th 2015  

@remony: Patch on the Beach, SideCAR, Whisky Damper

velcrome, Monday, Apr 20th 2015  

teemo: Skype returns 6 results on the same name, be more specific

Urbankind, Monday, Apr 20th 2015  

teemo better start a thread in the forum and attach an example patch with the problem

ggml, Monday, Apr 20th 2015  

Can someone add me to skype please camy-kumar something has happened to my project half of it isnt showing but code is there????!!

teemo, Monday, Apr 20th 2015  

haha lasal, pin tonics we will have!

tonfilm, Monday, Apr 20th 2015  

pinacollada is almost too obvious

tekcor, Monday, Apr 20th 2015  

@remony: grey russian, PIN tonic, NODEjito ;)

lasal, Sunday, Apr 19th 2015  

does anyone know which visual studio libraries i need for running the oculus rift in vvvv?

knaif, Sunday, Apr 19th 2015  

hello ppl, we are brainstorming @NODE15 drink names. Any ideas besides "Wrapped in Coke" and "PiNODE Grigio"?

remony, Sunday, Apr 19th 2015  

@twobeass: seems closest: telnet

joreg, Saturday, Apr 18th 2015  

need a telnet connection... somebody already patched that ??

TwoBeAss, Saturday, Apr 18th 2015  

Will be cohosting vvvvjs and emeshe workshops :) everybody make sure to go there its so _epic_ what will be presented in those both

tekcor, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

Ah, thought you were doing one at node, sorry! Love TessaltionDisplacement too :)

catweasel, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

NamDang: Try ApplyTransform and use all the transforms(* Trans.) that affect the pos. of the Quad. (Transform, View, Projection)

id144, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

Hi thanks. yeah sorry but that hex is minor you can use any texture :) it is not a node workshop btw!

tekcor, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

@Tekcor,good documentation, and before node! Must be a first!(missing Hex.tfx from contribs btw)

catweasel, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

Slides and Course Materials to my workshop 'generative 3D printing inspired by life' https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16rFnEOHLfsGGkcjJAUVFdsmqVowdBrGNp7VeQkqLFsQ/edit?usp=sharing

tekcor, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

like instead of XY as input, i wanna get output

NamDang, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

hi guys, can someone help me finding a way to get the current position of the quad node?

NamDang, Friday, Apr 17th 2015  

@joreg have just replied, thankx a lot man! sorry didn't check that email account for few days. @gareth everybody lovvvves a cdc!

evvvvil, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

@evvvvil got ma mail?

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

@evvvvil: Nice.. CDC that is.

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

oooo? What's this? INTERSECT(DX11 Geometry mesh) aka DX11 Ray Casting COLLISION DETECTION shader, has landed! http://i.imgur.com/5CaelyD.jpg

evvvvil, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

Adrien M / Claire B do not stop to do nice things: https://vimeo.com/124395296

timpernagel, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

getting a lot of these vvvv interface not updating bugs in newest vvvv version, anyone else? pinnames etc going missing

ethermammoth, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

Whoop, for ather Resonate or NODE... FIBER2015!! http://2015.fiberfestival.nl/

SITD_NL, Wednesday, Apr 15th 2015  

@keftaparty: glad to hear! btw: coming to node?

m4d, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

Anyone interested for booking an apartment in 5 elements hostel? there 2 left..(8 people)

vasilis, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

found a solution for the triplehead... thanks anyway for support !

keftaparty, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

@keftaparty: i have some here, but i'm in hannover..

m4d, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  


sinus, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

anyone triedhttps://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/products/intensitypro4k ?

mrboni, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

@AndyC: that is awesome!

microdee, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

Driven with vvvv :) https://twitter.com/andydennicoates/status/587890751423512576

AndyC, Tuesday, Apr 14th 2015  

Hi, looking very urgently ( like tonight... ) for a dual/triple head 2 go in Berlin for a week, mine crashed... anyone ? Thanks

keftaparty, Monday, Apr 13th 2015  

@gjamj: flash and ex9 are totally unrelated. please start a forum thread with more details about your problem

joreg, Monday, Apr 13th 2015  

@motzi: great! looking forward..

Desaxismundi, Monday, Apr 13th 2015  

flash activex control is missing, so renderer ex9 don't works. How to fix it on win7 32bits ?

gjamj, Monday, Apr 13th 2015  

384 participants to the 2015 survvvvey. thanks everyone. results will be published at the keynode (megashow) during #node15 #vvvv

joreg, Monday, Apr 13th 2015  

anonymous user login


~5h ago

dominikKoller: http://yami-ichi.biz/wwyw/ Posting this here for the logo. Its good though, check it out! WWyW #VVVVvVV

~10h ago

joreg: @kefta: thanks, sent you a mail..

~11h ago

sunep: Anyone in Budapest? I'll be there until Wednesday

~1d ago

keftaparty: @joreg , if you wanna go with a Kinect2 I have mine actually unused in Berlin.

~1d ago

dominikKoller: i present to you: @TheEyeTribe Eyetracking in visual programming environment #vvvv forum-alpha/theeyetribe-eyetracking-vl-plugin VL

~1d ago

joreg: @m9: any time..(afternoons)

~1d ago

m9dfukc: @joreg, could bring you the leap over to the praxis office! Might forget it otherwise.

~1d ago

joreg: @m9 supa!

~1d ago

m9dfukc: jep, can bring a leap!

~1d ago

joreg: anyone coming to @SchmiedeHallein who could bring a leap and/or kinect2?