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those tinkering with VL please switch to latest alpha pronto. to everyone else in the cosmos: merry christmas!

gregsn, Monday, Dec 21st 2015  

Monome Compilation with high end VVVV music video http://www.symbioticcube.com/monome-compilation/

tekcor, Friday, Dec 18th 2015  

Can't wait, it feels like Christmas is coming soon.

sunep, Friday, Dec 18th 2015  

re latest alpha: blogpost with explanations imminent..

joreg, Thursday, Dec 17th 2015  

why is the latest alpha 230MB?

sunep, Thursday, Dec 17th 2015  


skyliner, Thursday, Dec 17th 2015  

@joreg: it is beautiful...

microdee, Thursday, Dec 17th 2015  

don't you touch 'em

joreg, Thursday, Dec 17th 2015  

the packs folder is packed with goodies :)

u7angel, Thursday, Dec 17th 2015  

Something going on in the new Alpha...

guest, Thursday, Dec 17th 2015  

yes, that's the one! thx.

purf., Tuesday, Dec 15th 2015  

or fighting-noise-with-the-1€-filter

bjoern, Tuesday, Dec 15th 2015  

hysteresis (animation) ?

bjoern, Tuesday, Dec 15th 2015  

@purf: Hysteresis

io, Tuesday, Dec 15th 2015  

what's the handy node again to ignore small changes? like fluctuations from a sensor?

purf., Tuesday, Dec 15th 2015  

Hey vvvvolks, searching for a good way of indoor tracking! for maybe 400 ppl... Any good ideas?!

TwoBeAss, Tuesday, Dec 15th 2015  

@guest: S (Node) and Cons (EX9 Texture) might be helpful for your task...

zepi, Tuesday, Dec 15th 2015  

@guest, maybe you need to read some basic documentation: subpatches

tonfilm, Monday, Dec 14th 2015  

I have three different textured created in three different patches, and I would like to bring them all to one patch to combine them..

guest, Monday, Dec 14th 2015  

If you mean subpatch then IOBox (Node) with a discrptive set...

tonfilm, Monday, Dec 14th 2015  

How can I send a texture or quad information from one patch to another??? thanks!

guest, Monday, Dec 14th 2015  

@xd_nitro: I use yellow tinted glasses by night

io, Monday, Dec 14th 2015  

for all you late night patchers

xd_nitro, Monday, Dec 14th 2015  

vveekend vvorkshop 6: Everything Pixels in DX11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emaKnIX4Dr8

vasilis, Monday, Dec 14th 2015  

vode business page on Hacker News: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10720688

fibo, Friday, Dec 11th 2015  

@tonfilm thank you! got a lot of help from you at the forum too! fyi we are doing vvvv-based projects at my uni atm-@ialab on twitter

darce, Friday, Dec 11th 2015  

@darce try FullscreenQuad as the first Layer of the Group

tonfilm, Friday, Dec 11th 2015  

hi guys, can i link a texture to the be renderer (DX11) background?.. like link an image to be the background of the whole scene?

darce, Friday, Dec 11th 2015  

@horvac added coontrib

antokhio, Friday, Dec 11th 2015  

here is some lines on #mapping and #ranges in #vl: mapping-and-ranges-in-vl

tonfilm, Friday, Dec 11th 2015  

@antokhio: very nice voronoi pattern!

hrovac, Friday, Dec 11th 2015  

audioreactive mandelbulbs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF5cfwoKRG8

udo2013, Friday, Dec 11th 2015  

@evvvvil: congrats!

skyliner, Friday, Dec 11th 2015  

@evvvvil HELL YEAH!!

Gareth.Griffiths, Friday, Dec 11th 2015  

Our ray marching audio-responsive virtual reality application made in vvvv and HLSL. 1st VR album in world https://vimeo.com/148506883

evvvvil, Thursday, Dec 10th 2015  

My Mistake, its project saw the $ in discount and jumped to the wrong conclusion! Sorry Radiance!

catweasel, Thursday, Dec 10th 2015  

@cat where?

joreg, Thursday, Dec 10th 2015  

spam in the gallery

catweasel, Thursday, Dec 10th 2015  

one hint why my dx11 texures have black background?

soundreactor, Thursday, Dec 10th 2015  

Maybe this can help us translate the documentation to other languages: https://www.transifex.com I can do mexican.

ventolinmono, Thursday, Dec 10th 2015  

@tekcor pictures fixed

joreg, Wednesday, Dec 9th 2015  

@tekcor ja it seems there are some troubles with images in general. investigating..

joreg, Wednesday, Dec 9th 2015  

is picture upload in dates and events broken??

tekcor, Wednesday, Dec 9th 2015  

@yasp on each userpage there is the "send mail" option if the user has enabled this via: home/settings/personal

joreg, Wednesday, Dec 9th 2015  

hey, is it possible to reach a specific user? cant see any pm option.

ysap, Wednesday, Dec 9th 2015  

@joreg perfect, thank ou very much now unity and vvvv are friends that can send packets :)

unti, Wednesday, Dec 9th 2015  

@unti: no, here you can read about the according specs: http://opensoundcontrol.org/node/3/#timetags

joreg, Tuesday, Dec 8th 2015  

@joreg thank you. so its #bundleimmediatlyfaddress0.27 and paddingnulls to encode the message?

unti, Tuesday, Dec 8th 2015  

@unti: OSCEncoder always sends "immediately" as its timestap and OSCDecoder returns what it decodes from the bundle it received

joreg, Tuesday, Dec 8th 2015  

does anyone know how vvvv gets its osc timestamp? is it ntp via a server systemtime converted to ntp?

unti, Tuesday, Dec 8th 2015  

big applause to microdee and lecloneur for their honorable commitmen to this community!

