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Video Hardware Links

To keep this list in a human-readable size, please add only the best tools you know.

Capture Cards

  • btwincap universal wdm-capture-driver that may be better than the one that comes with your card



Multi-Touch kits

Video History

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~2h ago

eps: @joreg no offline installer anymore?

~2h ago

joreg: Out now: vvvv beta 39: vvvv50beta39

~22h ago

tonfilm: @strblau they are in the dx11 pack: directx11-nodes

~1d ago

strblau: @schlonzo I DID IT! Thank you so much

~1d ago

schlonzo: @strblau install addonpack

~1d ago

strblau: anyone knows how to find kinect2 (dx11,flateric) node?

~5d ago

bjoern: Need someone to patch for you? I am looking for a job :)