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http://students.brown.edu/seeing-theory/distributions WOW I LOVE THIS

dominikKoller, Tuesday, Mar 14th 2017  


skyliner, Monday, Mar 13th 2017  


jzzxh, Monday, Mar 13th 2017  

@metrowave there is a "making of" https://vimeo.com/141430185

bjoern, Monday, Mar 13th 2017  

@bjoern, I'm guessing: it's a 3D printed fibres, slit-lit, zootroop ;) very intriguing

metrowave, Sunday, Mar 12th 2017  


bjoern, Sunday, Mar 12th 2017  

of people and b_splines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcDOO6Jgye8&ab_channel=udokaiser

udo2013, Sunday, Mar 12th 2017  

welcome @furek5

tonfilm, Saturday, Mar 11th 2017  

Related to rulr

manuel, Friday, Mar 10th 2017  

hi, new here :)

furek5, Friday, Mar 10th 2017  

C# 7.0 looking really sexy https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2017/03/09/new-features-in-c-7-0/

microdee, Friday, Mar 10th 2017  

@mrboni: also see here here

motzi, Thursday, Mar 9th 2017  

thanks Joreg

mrboni, Wednesday, Mar 8th 2017  

@mrboni should be this: transparency#the default blend mode

joreg, Wednesday, Mar 8th 2017  

eg - final color = src color * src alpha + dest color * (1-src alpha)

mrboni, Wednesday, Mar 8th 2017  

what is the blending equation used in the basic dx11 blend node? I'm trying to recreate using the advanced one

mrboni, Wednesday, Mar 8th 2017  

@tekcor https://github.com/MetacoSA/NBitcoin

manuel, Monday, Mar 6th 2017  

there is a book about blockchain implementation with c# ... that would make a great node set ? https://aois.blob.core.windows.net/public/Blockchain%20Programming%20in%20CSharp.pdf

tekcor, Monday, Mar 6th 2017  


bjoern, Sunday, Mar 5th 2017  

we have a new jobs category in the forum: https://discourse.vvvv.org/c/jobs (sorry for bringing up all those old offers)

joreg, Friday, Mar 3rd 2017  

@tmp bämm! good work.

timpernagel, Friday, Mar 3rd 2017  

dx11.particles released now. have fun :) dx11.particles

tmp, Friday, Mar 3rd 2017  

Grab a fucking beer, broh, sit your ass down and watch "evvvvil + OddJohn's Generative Show" Made in vvvv. https://vimeo.com/206088114

evvvvil, Friday, Mar 3rd 2017  

@milo I'm weird but not so weird - no - I only search coffee every morning

CeeYaa, Friday, Mar 3rd 2017  

@ceeyaa: i heard of a guy once whos searching the whole internet about the term "spread" every morning - was that you?

milo, Friday, Mar 3rd 2017  

@CeeYaa and it even runs at 60fps!

sunep, Friday, Mar 3rd 2017  

https://tinyurl.com/ztppmjd hmmmmm SPREADABLE

CeeYaa, Friday, Mar 3rd 2017  

@joreg excellent

manuel, Friday, Mar 3rd 2017  

@manuel there'll be an open call!

joreg, Thursday, Mar 2nd 2017  

@joreg i have a live AV proposal for node... what should I do ?

manuel, Thursday, Mar 2nd 2017  

@matka it's all in the works..

joreg, Wednesday, Mar 1st 2017  

Has anyone used a 3rd sensor with Oculus to get 360 view? just wondering if worth the £79 http://newatlas.com/oculus-rift-room-scale-360/47022/

metrowave, Wednesday, Mar 1st 2017  

node 17 please sell a poster that has the names of all nodes ,I would buy that :)

Sebapes, Wednesday, Mar 1st 2017  

@tonfilm looks tasty!

everyoneishappy, Tuesday, Feb 28th 2017  

don't want to panic but how about the tickets for NODE17?

