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@catweasel: I've the 7.2 (it's on your page now). Thx a million.... Sorry for having bothering. Big up to you (and vvvv team o.c.)

guest, Friday, Mar 25th 2005  

Try again, I uploaded an updated version but it seems I didnt update the link! should be 7_2 just unzip to a directory and it should work!(Be aware that some faders need to be not 0 to see anything!

catweasel, Friday, Mar 25th 2005  

Are you here ???? Sorry, i've a tiny with a patch of yours (mixer7). I miss some subpatches.... And you appear to be online...!

guest, Friday, Mar 25th 2005  

CATWEASEL ???? !!!! help please !!!

guest, Friday, Mar 25th 2005  

sorry joreg. In a patch s.o. (catweasel if you hear me) refers to a button1 and slider1 patches located in ...../girlpower/shaders/ (apparently old vvvv version). i can't find 'em nowhere...

guest, Friday, Mar 25th 2005  

what do you mean? shaders used by girlpowerpatches can be found directly in the girlpower directory

joreg, Friday, Mar 25th 2005  

hello all! anyone knows about a shaders subdirectory in girlpower in vvvv ?

guest, Friday, Mar 25th 2005  

Thats it! Transparent Laptop Screen... http://www.flickr.com/photos/w00kie/sets/180637/

kalle, Thursday, Mar 24th 2005  

An artnet to midi patch is on my user page for anybody interested in testing it out for me!

catweasel, Wednesday, Mar 23rd 2005  

thx @ k

elektromeier, Wednesday, Mar 23rd 2005  

blasphemy ! ;)

tonfilm, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2005  

THE jeff mills ?

tonfilm, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2005  


kalle, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2005  

is the old vvvvorum still available?

elektromeier, Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2005  

thx oschatz, UNICODE is the solution, not ANSI. la.meche

guest, Saturday, Mar 19th 2005  

because notepad sometimes adds an UTF-8 encoding BOM in you file. use ANSI-encoding or Wordpad or UltraEdit

oschatz, Saturday, Mar 19th 2005  

Why after I edit a v4p file with the notepad I can't read the file with VVVV :(. la.meche

guest, Saturday, Mar 19th 2005  

ah ok, for shading ... next vvvversion should have a module for that.

guest, Friday, Mar 18th 2005  

yeah but i have problems with normals

sanch, Friday, Mar 18th 2005  

sanch, is the dynamic mesh screenshot from you ? looks good ...

tonfilm, Friday, Mar 18th 2005  

ggrrr i forgot to login...

sanch, Friday, Mar 18th 2005  

tanks , i have already see this things, see you soon!

guest, Friday, Mar 18th 2005  

tonfilm, Thursday, Mar 17th 2005  

sanch, look at this link ;) http://uuhome.de/ossenbrueggen/henri/B_4kpl.jpg

tonfilm, Thursday, Mar 17th 2005  

That was easy, theres a new version with switching on my page now....

catweasel, Thursday, Mar 17th 2005  

You could edit the FX file, its fairly simple, replace the < with a > ! Switchable might be more of a problem!

guest, Thursday, Mar 17th 2005  

btw, is there a way to invert the keying?

elektromeier, Thursday, Mar 17th 2005  

catweasel, works great on my radeon9600!!!

elektromeier, Thursday, Mar 17th 2005  

I've uploaded a new fx channel strip to my page, let me know if it works Ok for you...RGBLuma.zip (4.20 Kb)

catweasel, Wednesday, Mar 16th 2005  

scrollbox (vvvv) uploaded. tell me, if you like it or not!

ampop, Wednesday, Mar 16th 2005  

@fleg: Hi, It's fixed. Thanks for reporting.

oz, Wednesday, Mar 16th 2005  

same for tikibugs & vvvvbugs.

fleg, Wednesday, Mar 16th 2005  

hey niddastr, the user questions forum seems to be bugy - i can´t create a new topic. (ie & firefox, winxp) --- javascript msg: zeile 320, zeichen 1, objekt erwartet.

fleg, Wednesday, Mar 16th 2005  

i added a windowed version of DFT with good help patch: http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=tonfilm-DFT

tonfilm, Monday, Mar 14th 2005  

hi JimCrow! come to #vvvv on IRC! Use mIRC or TinyIRC

kalle, Monday, Mar 14th 2005  

greets to basel from sangallä!

