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At next node we must use a time expander so it isn't over so quickly. Thanks everyone for a great week.

sunep, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

shocked that it's over already. thank you all for the beautiful adventure!

gregsn, Tuesday, May 5th 2015  

@hrovac: for quick-help i propose you visit us on irc. otherwise we'll try to answer questions in the gray book as they come in..

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

the gray book doesnt contain info about accumulators, so any hints where to find sth about them or what they are able to accumulate?

hrovac, Monday, May 4th 2015  

@newemka this is at least half year old, isnt it ? still very nice though :)

Sportinger, Monday, May 4th 2015  

node felt like a hole in time. endless stream of events gave the impression of more than a single week.

readme, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Feels a bit surreal to be back home... So nice to meet you all in person. Big thanks to the #node15 team!

tonfilm, Monday, May 4th 2015  

i leave this here: https://developer.nvidia.com/physx-flex

newemka, Monday, May 4th 2015  

back home now, thanks for an amazing week, top of the pop organization and atmosphere!

vux, Monday, May 4th 2015  

New tutorials, West?

honix, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Thank you all for the amazing spirit lifting wonderful time!!

Westbam, Monday, May 4th 2015  

what helps against my post-node depression: https://vimeo.com/nodeforum/videos thanks to everyone making this such a pleasant week.

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

@elektro: would you mind duplicating it in the alpha forum and remove it in the beta?

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

@bjoern: not yet

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

@joreg: not testqa?

bjoern, Monday, May 4th 2015  

oops allready created the topic in the beta forum...

elektromeier, Monday, May 4th 2015  

@joreg you should just make a new years eve night program out of next keynode, could fit then

StiX, Monday, May 4th 2015  

VL forum category coming up shortly. for now just put it in alpha please.

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

new forum category?

elektromeier, Monday, May 4th 2015  

new forum category?

elektromeier, Monday, May 4th 2015  

can we allready start questions in the forum about VL?

elektromeier, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Best node ever, thank you guys!

lasal, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Waaah! I accidently douchebotted the shoutbox! How the hell did this happen?

cznickesz, Monday, May 4th 2015  

@StiX: we ran out of time to include survvvvey results in the keynode. so still to come. @sportinger: yes, will get back to you.

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Being an on and off vvvv-user for ages now, I must say, that node 15 made clear, that I really have to use it way more often!

cznickesz, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Any Media Systems people that could help MESO maintain an exhibition in Munich, Germany?

max, Monday, May 4th 2015  

danke joreg! MSG bekommen ? :)

Sportinger, Monday, May 4th 2015  

what about the survvvvey?

StiX, Monday, May 4th 2015  

sportinger du suchst skyliner

joreg, Monday, May 4th 2015  

ich suche den Phillip der mir sagte dass er viel in der shoutbox abhängt. Ich hab die emailadresse wohl falsch geschrieben :/

Sportinger, Monday, May 4th 2015  

So sad of not being at Node ... ! A bit Jalous :)

DigitalSlaves, Monday, May 4th 2015  

I feel the same way @skyliner

sunep, Monday, May 4th 2015  


skyliner, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Divided visual autists <3

idwyr, Monday, May 4th 2015  

Back to UK... how sad ;(

metrowave, Monday, May 4th 2015  

just wow

m4d, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

THX for that week... a neeby officially hooked;)

ingo, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

great week ! vvvv to the highest level ever. Big Up !

lecloneur, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

wow, it was great to finally have you all here at NODE, I could have never imagined how great this week was going to be. <3

remony, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

thanks all for the great time, workshops and evverything

herbst, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

thanks for the great time @node15 so much input going on

tekcor, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

Had a blast at Node15! Wonderful to see old friends and meet new people! Thanks all!

sven, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

Such a wonderful week @ node15. Thanks to the team! Impressive work.

H.Hartung, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

node is getting better and better. thanks everybody for so much input and the perfect orga!

u7angel, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

thanks to everybody for the inspiring week! and thanks to the node team to make this possible!

elektromeier, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

Amazing Week!!

vasilis, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

best node eva

hrovac, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

back to Strasbourg after such a great week of learning,sharing and meeting, thx to all for the big moment !!

kashmir, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

Whoop thanks all =)

Gareth.Griffiths, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

nice one catweasel

mrboni, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

node15 was great. thank you

bo27, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

Anyone still around and fancy meeting for dinner later?

catweasel, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

@mrboni I did but the room had quite a bit of ambient sound so not sure how usable it will be, I'll check it out next week...

catweasel, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

re thegraybook: fcourse images still to come..

joreg, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

to anyone interested in the VLpack: sorry for the delay still. we'll make it available through the alpha downloads coming week.

joreg, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

<3 the whole experience, thanks #node15 and whole #vvvv team! cant wait to put everything i learned to use :3

