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You can make screenshots of any active vvvv-window by pressing the shortcuts Ctrl+1 (includes window border) or Ctrl+2. Ctrl+8 toggles window border. If you shoot a patch, the file is placed in the same directory as this patchs .v4p file is in. If you shoot any other vvvv-window the file is placed in the directory in which its parent patch is placed in (e.g. shoot a renderer and search the image in the directory of the patch in which the Renderer node is placed in).
And if you would like to post a screensot directly to the "Screenshots of the Days" on, simply press CTRL+3.

If a patch is not yet saved (shows something linke 0.v4p//// in its windowtitle) you'll find the the .jpg in vvvvs root directory.
If you want to specify a directory where the screenshot is to be placed press Shift+Ctrl+1 (or Shift+Ctrl+2) to invoke a file-save dialog.
Pressing one of the shortcuts also copies the image to the clipboard which allows you to paste (Ctrl+V) it into other programs like Photoshop, Word etc.

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~16h ago

metrowave: @mediadog, YOU lucky dog!

~20h ago

~1d ago

colorsound: Hi guys some poc of laser and projection ;D

~2d ago

mediadog: @metrowave I just saw the Wilfred Lumia exhibit in DC - I wept. Pics/videos do it no justice, analog = infinite resolution!

~4d ago

udo2013: BeatDetector(bass)not working.ErrorCode from red node:"PLUGINS \BassSound dll BassSound Data BeatDetectorNode" is missing.WhatToDo?