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In programming colors are specified using a color model which specifies how a color is being represented by typically 4 color components. vvvv uses the RGB color model and has the following nodes allowing colors to be specified:
RGB (Color Join)
HSL (Color Join)
HSV (Color Join)

and split up into their components:
RGB (Color Split)
HSL (Color Split)
HSV (Color Split)

The HSL and HSV variants are just other ways of representing points (colors) in an RGB color model which are typically more intuitive to adjust. That's why the IOBox (Color) uses the HSV representation by default. HSV is also sometimes called HSB.

The individual components of color models are often specified from 0 to 255 for red, green, blue and alpha, for 0 to 360° for the hue of a color and for 0 to 100% for the saturation and lightness or value/brightness. Not so in vvvv:

The most important thing to know about colors in vvvv is that the value range of their individual components is always 0 to 1.

While this allows for very efficient handling of colors within vvvv you may find it not so intuitive to enter constant values for individual component taken e.g. from other software. Consider the need to enter a constant value of 207° as the hue of a color. In this case just type into the IOBox:


which will be evaluated to


String representations

When you need to save a colors value as a string to a file or interpret a color from a string try the following nodes:


- (Color)
+ (Color)
* (Color)

Linear Interpolation between colors:
Blend (Color) = InputMorph (Color)


HSLtoHSV (Color)
HSVtoHSL (Color)


RetroColors (Color)
Windows98Colors (Color)
NetscapeColors (Color)
Spectrum (Color)
How to Choose Colours Procedurally

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