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@karistouf abandon that particular ship, dont try to use the time liner >_<

StiX, Tuesday, Oct 17th 2017  

ok, merci joreg but helas no time for it. thanks again

karistouf, Tuesday, Oct 17th 2017  

@karistouf sources are open you can rebuild them to suite your needs

joreg, Tuesday, Oct 17th 2017  

no way to have the handles more biggers ?

karistouf, Tuesday, Oct 17th 2017  

any trick to see better the points in TimeLiner SA ? banging my head just to find and click correctly this little white point ;-(

karistouf, Tuesday, Oct 17th 2017  


sebescudie, Tuesday, Oct 17th 2017  


dottore, Thursday, Oct 12th 2017  

@u7 nice

TonyMark, Tuesday, Oct 10th 2017  

Hey guys, is kinect still the best thing to go when ist comes to skeletal tracking?

cznickesz, Tuesday, Oct 10th 2017  

@u7: really cool!!

hrovac, Monday, Oct 9th 2017  


DiMiX, Monday, Oct 9th 2017  

@u7 : ayayay, amazing!

sebescudie, Saturday, Oct 7th 2017  

@u7 great job

Noir, Saturday, Oct 7th 2017  


u7angel, Saturday, Oct 7th 2017  

He ho, anybody in Vancouver next week?? Im on tour and I need a render machine to help me finish a project!!!

ofersmi, Friday, Oct 6th 2017  

@evvvvil wicked broski!

skyliner, Friday, Oct 6th 2017  

oh yeah, thanks

stalhenk, Thursday, Oct 5th 2017  

@stalhenk it works if you use #00ffff (add a hashtag)

sunep, Thursday, Oct 5th 2017  

wtf? i don't get it https://imgur.com/VFH60Me

stalhenk, Thursday, Oct 5th 2017  

someone has expertise with resampling/stabilizing the kinect mesh? link

ggml, Tuesday, Oct 3rd 2017  


Noir, Tuesday, Oct 3rd 2017  

Yo motherfuckers! Trophy time - 3rd place at DEADLINE demoparty in Berlin. "Captain Longbow's recursive sexship" https://vimeo.com/236498085

evvvvil, Tuesday, Oct 3rd 2017  

it will not get any simpler than this: vl-using-.net-libraries-and-writing-custom-nodes #vvvv #vl #visualprogramming

joreg, Monday, Oct 2nd 2017  

10 years of vvvv grateful to all...!!!

dannielmach, Monday, Oct 2nd 2017  

@anthokio: just watched your mighty raymarching workshop again. how did you get model into sdf? thx!!

sinus, Saturday, Sep 30th 2017  

The Book of Shadows – Berlin Premiere @ Schaubude tonight: das-buch-der-schatten-berlin-premiere

benju, Thursday, Sep 28th 2017  

a quick fun project: https://vimeo.com/235759810

elektromeier, Wednesday, Sep 27th 2017  


guest, Tuesday, Sep 26th 2017  

just finished a new work - "Topology of the Sonic Body" - duet for body and scanner feat. Federica Dauri: https://vimeo.com/231695112

zeos, Tuesday, Sep 26th 2017  

if it's a plugin, check: https://github.com/vvvv/vvvv-sdk/ Delphi core is not public.

readme, Tuesday, Sep 26th 2017  

probably dumb question, can anyone tell me how to check the source of a node? Say the random(value) for example?

weareallclowns, Tuesday, Sep 26th 2017  

@microdee: AWS lambda has also other limitations like a 5 minute timeout, anyway serverless is really interesting.

fibo, Thursday, Sep 21st 2017  

my dx11 pack's node is red box. It is missing.,how can i do..

hyunwoo-do, Thursday, Sep 21st 2017  

@fibo: vvvv is delphi in its core, it just interacts with .NET with com visible objects under the hood. VL on the other hand...

microdee, Thursday, Sep 21st 2017  

hello. maintenance reboot at 1am. save your work. back in a few minutes

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Sep 20th 2017  

lol now AWS Lambda supports C# ... does it mean we will see vvvv cloud version?