guest, Monday, Mar 14th 2005  

basel: www.hyperwerk.ch

joreg, Monday, Mar 14th 2005  

where´sthe workshop taking place?

guest, Monday, Mar 14th 2005  

hehe, thats why i asked...

kalle, Monday, Mar 14th 2005  

yes. live. see the screenshots

joreg, Monday, Mar 14th 2005  

Joreg on workshop in switzerland?

kalle, Monday, Mar 14th 2005  

i am proud to present a DFT module: http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=tonfilm-DFT

tonfilm, Saturday, Mar 12th 2005  

Sphere (DX9 Concentric).v4p http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=kalle+-+Modules\DX9

kalle, Friday, Mar 11th 2005  

long story. ask the forum...

oschatz, Friday, Mar 11th 2005  

hey bestboys, how can i send data over an usb connection?

fleg, Friday, Mar 11th 2005  

oder sie vergeben gar keine lizenz. und wir müssen einfach aufhören.

oschatz, Thursday, Mar 10th 2005  

ohje ...

guest, Thursday, Mar 10th 2005  

ja, traurige sache das!

elektromeier, Thursday, Mar 10th 2005  

@ elektromeier, warscheinlich ist das patent schon vergeben und du kannst jetzt für jeden spread siemens oder microsoft 10ct zahlen

guest, Thursday, Mar 10th 2005  

i have test the "le mur" cool , works fine with v4, but there is small responsive time and this is very expensive !

sanch, Thursday, Mar 10th 2005  

check it!!!: http://www.jazzmutant.com/lemur_howdoesitwork.php

onoxo, Wednesday, Mar 9th 2005  

check tih out: http://www.jazzmutant.com/lemur_howdoesitwork.php

guest, Wednesday, Mar 9th 2005  

softwarepatente von eu-komission durchgeboxt! http://www.nosoftwarepatents.com @meso: hey schon n patent aufs spreading angemeldet? ;)

elektromeier, Wednesday, Mar 9th 2005  

Hello Anonymous, look here: http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=Documentation , have a look at the patches in Girlpower-folder, make trial-n-error, hit F1 on nodes you don't know and hope..., ask questions in the forum or in #vvvv /IRC , have vvvvun!

kalle, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2005  

Hi people! I cannot believe what i saw over here i just made my hello world.. but how can i go further?

guest, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2005  

Color models for component video (YIQ & YUV) are up. http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=UserPagesven

sven, Tuesday, Mar 8th 2005  

found a bug in my cross product module ! spreading was not possible. please reinstal: http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=tonfilm-CrossProduct

tonfilm, Monday, Mar 7th 2005  

halo anonymous: i don't quite get the question of the question. Maybe you could go in more detail in the forum: http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-view_forum.php?forumId=7

joreg, Sunday, Mar 6th 2005  

With regards to Interactive TV using vvvv, how and what way would one achieve this setup ie: interested in setting up a local cable channel utilizing the latter or livechannel.?

guest, Sunday, Mar 6th 2005  

grüsse aus dortmund :)

dschordsch, Sunday, Mar 6th 2005  

@vvvv-devs: this from interest for you? http://www.directxfiles.com/plugins.htm

kalle, Friday, Mar 4th 2005  

gruesse aus linz!

guest, Friday, Mar 4th 2005  

vvvvs 3d-engine is base on ms-directX. i doubt that any emulator exists for linux that will allow you to run vvvv out of the box

joreg, Friday, Mar 4th 2005  

is it possible to run vvvv under linux using codeweavers and still have the same power?

guest, Friday, Mar 4th 2005  

Make some noise! NoiseDithering (Spreads) is up. http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=UserPagesven

sven, Thursday, Mar 3rd 2005  

sanch: amazing vvvvork at your page ! ;)

tonfilm, Monday, Feb 28th 2005  

@max: email

sanch, Monday, Feb 28th 2005  

Hi all ! I'm a new user of vvvv. I don't know how to begin ! Do I need a special formation on programming ? Thanx

guest, Monday, Feb 28th 2005  

tonfilm: good sound !

