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cool stuff md

antokhio, Saturday, Apr 2nd 2016  

just to confuse you more guys: https://github.com/microdee/md.ecosystem/tree/master/packs

microdee, Saturday, Apr 2nd 2016  

now xamarin free. let's start making iOS/Android app with vvvv

mino, Friday, Apr 1st 2016  

@Noir I have been waiting this for so damn long !

synth, Wednesday, Mar 30th 2016  


Noir, Wednesday, Mar 30th 2016  

here is the latest on #vl next generation #visualprogramming https://vvvv.org/blog/vl-winter-update #vvvv

joreg, Tuesday, Mar 29th 2016  

fun with fog https://vimeo.com/160738366

u7angel, Tuesday, Mar 29th 2016  


Noir, Saturday, Mar 26th 2016  

@graphicuserinterface: can you be more specific about that? maybe start a forumthread with all details: vvvversion, error msg..

joreg, Friday, Mar 25th 2016  

anyone else getting hang on vvvv start? .net problem?

graphicuserinterface, Friday, Mar 25th 2016  

vvvv and #projectionmapping introduction @GrayAreaOrg https://vvvv.org/blog/vvvv-workshop-at-gray-area-san-francisco

joreg, Friday, Mar 25th 2016  

THX! alot

ysap, Friday, Mar 25th 2016  

hey people, is there anything like queue EX9 in EX11? thanks

ysap, Thursday, Mar 24th 2016  

@sebescudie may be my oldish try btw i lost the path vvvv.org/blog/sonogram

honix, Thursday, Mar 24th 2016  

stumbled upon a patch that generates audio spectrograms few months ago but can't find it back ... anyone?

sebescudie, Wednesday, Mar 23rd 2016  


metrowave, Wednesday, Mar 23rd 2016  

quite some #vvvv and #vl at this years #res16 https://vvvv.org/blog/resonate-vvvv-vl @resonate_io

joreg, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016  

@mediadog I also felt the connection... Deep man!

sunep, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016  

@sunep Thanks, you must have telepathed it to me...

mediadog, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016  

Aha! Rasterizer set to NoCullSimple! But of course! (;})

mediadog, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016  

@mediadog Rasterizer (DX11.Renderstate) set to NoCullSimple

sunep, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016  

I know this should be obvious, but how to make DX11 quads visible from both sides?

mediadog, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016  

@udo2013 Very lovely! Plus I've been a longtime fan of bluetech (sines & singularities!)

mediadog, Monday, Mar 21st 2016  

@mediadog(2):if you like to see the snakes in a more friendly context (swimming): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7njOp7Ky4c

udo2013, Monday, Mar 21st 2016  

@mediadog: that´s right! but without this functions my "snakes" would dance like spagetti.. ;-)

udo2013, Monday, Mar 21st 2016  

anyone tried this ? https://developers.google.com/cardboard/jump/rendering-ods-content.pdf

ain, Sunday, Mar 20th 2016  

@udo2013: Undulicious!

mediadog, Sunday, Mar 20th 2016  

..the sensual pleasure of sinus_functions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2QnU0Qs0AM

udo2013, Saturday, Mar 19th 2016  

Hi ! Antybody use PAR LED with VVVV and ENNTEC PRO MK2?

nerezumijem, Friday, Mar 18th 2016  

@joreg Awreet! I need to travel that way, may have to line up those dates!

mediadog, Friday, Mar 18th 2016  

Lillian Schwartz The Artist and the Computer: https://youtu.be/diLa2lig3dw

ventolinmono, Friday, Mar 18th 2016  

KBLX all the way, looking forward to the vvvvorkshop!!

verstecke, Friday, Mar 18th 2016  

@joreg, listen to KALX while driving around the Bay...

metrowave, Thursday, Mar 17th 2016  

I wish! Pay my respects to the team and enjoy the Bay!

Desaxismundi, Thursday, Mar 17th 2016  

@Desax are you there?

joreg, Thursday, Mar 17th 2016  

@joreg:that's GREAT news!

Desaxismundi, Thursday, Mar 17th 2016  


nerezumijem, Thursday, Mar 17th 2016  

"gray area festival" sounds like a NODE spin-off to me. :)

skyliner, Thursday, Mar 17th 2016  

my favorite color #gray https://vvvv.org/blog/vvvv-workshop-at-gray-area #vvvv @GrayAreaorg

joreg, Thursday, Mar 17th 2016  

where can i find the download to the character skinning workshop from evil und mcrodee ?

u7angel, Wednesday, Mar 16th 2016  


Noir, Wednesday, Mar 16th 2016  

@joreg: i helped for the London date of the festival, and it's very interesting, lot of good things to see ;)

screamer, Tuesday, Mar 15th 2016  

@motzi: Danke! ;-)

zeos, Tuesday, Mar 15th 2016  

VR film festival kaleidoscope in köln/berlin featuring the #vvvv powered "In the Eyes of the Animal" http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Virtual-Reality-Filmfest-Kaleidoscope-kommt-nach-Koeln-und-Berlin-3135070.html

joreg, Tuesday, Mar 15th 2016  

nice one zeos!