fibo, Tuesday, Sep 19th 2017  

@pdubost great, i'd love to see this in our gallery 24

joreg, Tuesday, Sep 19th 2017  

@pdubost: vvvvery good!

skyliner, Monday, Sep 18th 2017  

Any recommendations for interesting / exciting booths at IAA? Any good media installations? Somebody made something with vvvv? Thx

gerrit, Monday, Sep 18th 2017  


Noir, Monday, Sep 18th 2017  

@matka: nope because the SD card got full and we never received an empty one :(

microdee, Monday, Sep 18th 2017  

Do we have recordings of the second part of PBR Rendering workshop at NODE17?

matka, Monday, Sep 18th 2017  

latest personal project thanks devs and @mrvux for Box2d :) https://vimeo.com/233756367

pdubost, Saturday, Sep 16th 2017  

Patcher Kucha in Milan, next 14th november from 19 to 22 sta favvvva!

fibo, Friday, Sep 15th 2017  

vvvv ISTANBUL MEET-UP! 23.09 14.00-15.30 @KADIKOY IDEA. more info: info@design-insitu.com

homig, Friday, Sep 15th 2017  

are there any vvvv people in Tallinn? I'm here for 1.5 days if you'd want to meet up!

microdee, Wednesday, Sep 13th 2017  

@motzi haven't tried it yet but I have more AI projects coming up so hope to get a chance soon.

tobyk, Tuesday, Sep 12th 2017  

@tobyk: i'd suspect that a SVM should give you similar results as the NN and you would not have to leave VVVV

motzi, Tuesday, Sep 12th 2017  

@tobyk: very interesting, thanks for sharing. just out of curiosity - did you try the vvvv ML-pack as well?

motzi, Tuesday, Sep 12th 2017  

@evvvvil let's try)

bo27, Tuesday, Sep 12th 2017  

@tobyk nice ProjectDocumentation thx for sharing @sebl cooohol ImagePackUpdate great :)

CeeYaa, Tuesday, Sep 12th 2017  

@joreg I've used wekinator a couple of times. Write up here http://buildlog.tobyk.com.au/ccl/

tobyk, Tuesday, Sep 12th 2017  

@bo27 REMOVE EVERY FUCKING IOBOX YOU CAN. Ioboxes left out just as debug are still caning it.

evvvvil, Tuesday, Sep 12th 2017  

@joreg. no, wekinator is a totally different codebase. the ML methods are the same though for some of the examples.

motzi, Monday, Sep 11th 2017  

@motzi is there a demo using wekinator in your pack?

joreg, Monday, Sep 11th 2017  

and then go using the VVVV ML pack ;)

motzi, Monday, Sep 11th 2017  

regarding wekinator: this mooc by rebecca fiebring (who developes wekinator) is really good to start of with ML

motzi, Monday, Sep 11th 2017  

@joreg Gene Kogan showed at retune16 https://ml4a.github.io - Wekinator is easy to use: very nice for the first steps in ML-world

CeeYaa, Monday, Sep 11th 2017  

just learned about wekinator. anybody using it? http://www.wekinator.org

joreg, Monday, Sep 11th 2017  

hi guys. if there is any instructions of how to clean patches to increase fps? mean not guesses, not prefers, but proved and approved?

bo27, Monday, Sep 11th 2017  

iaa anybody?

david, Monday, Sep 11th 2017  

@mediadog Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture ;)

u7angel, Saturday, Sep 9th 2017  

@u7angel @evvvvil So in Germany you can drive cars now by dancing? Cool. https://www.iaa.de/iaa/film

mediadog, Saturday, Sep 9th 2017  

so as I was saying: https://goo.gl/hGu7mS

microdee, Saturday, Sep 9th 2017  


microdee, Saturday, Sep 9th 2017  

https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/mt733232(v=vs.85).aspx new tech for every week!

microdee, Saturday, Sep 9th 2017  

@u7angel: sounds shit bro, who cares about "das auto" when you can fly a magic fucking carpet?step away from the middle class, esé.