matka, Tuesday, Feb 28th 2017  

@SFE_Engineering seems cool! https://www.sparkfun.com/news/2319

velcrome, Tuesday, Feb 28th 2017  

delicious @everyoneishappy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEcMnmOkCfA

tonfilm, Monday, Feb 27th 2017  

what's new in vvvv_50beta35.2 https://vimeo.com/205310326 #vvvv #vl

joreg, Monday, Feb 27th 2017  

whats going on under the hood when you sort.. https://www.toptal.com/developers/sorting-algorithms

guest, Sunday, Feb 26th 2017  

need someone to test that pls https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/dx11-pack-stops-beta5-from-starting-up/14718/10

antokhio, Saturday, Feb 25th 2017  

AIR OpenCall: Artists and researchers from DE, working with the issues connected with digital culture. http://www.kair.sk/open-call-for-german-artists-2/

id144, Friday, Feb 24th 2017  

@mrboni check noodles pack

velcrome, Friday, Feb 24th 2017  

bezier match not doing it for you? Or do you need GPU specifically?

catweasel, Friday, Feb 24th 2017  

I meant a gpu version of B-Spline (3D Surface). I only found an approach using bicubic filtering on a texture (dx9 gpuparticles)

mrboni, Friday, Feb 24th 2017  

@mrboni that would be splinesgpu

joreg, Friday, Feb 24th 2017  

@mrboni: ye olde GPU particles from DX9 times ;)

microdee, Friday, Feb 24th 2017  

is there some kind of gpu spline surface shader around?

mrboni, Thursday, Feb 23rd 2017  

yay, thanks md!

mrboni, Thursday, Feb 23rd 2017  

mrboni: actually there is in mp.dx ;)

microdee, Thursday, Feb 23rd 2017  

As if by magic :)

mrboni, Thursday, Feb 23rd 2017  

@StiX supa blog, thanks, keep'em coming!

joreg, Thursday, Feb 23rd 2017  

@mediadog please elaborate in the forum..

joreg, Thursday, Feb 23rd 2017  

@mrboni yes if you can wait one or two more weeks

tmp, Thursday, Feb 23rd 2017  

did a dx11 buffer renderer ever appear that allows to render to multiple buffers?

mrboni, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  

So with 50beta*, did .csproj path define change from $(VVVV45)? Can there be just $(VVVV) that won't?

mediadog, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  

patchers, vl nerds, coders wanted. write us.. http://nsynk.de/jobs

david, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  


guest, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  

https://medium.com/@borisvitzek/animation-workflow-and-rendering-in-vvvv-4ad2550b97c#.fycjkxjff blog about my animation rendering workflow in vvvv! feat. emehshe, vaudio, noodles, ...

StiX, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  

Encrypt 3D models to US government standards! bata here: http://www.cgchannel.com/2017/02/d3crypt3d-aims-to-protect-your-3d-models-from-piracy/

metrowave, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  

hello. maintenance reboot at 02:10h should be back at 02:11h..

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  

fake.art for 10.944

manuel, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  

domain http://nail.art just for €7644 :D

id144, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  


ravazquez, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  

@all removed b35.1 downloads in preparation of a b35.2 fix release. sorry for the inconvenience!

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017  

@welovemedia: vvvvelcome!

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017  

@joreg, thanks! appreciate the fast help!

welovemedia, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017  

@welovemedia: yes, ignore

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017  

setup asks for c++ redistributable 2015, but newer version already installed (14.0.23918). anybody knows what to do? ignore?

welovemedia, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017  

play #doom on #porsche #911 by driving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRMpNA86e8Q

tonfilm, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017  

got something to share at #node17? propose a workshop https://discourse.vvvv.org/c/node17/workshop-proposal #vvvv #vl

joreg, Monday, Feb 20th 2017  

wanna learn something specific at #node17? request a workshop: https://discourse.vvvv.org/c/node17/workshop-request #vvvv #vl

joreg, Monday, Feb 20th 2017  

Zorionak Abrahamovitch!