skyliner, Monday, Dec 7th 2015  

microphone laptop - audioritmico animation

nerezumijem, Monday, Dec 7th 2015  

and if you missed it then you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/xGn0Ad6-CL4

microdee, Monday, Dec 7th 2015  

vveekend #vvvv #workshop #now #live #streaming http://www.twitch.tv/vveekendvvorkshops

tonfilm, Sunday, Dec 6th 2015  

@manuel nice one

matka, Saturday, Dec 5th 2015  

@manuel nice one

matka, Saturday, Dec 5th 2015  

@tonfilm: probablyone the most accomplished Travolta memes

io, Saturday, Dec 5th 2015  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL37nZ5RVEk vvvv fulldome video

manuel, Friday, Dec 4th 2015  

I can share dx11 textures, just not dx9

catweasel, Friday, Dec 4th 2015  

I've tried that, invlaid tecture, is there a specific format to use?

catweasel, Friday, Dec 4th 2015  

@cat re dx9todx11 please try this new module with b34.2 photoshop-dx11

joreg, Friday, Dec 4th 2015  

alternatively, has anyone ported wav sim02 to dx11, as I havent managed to get that going either, frame delays...

catweasel, Friday, Dec 4th 2015  

beta34.2(and others) can't get dx9todx11 to work, valid pin is 0. Any ideas how to make it work?

catweasel, Friday, Dec 4th 2015  

@refikanadol Congrats!

everyoneishappy, Friday, Dec 4th 2015  

a thick one to enable projection on it

karistouf, Thursday, Dec 3rd 2015  

@karistouf Absolutely amazing! I'll be working with sand soon, to. Which sand do you use?

drehwurm, Thursday, Dec 3rd 2015  

more handmade: https://vimeo.com/145045953 but with VVVV

karistouf, Thursday, Dec 3rd 2015  

@refikanadol : wow, massive!

sebescudie, Thursday, Dec 3rd 2015  

Dear VVVV friends, Super happy to share our new public art project : https://vimeo.com/147304811

refikanadol, Thursday, Dec 3rd 2015  

@nerezumijem: there is a group in FB and we usually help there, VJC4 did some

io, Thursday, Dec 3rd 2015  

Tutorial IOBoxes in spanish ? ? ?

nerezumijem, Wednesday, Dec 2nd 2015  

your #vvvv november vvvvhat-happened-in-november-2015

joreg, Tuesday, Dec 1st 2015  

@guest haven't experienced any troubles yet

drehwurm, Tuesday, Dec 1st 2015  

safe to upgrade to windows10?

guest, Tuesday, Dec 1st 2015  

@vux box2d-in-beta34.2-broken

u7angel, Tuesday, Dec 1st 2015  

ah... okay... asked the same thing inbthe forum ages ago... ignore me studid

drehwurm, Tuesday, Dec 1st 2015  

anybody knows,where to get 3ď stacking frames for beamers? preferably in germany

drehwurm, Tuesday, Dec 1st 2015  

@everyoneishappy : anyway sounds cool :)

sebescudie, Tuesday, Dec 1st 2015  

@metrowave it exposes the Abelton Live API js object to vvvv. Still wip.

everyoneishappy, Tuesday, Dec 1st 2015  


dannielmach, Tuesday, Dec 1st 2015  

for people who want to play with it: https://github.com/microdee/IronHydra

microdee, Monday, Nov 30th 2015  

RealityCapture for free

skyliner, Monday, Nov 30th 2015  

@everyonishappy: what's vvvv4Live?

metrowave, Monday, Nov 30th 2015  


robe, Monday, Nov 30th 2015  

vvvv based 360 video (watch with phone/tablet if you can) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLpJrkeKHNE

everyoneishappy, Monday, Nov 30th 2015  

@nerezumijem check: dmx.hardware

tonfilm, Sunday, Nov 29th 2015  

hi tonfilm: doesnt work :/ dashard.dll in soundlight.de

nerezumijem, Friday, Nov 27th 2015  

@nerezumijem i think somewhere here: http://www.soundlight.de/software/index.htm

tonfilm, Friday, Nov 27th 2015  

Donde puedo descargar dashard.dll ????

nerezumijem, Friday, Nov 27th 2015  

Does anyone try this? http://store.steampowered.com/app/314720/?l=spanish looks interesting

AKa-visuals, Friday, Nov 27th 2015  

Wanted: tutorial about conventions/workflow when using #git (locally) with #vvvv? Thanks!

blausand, Thursday, Nov 26th 2015  

wanna dive into #visualprogramming with #vl vl? earlybird tickets now: http://resonate.io/2016/tickets #vvvv #res16 @resonate_io

joreg, Thursday, Nov 26th 2015  


metrowave, Wednesday, Nov 25th 2015  

back to the roots https://vimeo.com/141891887

nanotekt, Tuesday, Nov 24th 2015  


tonfilm, Tuesday, Nov 24th 2015  

anonymous user login


~7h ago

dominikKoller: Is there a reason for two Delaunay nodes?

~13h ago

joreg: @synth since a year beta34.2 what makes you unsure?

~14h ago

synth: What is the latest production ready/capable vvvv version? Thank you!

~1d ago

third paradise: Computers Are People, Too! 1982 Fairlight bit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXbrzI-8wck

~2d ago

guest: someone in ADE?

~2d ago

sableRaph: Copycat challenge of the day. Don't look at the code! https://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/374249

~2d ago

mediadog: @mino same company has ToF depth camera with network connection: http://product.inrevium.com/tof.html - thanks for link!

~2d ago

mino: @tonfilm and 1000fps projector now on sale http://www.teldevice.co.jp/pro_info/2016/press_161019.html

~2d ago

tonfilm: Dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bh1MHuA5jU