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VVVV Contribution with 17121 downloads dont-panic-the-noobs-guide-to-vvvv

tekcor, Tuesday, Sep 1st 2015  

@Superfly: no idea what you mean with efficient camera node..

joreg, Monday, Aug 31st 2015  

@micro me too

joreg, Monday, Aug 31st 2015  

@microdee will be there!

dominikKoller, Monday, Aug 31st 2015  

@devvvvs: any comment on this? http://goo.gl/Be3ZMB thanks

dottore, Monday, Aug 31st 2015  

any #photoshop scripting #vvvv aficionados out there? please check: import-photoshop-layers-info

joreg, Monday, Aug 31st 2015  

What's the most efficient camera node?

SuperflysiNZ, Monday, Aug 31st 2015  

who will be at ars electronica?

microdee, Monday, Aug 31st 2015  

face recognition explained : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCBZPtZCI7w

sebescudie, Sunday, Aug 30th 2015  

http://yami-ichi.biz/wwyw/ Posting this here for the logo. Its good though, check it out! WWyW #VVVVvVV

dominikKoller, Thursday, Aug 27th 2015  

@kefta: thanks, sent you a mail..

joreg, Thursday, Aug 27th 2015  

Anyone in Budapest? I'll be there until Wednesday

sunep, Thursday, Aug 27th 2015  

@joreg , if you wanna go with a Kinect2 I have mine actually unused in Berlin.

keftaparty, Wednesday, Aug 26th 2015  

i present to you: @TheEyeTribe Eyetracking in visual programming environment #vvvv forum-alpha/theeyetribe-eyetracking-vl-plugin VL

dominikKoller, Wednesday, Aug 26th 2015  

@m9: any time..(afternoons)

joreg, Wednesday, Aug 26th 2015  

@joreg, could bring you the leap over to the praxis office! Might forget it otherwise.

m9dfukc, Wednesday, Aug 26th 2015  

@m9 supa!

joreg, Wednesday, Aug 26th 2015  

jep, can bring a leap!

m9dfukc, Wednesday, Aug 26th 2015  

anyone coming to @SchmiedeHallein who could bring a leap and/or kinect2?

joreg, Wednesday, Aug 26th 2015  

pressure-sensitive multi-touch interface

skyliner, Wednesday, Aug 26th 2015  

retweet this: #latestandgreatest #vvvv out now: vvvv45beta34.1

joreg, Monday, Aug 24th 2015  

hey guys i will be for 2 weeks in Berlin (IFA), if anybody wants vvvvbeer hit me with messeage somewhere :3

StiX, Monday, Aug 24th 2015  


graphicuserinterface, Monday, Aug 24th 2015  

@beyon ah neat. needs to be a core feature!

TidensBarn, Monday, Aug 24th 2015  

@lums: togedge (animation)

joreg, Monday, Aug 24th 2015  

TidensBarn: Something like this? operandomaticplusiomagic

beyon, Sunday, Aug 23rd 2015  

buttons connected to toggles seem to flicker back and forth really fast and i dont know why :/

lums, Sunday, Aug 23rd 2015  

is there a waqy to get a proper bang out of a button in todomidi?

lums, Sunday, Aug 23rd 2015  

My #1 v4 inconvenience: setting up spreaded IO-boxes.. is there no way to set rows + spread count in one go?

TidensBarn, Sunday, Aug 23rd 2015  


Patxi7, Sunday, Aug 23rd 2015  

vvvv on Argentitian public television https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL4HFAVVIZE

vjc4, Sunday, Aug 23rd 2015  

hmm https://github.com/Allar/UE4ToSpout

guest, Saturday, Aug 22nd 2015  

again: beta34.1 release imminent: if you have a minute please test your projects to run with latest alpha: downloads/alphas #vvvv

joreg, Friday, Aug 21st 2015  

updated dx11.pointcloud! :) it includes forces now for particle-system-fun

tmp, Friday, Aug 21st 2015  

@guest in the sampler state add AddressU = Wrap; AddressV = Wrap;"

everyoneishappy, Friday, Aug 21st 2015  

hey a little jam session using emeshee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8Gf8Ayv16I&feature=youtu.be

flooblze, Friday, Aug 21st 2015  

How do you change the texture from Mirror to Wrap in a ex9 shader? Seems to default to mirror?

