» Wedding Dress Projection Mapping
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Wedding Dress Projection Mapping

credits Junki Yoshioka / Saki Yoshioka /Supported by vvvv Japan Community:Yuki Hirano/Takuma Nakata/Yusuke Murata

Wedding Dress Projection Mapping

It is a performance at the our wedding Party.
The bride was able to wear a dress of various patterns .
By using the sensor , and has a projection mapping in real time rendering.

Wedding Dress Projection Mapping

Setting:vvvv + kinect v2 + Projector
Patch and Commentary(Only Japanese)http://qiita.com/Junky_Inc/items/109f4b0849e789483b78

Junki Yoshioka / Saki Yoshioka
Supported by vvvv Japan Community :Yuki Hirano/Takuma Nakata/Yusuke Murata

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