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Any studios using v4 in Canada? (esp Quebec) Considering spending more time out here but don't want to learn touch designer ;)

mrboni, Monday, Jun 26th 2017  

Setup is no longer changing the association of vvvv versions, I have to edit the reg manually, even if run as admin

catweasel, Monday, Jun 26th 2017  

Check out http://vvvv.academy ! Applications for the vvvv Summer Course in Berlin start right now!

dominikKoller, Monday, Jun 26th 2017  

Hello. maintenance reboot at 0.30h. should be back a few mimutes after.

drupal_admin, Monday, Jun 26th 2017  

Hello Frankfurt!

fibo, Sunday, Jun 25th 2017  

For anyone at NODE not on the vvvv matrix chat beer at naxoshalle from 6pm!

tobyk, Sunday, Jun 25th 2017  

Beer tonight in Frankfurt?

tobyk, Sunday, Jun 25th 2017  

new #vvvv and #vl release: vvvv50beta35.8

Elias, Sunday, Jun 25th 2017  

Is there a reason the old Arduino nodes are still not set to Legacy?

dominikKoller, Saturday, Jun 24th 2017  

has anyone used a LEDMX4 pro?

dawoof, Saturday, Jun 24th 2017  

I heard you like raymarching. https://vimeo.com/222084800

yar, Friday, Jun 23rd 2017  

very nice @mburk!!! so here is the next task if you have nothing else to do: https://github.com/tebjan/CraftLie/issues/7

tonfilm, Thursday, Jun 22nd 2017  

such wow! thanks!

sebescudie, Thursday, Jun 22nd 2017  

SuperPhong -> SuperPhysical superphysical

mburk, Thursday, Jun 22nd 2017  

also don't forget our #vvvv chat room on #matrix, lot's of people already there: chat-vvvv-on-matrix.org

tonfilm, Thursday, Jun 22nd 2017  


vasilis, Thursday, Jun 22nd 2017  

Nice new layout!

metrowave, Wednesday, Jun 21st 2017  

good bye Georgia

eno, Wednesday, Jun 21st 2017  

Little poll: Are you using vl? https://www.strawpoll.me/13247315

bjoern, Wednesday, Jun 21st 2017  

@website, nice refresh ! but when clicking on forum the layout jumps back to old version

u7angel, Wednesday, Jun 21st 2017  

reminder: everyone please tag your #vvvv or #vl repositories on github respectively https://github.com/search?q=topic%3Avvvv&type=Repositories

joreg, Wednesday, Jun 21st 2017  

The vvvv.org domain is here: https://ip-v4.space/?subnet=148.251.126

fibo, Tuesday, Jun 20th 2017  

indeed ;) looks pretty polished!

motzi, Tuesday, Jun 20th 2017  

wow something going on here :)

sebescudie, Tuesday, Jun 20th 2017  

im on frm.fm and there is no (obvious?) upload link

ggml, Tuesday, Jun 20th 2017  

@ggml you should find all information here: node17-x-framed-call-for-submissions

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 20th 2017  

so where is framed submit page ?

ggml, Tuesday, Jun 20th 2017  

@joreg I'll post a question in forum.

drehwurm, Tuesday, Jun 20th 2017  

@drehwurm does that help: subpatches#controlling evaluation

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 20th 2017  

Is there a way to create a node unevaluated?

drehwurm, Tuesday, Jun 20th 2017  

We've a shiny new vvvv50beta35.7

Elias, Tuesday, Jun 20th 2017  

@dominikKoller: using VL with an async region and regular text processing, or using C# with Tasks and regular text processing

microdee, Monday, Jun 19th 2017  

Any way to load .obj files asyncronously at the moment?

dominikKoller, Monday, Jun 19th 2017  

hi udo. the forum is a better place to resolve problems than shoutbox. no length limitation, one topic in one place and so on

elektromeier, Monday, Jun 19th 2017  

@velcrome:a good joke:to upload a patch with dx11 particles:)ok,vvvv_helppatches i own but none of them i can open. start a thread

udo2013, Sunday, Jun 18th 2017  

@udo2013 you know the drill. start a thread with some more details and a patch

velcrome, Sunday, Jun 18th 2017  

problems with dx11 particles. error code:"der anzeigentreiber wurde nach einem fehler wiederhergstellt". screen stays black :-(

udo2013, Saturday, Jun 17th 2017  

please test and report: #vvvv beta35.7 RC5 is out: beta-35.7-release-canditate

joreg, Saturday, Jun 17th 2017  

reminder: call for framed artworks deadline june 20th! node17-x-framed-call-for-submissions #vvvv #NODE17

joreg, Friday, Jun 16th 2017  

@moco the gif Rekorder is actually in a35.7! no changes there...

