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~5min ago

Urbankind: @martin: Thats awesome!

~5h ago

dottore: do you know any good OSC monitoring free software?

~19h ago

mediadog: Search broken: sez solr search not available, clicking tags does not limit search - ideas?

~23h ago

lecloneur: cheers m4d !

~23h ago

mrboni: hokay, thanks

~1d ago

guest: nope, usb3 and win8 only

~1d ago

mrboni: anyone know if kinect 2 will work with a usb 2 port?

~1d ago

m4d: @lecloneur: very nice. all the best for your mekaviz venture!

~1d ago

lecloneur: MekaViz video now online : https://vimeo.com/92187171