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ShellExecute (Windows)

Help Execute a specified file.
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I want to use a simple DOS command (like mkdir for creating a directory) but it doesnt work as expected. What can I do?

Shellexecute for some reason does not execute the built-in DOcommands like mkdir. It just executes commands physically existing as .exe, .com or .bat files.

There would be two solutions:

Batch file method

Create a batch file which calls the built in command and takes the directory as a parameter:

so create a file called e.g. makedirectory.bat containing something like

 mkdir %1

then you can shellexectute that file with the directory as a parameter. The advantage is, that you can call up quite complex sequences of calls with parameters.

read more about BAT files here: http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~ak621/DOS/BatBasic.htmlhttp://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~ak621/DOS/Bat-Adv.html


call up the old DOS command line as a program, and your command as a parameter:

in ShellExecutes first input set the path to command.com like e.g.:


as command line arguments give it something like:

 /c mkdir c:\test

where /c instructs command.com to execute the built-in DOS commands.

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