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HTMLTexture now for DX11 and more

just because!

since we can, the addonpack is now shipping with 4 new nodes:

  • HTMLTexture (DX11.Texture String CEF)
  • HTMLTexture (DX11.Texture Url CEF)
  • HTMLView (Image String)
  • HTMLView (Image Url)

What happened here is that the original EX9 based HTMLTextures have been replaced by the more generic HTMLView (Image) nodes which can easily be used for both EX9 and DX11 via the respective UploadTexture nodes introduced recently. So the EX9 and DX11 variants of the HTMLTexture nodes are now mere modules wrapping HTMLView -> UploadTexture.

The 'CEF' in the version for the DX11 modules is to have them distinguished from the also available contribution HTMLTexture (DX11) by gumilastik, with the same name, which is internally using a different backend than CEF. So horray, more choices for you!

Just in case you wonder: Obviously the DX11 variants still require the DX11 Pack to work!

And while at it we also updated the underlying backend to reflect Chromium 66.0.3359.117

With the Image nodes you can also pipe websites into the recently introduced VL.OpenCV. This maybe quite special interest but i'm sure one fine day someone will need to do exactly that:

HTMLView verwurstelt via VL.OpenCV and displayed via Preview (DX11.Texture)). Thankyouverymuch!

Available in latest alphas now. Please test and report your findings!

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david 31/05/2018 - 20:40

great news. thanks a lot.

readme 01/06/2018 - 11:58

uh sweet baby jesus. finally, thanks!

sebescudie 01/06/2018 - 12:29

finally ! works like a charm here !

microdee 09/07/2018 - 15:48

1: colors are messed up in latest alpha, DX11

2: is there a source code? I would add a pin which would expose any object to javascript. So I don't have to misuse the Javascript pin when I only want to feed data into the page. When I looked for it in vvvv-sdk github didn't find it.

microdee 12/07/2018 - 23:03

3.: also context menu appears when right clicked on the browser, which makes the new node useless mostly. It's nasty in embedded situations.
so I discovered that this is a CEF thing. amazing trying to figure out how to disable it.

microdee 13/07/2018 - 18:46

So I gave up on CefGlue and continue development on the 3rd party DX11 one with chromiumfx. I'm making it more modular, spreadable and cater for industrial use-cases. In chromiumfx disabling that context menu is done like this:

var client = new CfxClient();
ContextMenuHandler = new CfxContextMenuHandler();
ContextMenuHandler.OnBeforeContextMenu += (sender, args) => args.Model.Clear();
client.GetContextMenuHandler += (sender, args) => args.SetReturnValue(ContextMenuHandler);

pretty sure cefglue is somewhat similar

also we need multitouch + mp4 playback so I will need to rebuild CEF and regenerate ChromiumFX bindings for new SendTouches function.

I'm planning to go from this pull request https://bitbucket.org/chromiumembedded/cef/pull-requests/104/touch-processing-for-osr-different-api/diff
and in the discussion I've found this patch https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sh4qrfkjql3OkdKLY08N7BuUcHUyqQIU/view for branch 3396 (chromium 67). wish me good luck and/or I suggest to make some extra steps yourselves too and try to implement these as well. You might be more experienced in that than I am.

god speed!

PS: this pull request also seems very interesting for our purposes: https://bitbucket.org/chromiumembedded/cef/pull-requests/158/support-external-textures-in-osr-mode/diff ;)

Elias 15/07/2018 - 14:02

@microdee Can you open up a forum thread with all the issues/wishes? So it's easier for us to track and discuss.

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