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@sunep, it has been working fine for me on win 8,and with a triplehead

qoupas, Wednesday, May 11th 2016  


skyliner, Wednesday, May 11th 2016  

Nvidia grid does anyone have any experience with it for running vvvv? http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/nvidia-grid-cloud-gaming-uk.html

sunep, Wednesday, May 11th 2016  

Hi vvvv abusers... does anyone have a working dx11 version of ProjectedTexture Node? many thanks

499reality, Tuesday, May 10th 2016  

You're joking? That sounds way too easy :)

mrboni, Tuesday, May 10th 2016  

@mrboni hope this helps: press and hold the Ctrl and Alt keys while pressing the Left, Right, or Down arrow to rotate the screen

ravazquez, Tuesday, May 10th 2016  

does anyone know of a way to automate rotating a display in windows? ie linking a keypress to rotation

mrboni, Monday, May 9th 2016  

@ravazques it was a pleasure meeting you..

joreg, Monday, May 9th 2016  

thanks for the amazing workshop @joreg and @tonfilm! great stuff!

ravazquez, Monday, May 9th 2016  

Hi vvvvolks, anybody in Shanghai for a beer?

kopffarben, Monday, May 9th 2016  


dannielmach, Saturday, May 7th 2016  

How can I draw per Vertex after GeomFX in DX11?

mburk, Friday, May 6th 2016  

seems to be usefull: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOjkXTyRDMk

elektromeier, Friday, May 6th 2016  

ready for today's masterclass at the Mapping Festival! See you there!

ravazquez, Friday, May 6th 2016  

Im am here till 15.5 ;) reach me on skype.

ethermammoth, Thursday, May 5th 2016  

@ethermammoth: oh would be great but seen your shout too late now :(

tgd, Wednesday, May 4th 2016  

Someone in Beijing up for a beer?

ethermammoth, Wednesday, May 4th 2016  

CMiX : https://www.instagram.com/p/BE-k7jFhGuJ/ vvvv, DX11, C# and WPF.

lecloneur, Wednesday, May 4th 2016  

@joreg Appears does not look into patches with labels like " (Value)" in filename no matter what options. Will post example.

mediadog, Tuesday, May 3rd 2016  

@mediadog can you post the example in a new forumthread?

joreg, Tuesday, May 3rd 2016  

@joreg actually "m doquit" doesn't work either. Or "> M doquit".

mediadog, Tuesday, May 3rd 2016  

Thanks @joreg - where is the default behavior listed? GUI doc on it is sparse.

mediadog, Tuesday, May 3rd 2016  

@mediadog: Finder by default does not search modules. try the 'm ' option..

joreg, Tuesday, May 3rd 2016  

In Finer, "< DoQuit" and "> DoQuit" only find it in the active patch. ????

mediadog, Tuesday, May 3rd 2016  

i know what you did in april https://vvvv.org/blog/vvvvhat-happened-in-april-2016 #vvvv

joreg, Monday, May 2nd 2016  

open call to #audiovisual artists and developers for 5 residencies http://www.laboralcentrodearte.org/en/r/convocatorias/ii-convo-encac by #ENCAC

joreg, Monday, May 2nd 2016  

vveekend vvorkshop on #machinelearning with #vvvv live now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtYRMjJcrwA

joreg, Sunday, May 1st 2016  

anybody tcp and grandma?

sonostrano, Sunday, May 1st 2016  

@joreg thanks i think i'm ding something really wird but i like the results , just i'm not able to save it by capture node :S

alex qbit, Sunday, May 1st 2016  

@alex qbit: individually using a Preview node.

joreg, Saturday, Apr 30th 2016  

Any Leicester City fan noding in trepidation of what foxes could be? Come on das blue.

evvvvil, Saturday, Apr 30th 2016  

ther's a way to monitor all my textures hierarchys?

alex qbit, Saturday, Apr 30th 2016  

i'm doing loop between render, texture,group ,render,texture.. x3 to have infinite shader mirror fx, why can't capture my render?

alex qbit, Saturday, Apr 30th 2016  

Google Doodle today \o/

uvvvve, Saturday, Apr 30th 2016  

same goes for sunday night @ shooshh/brighton

zepi, Friday, Apr 29th 2016  

anyone up for some drinks @fabric/london saturday night? pm me 4 gl.

zepi, Friday, Apr 29th 2016  

is there a easy way to disable this prompt: https://www.winhelp.us/images/windows/resolution/resolution11.jpg

DiMiX, Thursday, Apr 28th 2016  

@nerezumijem check: https://vvvv.org/documentation/dmx.hardware if that doesn't help post it in the forums.

tonfilm, Thursday, Apr 28th 2016  

Hello, I made a patch to control dmx but it does not work usb dmx enntec, I think it's the com8, i have also tried with all the other com and none of them work! help, please!

nerezumijem, Thursday, Apr 28th 2016  

Hi, anyone in NY in the next couple of days ?

keftaparty, Thursday, Apr 28th 2016  

anyone at fmx?

skyliner, Thursday, Apr 28th 2016  

@microdee alphas are available again

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 27th 2016  

@microdee: indeed, working on it..

