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Hide on Lock

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Q: how can i make my nodes be this fancy 'white' like i saw ...?
Q: how you hide the connections and restore their viewing?

select any nodes and/or links

and press CTRL-H? to toggle their Hide on Lock state.

the selected nodes and links are white/light gray now.

this is a very useful feature to keep your patches clean and readable for others.

now you can LOCK (or unlock) the patch by pressing CTRL-E?.

the "hiddenonlocked" nodes and links are invisible now.
you can't move, delete, modify nodes anymore.

but there is a useful exception:
you STILL can ENTER DATA into visible IOboxes (or drag values up/down..)

a # in the titlebar indicates the locked state.

the locking state will be saved within the patch.

this can be useful to prevent destroying your patch by accident in live situations.

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~3d ago

skyliner: the vcard page is assembled by personal settings + user page

~3d ago

lasal: thank you guys but this is to edit the user data, i don't find how to edit the vcard

~3d ago

CeeYaa: @lasal - haha nice - I think it's funny - you should keep it ;) to change - HOME-SETTINGS - PERSONAL SETTINGS

~3d ago

skyliner: @lasal: here?

~3d ago

lasal: who knows how to edit the vcard?

~3d ago

joreg: get started with #vl with this first part of a series of "vl for vvvv users" tutorial: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/vl-for-vvvv-users-key-differences-1-5/15919 #vvvv

~3d ago

joreg: speak japanese? this looks like a great resource for #vvvv tipsntricks: https://qiita.com/advent-calendar/2017/vvvv