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Realname Sebastiano B
Registered since 14/05/10
Last seen 20/11/14

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~1h ago

guest: @xd: "/allowmultiple" in args file

~3h ago

xd_nitro: ah ok. I have to rename vvvv.exe.config file too :)

~3h ago

xd_nitro: if I rename vvvv.exe to any other name it doesn't launch. It should right?

~4h ago

~6h ago

TwoBeAss: anybody knows if its possible to use multiple leap motion controllers at one machine ??

~20h ago

metrowave: thanks joreg, great tangible interaction stuff with projection!

~20h ago

joreg: tracker people check out #bullseye http://cavi.au.dk/research-areas/bullseye/ via @mkalten

~20h ago

joreg: @mrboni: so many plans..