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Architektur und Wirklichkeit

An evening in the Frankfurter Kunstverein with live music, djs and a multitude of visual stimuli. realized by meso and associated installers.

Nearly all of the works documented below have been created specifically for this exhibition. Working with the architecture of the Kunstverein and the preceding exhibition and the visitors of the night was kind of a curatorial guideline and lead to the theme "Architecture and Reality".


Sadly the whole exhibition was only visible for one night. If you have your own Kunstverein and are interested in any of the works don't hesitate to contact the individual authors or one of the organizers joreg and michael

Der Leuchtturm
by Andreas Lorenschat

Projected into a window above the main entrance of the Kunstverein. Only for a short moment each time the projection revealed the illuminated interior of a light tower guiding the visitors to our exhibition.

by Eno Henze

An homage to Alfred Hitchcocks 1958 classic. Applying the famous camera technique in realtime to the Kunstvereins stairway by extending it virtually.

by Martin

Visualising amplified seismographic vibrations caused by the visitors. The filigee architecture of the stairway seemed to quake with every step. MORE

Einfach zeichnen
David Hessler

Generate instant stop motion animations with a finger tip.

by Andreas Karlen

The existing lamps in the entrance hall have been replaced by computer controlled cold-cathode-tubes. Generating animated patterns of light.

by Michael Höpfel, Sebastian Gregor

Visualising interferences among video projection, architecture and algorithm. Ever evolving well known interference patterns decorated the first floor and the main concert hall.

by Eno Henze, joreg, Sebastian Gregor

Another homage to a very well known phenomenon. Lying in bed not able to sleep and watching the light moving on the ceiling thrown through the window by cars driving by. Here the light is fake (i.e coming out of a projector). But the atmosphere is as intimate as at home in your bed.

by David Dessens

A moving optical illusion. As you move around in front of the projection its content stays letting you view it from different sides.

by Jochen Leinberger

Inspired by John Horton Conways Game of Life an animated wallpaper is generated through the visitors interaction.

by joreg

Time is moving forward constantly. This mirror confronts you with your own movements in a nonlinear way. Forward, backwards, from slow motion to timelaps.

by Florian Egermann

Cracks are coming and going undermining the statics of the architecture.

by Karl Kliem

four lttr word vsls. bright as can. about 300 words triggered randomly by the bass of djs pdr (airbag) and s-max.

by Tebjan Halm

Minimal art. A projector illuminating a detail.

by Tebjan Halm

A swarm of virtual primitives is trapped within real architecture.

by Antje Bischof

For fractions of a second an emergency exit is projected on a blank wall giving the visitor no chance to escape (and the photographer no chance to take a picture).

photomontage still to come.

by Michael Mehling

Emphazising movement. Standstill is neglected. Read more

Live music by

radiosity did several hours of finest turntabling.

gustav. we enjoyed and remain silent.

dropdabomb. jump. jump. jump.


Thanks dg medien for printing the booklet.
Thanks Atelier Markgraph for the LED wall.
Thanks Satis&Fy AG Deutschland sound and video hardware and technical support.
Thanks meso for pc hardware and general support.
Thanks Aspekt 1 for general support.
Thanks vvvv for yourself.
Thanks Frankfurter Kunstverein for asking us doing all this.

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