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change log - vvvv50beta35

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released on 20 12 16


  • create dynamic plugins using VL: Dynamic VL Plugin Reference
  • no longer runs on WinXP since now requires .net 4.6, see: .net-4.6-upgrade-in-alpha-builds
    • AudioRecordSelector and AudioMixer were therefore removed
  • added MS VisualStudio Redistributable 2015 to setup.exe
  • boygrouping: fix for clients sometimes not finding addons
  • performance improvement for Raw nodes, see raw-performance-speedup
  • upgraded HTML texture node to CEF 3.2840.1513.gf7effc7 (Chromium 54.0.2840.59) htmltexture-update-to-chromium-54
  • Stencil Buffer support in EX9: check girlpower/Graphics/DX9/Shader/StencilBufferDemo.v4p
  • improved NodeBrowser tag search: now only finds tags starting with capital letter
  • show internal nodes in nodebrowser by typing "i "
  • fixed a case where CTRL+G failed
  • patches marked as readonly now show an error when you try to save them
  • nodes now indicate evaluation via textcolor
  • locked patches now cannot be scrolled
  • increased default size for c# editor
  • values, colors (..) can flow over node pins: mixed-data-over-that-same-ol-pin
  • enums now less picky. enum iobox now works if only connected on input pin.
  • in case a IOBox (Raw) was too small it didn't show anything.
  • fixed dynamic plugins not being recompiled when copied to another computer (https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/cant-add-dynamic-plugin-if-i-copy-it-from-one-machine-to-another/14126)
  • fixed Reload bar not showing up in C# editor when external editor (like VS) was using a rename to save the file.

fixed nodes

  • Resample (Spreads) has its Mirror mode fixed
  • Resample (3d Vector) and Resample (Color) have been cleaned up
  • Separate (String) fixed Ignore Beetween for all quotes
  • RegEx (String) fix for using round open brackets in expression
  • Length (String) fixed a bug when it was not evaluated in the first frame
  • Ord2Enum (Enumerations) now clamps input to not overflow
  • Entry2String (Enumerations) now updates correctly when an enum changes
  • Damper (Animation Jump): fix for initialization
  • Timeliner (Animation) sometimes did not save correctly
  • Grow (2d) now proper spreadable
  • WindowLists (Window) has its TopMostHandle output fixed
  • FrameDifference (Animation). fix. now starting with 0 for the first frame
  • Random (Value). fix for https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/random-value-return-same-value-in-module/13430
  • fix for https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/framedelay-critical-issue/13864

changed nodes

  • added "Position in PixelXY" and "Client AreaXY" outputs to Mouse (Devices Desktop), Mouse (Devices Window) and MouseState (Mouse Split) nodes
  • Leap (Devices) completely reworked
  • Renderer (HTML Url) and Renderer (HTML String) now use IE11
  • Renderer (EX9): DepthBuffer D24S8 format to enable the Stencil Buffer
  • Writer (EX9.Texture) can now save volumetextures
  • Processors (System) now async
  • IRC (Network Open): added Password and Channel Password
  • UDP (Server) and UDP (Server String) now have a Status output that will tell you if the port fails to open
  • IOBox Tooltips now show Tags
  • String IOBoxes that have an Open button can now be ALT-clicked to open the file in Explorer
  • IOBox (Bang/Press) now don't add to UNDO anymore
  • DrawVertexID (EX9) is now PointID (DX9 2d/3d)