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 27th 2016  

It seems to be teamcity.vvvv.org is not working and alpha downloads are not showing up

microdee, Wednesday, Apr 27th 2016  

@tester123 check CircularSpread

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 26th 2016  

I wanna move a form around on a circle. Any suggestions? lfo and waveshaper?

tester123, Tuesday, Apr 26th 2016  

just a matter screen real estate that it uses up vs importance, forum maybe

io, Tuesday, Apr 26th 2016  

@io why? I just write uni and it is the first choice

sunep, Tuesday, Apr 26th 2016  

Rename UniformScale node to US please

io, Tuesday, Apr 26th 2016  

@sunep that is how you do it

joreg, Monday, Apr 25th 2016  

vpm teaser: https://youtu.be/9Xh82bUTTSA

microdee, Monday, Apr 25th 2016  

@joreg called me out some time ago for not sharing a project here in the gallery, so here is Ghst Scanning: https://vvvv.org/blog/ghost-scanning

sunep, Sunday, Apr 24th 2016  

@motzi nice to see you bro ((:

sivinjski, Sunday, Apr 24th 2016  

‪#‎LIVESTREAM‬ NOW ‪#‎vvvv‬ ‪#‎machinelearning‬ #deeplearning ‪#‎workshop‬: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17JjwXB6tDk

tonfilm, Sunday, Apr 24th 2016  

@microdee yay!

sunep, Sunday, Apr 24th 2016  

@giorgi Rasterizer DX11.RenderState Advanced

Noir, Saturday, Apr 23rd 2016  

wireframe anti aliasing

giorgi, Saturday, Apr 23rd 2016  

much kudos @microdee for keeping this vvvvorkshop thing up! I also appreciate the top notch selection of topics!

skyliner, Friday, Apr 22nd 2016  

@joreg happy to meet you there !

499reality, Thursday, Apr 21st 2016  

@499reality #vvvv at @mappingfestival https://vvvv.org/blog/vvvv-at-mapping-festival-2016

joreg, Thursday, Apr 21st 2016  

hi there.. any news on vvvv attendance on mapping festival in geneva?

499reality, Thursday, Apr 21st 2016  

Looking to get a good laptop to use for projects. Thinking of something that has the Geforce 980m Chipset, thoughts?

SuperflysiNZ, Thursday, Apr 21st 2016  

Any local able to do a VVVV job in Melbourne/AU? Please email me pat steinweber.net

phl, Wednesday, Apr 20th 2016  

vvvv taking over RCA https://twitter.com/do_koll/status/722491986545086464

dominikKoller, Tuesday, Apr 19th 2016  

@ravazquez..looking forward to this..

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 19th 2016  

@joreg and @tonfilm, see you in Geneva!

ravazquez, Tuesday, Apr 19th 2016  

Thanks to everyone in our resonate team, so many good memories, new friends and lots of learning! Can't wait for the next one!

ravazquez, Tuesday, Apr 19th 2016  

https://gumroad.com/l/emyQ Photogrammetry to real-time models workflow

gegenlicht, Tuesday, Apr 19th 2016  

@manuel: each IOBox that is a pin in a subpatch has a config-pin "Default". use that for setting a default to alt-rightclick to

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 19th 2016  

When you reset a subpatch input, it sets to value=0, but when reset the subpatch, it sets to the saved value from subpatch.

manuel, Tuesday, Apr 19th 2016  

SMode Stdio now with public Beta: http://smode.fr/download/

synth, Monday, Apr 18th 2016  

graphics, fractals, demoscene: http://www.iquilezles.org/www/index.htm

reaktant, Monday, Apr 18th 2016  

thanks to all three of you, it was a special vlorkshop

ggml, Monday, Apr 18th 2016  

thanks for the wonderful time in belgrade!

gregsn, Monday, Apr 18th 2016  

love you guys! it's been a great vladventure pushing those bubbles together with you. haha

gregsn, Monday, Apr 18th 2016  

http://www.playaurora.com/ similar to osmos.. in a larger scale... loving the concept of warping the space instead the spray thing to move the organism...

robe, Monday, Apr 18th 2016  

a little #VL demo patch as #vvvv contribution: https://vvvv.org/contribution/cube-tree-vl

tonfilm, Thursday, Apr 14th 2016  

@katzenfresser: that is so much genius!

microdee, Thursday, Apr 14th 2016  


tonfilm, Wednesday, Apr 13th 2016  

presenting vvvv/vvvv.js mobile game engine @CGEvent, Robotanton is also there as a speaker :D http://www.cgevent.eu/?p=9997

000.graphics, Tuesday, Apr 12th 2016  

geomFX issuehttps://vvvv.org/contribution/kinect-v2-hdface

mrboni, Tuesday, Apr 12th 2016  

Lucky you!!

vasilis, Tuesday, Apr 12th 2016  

@aleksandra we did, deep chat, lots of human insight, can't wait for tomorrow's session!

ravazquez, Tuesday, Apr 12th 2016  

hey guys @resonate, hope you went for the beer soon after I left.

aleksandra, Monday, Apr 11th 2016  


skyliner, Monday, Apr 11th 2016  

anyone have IDS uEye plugin with texture out rather than shared please?

xd_nitro, Monday, Apr 11th 2016  

Hello! Anyone willing to share Image.Pack 64bit please?

synth, Monday, Apr 11th 2016  

anonymous user login


~1h ago

~15h ago

antokhio: u have to multiply by scale 1,1,-1 i think, you can inverse viewproj on wire box to see the cam

~15h ago

dottore: Anyone lucky in fixing rulr matrix export pipeline?(broken in last releases)

~18h ago

elektromeier: first time since my start in 2003 i use DeNiro for a project :)

~18h ago

rogalag: start vvvv patch containing kinect2 nodes, start kinect2 studio, play your xef, use "connect" to replace kinect stream with xef,

~20h ago

mrboni: Im sure someone shared a contrib of a way of playing kinect2 xef files within v4 (while ago). Ring any bells? nuffin if search 4 xef

~23h ago

motzi: wave-in and wave-out for vvvv-myo!

~2d ago

phl: Node based Spotify playlist generation anyone? http://smarterplaylists.playlistmachinery.com/

~3d ago

dominikKoller: Is there a reason for two Delaunay nodes?

~3d ago

joreg: @synth since a year beta34.2 what makes you unsure?