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Главное меню

Главное меню появляется рядом с курсором мыши после клика средней кнокой мыши в большинстве окон vvvv.
Если на мыши нет средней кнопки используйте сочетание SPACE + клик правой кнопкой мыши.

Если нажатие средней кнопки мыши не открывает меню, скорее всего в системных настройках средняя кнопка мыши привязана к другому действию. Проверьте в Windows Настройки>Панель управления>Мышь (Settings>Control Panel>Mouse), найдите привязку кнопок мыши и установите значения для средней кнопки.

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~5h ago

auralscapes: By the way, if anyone would like to use any of my tracks or even parts thereof you are welcome. No fee. jerome@auralscapes.com

~5h ago

auralscapes: Thx for the advice. Much appreciated.

~8h ago

tonfilm: @auralscapes you can contact the author @dottore and ask him for the conditions.

~12h ago

auralscapes: A question for the group. I came across an application called Partitura. Is this app commercially available?

~1d ago

auralscapes: Don't have a clue how this all works but it is going to be an interesting journey indeed.

~4d ago

tonfilm: @all #vl now also has pin groups! vl-input-and-output-pin-groups #vvvv #creativecoding #visualprogramming #dotnet

~5d ago

evvvvil: Hey, broski, check my shader "The gamma ray feast" it goes bang and is commented with bad to mediocre jokes. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/wssXWl

~7d ago

hrovac: someone at b-seite on saturday?

~7d ago

woei: public player-(dx11.texture) performance and stability upgrade sponsored by https://meso.design/