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Patches demostrativos

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Un paquete amplio de patches demostrativos viene con el mismo vvvv. Basta con explorar el directorio


y estudiar los distintos patches que ahí se encuentran.

Otros geniales paquetes de patches demostrativos son:

Otros demos compartidos por Usuarios pueden encontrarse en contribuciones.

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~42min ago

vasilis: Really nice!

~2d ago

fleg: Hi all! Anybody in New York and up for a beer? I´ll be there from 19th-30st.

~3d ago

ravazquez: @sebescudie that's awesome! We need the same for patches...

~5d ago

joreg: any heavy osc users? please check out this proposal for a new set of nodes: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/simple-osc-nodes/16796

~6d ago

lasal: Paralib update Beta37 paralib

~7d ago

joreg: in case you missed: september happened: vvvvhat-happened-in-september-2018 #vvvv #vl