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vvvvhat happened in February 2016

previously on vvvv: vvvvhat happened in January 2016

only 29 days,

but still too many news and updates to follow. so here is a recap of the vvvv communities activities in february:


since a few days the download-counter is working again for contributions. sorry for the delay, we sure lost quite some counts for the statistics, but you know, everyone is so busy these days.. so whats been new last month?

and if i'm interpreting these latest screenshots correctly it seems as if velcrome and microdee have something cooking..

Oldies but goldies

already more than 3 years old the CV.Image pack by elliotwoods is still the one to choose when doing anything computer-vision. and it seems sebl has a great addition to it in the making: looks like a spreadable input for uEye cameras..


many people are using vvvv for commercial work, which is great. only hardly anyone seems to bother posting their work in the gallery. because of course everyone is too busy. never mind, leaves more space for the arts:

and some people apparently are simply to lazy to post their stuff and i have to go dig it all out by myself. check this latest work by sunep. best viewed on a large projection with speakers set to max:

also tekcor sent in his latest work, a hybrid system of vvvv and vvvv.js. he writes: MixBot is a Web Audio API DJ mixer with advanced effects and logarithmic waveforms where vvvv on the server does the CMS creates the waveforms via VAudio and vvvv.js does the UI client-side.



microdee organized another vveekend vvorkshop with antokhio who gave an introduction to Raymarching. as usual you can watch them all in the vveekend vvorkshops youtube channel.

and if you're free between april 12-16th come tohttp://resonate.io and join the 3 day intensive VL workshop with gregsn and elias.

what the VL?

it is amazing! i'm hoping to write a winter update before the end of winter.. ah and if you haven't already, check out the completely refurbished Editing Framework we patched almost entirely in VL. available in latest alphas.

enouvvvv. let us know if i forgot to mention something by adding it in the comments. looking forward to seeing what you come up with in march..

joreg, Tuesday, Mar 1st 2016 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 4 comments  
joreg 01/03/2016 - 19:34

here is one i forgot: i wanted thank sebescudie for his continued effort to translate the documentation to french. he just recently completed the section on patching, see: fr.patching

microdee 02/03/2016 - 05:01

there are some cooking in the background as well not only with object management WINK WINK (looking shady)

u7angel 08/03/2016 - 22:50

thank you joreg for the monthly summary, the work is appreciated !


joreg said
many people are using vvvv for commercial work, which is great. only hardly anyone seems to bother posting their work in the gallery. because of course everyone is too busy. never mind, leaves more space for the arts

if i may speak for myself, the gallery is still not appealing. it's still this big pile of posts where everything gets lost.

a "simple" layout change would help i.e grid view. maybe some highlight projects being slightly larger. i mean you start to curate in these monthly blog posts, why not in the gallery too. would make the pile more entertaining.

joreg 09/03/2016 - 21:24

iknowiknow..we even had a prototype for this already..but then again..other things happened..

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~5d ago

joreg: @micha_nismus instead of discord, we're using matrix, see: chat

~5d ago

micha_nismus: searching for a public discord server for vvvv

~12d ago

joreg: Join us for the 20th #vvvv meetup on January 19th: https://thenodeinstitute.org/event/20-worldwide-vvvv-meetup/

~12d ago

joreg: @schlonzo re "SDSL support" did you see the Shader wizard? or do you mean something different?

~12d ago

joreg: @LCA not aware, but the HIKVision sdk comes with a c# demo. need help for a commercial project? get in touch via devvvvs@vvvv.org

~14d ago

LCA: Has anyone ever made a HIKVision GigE work with vvvv?

~18d ago

schlonzo: What's the shortcut Anton used? =)

~18d ago

schlonzo: The extension manager for C# projects is an awesome addition! Could you pretty please add SDSL support?

~2mth ago

joreg: For latest #vvvv news, please follow us on #Mastodon https://mastodon.xyz/@vvvv

~3mth ago

manuel: very cool to generate matcap / cubemap for reflections https://cables.gl/p/pDCOCw