guest, Friday, Aug 21st 2015  

@joreg big up for taggling the animation point on the very long to do list :D

tekcor, Friday, Aug 21st 2015  

http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2809654&_sm_au_=iVV25TfRTPr0jbK6 Siggraph2015 pdf's for 1 week only

catweasel, Thursday, Aug 20th 2015  

Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing > https://www.coursera.org/course/digital

ventolinmono, Wednesday, Aug 19th 2015  

hello @fsharporg here is a #fsharp plugin template for #vvvv: https://github.com/vvvv/vvvv-sdk/tree/develop/vvvv45/lib/nodes/plugins/TemplateFSharpValue

tonfilm, Tuesday, Aug 18th 2015  

beta34.1 release imminent: if you have a minute please make sure your latest projects run with latest alpha: downloads/alphas #vvvv

joreg, Tuesday, Aug 18th 2015  

Anyone has an up to date F# plugin template/example more recent than this? vvvvelcome-f

beyon, Tuesday, Aug 18th 2015  

ffmpg :-)

jannis, Monday, Aug 17th 2015  

h265 video encoder anyone? / outside vvvv :-)

jannis, Monday, Aug 17th 2015  

have someone tested vvvv on windows 2008 server or 2012 server? does it work?

tekcor, Monday, Aug 17th 2015  

Happy Birthday, tonfilm!

readme, Monday, Aug 17th 2015  

any trick to work with SUNLITE SIUDI7B ?

manuel, Saturday, Aug 15th 2015  

@evvvvil, I love it!

metrowave, Saturday, Aug 15th 2015  

@DiMiX You just saved my GPU from burning) Ty

Solid_dan, Friday, Aug 14th 2015  

@Solid_dan: every subpatch has hidden pin "Evaluate"

DiMiX, Friday, Aug 14th 2015  

is it possble to stop computing in specific subpatch?

Solid_dan, Friday, Aug 14th 2015  

technasan: start a forum thread and be more specific about your question/need

beyon, Friday, Aug 14th 2015  

Any suggestions for using IP cameras with vvvv? Found just old threads, did things changed?

technasan, Friday, Aug 14th 2015  

@evvvvil: sick!

joreg, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015  

Well here is a KINECT2 VIRTUAL REALITY SYNTHESIZER that I made entirely in vvvv. RIFT, voice commands, kinect2. https://vimeo.com/135046673

evvvvil, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015  

It's only for prototyping, THEY SAID...

evvvvil, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015  

does PDF Texture still work with current beta34?

guest, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015  

it's lovely to finally be able to use all vvvv nodes.. so much to learn

lums, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015  

hololens funding 100.000 us dollar http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/hololens/default.aspx unfortuantely only for us citicen and related institutions -.-

tekcor, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015  

File stream the audio and use the position to drive the file player

catweasel, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015  

hey vvvvolks, whats the best way to play an audio file in sync to video playback of player node ??

TwoBeAss, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015  

check if u have permissions on ur harddrive link

antokhio, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015  

It might be OS related, ive been able to use most nodes, but the ones that take control of mics etc need admin permissions on win10

lums, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015  

@lums: well, no actually it doesn't..but fine if it works for you.

joreg, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015  

oh wow i figured it out, vvvv needs to run as admin!

lums, Thursday, Aug 13th 2015  

@lums: hard to believe that MidiController is missing. please start a forum thread with more details about your problem

joreg, Wednesday, Aug 12th 2015  

can someone explain why nodes such as MidiController and some audio nodes are missing for me? been searching the forums forever

lums, Wednesday, Aug 12th 2015  

hey guys, i'm new :)

lums, Wednesday, Aug 12th 2015  

@gegenlicht yeah this will be totally awesome. Might try the dev ...

