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~3d ago

skyliner: wanna do drone shows or applications? then check this super cool project of our man e1n

~7d ago

NoseBleedIndustries: Thanks Joreg! The few minutes I was able to see, very good workshops!

~7d ago

joreg: @NoseBleedIndustries please give us some days, we'll have an announcement soon...

~7d ago

NoseBleedIndustries: I could not assist the Node20 (workshops ) Any Idea when we will have access to the links of the recordings?

~9d ago

bjoern: unity has c# bindings for usd, under apache license: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/usd-unity-sdk

~17d ago

ravazquez: @synth yes they are being recorded and will be available for future consumption

~17d ago

synth: Another stupid question: Are all #NODE20 sessions recorded and accessible for later viewing in case someone missed something?

~19d ago

joreg: Get a fresh drink and some snacks: Live in 45 minutes: #NODE20 opening: https://youtu.be/SlKKyEUihhY