joreg, Thursday, Jun 15th 2017  

no rekorder in 35.7?

moco, Thursday, Jun 15th 2017  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNk0w_4eQD8 made in vvvv !

svdk, Thursday, Jun 15th 2017  

beta 35.7 RC4 is up, please test and report: beta-35.7-release-canditate note: if nobody reports a proper bug this is what you'll get! #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, Jun 14th 2017  

ja, F1 is still to come of course..

joreg, Wednesday, Jun 14th 2017  

@guest, it is a bit to begin with, but its better now. I miss inspektor though. And <Select Node, press "F1">

guest, Wednesday, Jun 14th 2017  

@johnni see its helppatch. if that doesn't help describe your problem in more detail in the forum

joreg, Wednesday, Jun 14th 2017  

@joreg thank you. Do i need to patch that into the renderer somehow? Do you do it using something in between? Thanks

johnni3sunshin3, Wednesday, Jun 14th 2017  

yes, @Hmürk you can use #spout to #NDI from here: http://spout.zeal.co/download-software/ and spout-0

tonfilm, Wednesday, Jun 14th 2017  

@guest please meet us at #NODE17 for discussions and feedback on #VL

joreg, Wednesday, Jun 14th 2017  

trying to get into vl. please hire someone who is proficient in actual interfacedesign / ux... the whole thing just feels so clunky.

guest, Wednesday, Jun 14th 2017  

Is there a good NDI out plugin or do I have to write one?

Hmürk, Wednesday, Jun 14th 2017  

@johnni try Player (EX9) that comes with vvvv

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 13th 2017  

anyone have a sample of an image sequence player patch to share?

johnni3sunshin3, Tuesday, Jun 13th 2017  

@remony, haven't quite decided yet, but how could we help?

guest, Tuesday, Jun 13th 2017  

@remony: just to be sure: no jugendgästeetage this node, right?

m4d, Tuesday, Jun 13th 2017  

@guest an orange node should spit out a warning to the TTY

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 13th 2017  

Who is leaving #NODE17 towards LONDON late on July 2nd or July 3rd? NODE-Team needs your help <3 Thanks

remony, Tuesday, Jun 13th 2017  

What does an orange node mean?

guest, Tuesday, Jun 13th 2017  


dawoof, Tuesday, Jun 13th 2017  

@nodeforum: nodeforum.org still can't connect to database, 17.nodeforum.org doesn't load at all: too many redirects

microdee, Tuesday, Jun 13th 2017  

@dawoof did you try typing 'rope' into the nodebrowser?

joreg, Tuesday, Jun 13th 2017  

@microdee we're aware of such troubles throughout the day, please try again now!

nodeforum, Tuesday, Jun 13th 2017  

anyone know how to make a rope like mesh out of a spline?

dawoof, Tuesday, Jun 13th 2017  

on nodeforum.org says "Error establishing a database connection" :(

microdee, Monday, Jun 12th 2017  

Sounds good, if you can contrib it then thats great :)

catweasel, Monday, Jun 12th 2017  

@catweasel Oh and mine is DX11 and very fast.

mediadog, Monday, Jun 12th 2017  

@catweasel I can make contrib of it if there is interest.

mediadog, Monday, Jun 12th 2017  

@catweasel You can use up to at least four OpenNI 1.5 cameras (Xtion, Primesense) with x86 ImagePack, and I made x64 plugin.

mediadog, Monday, Jun 12th 2017  

@eglod I use Kv2s on Win10 just fine with KinectSDK-v2.0_1409.

mediadog, Monday, Jun 12th 2017  

anyone in madrid free tonight and like to meet?

elektromeier, Monday, Jun 12th 2017  

Is there Kinect2 for Windows v2 for Windows 10? Please tellme someone of You all.

eglod, Sunday, Jun 11th 2017  

Thanks sunep just need depth :)

catweasel, Sunday, Jun 11th 2017  

you can use multiple of first gen kinect on the same machine. you can oly ahve skeletons from one though

sunep, Sunday, Jun 11th 2017  

has anyone used multiple depth cameras on 1 pc, and if so how many, what type? Need 4ish...

