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Thats going to be stuck in my head now!

catweasel, Tuesday, Jul 12th 2016  

hot patch, live patchin' halleluja, don't reboot it, just #patch #vvvv https://youtu.be/SYRlTISvjww

tonfilm, Tuesday, Jul 12th 2016  

@sinus: problem with raymarching is that general purpose code costs a huge performance. unfortunately you have to code with these.

microdee, Saturday, Jul 9th 2016  

@microdee: will you post the DF?

sinus, Saturday, Jul 9th 2016  

Should the English fall in a barrel of boobs, they would still come out sucking their thumbs. 52% of them deserve it to be honest.

evvvvil, Friday, Jul 8th 2016  

found in the wild: nice article involving the #vvvv #community and #digital #art: https://babyforest.co/children_inout

tonfilm, Friday, Jul 8th 2016  

A miracle

vasilis, Friday, Jul 8th 2016  

and what does it need to make england score ? :)

u7angel, Friday, Jul 8th 2016  

Yesterday ze germans couldn't have scored in a brothel with £500 on them. Vive la france ma couille.

evvvvil, Friday, Jul 8th 2016  

sounds cool @joreg I think I will come

sunep, Friday, Jul 8th 2016  

tonight: #creativecode stammtisch #berlin http://www.meetup.com/de-DE/creativeCodeBerlin/events/232246509/ anyone? @CreativeCodeBLN

joreg, Friday, Jul 8th 2016  

@joreg thanks, sounds great. I'm in!

knaif, Thursday, Jul 7th 2016  

@knaif did you see? openvr-osvr

joreg, Thursday, Jul 7th 2016  

anyone tested the new oculus rift with vvvv?

knaif, Thursday, Jul 7th 2016  

Nobody never gets to heaven and nobody gets no land. https://vimeo.com/173679093

Patxi7, Thursday, Jul 7th 2016  

@joreg, juchuh

u7angel, Thursday, Jul 7th 2016  

wow: http://continuous.codes/

joreg, Thursday, Jul 7th 2016  

the far future http://dcgi.fel.cvut.cz/home/sykorad/stylit

sebl, Wednesday, Jul 6th 2016  

the future :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pTEmbeENF4

sebl, Wednesday, Jul 6th 2016  

its good... but old! also often confused with -0.5 *2...

tonfilm, Wednesday, Jul 6th 2016  

@DMX what about the good old *2-1 ?

io, Tuesday, Jul 5th 2016  

@DXM compare Map (Value) and MapRange (Value)

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 5th 2016  

hey guyz, how could i could go from -1 to 1 with LFO?

DXM, Tuesday, Jul 5th 2016  

@joreg: gitkraken hellyeah! I'm using it for a while now ;)

microdee, Monday, Jul 4th 2016  

vvvvhat happened in june? glad you asked: vvvvhat-happened-in-june-2016 #vvvv

joreg, Monday, Jul 4th 2016  

livecoding for #vr: http://rumpus.land/ #rumpus

joreg, Monday, Jul 4th 2016  

gitkraken anyone? https://youtu.be/j1rP21RcbH0

joreg, Monday, Jul 4th 2016  

0:55sec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Vj1UXvSBlg

dannielmach, Saturday, Jul 2nd 2016  

PROCEDURAL MATERIAL AUTHORING SOFTWARE https://www.allegorithmic.com/products/substance-designer

timpernagel, Friday, Jul 1st 2016  

If you ever found Louis Rossmann's videos useful, he's uploaded what probably is his last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7N254MTA4Q

h99, Friday, Jul 1st 2016  

interested in a short journey to undiscovered areas? ticket-price is your phantasie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3H-2dAKyE0 (music_visual)

udo2013, Friday, Jul 1st 2016  

Hi there ! I'm in Paris for four days, anyone around for a beer ?

keftaparty, Monday, Jun 27th 2016  

Open Call: NODE/TADAEX Exchange Program. Deadline 30.6. Apply now! http://node.vvvv.org/tadaexnode-exchange-program-20162017/

fleg, Monday, Jun 27th 2016  

@alexqbit : ffmpeg is pretty easy to use from within vvvv with ShellExecute, where are you stuck?

