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  • If you're using any of the contributions listed below, check their licensing.
  • If you're developing a contribution and want (commercial) users to pay for it, then add it to this page. Note that you're still responsible for your own payment/invoicing/support workflow.
  • For commercial vvvv licensing still see: Licensing

Customers and vendors enter the store at their own risk! The vvvv group cannot be held responsible for any claims. For more details read Introducing: The Store

Automata UI

Author: u7angel of wirmachenbunt
License: €49 per project

Automata UI is a visual state machine editor.

A state machine is a mathematical model of computation used to design both computer programs and sequential logic circuits. Or in simple words, you can design your "if then else" logic without the usual hassle and pretty much bug free.

Automata UI enables you to design your program logic with states and transitions as well as giving them a duration. Automata UI is spreadable, intuitive and resource friendly.

Please support the development and purchase a commercial licence along with your commercial vvvv license.

Buy License for commercial use.


Author: tmp of intolight
Licensing per PC: €249 (about the cost of a single Kinect2)

This pack is a collection of tools and techniques for dealing with pointclouds.
It emerged from a previous pack called KinectToolkitDX11 and is designed not only to make life easier when you are going to use a kinect (or kinect2) - it is built in a very modular manner so that integrating arbitrary sources for pointclouds is an easy task and all tools in this pack can used for the new sources too.

Sources on Github
Buy License for commercial use.


Author: velcrome of intolight
Licensing per PC: €42 (to answer your needs)

This node pack defines a new Message data link and c# type. Its primary purpose is to help you retain data and performance control if your vvvv project turns bigger than expected, without adding redundant and confusing links. Message can help to establish communication between threads or even other applications.

Sources on Github
Buy License for commercial use.

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