StiX, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

have any Nodelers a workshop.buffer to share? folding papers, bullet and motors :)

stine, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

thanks all Nodelers. It was a great time, see u soon ! :)

Sportinger, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

WHERES THE May-Pac fight seeing at NODE ??

manuel, Sunday, May 3rd 2015  

do you know if any of the vl workshops were recorded / filmed?

mrboni, Saturday, May 2nd 2015  

WHERES THE May-Pac fight seeing at NODE ??

manuel, Saturday, May 2nd 2015  

@u7angel, the same goes for for Kinect+Oculus workshops, thanks you guys for the hard work!

metrowave, Saturday, May 2nd 2015  

after visiting two VL workshops i can only say: chapeau boys!

u7angel, Saturday, May 2nd 2015  

The gitbook lacks images. Update soon?

guest, Saturday, May 2nd 2015  

anyone with 3D printing knowhow can help me prepare an object for printing in the hackspace. VVVV+zbrush based mesh

gegenlicht, Friday, May 1st 2015  

@beyon I did the VL workshop today, very cool! Using VL without a tutorial is VERY hard at the moment,that will change tho

Gareth.Griffiths, Friday, May 1st 2015  


mrboni, Friday, May 1st 2015  

<vvvvleaks>it can be found but I don't want to tell the world how without knowing if devvvvs want that build being public</vvvvleaks>

beyon, Friday, May 1st 2015  

@beyon ?

mrboni, Friday, May 1st 2015  

it's hinted in the shoutbox for the curious but maybe it's better to wait for a proper release

beyon, Friday, May 1st 2015  

Hi beyon where did you get vl? Where can I download?

indaehwang, Friday, May 1st 2015  

using VL interface without instructions make me feel a bit handicapped!

beyon, Friday, May 1st 2015  

RoomAlive Toolkit released

skyliner, Friday, May 1st 2015  


graphicuserinterface, Friday, May 1st 2015  

Give us this 50, pleasseeee! I have bday tomorrow

honix, Thursday, Apr 30th 2015  

@gregsn - and the dl link? :)

mrboni, Thursday, Apr 30th 2015  

everything going well at #node15. then... nuget.. sigh

elliotwoods, Thursday, Apr 30th 2015  

first steps of our vl docu: http://vvvv.gitbooks.io/the-gray-book/content/

gregsn, Thursday, Apr 30th 2015  

Hello! Can I do multi things in a same patch? doing something and then some later doing something and then doing something etc.

gregorik, Thursday, Apr 30th 2015  

somone in hackerspace at #NODE15 who can help me to do a nice cutout of player from bckg with kinect 2? cant align textures properly:/

StiX, Thursday, Apr 30th 2015  

project tango applications

skyliner, Thursday, Apr 30th 2015  

Is there a stream for the Symposium?

gegenlicht, Thursday, Apr 30th 2015  

How to DX11 ColorAsAlphaBlend?

mediadog, Thursday, Apr 30th 2015  

Where can i download vvvv 50 alpha??

indaehwang, Thursday, Apr 30th 2015  

ps. in hlsl: "//material color"??? found a lot of "col´s" in the code.

udo2013, Thursday, Apr 30th 2015  

hi.i am experimentating with mr.vux´s mandelbulb_node.does anybody know how to change the terrible flesh_like color?

udo2013, Wednesday, Apr 29th 2015  

Great keynode, thanks a lot!

pechart, Wednesday, Apr 29th 2015  

i like your teamcity server :D but don't know where to put the 3 zips ;)

rmueller, Wednesday, Apr 29th 2015  

... can't wait to try out vl ;)

m9dfukc, Wednesday, Apr 29th 2015  

vvvvantastic keynode! looking forward to see FritzFurtz becomig the next evvvvil

skyliner, Wednesday, Apr 29th 2015  

unforgettable. 1k thx to showmaster joreg and, of course, to #rrrrosi! #node15 @blausand

blausand, Wednesday, Apr 29th 2015  

my japanese tutorial videos is here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqjkdWFcBMk8gVdbGuSqwi4q1ihr7LcaW

yhy, Wednesday, Apr 29th 2015  

Yeeah! VL rules. Looking forward to doing the new stuff! #node15

dominikKoller, Wednesday, Apr 29th 2015  

mega geniale nerdshow !!! thanx to all v4 devvvvs

cyper, Wednesday, Apr 29th 2015  

yeah 23 likes °°^^°°

cyper, Tuesday, Apr 28th 2015  

sound check works but the videooutput is ur nerdoffice

cyper, Tuesday, Apr 28th 2015  

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~5h ago

skyliner: @lasal: tesela super geil!

~14h ago

mediadog: Thanks @h99, and thanks @joreg for the upcoming fix!

~1d ago

mediadog: I'm seeing AsSharedTexture failing in some cases in 34.1, not 33.7 - anyone else?

~3d ago

h99: mail sent through vvvv.org is not utf-8?