sebescudie, Sunday, Jun 26th 2016  

breaking news : NTFS compression speeds up DDS playback

elliotwoods, Sunday, Jun 26th 2016  

vvvv + lauchpad pro + Volca Beats https://youtu.be/EVZh_liwiPA

lasal, Saturday, Jun 25th 2016  

@velcrome when and where? :)

skyliner, Saturday, Jun 25th 2016  

@skyliner, if i understood right velcrome is doing sth sth... will see

brax401gbz, Saturday, Jun 25th 2016  

vvvv @ fusion festival?

skyliner, Saturday, Jun 25th 2016  

what about exec ffmpeg contribution ? i want to use ffmpeg converter !

alex qbit, Friday, Jun 24th 2016  

shoutbox sommerloch

hrovac, Friday, Jun 24th 2016  

the 8th continent just popped up this night

u7angel, Friday, Jun 24th 2016  

i would prefer to be visited by some fire salamander, Harz Mountains would be a good choice, the sausages are also pretty good#my2ct

hrovac, Thursday, Jun 23rd 2016  

Move NODE 17 to the Faroe Islands to increase the number of Cory's Shearwater birds turning up at the symposium. #justsaying

evvvvil, Thursday, Jun 23rd 2016  

ssd raid 0 is better

antokhio, Thursday, Jun 23rd 2016  

Has anybody tried ntfs compression to speed up DDS from ssd?

elliotwoods, Thursday, Jun 23rd 2016  

vvvv.org SSL certificate has expired sez Firefox...

mediadog, Thursday, Jun 23rd 2016  

@guest multiple-kinect-2-on-one-machine

ravazquez, Wednesday, Jun 22nd 2016  

@guest as far as I know, yes

ravazquez, Wednesday, Jun 22nd 2016  

is kinect2 still limited to one device per machine?

guest, Wednesday, Jun 22nd 2016  

tune in for a vveekend vvorkshop about VAudio at 19:30 CEST https://youtu.be/I2nnyRkbllo

microdee, Sunday, Jun 19th 2016  

is it me, or is the livestream not working?

drehwurm, Sunday, Jun 19th 2016  


guest, Sunday, Jun 19th 2016  

@tonfilm - Coolness, that's what I thought, but realized I had never read anything about it.

mediadog, Thursday, Jun 16th 2016  

@mediadog "HLSL expressions never short-circuit an evaluation because they are vector operations." http://bit.ly/1ZR3Dpg

tonfilm, Wednesday, Jun 15th 2016  

NZ company seeking NZ python coders on fun job. Please see link for further details. http://bit.ly/1rppgRO Contact info inside pdf

LocalDan, Wednesday, Jun 15th 2016  

In shader code, will "(a<b) && (a>c)" always evaluate both sides of the &&, or is there a test and branch in there?

mediadog, Tuesday, Jun 14th 2016  

timeliner node does not save data after reload app

vnm, Tuesday, Jun 14th 2016  

long time no serious vvvv. looking forward to a evening of patching

ampop, Monday, Jun 13th 2016  

vvvvound this neat #vvvv project on fb: https://vimeo.com/169880219

tonfilm, Monday, Jun 13th 2016  

vveekened vvorkshop about vpm is streaming now https://youtu.be/85dqOxb6JcE

microdee, Sunday, Jun 12th 2016  

the insert(string) node needs some bin action. It can only act once on a string that needs 12 of the same corrections corrections

guest, Sunday, Jun 12th 2016  

@manuel : maybe some C#/ffmpeg magic ? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15702031/get-thumbnail-image-of-video-file-in-c-sharp

sebescudie, Sunday, Jun 12th 2016  

any idea to make a frames preview of a video in dx11 ?

manuel, Saturday, Jun 11th 2016  

That I knew ;) see you tomorrow!

