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To read about vvvv's main features visit the Propaganda Page!

A hybrid development environment

IOBoxes of 4 data types

Demonstrating Spreads

The four-leaf Main Menu

The Nodebrowser (sorted by tags or category)

Herr Inspektor having an eye on IOBox (String)

The Kommunikator loads your pictures up to this website

Render feedback tree fractal

PatternPong with its patches docked

Pitch On Pole

The Meso Lobby reflecting in the famous teapot

A simple HTML Browser using one of the built in HTML Renderer

Sending a spread over to PD via UDP and the OSC protocol

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~1d ago

tonfilm: very cool!

~2d ago

mburk: new superphong is out! VSM shadows, performance improvements, spreading fixes etc.

~3d ago

velcrome: @andres4c. vl has been very naughty...

~3d ago

joreg: @beyon keep em comin..

~3d ago

beyon: Is it too late to propose workshops?

~3d ago

guest: @andresc4 in the forum click 'all categories' and select tutorials (bottom of the list)