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Realname Christoph guillermet
Registered since 16/04/08
Last seen 16/06/15
Website Http://karistouf.free.fr

white cat logo

hi all !
i m christoph, living in France, working as light and video designer for theatre and dance.
To see some of my work, you may visit:http://karistouf.free.fr

also developping in C/C++:

white cat lighting board

Usually i m using VVVV remoted in art-net thruth white cat, avoiding me of building complete systems of cues and to concentrate only on visuals patchs creations.

Shows with VVVV:

  • 2012: Gratin de famille, France, Theatre, Palass

Lighting, and Video: Christoph Guillermet ( karistouf).
technique: WhiteCat remoting VVVV in art-net on same computer, jeenode ( RF arduino like ) diming 12v lights inside fridge ( no cables), dmx with enttec usb open

  • 2011: Ben ( grande forme),France, Theatre, L'arc électrique

A one-mask theatre play.

Lighting, and Video: Christoph Guillermet ( karistouf).
Animations were created by Magali Charrier.

Technique: White Cat Lighting Board remoting vvvv in artnet, jeenode ( arduino like rf ) remoting dimmers in 12v inside a pizza box and on the moped, dmx 512 for traditionnal lights.
Parts of animations were assembled thru VVVV patches to obtain quickly results and design interaction between videos and actor. Some animations are staying processed real time, other were finally outputted in wmv.

  • 2011: Travelling, France, Dance, Cie Beau Geste

technique: WhiteCat remoting VVVV in art-net
An IP camera on a toy-train, perfomance with a dancer

  • 2011: Globulus, France, Contemporary Dance and percussions for children from 18 months, Cie Ouragane

Lighting, and Video: Christoph Guillermet ( karistouf).
technique: WhiteCat doing lights wth ENTTEC PRO and remoting VVVV in art-net
Globulus is travelling project: the audience go inside the scenographia.
All the set ( lights, sound, vidéo) is coming inside theatres or any place with a minimal space of 10x10 meters.
Artwork is done with Wacom Tablet and GIMP.

  • 2010: Iceberg, France, Choregraphied Circus, Cie L'Eolienne

Video: Christoph Guillermet ( karistouf).
technique: VVVV alone ( GUI)
This project is talking about non legal bank paradises and is based on the work of investigation of the french journalist Denis Robert.

  • 2009: Voyage en Polygonies, France, Puppets, Théâtre pour Deux Mains

Video: Christoph Guillermet ( karistouf).
technique: Schwartzpeter / doing lights and remoting VVVV in art-net



Little_cat / Little_mouse


little_cat dmx engine 1.7:

  • Art-Net extension
  • Remote is no more avaible
  • ESC key to quit

if you prefer to create your lights with your own vvvv patch and design, I have exported the dmx sending procedures from schwartzpeter to a simple exe.

You can send to little_cat.exe, via udp, your channels and levels.

This can be done with Raw UDP or in Art-Net.

At this actual day ( 13/01/09), Art-Net Sender node is not letting you opening on the same computer Little_cat.
Art-Net Sender opens the client port, wich is not enabling little cat to open Art-Net dedicated port ( 6454). This should be fixed by our dear devvvs after a while .
ArtNet works perfectly on distant computers.

I you have only one computer, consider to use UDP RAW mode.

Little_cat will work with the following dmx interfaces:

1=SOUNDLIGHT_DMXUSB 1 & 2 (dashard.dll)
6=SUNLITE ( siudi 5-6) (dashard2006.dll)
9=VELLEMAN K8062D aka VM116

An english doc lies in Doc folder.

If you want your interface to be supported, you just have to send it a couple of weeks, and give me its reference for developpers documentation.

EDIT : Soundlight USBDMX2 subject and dashard galaxy:

USBDMX from 2006: have a try with Sunlite type ( dashard2006.dll) . Dashard is manufacturing about 1/3 of the interfaces sold.
Have a look to the name of the .dll furnished.
So Sunlite config enables you to use DasLight hardware:
Siudi 5A = DVC2 GOLD
Siudi 5C = DVC2 512
Siudi 6A = DVC2 128-M
Siudi 6C = DVC2 ECO 512

Soundlight/Dashard/Sunlite/UsbdmxSoft are same interface.

EDIT: Velleman DMX interface:

The velleman portage is delivered with a little text file to edit the number max of channels to send. Be aware, you will need it ! Like Dmx4all this interface is a real slow one, and you will need to set the number of channels sended set to a low number ( 48 instead of 512 for example). This is of course limitating...
Be aware also that Velleman doesn t need any driver but causes exception error launching vvvv. You will need first to be sure that this interface is not connected to the computer before lauching vvvv, then plug the device.

Little_mouse.exe: a DMX-IN Enttec PRO > to VVVV

Little_mouse will listen to your dmx IN from 3 devices possible, and retransmit it in a UDP chain over the network, in broadcast.

A config text file enables you to set up differents parametres:
First line:
11059 4 120

  • the UDP PORT to emit
  • the range of interface


  • Numbers of channels to emit, can be set until 512 if you need

Second line:
192.168.1. : the network adress to emit in broadcast

There is a complete documentation inside the zip , a google translation may help, as it is in french ;-).

Thanks to Kalle, and his byte thing ! ;-)

Art-Net Arduino Set V2


This set contains version 2 of Artnet receiver sketch for arduino, working now from first hint.

It contains also an Artnet sender sketch for arduino, allowing you to send to vvvv or any device in artnet levels from sliders and push buttons you would have widely and outrageously connected to the arduino. I m sure you will merely like this solution in front of osc, rs232 or firmata things ;-)

The TLC sketch is released in the V1 Set.

Art-Net to Arduino Set of sketches v1


Thoses sketchs for the arduino enables you to send it DMX in art-net. You can send 512 channels from VVVV thruth the DMX (art-net Sender) node.

This works with Duemillanove and UNO, on Arduino 22 software.


  • art-net receiver.pde wich analyse if packets received are really art-net. see the universe, opcodes. Store in a buffer_dmx values. Up to you to do what you want with it.
  • art-net receiver RAW.pde doesn't analyse anything. Just store the incoming packet as if it was an art-net packet. Dangerous if you use it in non closed and very controlled network.
  • art-net et tlc.pde wich enable you to use a TLC5940NT to increase heavely number of output dimmable you can have on your UNO.

TLC5940 has 14 output and is daisy chainable. Unfortunately, use of Ethernet Shield and TLC on a same arduino board is physically conflicting.
For this a hack of the headers in the arduino core header, the ethernet library, and the TLC library.
Wiring is changed from the usually wiring you may find around.
An html doc is included in the folder.
This hack is Tofe86 arduino's contribution on the topic of ethernet / TLC conflict.

Just done a little test with my whitecat here:

See contributions pages or here:http://www.le-chat-noir-numerique.fr/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&p=2037#p2037


For those who are searching for wireless arduino fully compatible solutions, jeenode is your friend !

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