Patxi7, Monday, Feb 20th 2017  

@gregsn,great update devs, thank you¡.btw i realised today is my 10th anniversary as registered user. time pass by so quickly ;D

colorsound, Monday, Feb 20th 2017  

this is hot: vvvv50beta35.1

gregsn, Sunday, Feb 19th 2017  


aelfwine, Sunday, Feb 19th 2017  

very cool!

tonfilm, Saturday, Feb 18th 2017  

vvvv being used to prototype the Haize navigator https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/onomo/haize-a-compass-reinvented-navigation-for-urban-cy/posts/1809989?ref=email #motiongraphics

Gareth.Griffiths, Saturday, Feb 18th 2017  

new superphong is out! VSM shadows, performance improvements, spreading fixes etc.

mburk, Friday, Feb 17th 2017  

@andres4c. vl has been very naughty...

velcrome, Thursday, Feb 16th 2017  

@beyon keep em comin..

joreg, Thursday, Feb 16th 2017  

Is it too late to propose workshops?

beyon, Thursday, Feb 16th 2017  

hap survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9TWN88Y

joreg, Thursday, Feb 16th 2017  

@andresc4 in the forum click 'all categories' and select tutorials (bottom of the list)

guest, Thursday, Feb 16th 2017  

Im looking for the VL tutorial, but I afraid to search again for "vl" on vimeo ...

andresc4, Thursday, Feb 16th 2017  

reminder: evvvveryone please use your likes in the forum to indicate #node17 workshops you'd like to see happen https://discourse.vvvv.org/c/node17

joreg, Wednesday, Feb 15th 2017  

@colorsound: super cool!

skyliner, Saturday, Feb 11th 2017  


ggml, Saturday, Feb 11th 2017  

Full time vvvv role to fill in London. link

xd_nitro, Saturday, Feb 11th 2017  

Converted with AVI Demux, the video plays encoded with x264. Mistery is why the original H264 video don't play !

RitoonL, Saturday, Feb 11th 2017  

Hi ! Any clue playing MP4/AVC in filestream ? tested both x86 & x64 ffdshow installed. VLC filestream is no way! Thx by advance

RitoonL, Saturday, Feb 11th 2017  

hi some more fun and research ;D. https://vimeo.com/colorsound/htcvivepaintingmapping

colorsound, Friday, Feb 10th 2017  

CTRL+SHIFT+L in VL!!! This is huge!

ravazquez, Friday, Feb 10th 2017  

@vux: could a directx 11.2 features - hardware support for virtual textures- be implemented in theory? like this https://developer.nvidia.com/sites/default/files/akamai/gameworks/events/gdc14/GDC_14_Real%20Virtual%20Texturing%20-%20Taking%20Advantage%20of%20Direc...

tekcor, Friday, Feb 10th 2017  

Small 1.0.1 fix for dx11 directx11-nodes

vux, Wednesday, Feb 8th 2017  

@colorsound Cool! I'm trying something similar with controller attached to camcorder to make combined real/virtual videos.

mediadog, Monday, Feb 6th 2017  

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~12h ago

joreg: your 2017 numbers have landed: vvvv-in-numbers-2017 #vvvv #vl

~1d ago

joreg: final part of "vl for vvvv users" series of video tutorials is now up: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/vl-for-vvvv-users-spread-of-spread-5-5/16028 #vvvv #vl

~2d ago

joreg: another one for the weekend: part 4/5 of: vvvv for vl users. all about loops: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/vl-for-vvvv-users-spreads-vs-spreading-pt-2-4-5/16027 #vvvv #vl

~3d ago

joreg: one for the weekend: rc3 for beta36 is out: beta36-release-candidate #vvvv #vl

~4d ago

fibo: Wine v3 has Direct11 support https://www.winehq.org/news/2018011801

~4d ago

Lorenz: If anybody wants to see some interactivvvve Tap Dance in Düsseldorf this weekend: www.xenorama.com/resonance

~5d ago

joreg: sorry for the long delay, we're back to serious with a new release candidate: beta36-release-candidate #vvvv #vl