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C4D is going more nodal

skyliner, Wednesday, Aug 1st 2018  

@matka maybe at next node :D. Check lumax help patch as a start. Cheers.

colorsound, Sunday, Jul 29th 2018  

Release Candidate 3 is out. Give it a hug! aand the link: beta37-release-candidate

gregsn, Saturday, Jul 28th 2018  

Skia library for VL arrived! vl.skia This prerelease is done for beta37 Please test it with the latest release candidate

gregsn, Saturday, Jul 28th 2018  

Release Candidate 3 is out. Give it a hug!

gregsn, Saturday, Jul 28th 2018  

anyone in London up for a beer?

ravazquez, Friday, Jul 27th 2018  

@colorsound would love to see some tutorial about lazers and vvvv

matka, Friday, Jul 27th 2018  

Any opinions about Oculus GO?

vasilis, Friday, Jul 27th 2018  

Last 4 units of the laser controller if anyone interested https://corzotech.com/es/controladores/346-lumaxnet-ilda.html

colorsound, Wednesday, Jul 25th 2018  

I don't love signed distance fields. I'm IN love with signed distance fields.

tobyk, Wednesday, Jul 25th 2018  

welcome our release candidate for beta37 beta37-release-candidate - Please consider testing your patches with it!

gregsn, Wednesday, Jul 25th 2018  

@ggml: in α, if you want to hide VLpatch without closing it, ctrl-w is still what to go for. hiding last tab will hide VLwindow in α

gregsn, Monday, Jul 23rd 2018  

@ggml in beta its ctrl+w like the c# or shader editor. in latest alpha its ctrl+F4

tonfilm, Monday, Jul 23rd 2018  

@guest ctrl+f4 will not close the vl part of superphysical

ggml, Monday, Jul 23rd 2018  

optimus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bc0UlJuSBqc

udo2013, Monday, Jul 23rd 2018  

@ggml ctrl+F4

guest, Sunday, Jul 22nd 2018  

how to hide vl window from vvvv ?

ggml, Sunday, Jul 22nd 2018  

https://experiments.withgoogle.com/collection/ai/move-mirror/view Skeleton Tracking with my Browser - cool AI stuff

CeeYaa, Saturday, Jul 21st 2018  

everyone who likes or has to work with 3d models: something you might wanna try scenegraph

woei, Friday, Jul 20th 2018  

Saving and loading your own data types to disk was never easier: vl-serialization #vvvv #vl #dotNet #visualprogramming

tonfilm, Wednesday, Jul 18th 2018  

~soundwaves~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CehwM9IF2-Y

udo2013, Tuesday, Jul 17th 2018  


ravazquez, Tuesday, Jul 17th 2018  

@dominikKoller my little brother works for them.

stulloyd, Monday, Jul 16th 2018  


dominikKoller, Thursday, Jul 12th 2018  

@readme I already did this...but when I reopen my patch and make some changes I press save all..and then the same again. It opens 2

vasilis, Thursday, Jul 12th 2018  

vasilis, Alt+R in your vvvv instance, delete it from vvvv root, save. Otherwise vvvv loads up the patch by default.

readme, Wednesday, Jul 11th 2018  

And even if I go in the root patch and delete them. when i save my patch again it duplicates.

vasilis, Wednesday, Jul 11th 2018  

Anyone know why when I save my patch and close vvvv, when I try again to reopen it, it opens two patches (two the same)?

vasilis, Wednesday, Jul 11th 2018  

updated the berlin meetup log. Please correct names or missing stuff. berlin meetups 2018

david, Wednesday, Jul 11th 2018  

join us today for our Berlin vvvv meetup 2-berlin-vvvv-meetup

david, Tuesday, Jul 10th 2018  

Updated open positions: http://nsynk.de/jobs

eno, Monday, Jul 9th 2018  

new projector node https://www.lightform.com/

levi, Monday, Jul 9th 2018  

We now have an easy way to sort types and operations in categories: vl-groups-and-categories #vvvv #vl #visualprogramming #dotNET

tonfilm, Thursday, Jul 5th 2018  

https://youtu.be/xlvXp53Mkdw the spreadsheet editor can now handle color

microdee, Thursday, Jul 5th 2018  

Automata UI Update worth noting https://vimeo.com/278362310

u7angel, Wednesday, Jul 4th 2018  

@bjoern thanks!!!

