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NODE17 workshops announced

Dear nodes,

this is it! Below you find the list of workshops you'll be able to attend during NODE17. Not all, obviously, because 7 of those are typically running in parallel but still noone should get bored. Thanks everyone for their great proposals! We tried to realize as many workshops as we possibly can but i hope everyone understands that we do have limitations of different kinds that didn't allow us to have all of the proposed workshops.

Good news: NODE17 will offer a format (called "unconference") where any participant can host ad-hoc talks/demos/workshops in the lunch and evening breaks. So if your workshop was not chosen but you're coming to node anyway, you'll still have the chance to share your skills with a bigger audience.

For a listing of workshops in a timetable see: NODE17 Workshop Schedule


vvvv for beginners
by kathi & pantha_rhei

vvvv für Anfänger
by marwi & geloescht

How to use a StateMachine - AutomataUI
by u7angel & miik

Introduction to vvvv-Message Awesomeness
by velcrome & ndrv

VVVV.js 2.0 and how to use it as VVVV’s companion
by sagishi & tekcor

The Ultimate Guide to Game Developement with vvvv and vvvv.js
by sagishi & tekcor

Structured Programs
by Martin Zrcek & motzi

vvvv for programmers
by motzi & veevee

VL for vvvv users
by joreg & robotanton & dominikKoller

VL Concepts and Patterns I
by tonfilm & elias

VL Concepts and Patterns II
by tonfilm & elias

Developing nodes and libraries for VL
by joreg & gregsn

VL Project
by gregsn & robotanton

Animation & Graphics

by motzi & Martin Zrcek

Triangle, TetGen, Dope
by digitalwannabe & knaif

Bullet Physics
by u7angel & tgd

Box2D Physics
by tgd & u7angel

Advanced Directx11 Shading
by vux & idwyr

Procedural Noise: Everything your parents didn’t tell you
by everyoneishappy & eps

Instance Noodles
by everyoneishappy & evvvvil

Marching Rays amongst shit jokes
by princemio & evvvvil

PBR rendering in vvvv with FBX4V and mp.dx
by stix & microdee

Introduction to DX11 Rendering
by readme & woei

DX11 Shaders upper-intermediate
by antokhio & dottore

Compute Shader by example
by vux & idwyr

by tmp & velcrome

3D Basics & Building Interaction
by pantha_rhei & onur

Projection Mapping
by dominikKoller & manuel

Introduction to vvvv with Videoeffects & Compositing
by robotanton & anra

Supershiny motion graphics with superphong
by mburk & sebl & a_a_a_a

Realllly vvvvirtual
by moco & sableRaph

Forward+ or how bring thousands of dynamic lights to VVVV
by kopffarben & mburk

by moco & Sebastian Häfele

Hardware & IO

Cutting and folding paper
by lasal & ceeyaa

DMX programming on VVVV, DMX basics, Artnet, v4 & GrandMa2, Pixelmapping
by andresc4 & manuelgonzalvez

Hacking sex with vvvv
by sabrinaverhage & dominikkoller

Why Firmata? How to make better use of Firmata with VVVV
by jens.a.e & laserlars

Introduction to 3d printing
by Victor Sardenberg & elektromeier & jens.a.e.

Ceramic Realtime 3D Printing
by jens.a.e. & laserlars

3D printing instance noodles
by elektromeier & stix

IOT - Bridging the gap between things with MQTT
by pftburger & Maria Yablonina

Silly Machines - Basic Electronics & Hardware Prototyping
by Maria Yablonina & pftburger


Kinect Beginners
by lucidlien & otosatram

OpenVR Beginner
by mburk & sebl & a_a_a_a

Multi-user vvvvr
by lucidlien & sabrinaverhage

Automotive user interface prototyping
by hrovac & bckmnn
Radical Bodies: Dance in VR
by mino & shunK & djjj


VAudio basics
by sunep & wisp

3d immersive audio basics
by wisp

3d immersive audio creative session
by wisp

joreg, Saturday, May 13th 2017 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 3 comments  
artifak 03/04/2017 - 07:59

aaaaaaahhh another node workshops that i will be missed :( so far from Indonesia hehehe

is it possible to broadcast it live?

guest 25/05/2017 - 18:28


Do the 3d immersive audio sessions use VVVV or another software?

nodeforum 02/06/2017 - 12:50

@guest regarding 3d immerive audio sessions
for the 1st part not that much, for the 2nd part definitely

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