catweasel, Sunday, Jun 11th 2017  

@catweasel ja, should still get the popup when temp is written..hm..

joreg, Saturday, Jun 10th 2017  

a35.6 can't remember why I'm using the alpha, should still be so?

catweasel, Saturday, Jun 10th 2017  

@catweasel and that was with b35.5?

joreg, Saturday, Jun 10th 2017  

@Joreg, if there had been a popup I would have followed the instructions

catweasel, Saturday, Jun 10th 2017  

http://cdm.link/2017/06/ableton-now-made-easy-developer-work-push-2/ This would be nice to make work with vvvv. Could bring a Push2 to Node for people to hack.

seltzdesign, Saturday, Jun 10th 2017  

vvvv in Windows 10 could not be found? any idea?

eglod, Friday, Jun 9th 2017  

well done microdee!

skyliner, Friday, Jun 9th 2017  

bad-ass trailer!

metrowave, Friday, Jun 9th 2017  

vvvv people! FBX4V is out: fbx4v workshop is coming ;)

microdee, Friday, Jun 9th 2017  

everyone please report your findings when running your latest projects with the latest RC: beta-35.7-release-canditate #vvvv

joreg, Thursday, Jun 8th 2017  

dear patchers, prepare for an adventurous #hackspace at #node17 for prototyping your ideas https://17.nodeforum.org/projects/creative-coding-education/hackspace/

nodeforum, Thursday, Jun 8th 2017  

@catweasel when you get a temp file with b>=35.5 you should also get a popup with instructions.. please follow them.

joreg, Thursday, Jun 8th 2017  

Im still getting temp files when saving, just had the sub go, and the parent when I saved that...

catweasel, Thursday, Jun 8th 2017  

so it works when decoupled. but does that mean the receiver instance is running at a lower rate? are you using UDP in discard mode?

joreg, Wednesday, Jun 7th 2017  

Unfortunately this appears in heavy / mixed load scenarios. But the mainloop is clean after moving UDP to a snother instance+sharedMem

eno, Wednesday, Jun 7th 2017  

@eno how does your UDP receiver impair the mainloop? can you demo that with a patch -> forum?

joreg, Wednesday, Jun 7th 2017  

Does anybody have a solution for our UDP receiver that doesn't impair the main loop ??

eno, Wednesday, Jun 7th 2017  

new vvvv release imminent, check beta-35.7-release-canditate

Elias, Wednesday, Jun 7th 2017  

... Come to the raymarching workshop at Node17 to learn how to do shit like this and more, like how to feel confident in a mankini.

evvvvil, Wednesday, Jun 7th 2017  

1st scene of my live generative set played at LPM 2017. Made in vvvv + hlsl. raymarching + polygonal bullshit. https://vimeo.com/220537471

evvvvil, Wednesday, Jun 7th 2017  

Minor update fixing red nodes for the MusicWheel contrib for those who already downloaded. Cheers!

ravazquez, Monday, Jun 5th 2017  

Hello Praxis, we need a performance maintenance release!

eno, Sunday, Jun 4th 2017  

@hengge – let's say that at least your excitement let our hearts crush... <3 further troubles ahead – we're waiting patiently...

nodeforum, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

once more: should work now!! If you see any further problems, please let us know and – THANK YOU for your support!

nodeforum, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

Dear All! We're on it! We were a bit behind in the forum! For urgent matters also send us emails to ping@node-forum.org !

nodeforum, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

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~11h ago

skyliner: the vcard page is assembled by personal settings + user page

~12h ago

lasal: thank you guys but this is to edit the user data, i don't find how to edit the vcard

~16h ago

CeeYaa: @lasal - haha nice - I think it's funny - you should keep it ;) to change - HOME-SETTINGS - PERSONAL SETTINGS

~17h ago

skyliner: @lasal: here?

~18h ago

lasal: who knows how to edit the vcard?

~22h ago

joreg: get started with #vl with this first part of a series of "vl for vvvv users" tutorial: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/vl-for-vvvv-users-key-differences-1-5/15919 #vvvv

~22h ago

joreg: speak japanese? this looks like a great resource for #vvvv tipsntricks: https://qiita.com/advent-calendar/2017/vvvv

~7d ago

ARTEKLAB: @Patxi7 Awesome!!!

~7d ago

hrovac: @boplbopl pretty nice screenshots!