motzi, Tuesday, Mar 15th 2016  


zeos, Monday, Mar 14th 2016  

@drehwurm: thanks for the hint. done!

joreg, Sunday, Mar 13th 2016  


dannielmach, Saturday, Mar 12th 2016  

Suggestion: in VVVV (Server) Helppatch. Please mention how to Expose IO Boxes.

drehwurm, Saturday, Mar 12th 2016  


dannielmach, Saturday, Mar 12th 2016  

Any easy way to stream what comes out of my renderer to http?

ravazquez, Friday, Mar 11th 2016  


skyliner, Friday, Mar 11th 2016  

SetIO Values not spreadable?

drehwurm, Friday, Mar 11th 2016  

music on browser API https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Experiments

aelfwine, Thursday, Mar 10th 2016  

@xxxlalala you'll need to find someone to write the plugin: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1376/NET-TWAIN-image-scanner

guest, Thursday, Mar 10th 2016  

for the headbangers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCvj1UJ5CxI

sinus, Thursday, Mar 10th 2016  

is there a node for flatbed scanners ?

xxxlalala, Thursday, Mar 10th 2016  

CUDA bridge for non nvidia cards

skyliner, Thursday, Mar 10th 2016  


dominikKoller, Wednesday, Mar 9th 2016  

I have a lot of geometry in the scene, whether it is possible to process only what is in the frame to reduce the memory load?

Solid_dan, Wednesday, Mar 9th 2016  

Writer (DX11.Texture 2d NRT Advanced) should be able to do this... you can use the camera logic from the DX9 module

tonfilm, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2016  

Is there anything like https://vvvv.org/documentation/writer-(ex9.texture-grid) in dx11, or how to export high res for print in dx11? nothing on forum..

guest, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2016  

inspect your 3D models including animation http://www.open3mod.com/

urbandrone, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2016  

Is there any website that provides gesture files (gdb) for kinect 2?

guest, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2016  


Noir, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2016  


matka, Saturday, Mar 5th 2016  

hi. does anybody know something about controlled video-feedback? i was experimentating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JGukNtZqb0 new structures rise.

udo2013, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

lol skyliner, yes, and its just the beginning !

tekcor, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

@tekcor: this is madness!

skyliner, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

@tekcor: Big up!

Urbankind, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

Interesting to coders who hate compiling: http://extempore.moso.com.au/

guest, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

@sebescudie @microdee Leap desperately needs a new camera so you don't have to hold your hands right up in front of your "face".

mediadog, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

hi there. need a place to stay for 2 persons during light&building in frankfurt. have a budget. patrick.jost@elektromeier.net

elektromeier, Friday, Mar 4th 2016  

@sebescudie: I'll be awed when leap motion demonstrate their stuff with these poses: https://youtu.be/3yvaFuX09xY?t=1m12s and no other bullshit

microdee, Thursday, Mar 3rd 2016  

leap motion orion : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnlCGw-0R8g

sebescudie, Thursday, Mar 3rd 2016  

Holographic Interface Study with vvvv.js http://www.symbioticcube.com

tekcor, Wednesday, Mar 2nd 2016  

in case you visit http://www.international-confex.com/ in London: look out for an interactive table-soccer :)

kalle, Wednesday, Mar 2nd 2016  


Harry007, Wednesday, Mar 2nd 2016  

thxs joreg, just done

karistouf, Tuesday, Mar 1st 2016  

anyone? http://www.immersivefest.com/ note: they have a call for works!

joreg, Tuesday, Mar 1st 2016  

any spout users encountered this? https://vvvv.org/forum/fromsharedtexture-%28dx11%29-bug?full=1

mrboni, Tuesday, Mar 1st 2016  

@rogerlette could you please contact me via my profile? TY

h99, Monday, Feb 29th 2016  


nissidis, Monday, Feb 29th 2016  

@skyliner I so want one and have it usable with vvvv ! btw my b-day is very soon :D

synth, Monday, Feb 29th 2016  

@joreg & devs: https://vvvv.org/forum/troubles-to-read-images-from-an-ip-camera-based-on-vlc-plug-in#comment-217400 i need some technical informations about shared memory texture

karistouf, Monday, Feb 29th 2016  


karistouf, Saturday, Feb 27th 2016  

sensor tape

skyliner, Thursday, Feb 25th 2016  

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~17h ago

id144: Photon I mean...

~17h ago

id144: Pls anyone knows where to get Photkn controllers in Berlin really quick?

~20h ago

evvvvil: @catweasel +anyone interested in making guis on gpu: http://i.imgur.com/vcUtjJL.jpg

~21h ago

fleg: hey guys. are recursive sql(ite) statements currently possible?

~21h ago

joreg: @featherfurl please see wikisyntax#embed youtube videos

~1d ago

featherfurl: How does one embed video in a gallery post so that it displays a video preview box?

~2d ago

joreg: new arduino firmata nodes for vvvv out now: arduino-second-service

~2d ago

catweasel: evvvvil, any chance of more details?