new nodes

  • vastly improved support for Arduino/Firmata, see: arduino-second-service
  • new EditingFramework, see: introducing-the-editing-framework which brings vastly improved:
    • PointEditor
    • BezierEditor
    • BezierPatchEditor
    • MeshEditor
    • Camera (2d, 3d)
  • TUIO now with send and receive nodes, see: how-tuio-do
  • easy Spout (DX9 Sender/Receiver) modules, see Spout
  • easy GIF Rekorder (Windows), see introducing-the-rekorder
  • ArtNet (Network Sender/Receiver) now with Net, SubNet and Universe and can be used on any UDP port
  • Eyetracker (Devices TheEyeTribe) including calibration mode
  • CircularSpread (Spreads 2d): Generates a circle in 2d space
  • SpiralSpread (Spreads 2d): Generates a star in 2d space
  • StarSpread (Spreads 2d): Generates a star in 2d space
  • RectangleSpread (Spreads): Generates a rectangle in 2d space
  • GridSpread (Spreads 2d/3d): Generates a grid in 2d/3d space
  • HexGridSpread (Spreads 2d): Generates a hexagonal grid of positions in 2d space
  • RandomSpread (Spreads 2d/3d): Generates a random point cloud in 2d/3d space
  • Distinct (String): Returns a spread stripped of duplicates
  • Except (String): Returns a spread containing slices from Input 1 except slices from Input 2
  • Intersect (String): Returns all distinct elements that are found in both of the Input spreads.
  • Wanderer (Animation 2d/3d: Simulates an easily parameterized random walk
  • Resample (2d Vector)
  • ArcLength (2d/3d): Lets a curve, specified by a spread of vectors, be sampled at arbitrary positions
  • Grow (2d NonUniform): Extrudes a polygon by a given factor nonuniformly for X and Y
  • Undo (Value, 2d, 3d, String, Color)
  • MJpegStream (EX9.Texture Sender/Receiver)
  • ProjectedTexture (EX9.Effects)
  • ConstantVC (EX9.Effect): Constant effect that takes VertexColor into account
  • Point (DX9 2d/3d)
  • Triangle (DX9 2d/3d): Renders a triangle in the DX9 window
  • Triangle (EX9.Geometry 2d/3d)
  • BezierPatch (EX9.Geometry 2d/3d)
  • ViewCone (EX9)
  • Select (Transform)
  • Homography (Transform 2d Quad) assumes the input points are a quad centered at the origin, very fast
  • Reader/Writer (Transform ViewProjection)
  • NodeInfos (VVVV): Returns a list of all authors and search paths
  • SetExposedPin (VVVV): Allows writing data directly to exposed pins
  • UpdateView (VVVV): Allows to disable the vvvv UI to squeeze out some more performance
  • Clock (VVVV) let's you implement your notion of time. All time based animation nodes will react to that.
  • ADSR (Animation FrameBased/TimeBased) advanced envelopment curves with proper behavior of the enabled input
  • Select (2d/3d/4d) performance optimized select nodes for vectors, use instead of Select (Value Vector)
  • Gesture (Devices Window): returns windows gesture events zoom-pan-rotate-touchgestures
    • Pan-, Zoom-, Rotate-, TwoFingerTap- & PressAndTapState (Gesture Split)
    • Pan-, Zoom-, Rotate-, TwoFingerTap- & PressAndTapEvents (Gesture Split)
  • Stencil (EX9.Renderstate): set stencil state for ex9 objects

plugin interface

  • NuGet packages now usable in AnyCPU build configurations
  • added support for byte/sbyte/char types to plugin interface
  • fixed enum index reporting wrong value after being updated (https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/enum-index-reporting-wrong-index/13947)
  • fixed a sync issue in output stream implementations between unmanaged backing store and managed length property
  • whether or not a bin size pin gets created by the plugin hosting layer can now be controlled through the new PinAttribute.BinSizeWrapCount property. By default bin size pins will be created for each dimension.
  • added possibility to allow override of plugin in- and output properties (https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/overriding-pinattributes/14334)
  • fixed ordering of bin size pins when used in pin groups.
  • IHDEHost.EnumChanged: listen to changes of any enum
  • you now can accept any data on your input and check for values, colors (..) dynamically: mixed-data-over-that-same-ol-pin
  • implement ITimeProvider to provide a low latency clock that implements your notion of time: go-back-in-time-now

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