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~2d ago

stulloyd: @dominikKoller my little brother works for them.

~6d ago

vasilis: @readme I already did this...but when I reopen my patch and make some changes I press save all..and then the same again. It opens 2

~7d ago

readme: vasilis, Alt+R in your vvvv instance, delete it from vvvv root, save. Otherwise vvvv loads up the patch by default.

~7d ago

vasilis: And even if I go in the root patch and delete them. when i save my patch again it duplicates.

~7d ago

vasilis: Anyone know why when I save my patch and close vvvv, when I try again to reopen it, it opens two patches (two the same)?

~7d ago

david: updated the berlin meetup log. Please correct names or missing stuff. berlin meetups 2018