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~9d ago

andresc4: gamma+stride+fuse+standaloneapp+soputoutput+oscinput = lovvvvvveeeeeee!!!!

~12d ago

joreg: @pechart thanks for the flowers!

~12d ago

pechart: Just a big shoutout to the whole vvvv devteam and the friendly community! It's fantastic to export patches to standalone apps. THX!

~21d ago

daviddenker: We are looking asap for 3x Azure Kinect to rent or buy. Any kind of help appreciated! :-)

~24d ago

mediadog: Hmmm md.ecosystem link on staff pics page is not found

~26d ago

schlonzo: physics constraints and forces plz?

~28d ago

karistouf: thank you @gml but im thinking about and old version of vvvvv. There was a redraw with HSL of each pixels

~28d ago

schlonzo: no more previews? is there a 4.0 stable?

~29d ago

sunep: Live now. I perform live AV with Thomas Li after kiloton who is performing now. https://youtu.be/IG5oC6JvMeM