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Beta24 - The NodeBrowser

The NodeBrowser is the central access point to all nodes that exist within VVVV. This is where you create the nodes with which you build your patches. You will use it frequently and it allows you to find and create new nodes quickly.

To do so simply doubleclick inside an empty area in a patch to bring up the NodeBrowser:

Here you can see an alphabetically sorted list of all the available nodes. By typing into the text field at the top you can filter the list to find what you want:

  • Filter by tags - just start typing one or more words and the list will be filtered to match your search tags.
    • TAB-Key switches between matching all (default) or any of your search tags.
  • Filter by node type - type M, P, F, X, D (all capital) or . to filter modules, plugins, freeframe plugins, effect nodes, dynamic nodes or local files respectively.
    • (Note that typing . to access local files like in previous vvvversions is no longer necessary, local nodes are automatically included in the list.)
  • Rightclick into the text field to switch to a categorized tree view of the node list.
    • You will notice that the tree view remembers your last position in the list - very useful.
  • Rightlick a node to show its helppatch or middleclick it to open its online reference page (works in both views)
  • The NodeBrowser can also be resized by dragging the bottom edge.
  • Finally, CTRL+N opens the NodeBrowser in a separate window from which you can drag&drop nodes onto a patch.

You also can doubleclick an already existing and connected node, subpatch or module and type and choose another node. All in- and outlets with exact same name (regard Capitals) will keep their connections.

Beta23 and before - The NodeList

This is the short version. For more information about the NodeList used in beta23 and before read on here.
  • Double click in a patch with the left button to create an empty box.


  • Click the right button to open the NodeList.
  • Move the mouse to either the left or the right pane to select a node by category or from an alphabetic list.

Use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down. If you have no wheel and there are no scrollbars hit SPACE to show scrollbars. Hover over a node to read a short description.

  • Start typing the node's name to bring up an auto-complete pull-down list of nodes. Use the up and down arrow keys or the mouse to select the desired node.

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~2d ago

joreg: another release candidate is out for the weekend: beta36-release-candidate #vvvv please test and report!

~4d ago

microdee: I realized that I will just do those updates on separate branches, Still stay tuned...

~4d ago

microdee: I'm making mp.* packs CI and release friendly. Meanwhile vpm downloads might not work with them for a bit. Stay tuned...

~4d ago

~5d ago

karistouf: thank you joreg

~5d ago

joreg: good to hear!

~5d ago

Xini: the old problem was the renderer on a second screen freezing when fullsize, under certain conditions which i can't remember now...

~5d ago

Xini: @joreg now i got hold of a projector and i tested, should be fine! :D @joreg

~5d ago

joreg: i'm not exactly sure what "old problem" you're talking about. have you tested if it still exists?

~5d ago

Xini: tx @joreg . Do you think it's better for me to install a 32bit version of vvvv, or is there another workaround for that old problem?