evvvvil, Thursday, Sep 7th 2017  

@evvvvil, i guess some are assimilated by this https://www.iaa.de/

u7angel, Thursday, Sep 7th 2017  

Pretty quiet in here broski. Anyone wants to pull this finger? Pretentious essays are go: work your magic, digital world.

evvvvil, Thursday, Sep 7th 2017  

Released! https://cables.gl/home

vasilis, Thursday, Aug 31st 2017  

maintenance reboot at 0:15. safe your work. should be back in a few minutes

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Aug 30th 2017  

still not using beta35.8? here is a little video teaser: vvvv50beta35.8 #vvvv

joreg, Tuesday, Aug 29th 2017  

Interesting read: https://eng.uber.com/atg-dataviz/

timpernagel, Tuesday, Aug 29th 2017  

Anyone in NY or Toronto? Let's meet up

maarja, Sunday, Aug 27th 2017  

im at IAA on 14.sept

hrovac, Friday, Aug 25th 2017  

@everyoneishappy NoiseDerivs2D (3D Buffer) module contains Noise2D_Value_CS.fx (instead of NoiseDeriv2D_CS.fx)

h99, Friday, Aug 25th 2017  

@readme, i guess the usual suspects

u7angel, Thursday, Aug 24th 2017  

Who's in Frankfurt for the dreaded car show? Or will be at some point ...

readme, Thursday, Aug 24th 2017  

...code for 4k intro posted below has been released on shadertoy with some pretty assertive comments,you fuckers https://www.shadertoy.com/view/MllcRH

evvvvil, Thursday, Aug 24th 2017  

designed in v4, then converted to c++. "Pointless erections and broken sausages" my 4kb intro ranked 8th @ EVOKE https://vimeo.com/230590803

evvvvil, Wednesday, Aug 23rd 2017  

Did anyone here used one of those already: https://www.artec3d.com/3d-scanner

timpernagel, Monday, Aug 21st 2017  

@synth : wuz there like two days ago, too bad!

sebescudie, Monday, Aug 21st 2017  

Anyone in Nice? I will be here for next 3 weeks. Shout out for a drink :)

synth, Monday, Aug 21st 2017  

"Looking for a tiny PC that still has space for a gaming-quality video card?" http://boingboing.net/2017/08/20/compare-tiny-pc-cases-with-thi.html

joreg, Monday, Aug 21st 2017  

Broken link in vvvv sdk for Microsoft Build Tools 2015

dominikKoller, Sunday, Aug 20th 2017  


guest, Sunday, Aug 20th 2017  


metrowave, Saturday, Aug 19th 2017  

thanks @sunep!

tonfilm, Friday, Aug 18th 2017  

We've just added two more clips of the "Programming DMX and visualizing with grandMA2"-Workshop to the workshop-blog post.

timpernagel, Friday, Aug 18th 2017  

I plan to release all the patches involves as soon as they're cleaned. Greeting from Strasbourg

svdk, Friday, Aug 18th 2017  

hi!saw you had a lot of fun @node 17.Disappointed I couldn't make it!. Some video I made using vvvv 4some parts. https://goo.gl/1UM8Bp

svdk, Friday, Aug 18th 2017  

@joreg Thanks!

okvrdz, Thursday, Aug 17th 2017  

happy Birthday @tonfilm

sunep, Thursday, Aug 17th 2017  

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~21h ago

metrowave: yah, thanks @tekcor

~1d ago

david: @tekcor. thats bad news. thanks for putting it together and all the efford though. next time hopefully.

~2d ago

tekcor: VVVV.js workshop chanceled, unfortunately not enough people. Thanks to everyone who wanted to come and sorry!

~2d ago

neuston: @joreg Thank you very much!

~2d ago

joreg: @neuston: please check the country list again!

~3d ago

xd_nitro: no users in all of Wales!

~3d ago

microdee: it's like telling a west-Ukrainian that they're Russians...

~3d ago

microdee: @tonfilm: Telling a person from Hong Kong that they're Chinese is a bigger insult than calling their mom names ;)

~3d ago

tonfilm: Patch your own #mainloop with microsecond precision in #reactive #dotNET style. #rxNET #rx #gamedev #vvvv #VL vl-patch-your-own-mainloops