» change log - vvvv45beta29
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change log - vvvv45beta29

released on 24 12 12


  • vvvv now comes in a 32bit and a 64bit flavour, the second of which has some nodes missing, see: vvvv-64bit
  • vvvv is now fully unicode internally which removes taking care of ANSI/UTF8 settings on various string-handling nodes, see: unicorn-in-alpha-builds
  • there is a new basic data-type RAW for low-level bytehandling, see: new-datatype-raw
  • necessary switch to AddFlow5 component for gui slows down moving of many nodes (sorry for that)
  • fix for a special case of refactoring/grouping
  • CreatePatchInPatch now creates window and node at cursor
  • now using a new Directory-Selection Dialog
  • crack now checks for availability of MSVC++ 2008 redistributables as well
  • added /unregister commandline-option for crack.exe
  • some boygroup fixes:
    • Values are now transmitted as double (LittleEndian). was single (BigEndian). more bandwidth but less cpu usage
    • Strings are transmitted with UTF8
    • Colors are transmitted as colors (much faster)
    • The new raw datatype can be sent over network (boygroup)
    • IOBox (String) read from wrong array (action array) in case it was boygrouped
  • fixed initialization issue when creating plugin pins (/forum-alpha/weird-new-behavior)?
  • Fixed random memory corruption
  • Fixed some XML error warnings on startup
  • If creation of plugin fails, error won't be logged every frame anymore

new nodes

  • Leap (Devices) implements the leap motion device SDK
  • Player (EX9.Texture) - a high-performance player for picture sequences
  • HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture) - a chromium based texture for playing back youtube, flash and more see: htmltexture-(ex9.texture)
  • a series of new XML-handling nodes: xml-nodes-added-to-alpha-builds
  • Reader (RAW), Writer (RAW) for reading binary files
  • PinInfo (VVVV)
  • Path (SVG) lets you build advanced 2d graphics paths
  • Database (MySQL Network) nodes

removed nodes

  • all Database (MySQL) nodes. Please use the new MySQL database nodes from the addonpack.
  • PictureStack (EX9.Texture*) is now legacy. See new Player (Ex9.Texture) node.
  • Replaced Vector (Spreads Join/Split) with Zip/Unzip (Value)

changed nodes

  • Reader/Writer (File) are now Reader/Writer (String) modules that default to UTF8 encoding
  • LogFile (VVVV) got a ShowTimeStamp
  • UDP (Network Server/Client) now have RAW in/outs
  • original UDP (Network Server/Client) are now UDP (Network Server/Client String) modules
  • TCP (Network Server/Client) now have RAW in/outs
  • original TCP (Network Server/Client) are now TCP (Network Server/Client String) modules
  • RS232 (Devices) now has RAW in/outs
  • original RS232 (Devices) is now RS232 (Devices String)
  • all nodes of the category MySQL had to be replaced by plugins
  • OSCEncoder/Decoder (Network) now have RAW in/outs
  • GUI 2d nodes work with the new mouse state and can handle multitouch
  • Added "Allow Empty Spreads" option to Zip node

fixed nodes

  • Cursor (System) now has its Y input flipped
  • DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) in cubemap mode now works with multiple rendertargets
  • PatchState (VVVV) got a memleak fixed
  • HTTP (Network Get/Post) now copes with https connections
  • fixed a special case of Linearspread: faulty-results-for-spreaded-linearspread
  • CreateEnum bug fix
  • Added support for multiple texture coordinates to collada loader.


  • IPin2.Subtype now includes enumName for enumpins
  • ColorPin now also returns priority
  • Updated to SlimDX version
  • The "Texture Out" pin of plugins using the texture template class will always be the left most pin
  • Fixed COM exception when setting SubType on INodeIn/INodeOut
  • Added possibility to set Dimension in IOAttribute for IO objects which do not have an inner generic data type set (like the pointer types)

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joreg: @manuel: good stuff, thanks for sharing!

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manuel: this happened in september vvvv+ableton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2kFsho3ajA

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