andresc4, Tuesday, Jul 3rd 2018  

@andresc4 https://vimeo.com/25447460 ?

bjoern, Tuesday, Jul 3rd 2018  

It's a video like 5 years old, made with vvvv, like 20 projectos and hunders of pictures in a pointcloud galaxy...

andresc4, Tuesday, Jul 3rd 2018  

Im looking for a vvvv installation video where participants had a picture taken and it was projected on a huge place like a galaxy

andresc4, Tuesday, Jul 3rd 2018  

Render Hell: https://simonschreibt.de/gat/renderhell-book1/

fibo, Thursday, Jun 28th 2018  

@evvvvil: GREAT!!

sinus, Wednesday, Jun 27th 2018  

My new 4kb intro "Stabbing atoms with skin flutes", ranked 3rd at NOVA demoparty. Music Virgill from Alcatraz. https://vimeo.com/276841959

evvvvil, Tuesday, Jun 26th 2018  

sequencing anyone? https://contextsequencer.wordpress.com/

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 26th 2018  

vertex shader art https://www.vertexshaderart.com/art/nL6YpkW8YvGKNEKtj

edu, Monday, Jun 25th 2018  

your saturday treat: vl-improved-file-io

joreg, Saturday, Jun 23rd 2018  

it goes ahead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M59BXYpdNAY&t=74s

udo2013, Friday, Jun 22nd 2018  

@microdee: massive! big thanks for this

motzi, Friday, Jun 22nd 2018  

@microdee. thank you. very helpful!

david, Friday, Jun 22nd 2018  

Reogrid is now inside mp.essentials: https://youtu.be/2AhHjvxn5iI

microdee, Friday, Jun 22nd 2018  

Twist and shouts!

oivi, Thursday, Jun 21st 2018  

@guest glad you asked, start reading here: getting started

joreg, Wednesday, Jun 20th 2018  

aLsO tHiS Is BroKeN, ThE ChArAcTeRs AlOud iS a LiE !!!!!!!!!

guest, Wednesday, Jun 20th 2018  

How Do you understand the inner workings behind the controls of the vvvv technology http//:programming/ult22#howto_@questions.org ??

guest, Wednesday, Jun 20th 2018  

@gegenlicht: http://stabyourself.net/nottetris2/

microdee, Friday, Jun 15th 2018  

https://youtu.be/Mr8fVT_Ds4Q :)

gegenlicht, Friday, Jun 15th 2018  

@hadesbry latest version supporting win XP is 34.2: vvvv45beta34.2

tonfilm, Wednesday, Jun 13th 2018  

hi, which versión of vvvv is better for win XP. thanks a lot.

hadesbry, Wednesday, Jun 13th 2018  

reminder #vvvv heads in #berlin: today, tuesday, june 12th, 19h30: berlin-vvvv-meetup #meetup

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 12th 2018  

@joreg working! thanks

ectrome, Tuesday, Jun 12th 2018  

@ectrome login should be working again now!

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 12th 2018  

@ectrome thanks, we're aware of the problem and working on it.

joreg, Monday, Jun 11th 2018  

@zeos so you want to use multiple cameras? because a single one works out of the box (with their driver), right?

joreg, Monday, Jun 11th 2018  

Still having problems logging into the forum

ectrome, Monday, Jun 11th 2018  

PS3 Eye Camera VL (Open.CV) driver? Just got the CL Driver & Platform SDK (which crashes..) Any ideas

zeos, Sunday, Jun 10th 2018  

Can't login in forum. Anyway kinect over land. Check this : https://github.com/vjsynth/MS-Cube-SDK

synth, Sunday, Jun 10th 2018  

spammers attack again!

