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~6d ago

fleg: This Tuesday, Cologne: exhibition opening of "interwoven", textile disinformation patterns created with vvvv. https://fleg.de/news/exhibition-interwoven

~19d ago

manuelgonzalvez: Assimp nodes all broken afted Win Update w/exception "COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW(...)"

~19d ago

manuelgonzalvez: @levi thanks would love to! anyway managed to get something similar working based on forum search and anthokio's patches.

~20d ago

levi: @ravasquez thanks. 31.2 x86 verrion worked. @manuelgonzalvez i have a dx11 projectTexture if u a want.

~21d ago

manuelgonzalvez: Anyone has a dx11 port of "projectedTexture" dx9 fx for projection mapping?

~21d ago

manuelgonzalvez: Anyone has a dx11 port of "projectedTexture" dx9 fx for projection mapping?

~21d ago

ravazquez: @levi not sure bout the ImagePack, but I believe VL.OpenCV should give you the same tools and should work with beta just fine

~22d ago

levi: anyone knows of a VVVVpacks.image that works for elliot's projector calibration patches?x64,dx11. always crashes v4 on solve.

~29d ago

Lorenz: VJing with GIFS: https://lorenzpotthast.de/gifjockey/ A fun little side project, that I first prototyped in v4 and now turned web-based ;)

~2mth ago

schlonzo: finally fixed in 4.8 nice1