sanch, Sunday, Feb 27th 2005  

thx Anonymous

la.meche, Sunday, Feb 27th 2005  

LFO, Counter, FrameCounter, ...

guest, Saturday, Feb 26th 2005  

hi everybody, is there an incrementation function in VVVV?

la.meche, Saturday, Feb 26th 2005  

and another module http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=kalle+-+Modules%5CValue

kalle, Friday, Feb 25th 2005  

modules, modules, modules http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=kalle+-+Modules\Color

kalle, Friday, Feb 25th 2005  

Some new modules: http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=kalle+-+Modules\String

kalle, Thursday, Feb 24th 2005  

yes sir fleg. it's here. waiting for you to recome.

joreg, Saturday, Feb 12th 2005  

hey niddastr, i think i forgot my haube at the meso hq. black, smells like cocoonian litchidrink. gruss, fleg.

guest, Saturday, Feb 12th 2005  


guest, Friday, Feb 11th 2005  

great software !

guest, Thursday, Feb 10th 2005  

fixed... see tiki-bugs vvvvorum for explanation.

max, Tuesday, Feb 8th 2005  

please check the featured projects...is it just my machine?

jannis, Monday, Feb 7th 2005  

hey guys, something wrong with the viki? quicktimes ain't playing right...can someone check it out?

jannis, Monday, Feb 7th 2005  

ah, wonderful that screenshots of the day are working now!!!

kalle, Monday, Feb 7th 2005  

it certainly is for us at meso... it's in-house.

max, Saturday, Feb 5th 2005  

seems to be a lot faster!

ampop, Friday, Feb 4th 2005  

this is the new server. hartelijke vvvvälkom

max, Friday, Feb 4th 2005  

yes, see http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=Quaternions or join the #vvvv irc channel ...

tonfilm, Thursday, Feb 3rd 2005  

can anybody tell me what a quaternion is?

guest, Thursday, Feb 3rd 2005  

coool vvvvedran...

kalle, Tuesday, Feb 1st 2005  

vvvv on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_jockey#VJ_software

onoxo, Tuesday, Feb 1st 2005  

hehehe... made my site work... but will have to upload some new stuff...

onoxo, Tuesday, Feb 1st 2005  


tarcisio, Tuesday, Feb 1st 2005  


guest, Tuesday, Feb 1st 2005  

can't touch this

guest, Monday, Jan 31st 2005  

it's ok for new user page thx

sanch, Friday, Jan 28th 2005  

as if one split in the brain wasnt enough. Sanch: Just copy the userpage to the new one, files should be left online even if the user is deleted.

max, Friday, Jan 28th 2005  

i have just spreading my bbbbrain

sanch, Friday, Jan 28th 2005  

test brain damage

guest, Friday, Jan 28th 2005  

there are my different personality : )

sanch, Thursday, Jan 27th 2005  

are we all a little bit sanche? (sanch 2sanch 3sanch)

guest, Thursday, Jan 27th 2005  

anonymous user login


~7d ago

joreg: Workshop on 29 02: Create Sequencers and Precise Clock Based Tools. Signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ws23-vvvv-08-create-sequencers-and-precise-clock-based-tools-in-vvvv-gamma/

~14d ago

joreg: Workshop on 22 02: Unlocking Shader Artistry: A Journey through ‘The Book of Shaders’ with FUSE. Signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ws23-vvvv-12-book-of-shaders/

~26d ago

joreg: Talk and Workshop on February 15 & 16 in Frankfurt: https://visualprogramming.net/blog/vvvv-at-node-code-frankfurt/

~27d ago

woei: @Joanie_AntiVJ: think so, looks doable

~27d ago

xd_nitro: Anyone remember who increased projector brightness by removing some components that product the color?

~28d ago

Joanie_AntiVJ: This looks super interesting (vectors over network) would anyone here know how to implement this in beta? https://github.com/madmappersoftware/Ponk

~1mth ago

joreg: Workshop on 01 02: Data Sensing and Logging with Arduino Signup here: https://thenodeinstitute.org/courses/ws23-vvvv-09-data-sensing-and-logging-with-arduino-and-vvvv/

~1mth ago

domj: I've added myself to vvvv specialists available for hire See at the bottom, lmk if you want to collab or in need of tutoring! ❤️