microdee, Sunday, Jun 10th 2018  

@joreg still can't.

vvvvProj, Friday, Jun 8th 2018  

@vvvvProj please try again now

joreg, Friday, Jun 8th 2018  

Anyone else unable to log into forum? Obviously no problem with main site. Chrome and FF.

vvvvProj, Friday, Jun 8th 2018  

The VL node library got a big cleanup: #vvvv #vl #visualprogramming #dotnet vl-corelib-cleanup

tonfilm, Thursday, Jun 7th 2018  

closer look at the magic leap device: https://youtu.be/UJ0OuYG0Tn0?t=11m10s

tonfilm, Thursday, Jun 7th 2018  

Hello, we are looking for someone who has experiences with face reenactment. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohmajJTcpNk

stephan_grosse8, Wednesday, Jun 6th 2018  

@joreg:excuse me please. I am a friendly person with choleric features. I know how it works now. try+error approach as with vvvv

udo2013, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

@microdee: me too, eventually alternatives like gitlab will follow if pressure is big. so no escape other then self hosting?

tekcor, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

@microdee: me too, eventually alternatives like gitlab will follow if pressure is big. so no escape other then self hosting?

tekcor, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

@udo2013: language! and also see here how you can embed the youtube video directly: wikisyntax#embed youtube videos

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

fucking body field. but after 3 corrections I like it now. thank you. u ;-)

udo2013, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

hello coworkers from vvvv and meso: why do you make it so hard for an old man to make a contribution to your gallery beautiful?

udo2013, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

@tekcor: earth cease to exist as we know it. I mean seriously that's scary as fuck news. and I'm not scared easily

microdee, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

microsoft just bought github :X

tekcor, Tuesday, Jun 5th 2018  

@Bartuc glad you like it, currently out of stock though..

joreg, Monday, Jun 4th 2018  

latest DX11 vpack is now using appveyor instead of github to fetch releases in vpm ;)

microdee, Monday, Jun 4th 2018  

A quick 1.3.1 update for vvvv, in order to fix two annoying bugs directx11-1.3-update (and see contrib)

vux, Saturday, Jun 2nd 2018  

I want a vvvv teeshirt like joreg in vvvvTv ep.3 O_o

Bartuc, Saturday, Jun 2nd 2018  

vvvv <3 @spektrumberlin https://spektrumberlin.de/events/detail/berlin-vvvv-meetup-1.html

joreg, Saturday, Jun 2nd 2018  


joreg, Thursday, May 31st 2018  

@bo27 wow you've changed..

joreg, Thursday, May 31st 2018  

@joreg reminds me telegram bot + camera capture patch from my wedding https://www.instagram.com/p/BVuohodjs_A/

bo27, Thursday, May 31st 2018  

grab a cool drink and join us live in 10 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-Rx49OH7Ic #vvvv #telegram

joreg, Wednesday, May 30th 2018  

anonymous user login


~1d ago

Hadasi: ...classic

~1d ago

Hadasi: @welove the videos are still up there https://www.twitch.tv/wirmachenbunt/videos

~1d ago

welovemedia: Big thanks for the stream, will this stay online or be shared as a download for those who could not watch it live?

~1d ago

CeeYaa: Big THX for the daylong streaming - and amazing Project Insights https://www.twitch.tv/videos/412932722

~2d ago

u7angel: twitch livestream vvvv gamma

~3d ago

u7angel: @domj, sure

~3d ago

domj: @u7angel: nice! How about the talk later at 7?

~3d ago

u7angel: vvvv-gamma-presentation will be streamed on twitch, starts 2pm, channel name is vvvv gamma

~3d ago

joreg: vvvv heads in #hamburg #kiel: if you're bored this thursday, please come join us for a workshop and/or talk: vvvv-gamma-presentation

~4d ago

sebescudie: @teckor: maybe ui-plugin ?