readme, Friday, Jun 10th 2016  

me at the dome at 21:00

lasal, Friday, Jun 10th 2016  

Any vvvv people at MIRA Berlin tomorrow?

readme, Friday, Jun 10th 2016  

Sydney patchers up for beer or event from newsblog ?

ggml, Thursday, Jun 9th 2016  

@guest ah! suppose it's cos cube map rendering is done through renderer(dx11 cube texture) node now. press f1 for example

evvvvil, Thursday, Jun 9th 2016  

Thanks evvvvil, but not bubble noise. The bubble effect took a grid, turned it spherical and gave it cubemapped transparencies

guest, Thursday, Jun 9th 2016  

@vicvart: Look at HTMLtexture (DX11) contribution or vvvv.js htmltexture-(dx11)

evvvvil, Thursday, Jun 9th 2016  

bubblenoise (dx11.texturefx) in dx11 pack, or SIMPLEX (dx11.texturefx) gets similar results (instance noodles pack)

evvvvil, Thursday, Jun 9th 2016  

Was the bubble.fx shader ever converted for dx11?

guest, Thursday, Jun 9th 2016  

any ideas on linking web content (html5, css3, js) with a kinect and a projector

vicvart, Thursday, Jun 9th 2016  

@joreg licensing works again, cool, thanx

marf, Tuesday, Jun 7th 2016  

definitely, @joreg. looking forward

daniel, Tuesday, Jun 7th 2016  

vvvv in #LA this wednesday anyone? https://vvvv.org/blog/vvvvvl-in-la

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 7th 2016  

@marf please check licensing again now. it should be back up and running.

joreg, Monday, Jun 6th 2016  

horray, we've been hackernewsd. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11842176 but apparently our website didn't handle that too well.. will need some cleanup

joreg, Monday, Jun 6th 2016  

Licensing on vvv website broken? Can't order, can't see my existing licenses...

marf, Monday, Jun 6th 2016  

Looks like teamviewer might be hacked :/ https://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/4m7ay6/teamviewer_has_been_hacked_they_are_denying/

tekcor, Saturday, Jun 4th 2016  

Thank you @tekcor

vicvart, Thursday, Jun 2nd 2016  

Are there any freelance vvvv programmers in Munich? Drop me a line! singer@507nanometer.com

507nm, Wednesday, Jun 1st 2016  

spout from vvvv -> unity -> oculus works :3 yay (quick prototyping of textures in space for mapping)

StiX, Wednesday, Jun 1st 2016  

reminder: #vvvv in #aalborg #denmark this thursday and friday: https://vvvv.org/blog/vvvv-in-aalborg

joreg, Wednesday, Jun 1st 2016  

vicvart try www.vvvvjs.com

tekcor, Tuesday, May 31st 2016  

@mediadog interesting

Noir, Tuesday, May 31st 2016  

I just tried Vioso auto calibration for fulldome... we need that!

manuel, Tuesday, May 31st 2016  

i need to make an interactive projection using html5 and css3 any suggestions?

vicvart, Tuesday, May 31st 2016  

@noir - I have one of the Zeds, and it works pretty well, and outdoors! But have had no time to do a vvvv plugin, sigh.

mediadog, Tuesday, May 31st 2016  

anonymous user login


~51min ago

LineKernel: @evvvvil yes exactly what i was looking for.I had forgot the name, that's what happened when you dont use v4 for many years

~53min ago

evvvvil: @linekernel: plug your lfo into waveshaper with "shape pin" as SINE. Or ask your old lady to count from 0 to 1 with a smooth voice

~1h ago

LineKernel: dont remember in what i should put lfo to get something oscillating like sin instead of saw ?

~21h ago

metrowave: @elektro, very fresh! love it.

~2d ago

everyoneishappy: @ele that's very nice indeed

~2d ago

elektromeier: thanks! the markers are not really invisible, you can see them easily if you want but they are pretty unobtrusive.

~2d ago

vasilis: @elektromeier Amazing!! Keep up the good work

~2d ago

moco: @elektromeier nice one! are you using invisible IR markers?