synth, Wednesday, Aug 12th 2015  

@synth im still dreaming of Unitys Shader Forge Add on to magically work with vvvv https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/14147 :)

gegenlicht, Wednesday, Aug 12th 2015  

@microdevil - wow what a powerful fusion

tekcor, Wednesday, Aug 12th 2015  

Hi guys, is this tool suitable for making .fx for vvvv ? http://goo.gl/AIdqZi

synth, Wednesday, Aug 12th 2015  

"gekrümmter raum"..a vvvv visual

udo2013, Tuesday, Aug 11th 2015  

@drehwurm it seems like it can do both hid and midi so it should work with vvvv

sunep, Tuesday, Aug 11th 2015  

http://palettegear.com/developer.html would love this for v4

drehwurm, Tuesday, Aug 11th 2015  

Hi I am the first hybrid v4 user, made of 50% microdee, 50% evvvvil. Rest asured: I am 100% douchebag.

microdevil, Monday, Aug 10th 2015  

snap-nodes-to-grid I can suggest you continue this if you need grid snap (I dont, but I made it for all you moaners ;)

catweasel, Monday, Aug 10th 2015  

+1 nice timeline

Noir, Sunday, Aug 9th 2015  

@honix, just joking as nobody should expect grid snap anylonger. As a "nice timeline" is expected since 2005 : gui-improvements

lecloneur, Sunday, Aug 9th 2015  

http://www.twitch.tv/dota2ti the match for 7m dollars is coming up in esports, best of 5, if u want there is a newcomers stream, enjoy :3

StiX, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

but I love VVVV as is _

esnho, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

or a presentation mode!! :)

esnho, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

I like not intrusive node align.I wouldn't use grid align but I could use a snap to node feature like in Max/MSP. http://bit.ly/1DCxuLP

esnho, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

@lecloneur grid snap is shit. ctrl + l do everything

honix, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

quote lecloneur

Noir, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

@tonfilm how about grid snap and others long time GUI request ?

lecloneur, Saturday, Aug 8th 2015  

@node auto offset, have you noticed the 'Free Space' option in VL? easy.

tonfilm, Friday, Aug 7th 2015  

good shout skyliner! TOOLL has that auto link thing but auto-offset would be even more amazing...

evvvvil, Friday, Aug 7th 2015  

+1 for this

hrovac, Thursday, Aug 6th 2015  

I personally wouldn't like this.

readme, Thursday, Aug 6th 2015  

@skyliner: I bet vux already implemented this in his FlareTic after seeing this ;)

microdee, Thursday, Aug 6th 2015  

@skyliner +1 great feature!

m9dfukc, Thursday, Aug 6th 2015  

wouldn't THIS a great vvvveature?

skyliner, Thursday, Aug 6th 2015  

anyone know if the source code is around for the recent(ish) oculus plugin using oculus wrap?

mrboni, Thursday, Aug 6th 2015  

oh nooo - it's a prepared course - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_BYvUlDviM

CeeYaa, Wednesday, Aug 5th 2015  

anonymous user login


~18h ago

mediadog: @joreg Appears does not look into patches with labels like " (Value)" in filename no matter what options. Will post example.

~20h ago

joreg: @mediadog can you post the example in a new forumthread?

~20h ago

mediadog: @joreg actually "m doquit" doesn't work either. Or "> M doquit".

~20h ago

mediadog: Thanks @joreg - where is the default behavior listed? GUI doc on it is sparse.

~21h ago

joreg: @mediadog: Finder by default does not search modules. try the 'm ' option..

~1d ago

mediadog: In Finer, "< DoQuit" and "> DoQuit" only find it in the active patch. ????

~2d ago

~2d ago

joreg: open call to #audiovisual artists and developers for 5 residencies http://www.laboralcentrodearte.org/en/r/convocatorias/ii-convo-encac by #ENCAC

~3d ago

joreg: vveekend vvorkshop on #machinelearning with #vvvv live now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtYRMjJcrwA