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change log - vvvv45beta32

released on 09 05 2014


  • crack.exe is now setup.exe
  • vvvv is now dpiAware meaning it works at any OS zoomlevel
  • vvvv now defaults to /dx9ex, can still fall back to /dx9
  • fixed memory leak when using /dx9ex and moving renderer window to different screen
  • fixed small memory leak while patching introduced in beta29
  • node in debug mode gets drawn in different colors if it writes to the log
  • route more exceptions in DX9 pipeline through LogErrorFmt method which invokes exception dialog
  • log will now include node address (if available) and will append the stack trace otherwise only available through the exception dialog
  • user contributed packs can now have their own diffff
  • girlpowers are reordered by topic now and comes with many new examples
  • send/receive nodes now show their channel name by default (can be switched off via middleclick)
  • improved startup time by reducing the amount dynamic plugin re-builds
  • fix for double-bang double bang issue.

code editor

patch editor

  • now supporting basic touch gestures:
    • Two finger pan = Canvas pan
    • Press and Tab = Middle Mouse Click
    • Two Finger Tab = Right Mouse Click (not shown in this video)
    • Long Press = Right Mouse Click
    • Long Press + Drag = Right Drag
  • new selection behavior:
    • if nodes and links are in a selection only nodes are selected
    • if only links are in a selection they are selected
    • pressing ctrl selects both links and nodes (old default)
    • pressing shift only selects links
  • IOBox labels now above node if iobox is inlet


  • the TCP server will now use an in- and outbound queue per peer client to receive and send messages. fixes boygroup server freeze when one of the clients is frozen
  • TCP server will close connection to peer client if outbound queue is full
  • TCP client will also use an outbound queue now - shouldn't freeze anymore if server freezes or connection down
  • fixed possible deadlock if client loses connection
  • fixed issue that caused a boygroup client to not startup
  • fixed access violation in nodes connected to a bridge and having nil on one of its inputs

new nodes

  • Line (EX9 FromTo) module now extracted from Line (EX9)
  • Align (Transform) module: Returns an aligning transformation given a point and a normal
  • Align (Transform FromTo) modules: Returns an aligning transformation between 2 given points
  • DrawVertexID (EX9) module
  • Grow (2d) module: Extrudes a polygon by a given factor.
  • * (2d Vector) module
  • SumUp (Value) module
  • Drag (2d) module
  • Camera (Transform 2d) module: Easy to use virtual camera for day to day work with the Renderer (EX9) and 2d scenes.
  • CharacterBrightness (Sring) module: Returns brightness of the characters.
  • AsAscii (EX9.Texture): Returns a spread of strings representing the texture.
  • NormalizeBinSize (T) modules: Translates given bin sizes to actual bins.
  • Shift (Spreads Index) module: Shifts the slices in the spread upwards by the given slice count.
  • Area (2d) module: Returns the area of a polygon.
  • Winding (2d) module: Determines wether a spread of polygon points is in clockwise or counter-clockwise order.
  • Centroid (2d) module: Returns the center of mass of a given polygon
  • Circumference (2d) module: Returns the circumference of the circle of the given radius.
  • AsRaw (String Hex) module: Encodes a string of HEX characters into a sequence of bytes using the specified encoding.

changed nodes

  • basic overhaul to keyboard and mouse nodes - see keyboard-mouse-and-touch-news
  • improved performance of Cons (Spreads)
  • improved performance of Select (Value)
  • Typewriter (String) is now spreadable
  • Writer (Raw) will only evaluate upstream pins if Do Write is set to true
  • Log (VVVVV) now writes utf8 file
  • Levin is now Levin (Simple) as spreadable version appears in addonpack
  • added host/port pins to SysLog (VVVV)
  • SVG all svg geom nodes have an input to set the ID
  • Path (SVG) node has a pin to set the path as open or closed
  • receive nodes now will turn red on connection errors
  • IOBox (Node) can now display raw byte sequences
  • Renderer (EX9) Clip Device now off by default (as this caused problems with nvidia cards)
  • DMX (Network Artnet Sender) now takes a port via /artnetsendport
  • DMX (Network Artnet Receiver) now takes a port via /artnetreceiveport
  • IOBox (Value Advanced) has now "Press" mode
  • HWND (Windows) is now HandleFromCaption (Windows)
  • Camera (EX9.Geometry Collada) is now Camera (Transform Collada)
  • Finder (HDE) is now Finder (VVVV)
  • Count (2d/3d) now more optimistically reporting one more slice if slice partly available
  • added new pin Apply On Device Change to VertexBuffer and Mesh join nodes - see generic-dx9-multiscreen
  • MonoFlop (Animation Framebased) is now a plugin. thanks woei.
  • Player (EX9.Texture) scans given directory in background now
  • Player (EX9.Texture) supports manual override of the used texture format now

fixed nodes

  • fixed stack overflow in Queue (Raw)
  • HID nodes should work properly now in x64
  • Dir (File) used to AV if input is empty
  • Memory (Debug) can now log to tty even without a renderer attached
  • ModificationDate node no longer AVs if input file not available
  • SpellValue now works with Unicode
  • Leap (Devices) now also requests data if vvvv is in background
  • Change (Animation) & Togedge (Animation): "Bang on Create" behaviour fixed. (note: creation is interpreted on a per slice basis)
  • Value of Element (XElement Split) now only outputs the XElements' own text value (not a concatenated string of all its child text nodes as before). legacy Value now available as Deep Value
  • fixed problem with IOBox (String) when canceling a dir-open operation on it
  • SharedMem (Windows) has no memory limit anymore
  • Normals (EX9.Geometry) no longer fails in x64
  • replaced Copier (File Async) with legacy version and reimplemented as plugin - see copier-(file-async)-does-not-copy-files-with-less-than-1024-bytes
  • fixed spread max calculation of Select nodes - bug came up when using with higher dimensional spreads
  • fixed IOBox (Node) not evaluating upstream RAW nodes

plugin interfaces

  • now available as nuget packages. see nuget-development-packages
  • added ability to share the bin size pin in ISpread<ISpread<T>>. for an example look at the mouse join/split nodes here
  • moved Plugin property from IInteralPluginHost to IPluginHost2 in order to access it from the host without the need to reference hosting
  • added small interface IPluginContainer in order to navigate to the real plugin in case a container is used by hosting
  • improved performance of node pins by using the new methods INodeIn.IsConvoluted and INodeIn.GetUpstreamSlices
  • IBackgroundColor allows to set a gui-plugins backcolor
  • transform input diff pins report IsChanged correctly now
  • introduced new interface IActivatableControl a plugin window can implement in order to get notified if parent window was activated or deactivated
  • added new methods IHDEHost.EnableShortCuts and IHDEHost.DisableShortCuts in order to enable or disable the short cuts of vvvv's main menu
  • new class DynamicStreamWriter - useful when length of underlying output stream is not known in advance
  • fixed exception in BufferedStreamWriter when using with T other than a primitive data type
  • fixed IDiffSpread<MouseState>.IsChanged and IDiffSpread<KeyboardState>.IsChanged properties - see mouse.ischanged-always-true
  • added OutputRequiresInputEvaluation and IPluginHost.Evaluate methods in order to properly implement a generic frame delay node

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