» change log - vvvv45beta33
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change log - vvvv45beta33

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released on 02 09 14


code editor

  • for each file only one editor will be open
  • improved completion window for C# by adding async keyword and prioritizing entries by their kind (field/property etc.)
  • completion window for HLSL will only popup when pressing Ctrl + Space. It will also only show predefined functions and parameters as no proper AST for HLSL available.
  • fixed mouse wheel handling in code completion windows https://github.com/vvvv/vvvv-sdk/pull/203
  • fixed bracket search in code editor
  • removed runtime errors from editor
  • fixed exception when document ends with /*comment*/: code-editor-bug

new nodes

  • Architecture (VVVV): about-(vvvv)-x86x64-pin
  • MouseMatch (Mouse) node able to detect certain mouse events like up/down/wheel and click
  • SplitAt (Value/2d/3d/...) nodes - splits a spread at given position into two subspreads
  • AsDocument (SVG) and Join (SVG) make it possible to create and render multiple svg textures two-cool-svg-nodes
  • ApplyTransform (Mouse) to transform mouse coordinates
  • Drag (Value) same as Drag (2d) only for one dimension
  • Merge (Mouse) - merges multiple mice to one
  • SecondLook (EX9 Softimage) - module that lets you debug your camera better than TestCamera did
  • ActiveWindow (Windows) returns the handle of the active window
  • added generic nodes (cons, queue, zip...) for: XElement, XDocument, XAttribute

fixed nodes

changed nodes

  • Copier (File), Copier (File Async) now create target directory if it does not exist
  • IOBox (Value Advanced): iobox-(value-advanced)-created-as-integer-default-max-and-min-why-so-low
  • IOBox (Value Advanced): toggle-bug-(gui-only)
  • Finder (VVVV) now has an option to search inside modules
  • Select nodes got tagged with resample, repeat, duplicate
  • global input device nodes will return dummy device in case no device is installed on the system: error-without-hid-keyboard-(since-beta32- -32.1)
  • reworked MouseStates (Join) node so that new downstream observer will get notifications of current frame too: new-mousestates-and-nil-(beta32)
  • all file related nodes like Writer, Reader, Copier, ... now have a Success, Error Message and Error pin.
  • AsXElement (XML) now has a Success and an Error Message pin
  • Sync (Network) node now has a Seek Threshold and the port pin is spreadable to serve multiple clients on the same machine
  • Cursor (DX9) now has different "Cursor Types"
  • Player (EX9.Texture) will exclude hidden files: feature-request-player-(ex9.texture)-option-to-exclude-hidden-files
  • Reader (Raw SharedMemory) will not try to create a new shared memory location anymore. It will only try to open an existing one. Should that fail the new status pins will report about it and a warning will get written to the node's log.


  • streams are now available as ulong/long https://github.com/vvvv/vvvv-sdk/pull/204
  • thorough delphi side error handling&logging of clr code throwing exceptions
  • VMath vecors and matrices now implement IEquatable<T> and IComparable<T> for your Linq pleasure
  • VColor got a simple Serialize/Deserialize method for RGBA color

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joreg: The vvvv winter semester course program is out, starting with a free course on November 23rd: https://thenodeinstitute.org/ws23-vvvv-intermediates

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LCA: ravazque, this guy is working on this v3 since ever. check: https://nuitrack.com/

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karistouf: done with vvvv beta :) https://vimeo.com/872242439

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